(By HGHunt)


The women were finally ready to go out and a whole layer of excitement, trepidation, jealosy, and lust was being added to the sizzling mix. They had originally driven up north in two cars, Sue with Jenny, and Lynn with Rose, but tonight they would all ride with Jenny. They left the room together and as they waited for the elevator the first 'public' appearance of the foursome happened. Two middle-aged businessmen in suits got off and as the women jockeyed for position to try to make themselves more visible to the men and the men were leaving the elevator the stares they received were fuel on the fire. Each woman felt confident that the stares they received were directed exclusively at them. The ride down and the drive to the restaurant was full of small talk. Little polite comments about each other's outfits were uttered to understate the actual beauty or sexiness of the other's dress. While no overt put-downs were blurted out, each woman was just barely able to keep her emotions in check. The competitive sexual tension was thick enough you could cut it with a knife. Rose found herself wishing they could just skip dinner and cut to the chase. She had never been this excited before and the womanly bodies seated in the car together, with the elegant perfumes they wore, were having an effect on her like none she had ever experienced. Jenny, Lynn, and Sue were equally turned on and anxiously anticipating the evening events. They arrived at the chosen restaurant after a few miles and were seated at a secluded booth in the corner. Fortuitously they were shielded from the view of other patrons. While they were hungry from the long afternoon, none of them wanted to overindulge, for fear of being lethargic after a big meal. Also none wanted to be seen by her competitor friends as being a pig. They each had a glass of wine, which once again loosened their tongues a little and the talk eventually became barbed with wicked comments about the other's bodies or sexual abilities. Fingers found ways to 'accidentally' brush across the arm or hand of another woman. Deep breaths to expand their impressive rib cages became common.

Sue was feeling highly confident. She was in the prime sexual flower of her life and she knew it. Her tongue was actively licking her lips and probing sexily in and out, giving a show to the others as if to say she would devour them. The others were equally seductive, Lynn kept crossing and uncrossing her legs giving Jenny and Rose strategic views of her thighs and ass which were exposed due to the extra long slit in her dress. Rose would often pull her arms together at the sides of her breasts, squeezing them together to magnify the already extreme cleavage. Several times she turned in her seat to talk and would let her breasts rub seductively across Jenny's left arm. Jenny didn't back down and returned the favor, giving Rose's right arm a good feel of her poking tits. Towards the end of the meal and after the second glass of wine they even turned towards each other simultaneously, each anticipating the other's move. They locked eyes and swung their wonderful boobs slowly around to fill the space between them. The subtleties of the challenge were being replaced by more overt actions. With Rose and Jenny locked up in an obvious tit-to-tit confrontation, Sue and Lynn decided to challenge each other with their legs under the table. Sue's hose-covered left leg swung a few inches to the left and encountered Lynn's already on the way to meet it. Even though Lynn's dress was very long, the extreme slit allowed her to reveal both legs. She had even reached under the table earlier to pull the dress up and over her right leg allowing many inches of bare thigh to be exposed. As their legs met, side-to-side, a confrontational shock raced through their bodies. While their eyes were not at all hiding stares at Rose and Jenny's tit-press across the table, they were mentally focused on defeating the leg of the other. Lynn slid her naked calf up and over Sue's hose-clad calf. What Sue had expected was a tense battle of muscles, with each intent on pushing the other away, had turned into a more seductive turn-on war. Lynn rotated in her seat enough to give freedom to her leg and she immediately began rubbing and rubbing her calf over Sue's sexy left leg. She let her leg ride farther and farther up Sue's leg until it was practically forcing up the bottom of her dress. Sue was wiggling her legs back and forth, both from her own arousal, and from her desire to push Lynn in that heated direction. The pairs broke up their sexy games when the waitress returned with the bill. It was time to leave.

Lynn got her wits about her and spoke up about something she had pondered earlier. The evening was obviously going as she had hoped. The sexual tension was high. Every woman wanted to best the others and to involve herself in heated woman-on-woman battles. "You know. I've been thinking about our challenge. I know that each of you want to win as badly as I do, but since I made the suggestion about making one-on-one challenges earlier I have concluded that we need to make a minor adjustment in the 'rules' to provide for a perfectly level playing field and to ensure complete opportunity to prove myself superior to each of you." That last remark didn't sit too well with the others but they continued to listen. "Originally I said that we would draw a card to see who would go first and they would get to challenge whomever they wanted. That option doesn't guarantee that we would each be involved in identical contests. Now, I know you might be surprised to hear this from me, but I have a sense of fair play. We should make sure that whatever fights we have are spread equally among us, just like the round-robin kiss-fights this afternoon. So may I offer an amendment? We each write down on a slip of paper our own name. When we are ready to begin we'll pull one of them out, that girl will propose her challenge that we will all be part of. That will commence a round-robin tournament. And in order to not give any advantage to going first or last, we'll follow the same order we kissed and just roll a die to determine where in the sequence we should start. That way, all of us can choose a contest. We can each compete against all the others and we will have random selection about what order we'll fight. Is this ok with you?"

Since they were all anxious to prove their superiority and confirm their own sex-prowess and since her suggestions made lots of sense from a fairness standpoint they all agreed. What this meant though was that they were now each facing a total of twelve sex-battles with the women they had been competing against in other venues for the past several years. While they hadn't been thinking much about it, if they followed through with all of this there was no way they could finish in just one evening. Oh well! They had the lease for two weeks.

They paid their bills and drove back to the resort. The stares they each received from the men and women alike that they had encountered in the restaurant were remembered with sweet motivation. In their own minds they were each the ultimate sexy woman and they were using that to mentally prepare for what was ahead. They actually hurried from the parking lot back to their suite.