(By HGHunt)

"Dandy girls. That was great. Nice touch to use the equipment like you did. Liz, you gave Tesha a real run for her money, but she held out a little longer. Maybe next time, huh?" Linda complimented the two girls for their fine performance. All were now feeling the intoxication of sexual heat building inside. "Are we ready for number two?" Linda asked, knowing the answer already. She just leaned over and spun the bottle again. Eight pairs of eyes watched expectantly as it slowly came to rest pointing at herself.

"Well, well, well. I guess it's my turn. Amanda, are you game for a titfight?"

"You bet your sickly brown-haired snatch I'm ready. My tits will smother yours into submission and I'll enjoy every minute."

Linda retorted, sarcastically reusing Amanda's phrase, "Your tits will do no such thing and my 'sickly brown-haired snatch' may have its own say in this matter. Your little blonde bush ought to just go hide in a corner somewhere, it's so ugly."

The girls didn't need much trash talk to get them riled up enough to come together. "Here come my precious titties," crowed Linda, "I hope yours are ready for a pummeling." She stepped forward to be met directly by the taller Amanda.

Linda's round breasts, C-cup in size, pointed out proudly from her chest, only the slightest curvature gracing the bottom of her meaty mounds. In profile, there was no sag, just a nice pleasant curve down and away from her chest muscles for an inch or two before swinging gracefully upward to her medium pink nipples and areolas. Her rubbery nips were hardening and standing out straight. From the front they pointed slightly outward and the smooth skin, minute drops of perspiration glistening, moved to meet the slightly larger tits of her foe.

Amanda's tits were surely a bit bigger than Linda's. Amanda could sometimes get by in a C-cup bra, but she usually wore a D-cup for comfort. While playing she usually wore a tighter C-cup sports bra for the extra support. If she chose she could display impressive cleavage with the right choice of bra and dress. Right now however, there was neither. Her breasts were out there on their own: naked and jauntily ready for battle. Only the slightest hint of sag could be seen if viewing her large boobs from the side. No pencils could be held underneath her tits. They hung in glorious harmony from her large shoulders and made her slightly larger frame (thicker hips, thighs, back and shoulders) seem nicely in proportion. If she had had smaller breasts she might have looked 'unshapely', but with the breasts she carried her body all worked together to give a real sexy appearance. At 5ft 10in she was the heaviest player on the volleyball team, but she was one whom most people would probably have guessed her weight to be at least 15 or 20 pounds less than her true weight. Her blonde pubic patch was her natural color and she kept it trimmed more than some. It was a narrow but long row of ringlet blonde curls, shaped in a sort of trapezoid; wider at the top, but narrowing lower to not quite a 'V' point. It was trimmed straight across at the bottom, about half an inch above the northern terminus of her healthy slit.

Hands on hips the two sets of boobs narrowed the space between them. The two girls touched nipples as the others watched. With the thrill of having their sexy competition with spectators adding to the already heady arousal of the sexy girl in front of them, the touch was a real jolt. Bursts of electrical energy shot out in rays from their nipples into their breasts and distributed throughout the body and brains of the two girls. The sexy interplay of Linda's pink nipples with Amanda's equally pink tit-nubs made both girls shudder and back off an inch to regroup. Eyes open and intent on the nipple contact, the girls touched again. This time with a little more 'push'. The incredible pleasant sensation was still present, but having felt the shock of it for the first time moments ago, they acclimated their bodies to the feel. The taller Amanda aimed her nipples downward a bit to jab directly at the hard points protruding so sexily from Linda's boobs. She jabbed down, trying to push them downward at an angle, while Linda pushed upwards, seeking to control Amanda's nipples. It was awkward work. Usually only one pair of opposing nipples would line up at a time and so the focus seemed to swing back and forth from left to right as they matched poke for poke. The height differential also made it a bit cumbersome to keep their nipples lined up.

When Amanda took her hands from her hips and grabbed a breast in each hand to make the alignment easier, Linda followed up immediately with the same. Hands holding tits, the two now could attack each other's nipples more directly and with less wasted energy than before. Amanda poked and poked her hard nubbins, longer than Linda's, straight on against her. Linda poked and shoved back with a sincere vigor. The larger nipples from Amanda's tits began to cause Linda's nipples to bend one way and then the other as Amanda's firm points would not retreat.

Linda began rubbing her nipples along the shaft of Amanda's. She twirled her nipples around and around, keeping contact at all times with Amanda's nipples. She shuddered with the delight of pleasant contact. Amanda was also enjoying the nipple fight. Even with aggressive tactics and powerful thrusts from time to time, the tenor of this fight was definitely more erotic than vicious.

Licking her lips along the sidelines, Rashelle was already getting anxious for her own battle to follow. With the knowledge that Veronica and Chelsea would be going last, she felt her libido gathering momentum already. Watching the sexy tit-tickling in front of her only made it more powerful. She wondered what Dawn was thinking right now. She stole a glance over to see Dawn with a hand on each breast, gently kneading the flesh and enjoying an occasional nipple pull. "Good," thought Rashelle, "She'll be ready!"

'Time to escalate this," thought Linda. Dropping her hands from her tits she took a very quick swing of her torso to slap her tits hard against Amanda's hand-encased boobs. Smack. The sound reverberated in the stale air. "So that's the way you want to play, huh?" growled Amanda. Dropping her hands to her sides she immediately retaliated and in a flash the two were swinging tits back and forth with a wild, careless abandon. They would meet in mid-air with repeated loud smacks. The impacts were reddening the skin on the outside of their breasts especially. Their nipples would impact and rake across the skin of their foe, leaving trails in the sweat. Occasionally their nipples would again meet directly, and in the violence of the swinging tits, with the weight and power of large breast behind them, would painfully bend and snap back. This stage of the battle was less erotic than the earlier stage, and the gritting of teeth and the shallow, ragged breathing of the two girls emphasized the growing intensity. Whap, whap, whap went tit against tit.

Linda could feel the mass of Amanda's breasts as they slammed into her slightly smaller boobs. Like heavy bean bags they slammed into her tits, causing her to wince in pain from the impact. For quite a while she took the punishment, knowing that her tits were inflicting significant pain on Amanda as well. Amanda would even grimace and groan at the power of some of Linda's smacks. But the toll was heavier on Linda. The extra mass of accurately thrown tit smacks from Amanda was keeping the pain from abating and she knew she must attack another way to ward off a devastating tit-defeat.

She kept up the tit swinging attacks for as long as she could but finally she went after the offending tits with her hands. Reaching across the space between them she grabbed Amanda's meaty boobs and squeezed, one in each hand. She squeezed as hard as she could. Amanda let out a scream and yelled out, "So you can't take it can you? You want to squeeze tits do you? All right. I'll squeeze tits with you." With that she reached out and immediately found her targets. Anchoring her fingers as deeply into Linda's boobs as she could, she squeezed. The two faces were not so pretty right now. Sweaty and with hair hanging in ragged strands across their faces they growled obscene threats at each other. The pain in their tits made them cry and now the tears mingled with the sweat and their faces became streaked with the effects.

Amanda worked with a vengeance on Linda's tits. Her hands were positioned so that all 10 fingers were pointed in deeply and she squeezed her claws in as far as she could. They were furrowing deeply into the breasts in what would be sure to remain as marks for a long time to come. Luckily, for both, all volleyball players kept their nails very short and there was no scratching evident from their tit-grabbing fight. But the squeezing was very painful for both. Linda managed to grasp the most protruding portion of Amanda's tits, out near the nipple and she began a twisting squeeze that made her tits look like a swirl ice cream cone with the ripples of flesh corkscrewing around between her fingers. Both girls were literally screaming curses at each other now, demanding the other girl stop, but except for a moment's lapse to re-grip there was no let up. Amanda felt like her tits would get twisted right off and she drew down deep for even more power to crush as much breast flesh between her fingers as she could. Their heads were now drooping over from the pain and fatigue of the battle. Still standing up, the energy to keep it up was waning. Neither girl would relinquish her vicious hold and a real battle of wills was shaping up. How long could they last?

Amanda was the first to change tactics. As powerful and harmful as she knew her attack had been, it hadn't done anything to slow down the counter attacks from Linda. So she let go of her deep squeeze and grabbed her two nipples between the fingers of her hands. They were slippery and she couldn't squeeze with all her might or they would slip out, but she could squeeze plenty hard enough to pull those erect nipples out to incredibly stretched limits. Linda screamed a blood-curdling cry as she felt like her nipples would be torn from her tits. Amanda would jerk them unmercifully, losing her grip several times and being forced to find them again and again to repeat the punishment. Linda, in retaliation had let her hands find Amanda's nipples and began to twist and pull them for all she was worth. At first the screams of Amanda were loud and awful, but as the pain continued she let her screams fall back to awful whimpers and sobs.

Linda, having lost a less than fully competitive bush-cunt fight with her roommate Tesha on Monday, didn't want to be a loser again. Her fire of determination was strong and she suffered tremendous pain at the hands of Amanda in order to continue her onslaught against her. But Amanda was not letting go. She was not letting up. She was grinding her fingers in vicious twisting pulls of Linda's now battered nipples. The pink color had long since turned to red and Linda needed relief. With both girls in horrible pain it came as a relief even to Amanda when Linda stuck her leg behind Amanda and pushed forward, tripping her to the mat. Amanda held on long enough to bring Linda with her but let go just in time to catch herself with her hands before she landed on the mat. Linda was falling on top of her and with the two girls on the floor a wrestling match started. Each was still crying from the pain but neither sought to attack breasts now that they were on the floor. Linda had landed on top of Amanda but she didn't stay there for long. Even with so much effort already expended, Amanda had enough to roll over on top of Linda.

Now their tits were plastered together again, this time between the two girls rolling wrestling bodies. The pressure of their tits grinding into each other in the tight confines of space between them hurt, but it was so much less than the awful tit-twisting they had endured together up until a few moments before that they paid this pain no attention. Instead they rolled around each seeking the advantage of top position. This is where Amanda's size advantage really helped. She, after several rolls around the floor was able to command top position, pinning Linda beneath her.

In all this rolling the girls tired themselves out even more and their legs became all tangled up. Arms had ended up behind each other's backs and they were squeezing together in a bear hug. Their sore tits now squashed out to the sides from the pressure of their chests bearing down on each other. Their sore nipples, wishing for air and breathing room for recovery were not getting it. Instead they were compressed into the flesh of their hideous foe's breasts. Growling and cursing the two fought on the mats much like the wrestlers for whom the room had been made.

With Linda now feeling trapped beneath Amanda she began to buck her hips as much as she could to try to unseat her. Amanda's hot breath on her neck came in labored rushes. Her hair hung down in Linda's face and the two girls were now nose-to-nose and glaring at each other with gritted teeth. Amanda suffered through several attempts from the girl underneath trying to dislodge her from the top before she had drawn in enough air to actually speak. Her words ragged from her still-labored breathing Amanda asked, "You ready to quit? Are you done? You know you can't win now. Why don't you just give up?" The big blonde was winning for sure, but her words gave away that she, too, didn't have much fight left in her. Linda, as much as she knew her predicament was no advantage could read between the lines of Amanda's shaky words. "Hell no, bitch. Not while I've got a pussy between my legs will I let you win!"

A little shocked and flabbergasted by Linda's response, Amanda didn't quite know what to do except stay on top of Linda. Her weight was definitely her ally now. Outweighing Linda by at least 30 pounds, she was able to rest and still maintain the superior position. Linda tried arching, bucking, rolling, and pulling on Amanda, but all to no avail. Amanda with her legs apart for leverage was keeping Linda firmly inferior. With so little action right now the other girls began chirping their encouragement. "Come on Linda, get her off." "Hey Amanda, make her squirm. Make her give." Then Amanda was reminded of Linda's words of a few moments ago, the comment about 'as long as she had a pussy...' Well, that gave Amanda an idea. Her legs were now wide apart and Linda's bush was bumping into her own every time she tried to extricate herself, but now Amanda thought, "maybe I should show her what a real woman's pussy can do?"

At first all she did was hump back down against Linda whenever she tried to leverage the bigger girl off, but soon Amanda, feeling confident about staying on top, began to leverage her legs back together and tried to force apart Linda's legs with her own. It took some doing and several tries before she used her weight and the power of her legs to wedge her left leg in between Linda's. Shortly after that she got her right leg between them also. Linda was now firmly parted at her crotch and Amanda's mass was bearing down on her. Their bushes were firmly plastered together. Plastered is the right word as the sticky sweat of their bodies had given their groins a thorough soaking. Amanda was now able for the first time to actually feel a few jolts of sexual pleasure when she rocked her blonde bush down deeply into the brown bush of Linda's mound. The power was feeling real good and the melding of her own blonde cunt hairs with the brown cunt hairs of her rival was delicious. Her hips started to rock in slow, sensual, rhythmic motions. Amanda delighted when she felt Linda's legs (voluntarily or not she didn't know) open even wider. Linda's pussy was on fire and Amanda could feel the heat in her own labia as she ground down and around Linda's pussy and bush. She lowered herself and arched her back so her blonde bush could ride down deeply into the now open gash of Linda's vagina. Sliding upward ever so slowly she let her bush scrape across her labia, her inner linings, her clit, and then upward into the brown patch of fur that Linda called her own. At the moment Amanda was taking it all in as if Linda's body was her own. She 'owned' Linda's body, even if Linda didn't realize it at the moment. The upper body fighting had subsided and Amanda had lifted up on her arms to rise above Linda and continue fucking her in this missionary position.

Linda just lay back and let the juices flow. Literally. She let the juices flow because she wouldn't have been able to stop the flow anyhow. Her pussy was oblivious to the pain and suffering of the tits Linda wore on her chest. All her pussy knew was that it was in the midst of an exciting time and it generated all the copious amount of love liquid it could. In no time Linda felt herself giving in to the gyrations Amanda was using on her pussy. She felt every little hair of the wonderful blonde bush as they burrowed inside her vagina. She felt every hair as they scrubbed their way north to cross her sensitive and engorged clit. She ached as the blonde's pussy slid deliciously over her own, only to stop and wait in darkness of her own bushy mound.

Amanda was testing every conceivable combination of touch with her pussy and mound against Linda's pussy and mound. She found every touch to be pleasing and full of promise, but she kept coming back to the slow grinding of her lower bush into the deep crevices of Linda's cunt. The feeling of power was grand and the effect it was having on Linda was undeniable. Linda was becoming upset with the slow pace of Amanda's action. Linda knew what she wanted now. She wanted fucking; fast and furious fucking. She wanted Linda's blonde cunt to start ramming into her with vicious violent thrusts. She wanted to feel the blonde girls clit gyrating against her own. She ached for the elevation of the 'festivities'. But Amanda had other ideas.

Sensing the frustration of the girl beneath her, Amanda actually slowed her grinding action. She didn't quit, but she moved with interminable slowness, and even the extra wiggling and grinding that Linda provided did not quench the fires burning inside Linda's groin. Amanda had discovered the power of the tease. All the while she was feeling the wonderful slippery touch of Linda's saucy pussy against her own lips and clit. Keeping just enough contact and motion to keep her own libido from losing interest, she fucked Linda ever so slowly. Looking down into her eyes she burned her subliminal message into Linda's brain directly, "You are MINE. I've got you right where I want you and there is nothing you can do about it. I hope you like it, because I like it a lot!"

The insistence in Linda's growling and grinding became verbal. Just like Liz in the first fight, Linda began to beg. She begged and begged for at least five minutes, with only the mildest gentle intimate thrusts of Amanda's pussy bearing down on her, before Amanda decided it was HER time to move. After a particularly loud and demanding plea for Amanda to get going from the beaten girl underneath, Amanda finally took a more aggressive demeanor.

"You are going to wish you never begged for me to fuck you!"

With that one sentence she began an immediate pounding, grinding, thrusting motion with her hips. She mated her clit up against Linda's clit and pushed it back and forth and side to side with a vengeance not seen since the nipple pulling frenzy of twenty minutes earlier. She rammed it deeply into Linda and the two girls were heading for the exit. Like a roller coaster that has just cleared the top of the first big hill, the cunt-2-cunt sloshing gathered steam and the loud cries from both girls (yes, even Amanda was now caught up in the passion and heat) rent the air, announcing for all the imminent orgasms. Surprisingly, as anxious as Linda had been, and with the control Amanda had been showing, the two girls now approached and had their orgasms together. Once Amanda got into it she escalated so rapidly that she blasted off at the same time as Linda beneath her. Their shrieking cries made it perfectly clear to all present that even with a very violent match the entrance into sexual ecstasy and fulfillment was very obtainable. Amanda, having used her height and weight to her advantage had clearly dominated Linda in the latter stages of their fight, but she wasn't done. Her pussy was tender and aching for rest, but she was determined to make Linda beg once more. So even as her sensitive pussy was winding down from its own orgasm, she began pumping into Linda's gash all over again. This time she focused more on using her blonde bush and ground it firmly, deeply, exquisitely into the soft tissues of Linda's pussy. Linda, feeling the sore tenderness of her pussy being violated once again, did indeed beg her to stop. "Stop. Oh, I can't take any more of this. Enough! Enough! Oh, please stop!"

Amanda looked over at the other six and with a big smile on her face said to all, "Oh, all right, if you insist. I guess I could quit fucking your sorry pussy." With that she slowly worked her way back to a standing position. She glowed with tired happiness at having caused Linda to beg. She was proud of herself and she felt great that the rest of her friends and teammates had seen the success she had.

The one thing that was sort of surprising about this battle was the difference between the fight today and the mock-fight that had so obviously been perpetrated last Wednesday in the shower room between these two. That had been a much less realistic charade than the others. It had appeared that these two weren't really into the 'fight' aspect of their little tit-war at all. None of them had really expected a serious battle today. But WOW! Were they wrong? Not only was it serious, but vicious and fought without quarter. The incredible torture they had administered to each other had left them looking a real mess. The welts and bruises on their tits were now distinctly visible. As Linda rose and they all got a good look at her and Amanda side by side they almost winced at the bedraggled and hurt appearance of the two normally pretty girls. Fight number two had been a real doozy. It's hard to say if any of them would have predicted the final ending, but it was clear that in the end it was probably the size differential that had turned the tide in Amanda's favor.

Congratulations were tossed out from the six and accepted by Linda and Amanda. Of course Amanda got more congratulations than Linda. After all she had just won a very contentious fight and fuck war with a very determined rival.

After that fight the girls decided to take a moment for a drink. The hot day had certainly taken its toll on the girls with regard to hydration. The drinking fountains were out in the hall and they all sauntered out there and back, taking long drinks before returning to the hot room, which now was aromatically a bit spicier than when they had entered nearly two hours before. Several girls had brought bottled water or sports drinks and they drank liberally from these as well. It was almost two o'clock when they were back in place.