(By HGHunt)

Rose v Sue

Rose had never been in a titfight before, but fantasized about what it would be like to rub another woman's tits raw with her massive nipples. Rose and Sue waited about five minutes for Jenny and Lynn to recuperate a little and then they took center stage in front of the other two recovering fighters. Sue spoke up confidently, "Prepare your tits for a real beating, there's no way your fat honkers can handle a pair of real tits like mine. You are going down!"

Rose spewed right back, "My 'big honkers' as you call them have more of everything than your puny tits. They are bigger, prettier, with bigger nipples. My gorgeous ripe red areolas are far tastier than your ugly brown areolas. I'll turn your tits into hamburger, and it won't take very long either!" With that she took a defiant step towards Sue. Her large boobs hung menacingly from her chest. They were high and proud, jiggling just a little bit as she stopped right in front of Sue. Their nipples lined up perfectly. Sue's nipples were impressive in their size and in their erotic erect state quite menacing. They weren't as long as Rose's giants, but they were just as thick. Rose inched closer to Sue, Sue did not back down and slid closer to Rose until their nipples were only about a hairs breadth apart. Both women looked down at the engorged nipples and heaving breasts aimed directly at each other. With nervous anticipation they touched nipple to nipple, straight on, incredibly gently. As with Jenny and Lynn before them, shudders of pleasure shot through their bodies. Up into their back, down their spine, into their pussies and legs, spreading into their arms and heads. The shuddering caused the nipples to rub against each other with incredible teasing beauty. They each kept their eyes on the dual nipple alignment. They both wanted to excite their foe and they simultaneously began slow gyrating rolls of their tits, causing repeated bumping and sliding of one nipple across the other. Both sexy women were keeping the pressure very light, hoping to see or feel in their tit-foe some small sign of weakness, and to generate as much sex-desire in the other that maybe they would lose the competitive edge that would be needed when they started the real physical confrontation. Sue's plan was to eventually be able to use her shorter nipples to bend Rose's over backward in painful agony. She thought that her slightly shorter nipples would give her an advantage in a bending contest. She knew that Rose would likely try some other tactic, but she wasn't sure what it would be. They were very evenly matched in the firmness of their tits (at least she thought). Even though this was what she thought was likely the early stages of the fight she began testing her nipples to see how they might bend Rose's longer redder ones. She maneuvered to her left and lining up her nips to point at the right sides of Rose's pair gave a little push. Rose didn't even flinch or try to change tactics. This was still feeling good to her. It was still play time and theatre, not yet the main event. Her nipples maintained their forward thrusting majesty. Sue kept applying this side-thrust over and over, increasing her pushing power gradually. As her thrusts became more powerful, Rose re-aligned her tits directly against Sue's. The thrusts were now straight ahead 'headlights to headlights' pushing. As the thrusting increased in force and tempo, each woman escalating in small increments over her foe, their tits began to squish around the sides of their nipples. The nipples themselves were showing no sign of weakness. They were each letting their opponent know that it would take a lot more than a little nipple shoving to end this battle. The straight ahead thrusting continued, the intensity built, and the alignment of their nipples became impossible to control. When they each pulled back for another thrust, there was no time to gauge perfect aim, and so they began slamming tits together, nipples jabbing wherever they may. Large milk-bags bulged out to the sides or downward or upward, depending on the direction of the blows. Nipples began penetrating into tit flesh. Rose's longer nipples, every time they poked hard into Sue's areola, would cause a brief moment of pain in her tender sensitive tissue. Since Sue's nipples weren't quite as long as Rose's her attacks on Rose's areolas weren't as effective. Rose could feel the impact on her tender cherry flesh, but it was something she could definitely handle. This bumping and poking continued for quite a while and as the battle waged each could tell by the other's defensive movements what sort of effect her own offensive actions were having. Rose could tell that Sue wasn't letting her keep up the nipple to areola poking and Sue eventually figured out that Rose didn't like to be poked underneath her massive tits by Sue's own hefty nipples. This dueling had enlightened each of them but this would likely take a long time for any finality. Sue executed a move like Jenny had used earlier on Lynn. She put her hands on Rose's waist and lifted just as she poked hard towards Rose's tits from underneath. Then she immediately flashed her arms around Rose's waist to hold her in this position. She began an intense battering with her now effective nipples. Sue was not at all confident that this would lead to any quick victory. Rose's aggressive power was still evident. She was still bumping back against Sue, but without her nipples doing anything more than grazing across the top of Sue's tits. While not sensing any imminent danger, Rose knew she didn't want to stay in Sue's bearhug and in her control for very long. She tried pulling Sue's arms away, but Sue wouldn't budge and she just kept ramming and ramming her hard nipples into the softer underside of Rose's boobs. Rose leaned back as hard as she could, pushing against Sue's lower body for leverage. Sue had a tenacious grip and resolve and Rose knew she couldn't take this a whole lot longer. Both women were perspiring heavily. Their bodies were glistening as they strained against the other. Rose redoubled her attempts to dislodge the bearhug of the groaning woman that held her in her grasp. As in the fight before them, the glistening fur covered mounds that capped their creamy thighs were pushing forcefully against each other. The thick black curls of Sue's pussy hair were being ground up forcefully by Rose's auburn bush. Their hair was matted down by the force of the grinding and the perspiration soaking them. The hairs began intertwining with the repeated bumping and grinding. It was almost as if they were becoming conjoined by pubic hair. This added a new dimension to the fire between them. Sue did nothing to slow down her tit attack. She felt she had Rose in a weak position and she intended to take advantage. Those nipples continued their dagger dance of pain by repeated forceful thrusts. Sue began to feel the sexual heat renewed. It was caused, of course, by Rose's efforts to extricate herself with those pelvic thrusts of bush against bush. Rose wiggled and squirmed, feeling as if she had no alternative, she began focusing her counter attack on that bush-to-bush battle. Maybe she could get Sue so turned on by pussy contact that she would stop her painful attack on the underside of Rose's tits. Both women had their feet apart for power and balance and this allowed Rose the chance to put her right leg in between Sue's legs and lift up. This was risky. She didn't want to topple over and have Sue land on top of her. But she took the gamble and began rubbing her upper thigh across Sue's very wet pussy. She rubbed and rubbed even as she absorbed the punishment from Sue's nipples. They were both gasping and grunting and groaning in exertion. Guttural sounds, not words, were the only sounds besides that of the never-ending flesh-on-flesh contact. It now appeared to be a battle of attrition. Who could last longer? Would the continuing effective pussy stimulation cause Sue to lose focus, or even worse, have an orgasm? Or would Sue's damaging nipple attack finally be more than Rose could take? The length of the battle and the exertion required were now causing the pace of their movements to decline. Neither had quite the energy that they had at the beginning. Both were experiencing the effects of the other's tactics. Sue, in her fatigue, was beginning to wish she could just let go, get it over with, and release herself to orgasm. She knew it would probably be the most intense orgasm of her life. The exertion and intimate contact had been deliciously appreciated, even as she continued to force pain on her opponent. Could she hold out? Rose, as turned on as she was, was nowhere near orgasm, however. She was becoming racked in pain by the repeated attacks on the same sensitive area of her breasts. She couldn't tell how much effect her bush and pussy attacks had had on Sue, however, because the most visible signs were the signs of tiring. She knew Sue was fatigued, but she was dangerously low on energy and she knew it. She pulled forth her last ounces of strength and rubbed Sue's pussy and bush feverishly for about a minute, hoping that the stimulation might cause her to orgasm. Then she just went limp like a dishrag and fell backward. Sue came tumbling down on top of her and there they lay. Heaving breasts still engaged. Sweat-covered bodies in complete contact. Legs intertwined due to the fall. "I'm done," Whispered Rose.

They lay like that for several minutes. Neither capable of even rolling apart. While one had lost and the other won, both were feeling the ecstasy of complete sensual abandonment. They were totally exhausted and at the same time thrilled by the intimacy of their tit-fight. Sue didn't get up and prance around in a victory dance, but eventually just rolled off Rose and got up slowly, raised her hand above her head and went to get a drink. A couple of minutes later Rose did the same. The women knew that back-to-back fights would occur and had agreed to 15 minute rest periods before any new match could start. They did talk a little. Not much threatening talk. Just acknowledgement of what had happened. With Lynn and now Sue winning the first two titfights, each woman had two wins (two points). This round was only one-third over. Rose would have to recover quickly to face off against Lynn next. Lynn was coming off a victory and Rose off a defeat. This would play to Lynn's advantage most likely.