(By HGHunt)

Rose v Lynn

After catching her breath Rose began to regain her proud appearance. She had taken a moment to wash away the sweat and was looking replenished. Lynn, with the longer rest period was anxious to get going. Her sense of fairness (and the rules) forced her to wait for Rose to rest for the entire 15 minutes, but when those minutes were up she began striding around the living room impatiently. Rose, for her part wasn't as bad off as you might expect. More than anything the exhaustion had defeated her, not the tit-attack Sue had mounted. Yes, her tits were sore but not horribly so. And she remembered that Lynn's win over Jenny hadn't come without cost. Lynn's tits had taken quite a pounding from Jenny's swinging udders before Lynn became dominant. This would be the match where the biggest size differential between combatants breasts existed. Lynn certainly had full C-cup dimensions, but not quite the same expansive fullness of either Jenny or Sue. And Rose had the obvious advantage here as she came swinging up to Lynn with her big D-cuppers.

Each match so far had begun with sexy, lust enhancing, nipple play. This tit-fight started out the same way. The initial shock of touching another woman's nipples with her own was gone and so when they came together there was no flinching this time. They went directly into pushing contact. Rose noted that Lynn's nipples were actually a little longer than Sue's had been, and even though they weren't as long as her own they were capable of making more and deeper contact with her areolas whenever the angle of nipple attack allowed. Sensing this, Rose began to try to line up her nipples directly with Lynn's at each encounter. Lynn was happy to oblige. Lynn, like Sue before her, thought that her shorter length might give an advantage on head-to-head nipple pounding. No twisting and turning here. They just leaned forward and back, taking time to line them up perfectly before ramming solidly into each other. As powerful as these thrusts were, they did not try to squish each other's tits between their chests. This was a nipple battle only. Maybe it was from the punishment they each had received in their earlier bouts, but they seemed quite content to keep pushing their nipples directly at each other over and over again. With the sensitivity of their beautiful nipples undiminished, the arousal of sexual contact reared its head. Both women started to feel the heat growing in their loins. Both wiggled their bodies. Both wished that this fight could be maintained as a sex contest, but both were aware that forcing orgasm from their foe was very unlikely with only breast stimulation. Rose's nipples, being longer and maybe even firmer were beginning to make Lynn's bend to the side on some of her best thrusts. Lynn noticed this, but instead of changing from nipple dueling she brought her hands up under her own breasts and squeezing them just enough to force more blood out to the engorged nipple, and to provide more support for her thrusts, began guiding her tits into Rose's tits using her hands. Rose only allowed that to go on for a single nipple bump. She brought her own hands up and did likewise. Now, guided by her own hands, each nipple was being forced even harder into that of her foe. This continued until Rose dropped her hands and began to reach around Lynn. Lynn dropped her hands in response and grabbed Rose's arms just below the elbow. In this stand off situation Rose began swinging her tits like paddles across Lynn's tits from side to side. Lynn retaliated in identical fashion. Those hefty udders began making loud smacks as they found their targets. Their arms were flailing wildly about, Rose trying to get out of the grasp of Lynn and Lynn fighting to maintain control of Rose's arms. This arm fight was tiring both of their arms. When Lynn finally let go of Rose's arms Rose didn't even try to get her arms around Lynn. She just stood her ground and began picking up the pace with her big boobs pounding away at Lynn's pink-nippled tits. As the big tits swung across each other the nipples of each woman would trace raking paths across the now sweat coated boobs. Often those same nipples would catch on each other as they swung past. These energy filled encounters were bound to have some impact on the jousting nipples. Each woman's nipples, both left and right, began bending back in distortion upon impact. Bang, Bang, Bang, the nipples would collide and deflect to the side again and again. They were like two heavyweight fighters slugging it out in the late rounds. There was no let-up. Bang, bang, slap, slap. Both women were grunting and practically foaming at the mouth as they continued their toe-to-toe, tit slapping fight. The arms of each woman seemed to be too tired to try any hugs or other tactics. Their bushes weren't in contact, so there now wasn't much hope of any arousal distractions from their fight. They just kept going and going. As the pace slowed over about a five-minute period of time, they knew they were up against a formidable opponent and neither had any real tricks left up their sleeve, either. The slapping waned and ground to a halt. They could each see the nipples and breasts of the other were very red and throbbing from the pain of all those impacts. They just stood there, pressing titflesh into titflesh. They moved in slow motion, trying to keep some semblance of attack up, but their motions were lacking the vigor of before. It looked like they had fought to a draw, but neither woman would say anything. The rules were that one had to submit. Rose summoned up the last reserve of energy she had, reached around Lynn and began squeezing her tits as deeply as she could into Lynn's. It wasn't nearly as much pressure as she might have had earlier in the bout, but with the depleted state of Lynn's tits, and the longest nipples in the room poking hard into Lynn's nipples, practically turning them inside out, Lynn gave up.

Another arduous tit fight had reached conclusion. This time Rose's massive mammaries had defeated Lynn's pin-up girl tits. This wasn't about how close to victory you could come. It was about victory, and Rose now had her first tit-fight win. She was dog tired, but beaming as she flopped down on the couch to rest. It wasn't easy for her to say, but she even gave a congratulatory word to Lynn, telling her that she didn't fight "too bad, for a girl with such small tits!" Lynn just said, "Yeah, right."