(By HGHunt)

Let's Keep Score

The intensity of that battle and the ones before had raised the bar of their competition. Before today none of them had ever competed in anything like this. Just mainstream sports and games. Now with all four of them having experienced sexual excitement and competition all rolled together they were all fantasizing in overdrive about these events. Rose spoke up. "Ladies, we've each just kissed each other and I don't think any of us are quite content with the results. I have two wins, Jenny has two wins, Lynn, and Sue each have one win. I'm sure that I am the best kisser here, but if you recall Sue's original challenge, it was that she could out-suck and out-fuck any one of us. Remember. Since no one of us won all three of our kiss-contests, I think we should get down to the nitty gritty to find out who really is the sex queen, the best woman. Kissing is nothing but foreplay. If we are going to know who is the best and sexiest woman here we had better get down to some real sexy stuff. What do you say? I don't think our round-robin kiss-match really settled anything. I know that Jenny and I each have two wins and I think we should keep those wins and count those points towards a final score that would come from other round-robin events. Are you afraid of my challenge, or do you dare to accept?"

Lynn, Sue, and Jenny would have been totally shocked to hear Rose say those words at any other time, but after the last three hours and the new and exciting things that had transpired between them, they would have all been far too embarrassed to back down. They didn't really know what Rose had in mind, but without even asking her to explain they all immediately agreed. Besides every one of them was absolutely in a state of heightened sexual motivation. None of them wanted to lose that feeling. None of them wanted to be thought of as less than the best lover/sexual athlete either. This vacation was shaping up to be the most unique that any of them had ever experienced.

Golf was now the farthest thing from their minds. Blame it all on that beer bottle slipping from Lynn's hand. Fate is a funny thing.

The End of the Beginnings