(By HGHunt)

The Planning

The darkness had begun to settle outside their room. The last golfers had left the course. Lights were twinkling on in the homes visible across the course. Jenny, Lynn, Rose, and Sue had full loads of pent-up sexual energy trying to burst from their insides out. All knew that their arousal was observed by the other three women. But all were also trying mightily to maintain control of their emotions in an attempt to set the stage for winning whatever was to come next.

First a recap of what had happened so far. Even though no one had ever mentioned rules or keeping score, and even though none of them had ever heard of a sex-fight before, the events as played out that afternoon had led them all to a tacit understanding. The winner was the one who could force the other woman to submit or quit or pull away or be so lost in ecstasy that they slipped over the edge into orgasm. None had quite made it to orgasm. Jenny had a near miss at the last kiss-fight. Sue hadn't even touched her pussy either. Sue had Jenny so turned on from just kissing and tit-play that Jenny's orgasm had been only moments away when she was able to snatch a victory away from her. While they hadn't started by keeping score in any way the consensus on the outcome of each kiss-duel had been agreed to as the basis for continuing their contests. Sue had stunned Lynn in the first kiss. Jenny had out-powered Rose in the second match. Lynn had achieved a victory over Jenny in the third. Rose's surprise gave her the advantage over Sue in match number four. Rose had made it two in a row with her win over Lynn in the fifth match. The final climactic kiss-fight was Jenny's last second stunning defeat of Sue.

So this is how they stood: Jenny - 2 points, Rose - 2 points, Lynn - 1 point, and Sue - 1 point. Even though these were the consensus results, each woman had in her own mind some sort of excuse or reason why she had lost any of those original kissing contests. Each one fully intended to prove her own superiority in any sex-fight that would follow.

While none of those kiss-fights were ever violent, each woman had tried to use her strength to gain advantage over her rival, especially as the contests progressed from the first tentative kisses. Each one had watched the ever-escalating intensity and had felt it for themselves. The thrill of physical confrontation was not being avoided by any of them. They were all relishing the idea. The two-dimensional nature of this was not lost on any of these women. They were all smart to go with their sexy looks and strong bodies. Everyone knew that they would have to master both their own sex instincts and be physically dominant if they were going to come out as Alpha bitch at the end of all this. And that is what every one of them wanted. Nothing less than Alpha would satisfy any of them. And yet the excitement of falling into a sexual frenzy with these other women was motivating them just as much. It was Rose once again who made a suggestion. "Lets take a break. Take a shower, put on some fresh clothes, go out for a nice dinner and wine, and when we come back Round Two will begin. What do you say?"

Lynn immediately spoke up and added her own suggestion, "We'll draw cards for who goes first this time and whoever wins will be allowed to choose her first opponent. She can challenge any of the others to whatever sexy contest she can think of. If her target refuses then the challenger wins the point. If she accepts then the event goes on to a final result."

"Fine by me." Jenny responded instantly and Sue was right behind with her own agreement. After all, Sue had long been known to never back down from a dare. Since Lynn's idea fell right in line with Rose's earlier suggestion she asked quickly, "Well, what are we waiting for? I get the shower first." And with that she jumped up and headed to the bathroom to get ready.