(By HGHunt)


While Rose and Sue were watching this battle of mouths, they found their pussies getting increasingly excited. Sue actually put her left foot over on top of Rose's and started rubbing it back and forth. Rose could obviously feel this but she made no outward acknowledgment. She would just push back a little bit against the pressure coming from Sue's foot. The squishing sound of the kissing competitors wasn't the only sound to be heard. Soft moans were coming from Rose and Sue's lips. They couldn't help it. They weren't totally oblivious of their surroundings however and as their little "game" was progressing, both in competitive intensity and sexual excitement they began to worry about being seen or heard by someone. When Lynn and Jenny's kiss-fight broke off Sue spoke up and said that maybe they should take the remaining spins back to the hotel room so as not to get arrested. They giggled at the thought, since they had a moment to visualize what their behavior might have looked like if anyone had come around the corner to see them. Since it did seem a bit dangerous they quickly got up and left the course.

It was just a short walk from the clubhouse across to the hotel. When they got into the suite, Jenny and Rose moved the furniture around a little to free up some floor space. Sue and Lynn had gone to the kitchen to get them each another beer. When they all gathered around the room and had kicked off their shoes they sat down cross-legged on the floor. Sue downed her beer quickly and set it in the middle of the group. It would be her turn to start since she and Rose had yet to spin and they were taking turns in a clockwise direction. Before she spun the bottle, she looked at all of them and with a gleam in her eye she said, "Kiss, Kiss, Kiss. I see all of you are getting a little bit excited. After I get through kissing you will all be so wet between your legs that you'll be begging me for more. In fact I think that I could probably make you all cum without me even touching you. I could do a strip that would melt you right through." With that she spun the bottle. It went around and around and finally pointed at Rose.

While Rose had been affected a little by Sue's little speech, she was still supremely confident in her own kissing prowess. This time she wasn't planning to just be kissed. She was going to kiss back. She prepared to take on Sue's challenging mouth by turning to her right as Sue was pivoting her body to the left. Since they were sitting on the floor, this awkward shift had forced them to lean on one arm. With her left arm holding herself upright Sue's right arm circled around Rose's head and pulled it closer, closer, closer. They could now each feel each other's breath on their faces. Their eyes were locked in intense challenge to the other. Sue stuck out her tongue and began to gently lick all around Rose's pretty red lips. Their lips hadn't even touched yet and Rose immediately began returning the favor. Her long tongue was making clockwise circles around Sue's mouth while Sue's tongue was going the opposite way around hers. When they met, it was as if electric jolts had coursed throughout their bodies. They almost fell over. Both women rearranged their legs underneath them so they could sit upright and use both hands to hold on to the other woman. Arms circled around each other and began pulling tightly together. Their mouths were now opened wide and tongues were jousting around and around, back and forth, each trying to turn the other woman on. Lynn and Jenny were watching with pure intensity. This was just about the sexiest thing they had ever watched. Their own breathing was becoming ragged and full of sighs.

This kiss-fight continued for nearly ten solid minutes. Both Rose and Sue were aware of the evenness of their tongue battle. Rose had been content to keep this a kiss contest but her horniness and her big tits being mashed up against Sue's pair caused her to reach around and grab Sue's ass and squeeze and pull toward her. She rubbed her tits from side to side against Sue's wonderful breasts and this caused Sue to instinctively start rubbing back against Rose. When she realized what was happening she was upset that Rose had gone well beyond a kiss and she pulled away and accused Rose of cheating. Rose said, "nonsense, there weren't any rules," and since she had pulled away from Rose, she was the winner. Sue fumed at this, but both Jenny and Lynn agreed with Rose and they pronounced Rose the winner.