(By HGHunt)

The Bottle

The golf had been the reason they chose this resort but they were delighted to have seen lots of other amenities and nearby desirable places to visit that they could take advantage of between or after rounds of golf. This foursome was very competitive as they all had handicaps in the same range. Lynn's victory hadn't set well with the other three that day however. Her overtly sexy, and revealing outfit wasn't appreciated by the other three, even though they never mentioned it. They thought she could have been at least a little more tasteful. It wasn't as though they themselves weren't dressed to show off their assets, but just that she had gone a little too far. Being a competitive bunch, they couldn't wait to try again to beat her the next day. Since the day had been hot, they were all anxious to get to the 19th hole for some thirst-quenching drinks. Wine was the drink of choice most of the time, but today, with the heat and thirst they all had, a cold beer sounded really good. So when Rose ordered a long neck bottle, the other three did the same. They sat on the shaded veranda around the corner from the bar and started talking and drinking. The small talk and drinks continued for about 45 minutes. They were quite a sight. The heat had made them all sweaty and their tops were soaking through, clinging provocatively to their tits. Their thin fabric bras weren't doing much to hide their protruding nipples. The sight would have been intoxicating, but no one was around. One of the waiters was a handsome young man of college age. The women found themselves staring as he walked away from their table after serving the beers. Comments about his 'nice butt' were repeated more than once. After their second round of beers Jenny said, "I can't wait to get back to the hotel and get out of these clothes."

Rose responded, having turned a little drunk, "I can't wait to see that either." The other girls giggled at Rose's apparent interest in Jenny taking off her clothes. The small talk continued and their second beers were each nearly gone. Lynn was tipping her beer back to get the last drop and as her tongue snaked out to touch the tip of the bottle, Rose said "Hey Lynn, you must be horny since you're treating that bottle just like a big hard dick. Your husband isn't here you know. How will you survive the next two weeks?" The remark surprised Lynn and she let the bottle slip and it entered her mouth and went in a few inches. Wow! Now it looked like she was trying to deep throat that bottle. She gagged a little and pulled the bottle out quickly. The girls all laughed, but that just made Lynn a little angry. She told them that they were all just mad because she had beaten them on the course and that 'By God,' she could 'beat them at sex too.' She thought of herself as the sexiest person alive. She was acting quite confident even though she had been embarrassed at first by the beer bottle thing. But all these women were sexually confident in their own right and this riled them to have the youngest one in the group thinking she was something special and better than them at anything, including sex.

Sue spoke up and told her that she was full of it and that she could out-fuck and out-suck Lynn any time. It was spoken partly to be funny at Lynn's expense, but quite obviously in seriousness too. The others were quick to notice the sincerity in her voice. Things were starting to get a little tense. The combination of the hot weather, the physical exertion from the golf, and the beers were beginning to cause some strange sensations in the women. While each woman was totally confident in her sexuality, they couldn't help but notice how sexy their female friends were as well. Jenny had even consciously noticed that she had a damp spot on her panties. Her nipples were poking just a little harder against her blouse. While none of them were lesbians (only Sue had ever even experimented, and that was long ago in college), each surely noticed other women and usually paid plenty of attention to their bodies, partly from their competitive nature and partly from their own repressed desires. Since they had often played tennis or swam together they had all seen each other's bodies naked before. Rose was fantasizing about how Lynn and Sue might look naked and trying to out-fuck and out-suck each other. Rose was blessed with a wicked active fantasy sex-life. She often let her mind run free and right now it was racing: she could only see Lynn, Sue, Jenny, and herself. Her fantasy was full of naked writhing bodies of these women she thought of as her best friends. She was torn between the turned on feeling she had and the anger at Lynn for acting so superior.