(By HGHunt)

Final Kiss Fight

Rose was getting anxious to see her two good friends go mouth to mouth. Sue and Jenny were quite slow to make their move and Rose told them to get their asses in gear. She wanted to see the show. Jenny told her to keep her mouth shut. She would decide when she was ready to show Sue who was boss. This remark didn't faze Sue. She was supremely confident and she was ready to throw her first curve ball. Sue stood up and slowly turned around so that she was facing directly away from Jenny. She bent way over to touch her toes, which caused her beautiful ass and gorgeous legs to leap into the eyes of the others. Jenny stared just like the others at those long trim legs with their perfect even tan. They tapered to slender ankles and rose to rock-hard thighs, the tops of which were encased in those tight shorts she wore. When she bent over the crack of her pretty butt showed clearly through and the outline of her thong panties was plainly visible too. She said, "Jenny, I know you've been wanting to get a piece of me for a long time. But you know what? This body is too much for you. I am so damn sexy that you will lose control. I'll have you begging for mercy before you know what hit you."

With that she stood slowly up, gyrating her pretty ass all the way. When she was all the way up, she began to unbutton her blouse. Before you could say wow, she had her hands behind her back and was unsnapping her bra. Sue had used her tits dozens of times to get her way with men and she was now using the same ploy to gain a shock advantage over Jenny. While those big C-cup tits were now pointing directly at Jenny and Jenny was not hiding her stare she wasn't nearly as affected as Sue thought. Jenny rose to a standing position too. She immediately pulled off her top and her bra and her C-cup tits were now pointing just as ominously at Sue as Sue's were at her. The cool air in their room and the total horniness they were feeling had caused both pairs of nipples to harden and extend to their fullest lengths. While neither of their nipples were as long as Lynn's nor Rose's they were certainly formidable. Both were extremely hard and pointy. Both were mounted on incredible tits. Jenny's areolas were very light in color and only slightly darker than her tan skin. They were quite wide, being almost three inches across. Sue's areolas were smaller and darker, with a sharply formed circular edge surrounding her nipples. Their dark brown color might have reminded a person of exquisite chocolate.

Jenny now looked straight across the few feet separating her from Sue and said with all the haughtiness she could muster, "You've never kissed the likes of me. You have no clue what you are in for and there is no way that your sexy body is even remotely as good as mine. I'll be the one causing you to squirm and try to wriggle away. I'll be the top dog kisser around here in just a few minutes."

With that she immediately took one large step toward Sue. She stopped. Sue followed suit and took an even larger step directly at Jenny. They were now about 2 feet apart. The excitement and tension in the room were incredible. Both women started licking their lips at the same time. They were performing a pre fight ritual that would have done justice to a heavyweight championship boxing match. Each wanted as much psychological advantage as they could muster before the kiss-match actually began. As they began inching closer and closer together lips began trembling in anticipation of what was to come. Their big naked tits were coming closer and closer. When they reached just about 1 inch apart, they stopped for a moment. Each woman was watching the other intently. They were glancing back and forth from each other's intense eyes to the nipples that were now so obviously about to clash. Neither woman could have imagined this scenario earlier in the day, but now it was as if it was inevitable. Neither would even wish for it to be any different. It was as if some unseen force was pulling them into this affair. Sue arched her back a bit and tightened her chest muscles as much as she could causing her nipples to stand out even farther and more menacingly. They were now only a half-inch from Jenny's. Jenny saw this and retaliated in the same way. Her nipples leaped forward and immediately came into contact with Sue's dark nipples.

Both women were the same height, same bra cup size, same hair length and the same in many physical respects. Maybe it was these similarities that caused each to be a little jealous of the other and motivated them both in this event. Those nipples that had just met head on were now being pushed together with more force. Both women were leaning in and seeking each other's mouth. But this kiss-clash was going to be fought at two levels, literally. While their mouths were certain to fight for supremacy, their now naked tits were involved in a battle of their own just below. The stakes were going up.

Immediately upon finding each other's mouth both arms shot around the others body to try to arouse and control the body of the opponent. This was the first kiss-fight to be fought standing up. This created some strategic differences from the earlier battles. In effect the women's entire bodies were being used in their kiss. Head to toe. Their hard tits were rubbing back and forth against each other. Their arms were intertwined around each other. Each had one arm over the other's shoulder pulling the back of their opponent's head hard into her own. One arm of each was around the other's back pulling their chests into oppressive contact. Jenny was hoping that she could anticipate any of Sue's likely moves and Sue was aching to beat Jenny by overpowering her with the sexiest kiss she had ever given. She planned to get Jenny so turned-on that she would be begging for mercy.

Sue's tongue was darting in and out of Jenny's mouth, licking Jenny's teeth, sliding wetly back and forth across her lips, finding Jenny's own tongue and jousting for position. The wetness in their mouths was leaking out the sides and dripping down onto their tits which were in their own squishy battle. Sue knew that her actions were having the desired effect on Jenny. Jenny's breathing was labored and coming in short bursts. Jenny could feel the juices flowing in her pussy and that aching sensation that wanted sexual release. But all this hot action was turning Sue on just as much. She could hardly believe that kissing another woman would have such an effect on her own pussy. Even though she couldn't see it she knew that her cunt-juice was seeping out into her panties. It had begun to stain her yellow shorts as well.

Their kiss continued for 10 minutes with both women slobbering all over each other's mouth. Jenny knew she was getting turned on faster than she wanted. She was trying hard to focus on the control of her body, trying to maintain her wits and at the same time trying to force Sue into a sexual frenzy of her own. Jenny's tongue was giving Sue's tongue a very even battle inside their mouths. Back and forth. In and out. Left to right. Around and around they went. Sue could tell that Jenny's desire was at a high level and she now started what she thought would put Jenny 'over the edge.' Their tits had been rubbing back and forth across each other pretty much in response to the way each woman was moving her body in their kiss-duel.

Now Sue began poking her dark hard nipples directly into Jenny's lighter colored nipples. These nipples were now at the forefront of Sue's mind as she thought for sure that she could literally force Jenny's nipples inside out. She poked and poked. She adjusted her tits to come up from underneath to try to use her own nipples to bend Jenny's upwards and back toward her tits. While their different colored nipples were almost identical in size, Sue's seemed to be just a little harder. They weren't giving as much and her pushing and grinding against Jenny's nipples began to have an effect. When Jenny first felt Sue change her attack focus from mouth to tit, Jenny had responded immediately with vigorous pushes of her own. She poked and rubbed her nipples across Sue's with plenty of vigor. She tried slapping her tits across Sue's but their bodies were so closely mashed together that she could get no real slapping power. She returned to pushing and poking back at Sue, but she could tell that Sue's nipples were starting to take control in this intimate battle. Her breasts and nipples were beginning to get sore, even as this intimate contact was making her more and more excited sexually.

When Sue could finally perceive that Jenny's poking responses were losing their vigor, she began to feel that her victory was imminent. She was almost planning her victory dance in her head as she continued poking and pushing her hard nipples over and over into Jenny's big tits. Jenny, however, had not lost track of her objective in this kiss-battle. She wanted to dominate Sue real badly. Her desperation reminded her of what she had been thinking just before she had stepped across the floor to confront Sue approximately a half hour before. Yes, their kiss and tit battle had continued uninterrupted for 33 minutes. She remembered that the objective was control of the other woman. Not sex. She knew that winning was slipping from her grasp unless she could do something to change the momentum.

Rose and Lynn had been absolutely enthralled with the sight before them and they stared in awe at the two battlers tying to mightily out-kiss and out tit-fight their opponent. They could tell that Sue was edging toward control. They could see and hear Jenny's labored breathing. They knew the signs of impending doom. They thought for sure that Jenny was about to collapse and give up or maybe even have an orgasm right there in front of them. In fact, both were secretly hoping for that to happen. They wanted to see a sexy finale. Jenny knew she somehow had to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. As she ran that phrase through her mind, she had an idea.

While the focus had left their mouths for their tits due to Sue's poking, they had never removed their mouths from contact with each other. Only quick short breaths from the sides of their lips kept their mouths from total contact. Jenny now retaliated in her last gasp at thwarting Sue's successful nipple attack. Jenny reached out with her teeth and bit Sue on the lower lip. She bit her hard. She moved her mouth over just a little and bit her again on the other side of her lip. It worked. Sue had been so confident that she was about to see Jenny slump to the floor in defeat that she hadn't dreamed that Jenny could pull any surprises, least of all a painful attack. She was so angered and frustrated that she stepped back, pulled apart from Jenny and just stared daggers at her. Jenny just smiled.

Lynn and Rose were flabbergasted. They hadn't seen what Jenny did. They had both been watching the impressive tit-battle between their chests. Sue said, "you bitch, you can't bite. That's not fair."

"Why not?" retorted Jenny. "Nobody ever said what the rules were and besides there's no proof I bit you. No blood is there?" There wasn't any blood. Her lip hurt, but Jenny hadn't bitten hard enough to break the skin.

Sue was fuming as Lynn said, "well it looks to me like Jenny is the winner. You pulled away first, Sue, and that means Jenny wins." Rose agreed saying, "There is no blood Sue, you can't be hurt that bad. There isn't even any proof that Jenny bit you, and besides, isn't biting pretty common during kisses? You just weren't ready and Jenny took advantage. You lose. Jenny wins."

This certainly didn't sit too well with Sue. She had been within an inch of victory, she thought, and to have Jenny trick her with what she thought was a dirty move irked her immensely. This was the second time she felt cheated out of victory.