(By HGHunt)

Spinning The Bottle

Lynn set her beer bottle down and it tipped over and she nonchalantly gave it a spin. It spun around and around. The women were all watching the bottle. When it slowed to a stop pointing at Sue, Rose quickly said to Lynn, "Well, I guess you have to kiss Sue now." Lynn's response was, "No Way. I'm not kissing her! Her kisses are like a dirty dish rag and wouldn't be worth my time." Her haughty remark was like fingernails on a chalkboard to Sue. She was mad.

Rose and Jenny waited to see what Sue would say. Time seemed to stand still. Sue didn't say a thing. It was only a few seconds but it seemed like minutes to Jenny and Rose. Little did the others know that Sue's bold nature was about to make itself very evident. After a few moments of awkward silence she decided she had enough of Lynn's smug superiority and she slowly got up from her chair across the table from Lynn. If Lynn was going to make rude comments about her after having first blurted out that she was better at sex, then she wasn't going to get out of it so easily. If Lynn wasn't going to kiss her, then she would just have to kiss Lynn. She took those few steps around the table to Lynn in the sexiest possible way. The others were wondering what she would do. Were they ever surprised when Sue leaned over and put her lips right up to Lynn's and gave her a long soft kiss. When she finally pulled away, she let her hanging tits brush ever so slowly across Lynn's shoulder. The effect on the other women was electric. She said to Lynn in her huskiest voice. "I told you earlier that I could out-fuck and out-suck you and I can out-kiss you too. You will never be a better kisser than me. I am better than you at anything." While it might have appeared to a bystander to be a kiss of affection, it was totally apparent to Jenny, Rose, and especially Lynn that Sue's kiss was a kiss of anger and confrontation. Even in it's tenderness there was an edge, a challenge. They all knew it. The words that had begun this challenge were now replaced by action.

Lynn was flabbergasted but excited underneath that tough exterior. She sure wasn't about to let Sue have her way. She just couldn't think quickly enough of anything to say or do to get back at Sue. It was just then that Rose's racing mind had concocted an idea that was exciting and dangerous. She hadn't thought of all the possibilities but she spoke up anyway. She reached out and grabbed that bottle and said, "I know, lets have a spin-the-bottle kissing contest." Well, in normal circumstances that wouldn't have been very likely, but since these last few moments had delivered some surprises and since the alcohol had done just enough to loosen their inhibitions significantly their responses weren't their normal ones. The stage had already been set thanks to Sue's kiss.

Jenny had been silent but her damp crotch and boiling blood (anger and horniness) caused her to blurt out "I'm all for that and I'll prove that I'm really the best kisser here! Every man I've ever been with has told me that I'm the best kisser they've ever had. The best at lots of other things too." Of course each of the others had probably been told the same thing by their lovers, so that wasn't much of a threat to them. The challenge was now laid out and Lynn and Sue had no choice but to fall in and agree. They were the ones who had started this. Sue was feeling very good about her kiss-domination of Lynn anyway and at Lynn's stunned reaction. Lynn's anger forced her to accept the challenge, and anyway she had been caught off guard and now she wouldn't be unprepared. That beer bottle was now leading them down a path that they could never have imagined just a few short minutes before.

The sight was breathtaking. Four gorgeous sexy women playing spin the bottle on the veranda of the golf course. The mix of feelings they had was quite bizarre. Since their table on the veranda was out of the way from the clubhouse and the main golf course, they weren't too worried at first that someone might see them. Jenny still had that bottle and before she spun it she lifted it up to her lips and stuck it almost half way down her own throat. It was an obvious attempt to let the others know that she was a sexual athlete herself and that just because Lynn and Sue had started this little confrontation that she would play for keeps as well. She moved the bottle in and out a few times and gave the tip a quick lick with her long tongue before she leaned over and gave it a spin in the middle of the table. Rose had been thinking and before the bottle came to a stop she said that whoever kissed her had better be ready for some real kissing from a real woman. Those words were hardly out of her mouth when the bottle indeed stopped and pointed directly at Rose.

Wasting no time Jenny got up and put her hands under her tits and squeezed them and waved them at Rose. While this taunt was certainly taken as a challenge by Rose, it was having a clear effect on the other two as well. Both Lynn and Sue had noticed a hormone surge. Their pussies were both tingling as Jenny went to Rose and bent down to look her right in the eye. Very slowly, Jenny leaned over and opened her mouth and gently bit the lower lip of Rose. She purred and growled just like a jungle cat and continued to nibble and nip at Rose's mouth. Finally she put her mouth full on Rose's lips and mashed them together. Not hard enough to hurt, mind you, but hard enough for Rose to know that Jenny wanted to be in charge. She kept the pressure on and Rose, sensing that Jenny's motive was to overpower her, pushed back. Their kiss was a kiss of power. They never opened their mouths. Jenny just wanted to show Rose who the boss was in their relationship and since she was standing up and bent over Rose her leverage advantage made her feel like she was winning. When Jenny finally pulled away, with a big smile on her face, Rose just said, "Nothing special there girl, you can never out-kiss me."

While Jenny had been kissing Rose, both Lynn and Sue had been watching with interest and as they squirmed in their chairs their legs bumped into each other. While neither made any verbal acknowledgment, the feeling of hot smooth leg upon hot smooth leg excited them both. Sue once again took a moment of initiative and started rubbing her calf up and down across Lynn's calf. She was trying to go 1-up even before it was her turn with the bottle. Lynn grabbed the bottle and exclaimed, "One of you is really going to know what a kiss is in about one minute. No one kisses better than I do." She spun the bottle. She was hoping that it would stop at Sue, since it was Sue that had made the original "out-fuck, out-suck" comment. But it wasn't to be. The bottle stopped at Jenny. Jenny had just sat down after her vigorous kiss of Rose and she was still feeling pretty good about herself when Lynn came right at her and whispered in a low voice "Get ready honey, my mouth will make yours turn to Jell-O and you'll be begging for mercy after my sexy kiss." And before Jenny could say or do anything Lynn was planting her lips full across Jenny's mouth. Jenny squirmed in her chair and she tried to wiggle away to get composed a little bit, but Lynn was relentless. She opened her mouth and used her tongue like a crow bar to try to pry Jenny's lips apart. Her tongue was working back and forth lubricating Jenny's lips and then jamming forward to try to penetrate into her mouth. Jenny's lips were responding in their own sexy way. She was trying to pinch Lynn's tongue between her lips so as not to let her go. It was a very even duel. It was Jenny's lips versus Lynn's tongue. Lynn had not expected it to be this tough to get her tongue into Jenny's mouth. She was aching to get it inside Jenny's mouth so she could dominate Jenny's tongue with her own. Her horniness was taking control even as her mind was racing to try to find a way to control Jenny. Without even thinking about it she reached up with her right hand and found Jenny's left tit and quickly grazed her hand across the protruding nipple. Shock waves of pleasure shot through Jenny and she lost concentration just long enough for Lynn to force her mouth open and attack Jenny's tongue vigorously with her own. Their mouths were now having their own wrestling war. Tongue against tongue. Lip against lip. When Lynn finally managed to push Jenny's tongue back toward her throat and keep it there for five seconds she slowly pulled away. Just before she sat down, she reached over once again and gave Jenny's nipple one quick pinch, as if to say, "I got you girl."