(By HGHunt)

Jenny v Lynn

As if on cue Sue and Jenny stood up. Now all four naked women were standing in a small circle, eyeing one another. Breasts rose and fell with their labored breathing. The posturing, the dinner, and the stripping were done. It was time to bring the battle. Lust was in the air. They could smell it. Each contributed her own distinct musky odor to the cool room. The mix was practically combustible. None were immune, but each was determined to use her powers to emerge victorious at the end. It was impossible to tell whose strip performance had the most impact. All kept their cool and only the crackling sexuality in the atmosphere and their breathing gave themselves away. The CD ended as if on cue. The room was silent except for the low hum of the AC.

Jenny went over to the bar and picked up the jar containing the names. She had earlier written the order of the round-robin pairings on a yellow legal pad as follows: 1) Lynn v Sue, 2) Jenny v Rose, 3) Lynn v Jenny, 4) Sue v Rose, 5) Rose v Lynn, 6) Jenny v Sue. She offered the jar to Lynn and asked her to draw out one slip of paper. On it would be written the name of the vixen that would get to choose the first battle format. The tension was incredible and they were all nervous. Lynn opened the slip of paper and showed it to all of them so they could see the name for themselves. It was Sue. Now she must make her decision without knowing where in the sequence the battles would begin but she hoped that with her choice that she would get to go first. She definitely wanted to start strong and she chose an event that she thought would give her an edge. "Titfight! Breast to breast and breast to breast. I've got the best breasts and I'm going to prove it tonight. We use only our breasts against the other's breasts. Nipples go against nipples. Poke them, swing them, grind them, whatever you want, as long as you don't use your hands on your opponent's tits. You can use your hands for balance or to grab your opponent for leverage, but they must be kept above the waist and below the head at all times. Whichever girl either quits, submits, or has an orgasm loses. Those are the rules and that should get this contest rolling." The rules had been stated, there didn't seem to be any fuzziness or questioning so Jenny got a die and asked Lynn to roll it around in a cup and drop it on the table. Out rolled a 3. That meant that the cycle would begin with Lynn v Jenny. They had all been waiting with keen anticipation for this to happen.

Jenny and Lynn strode to the center of the room, turning to face each other. Sue and Rose made a quick move to find a seat. Two proud women stood like gladiators facing each other with icy daggers staring deep into the other's eyes. Jenny's deep brown eyes and Lynn's green eyes were trying to stare clear through their foe. Each tried to remember everything they could about their sexy opponent's strengths and weaknesses in leading up to this event, but now all that would lose focus as they determined to demolish each other's tits. Lynn inched closer to Jenny and Jenny responded in kind. Jenny was slightly taller and as they inched closer together it became apparent that her breasts were just a little higher than Lynn's. As they reached just an inch apart they stopped. Both nipples were full and tight. Both stood out proudly from their succulent flesh. Jenny's thick puckered nipples stood erect at just over half an inch. Mighty fine. Lynn's pair pointed back in their own glory. Hers were extended to full erection as well. Mounted on tits firm as fresh fruit they stuck out a sixteenth of an inch longer than Jenny's. Even though their bra cup sizes were the same, even though Lynn had a slightly smaller bra (36 v 38), her tits looked just as large as Jenny's. Jenny's were full and round and imposing. They leaned together and it was as if lightning had flashed through both their bodies, sending sparks of pleasure deep into their bodies. The waves of pleasure went into their pussies and shot back out making them shudder. They pulled back for a moment and stood staring at their tits. Jenny leaned down to bring her nipples directly in line with Lynn's. She brought them forward again, this time keeping them in contact. She began lightly tracing circles with her left nipple around the areola of Lynn's right breast. Lynn tingled with pleasure and began tracing her own circles around Jenny's nipple. Going in the same direction they felt the burning heat of the other girl's nipple as it rubbed gently across her tit. Jenny switched focus to her right nipple and began doing a similar dance with Lynn's left nipple. Each girl could only focus on one at a time. Which ever one they were trying to move in a certain direction caused the other tit to follow. This slightly uncoordinated swinging tit condition caused the friction to be somewhat unpredictable. At this stage they were both savoring and trying to escalate the erotic feel of nipples dancing together. It was working. Both were enjoying this very much. As these gentle movements started increasing in vigor their tits were becoming more tightly packed. They were working their bodies closer and closer together. The sides of their breasts began to swell as the pressure built. The motion increased again. Lynn began to try to poke her nipples directly at the underside of Jenny's nipples. She would lean down and rise up pointing them like swords at Jenny's light pink nipples and jam her darker pink ones forcefully at them. Jenny wasted no time in retaliating in kind. She was enjoying this like nothing she had ever felt before. Jenny poked, poked, and poked some more. The pair continued jabbing their nipple weapons at each other for at least five minutes straight. Up to now no serious damage had been done. Jenny reached around and grabbed Lynn's waist. She lowered her body and while lifting up on Lynn poked her nipples up underneath Lynn's breasts. Poking far into the tissue. Lynn fought back by grabbing Jenny's waist and they continued dueling breasts and trying to use their hands to force their foe's upper body into position to receive the blow in the best way they could. This wasn't real effective, but they did continue to poke, press and rub their tits together. Lynn's arousal was high, she could feel her pussy dripping juices down the inside of her upper thigh. Jenny was feeling the same. Jenny decided to change tactics. She stepped back a little to free up some room and began swinging her tits side to side, slamming into Lynn's tits. The friction was high. The nipples of each titfighter would rake across the breast tissue of the other causing pain. Even though there was pain involved in these tit slams their bodies were smoldering toward ignition. Neither girl had ever had a breast orgasm before, but each was beginning to feel as though it just might happen. Lynn wanted to counterattack but she was feeling like Jenny had the better of this tit-swinging battle. She stepped up closer to Jenny and put her arms clear around her in a hug. Jenny tried to pull away and keep swinging her battering ram tits across Lynn's pair. Jenny was strong but Lynn got her hands clinched together and held tight. She kept grinding against Jenny, as she did she and Jenny both became aware that their bushes were now 'bush-to-bush.' While Jenny kept trying to get away, Lynn kept grinding her tits heavily into Jenny's. Jenny's nipples were now beginning to get sore. On top of that her thick bush was now being rubbed vigorously by Lynn's blonde pubic hair. It didn't hurt but it was causing her to lose focus on the issue at hand (tit?). Jenny's ace up her sleeve (she thought) was to use her tits to slap Lynn's tits into submission, but she had tried that already and now she couldn't get out of Lynn's bearhug and tit grinding attack. She tried to hug Lynn back and grind back against Lynn's throbbing tits, but she was running out of gas. Jenny had been keeping her eyes smoldering at Lynn and Lynn hadn't been aware of the thoughts racing through Jenny's head, but she could sense the diminished intensity of the attack. She wasn't sure if Jenny might have another trick up her sleeve but she was taking no chances. She ground her tits with all her might deep into Jenny's tits causing her to squeel in pain. Lynn's dagger nipples were really hurting the underside of Jenny's tits. Jenny quit. She had had enough. Both fighters stepped back breathing in short shallow spurts. Lynn had won and even though she was ecstatic she didn't leap for joy. She just said, "I knew your measly tits weren't going to give me any trouble."