(By HGHunt)

Strip War

Another round of drinks were poured, but even though the alcohol had been a catalyst for the original sex-confrontation back on the golf course, it wouldn't have been needed any more. They were all so competitively sexed-up that they would have gone forward anyway. As they cleared the space in the living room and turned on the lights to a low romantic level they each felt their hearts beginning to race in their chests. Their blood was pumping tingly excitement throughout their feminine bodies.

The ladies moved slowly into place. The room was quiet except for the swish of stockings and dresses gliding sexily against each other. Jenny walked over to the CD player and put on a long continuous selection of soft erotic music, music that was interrupted occasionally by hard thumping rhythms that could be heard in any strip bar. She walked back to stand directly in front of Sue and started to sway her body back and forth. Jenny spoke first, "Lets get this show on the road. I can't wait to demolish each and every one of you. But the first order of business is to get out of these clothes. I'll go first and you wimps can follow. I want to see exactly what I'm up against and I want you all to see what a real champions body looks like." The girls, of course, cringed at her words but they too were ready to take this to the next level. Whatever happened in the next round would happen among naked women. Besides, what was the use in putting so much into getting dressed up if you couldn't have some fun taking the clothes off. They saw what Jenny had planned. The stripper music and her bold actions told them all that she was about to give them a real show.

Jenny, of course, hoped that by her taking the lead that some wicked psychological advantage could be gained over her rivals. She set out to make the most of it by putting on a strip show that a pro would have envied. She walked around the room and swung her hips around, bumping each of the other girls deliberately. She kicked off her shoes and continued her sexy dance to the beat of the music. Since her dress was quite loose she would swish it around in a twirl and get it to fly up towards and around the faces of the other women. She would bend over and pull her dress up over her waist, pointing her ass directly at Lynn, Sue, and finally Rose. In one quick move she removed her belt and tossed it aside. She let her straps drop from her shoulders and let the lavender dress slink slowly to the floor. She wasted little time getting her pantyhose off. She was now down to her bra and panties. That lasted only a moment as she reached around to unclasp her bra and turned to face them holding it in place with her arms. In a quick flash she opened her arms and let the bra fall to the floor. Jenny's big proud tits stood out firm and high. She pulled her shoulders back to make them appear as large as possible. She cupped those hefty tits in her hands and flaunted them directly in the face of each woman. She made sure to keep about a foot away. But this was certainly close enough for each and every one of them to get a good view of her royal pair. She stepped back a bit and slowly lowered her panties. Inch by inch. She knew the show was affecting them. They didn't hide their stares. She also knew that each one of them would try the same sort of tricks in just a few minutes. She was really enjoying herself. It was very freeing to be so totally focused on something. Sex and Power. She was feeling very sexy and she knew that at least for the moment she had power over her rivals. The panties worked their way down. She paused, allowing just a few hairs to protrude above the seam. She worked her fingers back and forth around the edges, tantalizing the women with the slowness. She wiggled a little more and pushed those thin sexy panties down even lower. Her thick brown bush was coming into view. She ran her fingers through and through her luscious pubes. She kept the edges trimmed for bathing suit wear, but didn't remove any of the thick, rich hair that grew even thicker down near her sweet pussy. She would let her index finger trace its way deep into that jungle of hair, disappear from sight and come out glistening with the juices of desire that were now beginning to flow. She waved that finger around in the air and stuck it in her mouth where she sucked it dry. Then in a flourish she pushed her panties all the way off and strode around the room in all her naked glory. She was quite a sight. The others were impressed but couldn't admit it out loud. When Jenny said, "Now that you have seen me, you might as well give up. There isn't a one of you that I can't whip. I am the queen in this room and you all know it."

Sue leaped up and didn't waste a moment in letting them all know that Jenny's performance hadn't softened her up a bit. It had sent her sex hormones surging, but she sure wouldn't admit it. She said, "Maybe you think you looked like a sex-pot strutting around like that, but you haven't seen anything yet. I'll make her strip look like it came straight from a convent. Rose, Lynn, you girls better watch close. You will see how a real woman takes off her clothes." With that she started moving her body in time to the thumping beat of the music in the background. It wasn't playing real loud, but the beat was clearly audible. She began thrusting her hips forward, backward, side to side, gyrating them in circles and in general, doing everything possible to emphasize her pelvis. Jenny had taken a seat on the couch on one side of the room while Lynn and Rose were still sitting on the floor. Sue strutted confidently over to the couch near Jenny and lifted her leg up and put her foot on the couch. She bent down and carefully removed her high heel, wiggled her leg provocatively in Jenny's direction, and then repeated these moves with the other leg. Now prancing around in her sexy stockings she began to execute a steamy dress-removal. The spaghetti straps were lowered from her shoulders and she began shaking her tits side-to-side, allowing the top of her dress to begin slipping lower and lower. She expertly reached around back and undid the button holding the dress in place. She strutted to the beat of the music and stopped directly in front of Lynn. Now it was time for unspoken payback for the show Lynn had given her before dinner. Jenny and Rose were totally unaware of the sexy getting-dressed competition that Sue and Lynn had engaged in before dinner. She bent low, allowing her still partly covered tits to sway back and forth in front of Lynn's face. She pulled the dress down, exposing her bra and nipples extending out from the top. She let the dress fall all the way to the floor. She picked it up and tossed it aside, grazing Lynn's hair on the way by her head. Harmless really, but certainly designed for a little intimidation. She stepped over to the side and sat down on the floor and lifted her gorgeous legs wide in a big V. Her spread was allowing all three to see the thin fabric of her blue panties and how it clung to her pussy, allowing the fullness of her labia to show right through. She used her finger to trace around the edges of those panties, lifting them slightly away from her skin and then letting them drop back in place. Her hose came off next with as much flourish as she could command. The garter was tossed aside, landing right on Jenny's lap: another mild intimidating move. Sue strutted around some more and stopping right in front of Rose this time, removed her bra. She was intent on letting Rose know that even though Rose's tits were a little larger, she was not the least impressed. She rolled her nipples around and around between her fingers. Pulling them out as far as she could and pulling first the right and then the left up to her mouth to give them kisses. Rose watched intently but remained as confident as ever that her tits were unmatched and better than Sue's. Finally Sue was down to her panties. Time to show off her bush. Even though her legs were her most obvious feature, and her tits were amazing, she, in her private thoughts, was especially proud of her hairy bush. Like the others she kept the edges trimmed to allow bikini wear, but the thick, rich, dark, very dark hair was lush, like a tropical jungle. It descended to her pussy in rolling waves of thick curls. She did keep the edges of her pussy shaved slick (for her husband's oral benefit), but the effect of that bush on her sexiness was never in doubt. She had seen Jenny emphasize her pubic patch and, yes, it was a formidable thick forest, but Sue was determined to let them all know that her patch took a back seat to nobody's. She grabbed her panties at both sides of her hips and in one quick powerful motion ripped them right off by pulling straight out to the sides. Wow! The surprise quickness and power made all three women jump. They were startled and impressed because it brought into focus Sue's lush bush. She wasted no time in parading around to stand directly in front of each one. She would squat, keeping her balance like the skier she was and use both hands to play with the curls that rolled down her mound to her pinkish slit. She let her middle finger slide down her slit, separating her lips and even letting her clit show through the folds. She never stuck her finger clear in her cunt, but she was certainly soaking the finger with her horny juices. The aroma of Sue's woman-cunt was wafting through the room and generating lots of heat. The women were sweating even though the air conditioner was on. Sue stood up, very proud of her heat-generating performance. She knew the others were affected. She didn't feel she even had to say anything at the finale. She just stood up straight, wiggled her ass in time to the music and went and sat down next to Jenny on the couch. "Your turn," she said to Lynn and Rose.

Both of them had definitely felt the arousal caused by Sue's strip, as much as they had from Jenny's, but both wanted a moment to collect their thoughts before beginning. They each hoped that the other would get up and begin, giving time to plan and provide the climactic final strip. Neither wanted to go next. Jenny, having watched and been as excited as the other two by Sue's performance was anxious to see Lynn and Rose keep the heat going. When neither of them got started Jenny spoke up, "What the hell is the matter, you girls afraid you can't keep up with Sue or me? Let's see some action!"

Sue figured out the problem these two were having. She knew there was no fair way to force one of them to go first so she said, "Jenny and I want to see a dual strip. Get up and just start taking off your clothes. We'll watch from here and you can definitely keep an eye on each other at the same time. You girls have a problem with that?"

Lynn said, "Not me." Rose retorted immediately, "not me either." In moments they were standing up facing each other. Their tactics would have to be changed, but the extra-competitive nature of this strip excited them both. Since Jenny and Sue were now in the role of spectators they would find plenty of motivation to try to out-strip their rival. They both started weaving around the room, keeping a close eye on the other. As they moved it appeared that there was some sort of primal dance going on between the two women. Each action of one was met by a reaction of the other. If hips swayed from one, they swayed even more from the other. Breasts were emphasized by squeezing their arms together. A mirrored response would be seen from the other. They kept this up for quite a while, just dancing and moving around sexily. Even though Sue and Jenny were the supposed audience, Lynn and Rose focused their attention solely on their strip-competitor. Finally, Rose began to remove her clothes, she kept her dress on but began reaching over and pulling up the hem of her dress to remove her stocking hose. Her sexy actions were indeed mirrored by Lynn. When the second stocking came off Rose went over to Jenny and looped it around her neck and pulled her head in towards her big tits. She didn't pull all the way to contact, but brought her nose right up to within two inches of her tits. Lynn wasn't wearing stockings so she just sauntered over to Sue and twisted her torso left and right, causing her breasts to shake and shimmy inside her dress and bra. Lynn leaned over close to Sue, her nipples poking through her dress material, and brushed first one and then the other gently across Sue's nose. Yumm! They both stood up at the same time and retreated to the middle of the room. In a quick move to take back the strip-initiative Lynn let her long dress fall from her body to the floor. She immediately removed her bra and tossed it into the air. It landed on Rose's head. Rose turned red as a beet, and gritted her teeth. She knew Lynn had done that on purpose. She didn't say anything, just letting her dress top fall to the side freeing fully her immense breasts. The cherry nipples were engorged and thick. They protruded far from her wide cherry areolae. She began a breast love, self-stimulation, staring straight at Lynn the whole time. She pulled first one nipple and then the other up to her mouth and gave them long loving sucks. They seemed to grow even longer and thicker with each suck. She twirled those big nipples around and around. She squeezed her tits together with her upper arms and made them look like rockets about to blast off. While she was doing this, Lynn decided to finish her strip. Off came her panties, off came her bra. She strutted naked over to Sue and Jenny, trying to take their attention away from Rose. Lynn now felt that she and Sue were even in their personal show off battle and she focused her attention on Jenny. She spread her legs wide. Keeping her balance she leaned way over backwards letting her proud pussy point directly at Jenny. While she didn't have the total hair mass of Sue or Jenny, due to the extra shaving she did for her tiny thongs, she was still blessed with a thick bush. Her hair down there was curly, long and very blonde. The lovely color was a definite turn on for every man she had ever bedded. It was certainly exciting for Jenny, especially seeing it in such close-up perfection. Jenny could tell that even though Lynn's bush was trimmed it would still be a strong opponent in any bush battles that might ensue. So in this move Lynn accomplished what she wanted: intimidation. Lynn stood back up, bent over toward the floor, pointing her ass directly at Jenny. She reached back with both hands and pulled her ass cheeks wide apart, giving Jenny a close-up view of her pretty puckered ass hole. She took one finger and began tracing little circles around that tight little opening, and after bringing it up to her mouth for a quick saliva coating, she brought it back to her ass and stuck it in just fingernail deep. She rotated it around and around, giving Jenny a clear show of her ministrations. Rose meanwhile had sauntered over to focus on Sue and she quickly rid herself of both dress and panties. Standing with hands on hips, and with her tits pointing menacingly at Sue she bent low, low, lower to let them hang straight down from her chest. She swayed her upper body back and forth letting their size impress Sue. Sue, naked herself, just watched in delicious, but un-fazed admiration. While the size and shape and texture of Rose's boobs and nipples was not ignored by Sue, she felt no fear. Her inner womanhood was strong and she was actually relishing the idea of going tit-to-tit with Rose. Rose got part of what she wanted with this display. She certainly got Sue to focus on her breasts, but the fear she was hoping to generate was not present. As Lynn and Rose were focusing their last moments of sexy stripping for Jenny and Sue's benefit respectively, they hadn't lost track of their nearby stripping rival. With a last fingering of her slick pussy, Lynn stood up straight and turned to face Rose. Rose stood up to face Lynn. They were close to each other: maybe three feet apart. The timing hadn't happened the way she wanted and she decided the strip-off wasn't over. Yes they were both totally naked, but her show wasn't over. Every woman who thinks of herself as a sexual performer needs to be proud of her pussy. Rose was very, very proud of her pussy. However, she had spent so much time displaying and 'threatening' the others with her massive tits, she hadn't done anything to emphasize her cunt and its womanly bush. This little strip-off wasn't going to end without her demonstration of her pussy superiority. While she definitely wanted to demonstrate her pussy power to all three women, she now found herself facing only Lynn. No choice but to hope that Sue and Jenny would 'get the message' as much as Lynn. Rose was blessed with very thick cunt-lips, around the sides of which grew very fine silky hair, the hair further up on her mound was thick. It, like the other women, was coiled in a curly mass all over her mound. It stretched from high up her lower belly down to the cleft between her legs. Top to bottom it covered easily more inches of skin than any of the other three women. Her forested thatch was a magnificent dark red color. Not orange red like some total redheads, but actually a deep dark red, nearly as dark as her auburn hair on her head. She too, like every one of the other women had a bush to be proud of. It glowed in radiance and its shiny appearance competed equally with her big tits as her most impressive feminine feature. She wanted to show Lynn what she was capable of with that wonderfully fuzzed pussy of hers. Keeping the beat to the music that still played she walked over to one of the end tables and picked up the empty bottle of beer that had been left since earlier in the afternoon. She walked back to the center of the room, and right in front of Lynn set the bottle down on the floor. It was standing straight up. She began a slow wiggle as she lowered her body toward the floor. Lynn, Sue, and Jenny all knew what was coming, but they were spellbound and didn't try to stop it. Rose wiggled her way clear down to where the bottle was touching her cunt lips. Without using her hands at all, she wiggled, wiggled, wiggled, and lowered her pussy down on to the bottle. She stopped threw her head and shoulders back, thrust her tits out as far as they would go and stood part way up. Squeezing with all she could muster, the bottle came right up with her, the bottle had only penetrated as far as the narrow portion of the long-neck bottle, and yet her muscle power allowed her to keep it from slipping out. She bent back towards the floor. That bottle was now pointing directly at Lynn's knees. She wiggled her ass and made that bottle shake and point in several directions, but it didn't come out. She rose back up and then slowly, with total control, set that bottle back on the floor as deftly as could be. "If that didn't impress them I don't know what would," thought Rose as she concluded her routine. She was done.