(By HGHunt)

Kisses Plus

Rose was finally about to get her turn. She had already been kissed twice and she felt like Jenny may have had the advantage in that kiss but that she had soundly beaten Sue in the just concluded kiss-fight. Whom would she get with her spin? Would it be Jenny, who she wanted revenge against? Would it be Sue, who she had just whipped in the last kiss-duel? Or would it be Lynn, that young sexpot across the floor, who really needed a lesson taught to her? She couldn't decide whom she wanted to kiss the most. Jenny said, "What are you waiting for, Rose, spin the bottle, or are you afraid?"

Of course she wasn't afraid, just trying to figure out if she could "will" the bottle to stop at Lynn. That was who she wanted the most. It worked. The bottle did point directly at Lynn at the end of Rose's spin. Not only did she want to show Lynn who was boss, she was also feeling the incredible urge to ravish that perfect young body across the floor. Rose was very turned-on.

She didn't bother standing up. She just leaned over and crawled very slowly across the floor toward Lynn. Lynn was sitting Indian style and preparing herself for the big-titted creature moving her way. She was not about to let Rose out-kiss her in any way. As Rose neared Lynn, she swayed from side to side, causing her hanging boobs to draw everyone's attention their way. She repeated the move and slowly kept coming toward Lynn. When she lifted her body up and was standing on her knees Lynn responded by changing her position likewise. They were face to face. As Rose inched forward to get close enough to Lynn's face the inevitable happened. Those massive mammaries poked into Lynn's hard pair. The air-conditioned hotel was cool and that only enhanced the effect their aroused nipples had on their shirts. They were both sticking straight out through their thin bras and tight shirts. Those nipple-weapons poked each other and jolts of pleasure shot through both their bodies. Their motivation to out-kiss the other was now doubly enhanced by sexual drive. It was now obvious that Lynn had decided she wasn't content to be the "kissee" and let Rose's "kisser" designation give her any advantage. This kiss-battle would be fought on equal terms and with their hearts pounding in nervous anticipation they slowly brought their mouths toward each other. Rose was staring deep into Lynn's eyes in an incredible ravishing stare. Lynn returned the favor with her big blue eyes. As they leaned their heads slightly to their right and their tits followed suit, rubbing across their opponents pair, their mouths came together in full wet contact. They had both been licking their lips and smacking them together. Both mouths were full of wet sticky saliva and immediately upon contact they began a wide-open tongue attack on each other's mouth. They swapped spit, jousted with their tongues over and over, each trying to turn her opponent inside out with their wetness and desire. It was working both ways. Lynn was wishing she could just succumb to the desire she was feeling but her competitive nature wouldn't let her. She tongue-fought Rose with incredible intensity. She tried a change of tactics. She sucked on Rose's tongue as it shot deep into her mouth. She sucked and sucked as hard as she could, trying to pull it right out by the roots. With their mouths locked totally together the suction was incredible. Rose was feeling the pain and in retaliation for Lynn's surprise move she began bumping her tits directly into Lynn's. This tit-humping caught Lynn by surprise and she momentarily stopped the sucking and this allowed Rose's tongue to gain a leverage advantage over Lynn's and push it deep in toward her throat. They had been going at it for nearly 10 minutes when the effort to fight off Rose's tongue attack had taken its toll on Lynn. She pulled away to catch her breath and rest. As soon as she did both Sue and Jenny practically had to be told to breathe again. They had been so enthralled with the performance that they had hardly taken any breaths themselves. Rose was quick to declare herself the kiss leader since she now had two wins and neither of the others had more than one. Lynn was let down but not defeated. Her arousal and anger were as strong as ever. She did admit to herself though that Rose was one hell of a kisser. Jenny reminded Rose that her lead wouldn't last long since Sue and she hadn't had three kiss-fights yet and that since they were the only two who hadn't kissed yet that it would only be fair for them to go next. No need to spin the bottle. So it was determined. Jenny and Sue would go next.

The four women were experiencing new, strange, and lustful feelings toward each other. These sexual urges were strong and the looks on their faces gave some of that away to the others. But one thing was certain. Not one ounce of competitiveness was lost. None of them liked to lose, whether it was golf, pool, bridge, or now kissing. As Jenny and Sue had watched the escalating intensity of the kiss-battles, each having been a victor once and a loser once, their minds were scheming as fast as they could to try and assure themselves dominance in the kiss-match that was about to start. Sue, for her part, totally believed in her sexiness and that she could conquer Jenny. She had a surprise or two planned just to make sure. Jenny, however, had seen Lynn's surprise tit-tweak cause her earlier loss and she wasn't about to be surprised again. She vowed to herself that there was nothing that Sue could possibly do that would cause her to lose focus on what she had to do to win. She had seen Sue up the ante before and she now knew for sure she wasn't facing off against the "goody two shoes" Sue that she had come to know. Good friends for the last six years these two sexy women were about to face off in a primal contest that was sure to shape their relationship for years to come. The contest wasn't supposed to be real sex, just a kiss, but the atmosphere in the room was overcharged with the smell of sweet sexy women. It was clear that the kisses had come to symbolize much more than just who could kiss best. They were like dogs attempting to determine the Alpha. And that was just what these women were now. They were bitches in heat and intent to establish dominance at the same time. Jenny and Sue were about to write their chapter.