(By HGHunt)

Awkward tension permeated the atmosphere under the big oak tree just outside the door to the athletic facility. Amanda had been the first to arrive, followed in two minutes by Rashelle, Liz, and Dawn. They barely talked. Tentative hellos were followed by simple questions like, "When do you think the others will get here?" "Do you think they'll both show up?" "I wish it wasn't so hot."

Tesha and Linda arrived within moments followed by Chelsea. At exactly noon, Veronica walked around the corner on one of the campus paths that hugged the river that flowed through campus. Each girl had carried a small bag with a few things inside. As Veronica approached closer, Rashelle took out the key and waited. Silence hung like a shroud over the girls when Veronica stood among them. Tesha spoke up finally. "We all know why we're here. No one is around and we will be in private once we get inside. It seems like the eight of us have some unfinished business to attend to. I think this is going to be very exciting. Do any of you have second thoughts?" Silence. "Good. Rashelle will open up and we can walk quietly to the wrestling room. Once inside I'll have a few more comments before we begin. We'll use a fair method to determine who goes in what order. I think the six of us agree that the battle for the title of Queen Bush will be reserved for the end. Is that fair?" Again, silence. "Ok. Rashelle, lets go."

No one was around to see the girls enter the building, but it wouldn't have seemed all that out of place anyway. After all they were varsity athletes going into the athletic building. The corridors were silent. Quite different from the usual hustle and bustle of activity most of the other times they were there. With accommodations for several varsity sports as well as many accoutrements for intramural activities, the place usually was busy from open to close. "Kind of eerie," thought some of the girls.

Reaching the wrestling room, Rashelle keyed the lock and they entered. Most had been in there at one time or another before, but the room took on a different character today. More than half of the big room was taken up by wrestling mats covering the floor. The rest of the room was devoted to exercise equipment and a small area for meetings and watching videos. There were some extra mats rolled up into big rolls around two of the walls. No windows were in the room. There was a high ceiling and the ventilation system was working but the air conditioning was turned off, and the room was quite hot. The most noticeable property of the room was its odor. It smelled of sweat and frothy exertion. Man-scent. Every girl among them knew that smell. Even though it wasn't 'pleasant' in the usual sense, it somehow had a strange power over them and none complained about the smell. It was rich and earthy. By the end of the day it would be richer and earthier than ever before.

Just inside the door the girls set down their bags in the corner on one of the rolled up mats. Whatever tensions had existed earlier now had grown exponentially. The pent-up emotions, ranging from lust (a bit), trepidation (more), anxiety (more), and rage (the overriding emotion within Chelsea and Veronica) hung over them and became part and parcel of the atmosphere of the room. The harsh lights were turned on over the mats and the girls had to blink at the brightness.

Tesha stepped just a few feet away from the others and turned to speak to them. Somehow she had been chosen as the spokeswoman for the six. "Veronica, Chelsea, six days ago we saw you nearly lose control and get after each other in the showers. We all know what was at stake between you. If both of you want to carry the title of Queen Bush around here, and only one of you can have it, then it will be up to you to settle it here today. You have made your challenges to each other and it will be now up to you to decide which girl will be the Queen Bush. We won't interfere, but we will be very interested in the outcome. With that in mind, Rashelle, do you have something that might be a token of our acceptance of the winner today?"

Speaking as though she was Secretary of State, Rashelle confirmed that indeed she did, "Yes. We felt that a small token of our admiration for the winner should be a prize of fulfillment that they might keep. With that in mind we all chipped in to buy this." She held out a box and opened it. It was a jewelry box with a fine 18-inch gold necklace with a very pretty crown-shaped pendant. She held it out for first Veronica and then Chelsea to see up close.

A small look of shock and then pleasure swept over both girls. Engraved beautifully on the pendant were the initials QB.

"Wonderful," thought Chelsea as did Veronica. What better way to remind the bitch of who REALLY is Queen Bush around here. Their thoughts were uncannily identical.

Now it was Linda's turn to speak. "Girls. I think I have some business to attend to with Amanda. Dawn and Rashelle have a difference of opinion that needs settling. Tesha and Liz don't see eye-to-eye either. So if we want to take care of business I suggest we get going. I'll spin the bottle.....ooops. I almost forgot. Last Monday we were in the showers buck-naked when all this started. We all earlier agreed that that is where we would begin today. Lets get the show on the road." In a flash Linda had removed shoes, socks, shirt, bra, shorts and panties. It took less than two minutes for them all to be naked again. Somehow this didn't feel the same as shower room nakedness. It was different, vastly different. The sexy tension that hung over them made sure of that.

"Now back to what I was saying. I'll spin the bottle as we stand in a circle. Whoever it points at will go first against her prearranged opponent. Ready?" She spun the bottle on the floor. It whirled around and around and finally pointed at Tesha, who immediately spoke up, "Liz, bitch. I've wanted to teach your sorry ass a lesson for a long time now. If you're not afraid get over here and let me show you a real woman's ass."

"Fuck you, cunt. This redhead's ass is about to kick your little behind into next month." With that Liz sauntered directly over to Tesha and turned around. Thrusting her ass at an angle her pretty bum just dared Tesha to retaliate. Retaliate she did. Turning to her left, she bent down partially and thrust her ass into solid contact with Liz's cheeks. The other girls had stepped back and taken a seat on the rolled up mats along the east wall. The action was only a few feet in front of them.

Now they went at it without forethought or planning. Each just tried to use her pretty ass to bump, push, jostle, and bang her rival's ass as much as she possibly could. Standing in the middle of the mats as they were, they couldn't get a great deal of leverage and so the impacts were not severe and it appeared that no real progress was being made toward any sort of conclusion. There was smacking to be heard as their fine buns bounced into and off of each other. One thing though, was that the others were enjoying the sight of fine female flesh jousting. A few of them started urging the combatants on, not taking sides exactly, just giving encouragement.

"Come on Tesha, pound her butt."

"Don't be a pansy, Liz. Give it to her good!"

Those shouts and more echoed across the room and the girls (spectators) were finally getting what they wanted to see. Their skin glistened with sweat from the heat, but now that they were exerting themselves the flow of perspiration quickened. Liz and Tesha felt their slick ass-cheeks slide deliciously across each other. A few minutes of sliding action terminated when Liz gave a particularly hard thrust of her ass and sent Tesha stumbling across the mats. Liz had turned to follow her. With Liz approaching, the recovering Tesha moved over to one of the bench apparatus in the weight lifting area and swung her leg over and pointed to the other end, indicating she wanted Liz to do the same. Liz grinned and said, "Fine. If you can't handle me out on the mats, we'll go ass-to-ass here. Get ready to meet your ass master."

The other girls got up and hurried across the room as Liz positioned herself across the lifting bench. It was low, about 18 inches off the floor and was positioned so that both girls had heavy equipment right in front of them. The equipment in this part of the room was all pushed together to free up more mat space and the girls took advantage by using the bars at either end to push against. Liz oohed as she slid her ass across the bench to hook up with Tesha. This was a soft meeting, not the loud smack one might have expected. They wiggled their asses until they were lined up perfectly and began to push.

Tesha felt the heat and pressure of Liz's sweaty ass firmly pushing on her behind. She clenched the hard knot of muscles in her ass cheeks and gritted her teeth to try to force Liz's ass to relinquish its thrust. At first Liz retreated a few inches across the bench before she regrouped and knotted her own tight ass. Using her arms to thrust with as much power as she could, she regained the lost inches. The girls were tiring in this position. Their arms began to burn from the continuous effort. Neither could actually continue to keep her cheeks lined up with her foe. Liz's left cheek slid a bit to the right as Tesha's slid the other way. Now each could feel her dark hole covered by one ass cheek from the other girl. In this position, they didn't require as much effort to keep aligned and so neither tried to regain their earlier cheek-to-cheek alignment. Mutually accepting this position the two began to grind their asses in quick but small little circular motions. Liz oohed again out loud. She felt the sweet and dirty contact as Tesha's hard knot of muscle in her butt pressed and ground directly on her puckered hole. The intimate invasion of her anus by offending flesh caused a little shiver at the forbidden delight she was experiencing for the very first time. She knew her own hard cheek was giving Tesha's little anal hole a similar feeling.

The sweat dripped off Tesha's face as she ground back at Liz. "I think your little ass hole likes my ass grinding into it. Can't you grind any better than that? I want to feel you!" Tesha taunted Liz and she got her answer right away. "You want to feel my asshole? Fine!" She stood on one leg and anchored her other on the bench. "I'll put my asshole up against yours. Right here. Right now." Tesha was the one to let out a little aaaaaaahhh as she repositioned herself rotationally symmetric to Liz. By each standing with one leg on the floor and the other on the bench, their ass cheeks were tilted enough at an angle that they lined up their cute little brown holes and backed into each other.

A whole new sizzle erupted inside the two girls. The dirty nature of what they were doing merged with the incredible erotic aspect and another little boundary had been crossed. Liz gasped as she felt her puckered hole first meet, get used to, and then grind in harmony with Tesha's equally perfect hole.

Tesha, having felt the rush six days earlier of heavenly gash grinding was still surprised at the jolt she felt when her anus began grinding into and against Liz's anus. Tesha sucked air into her lungs, air full of the aromatic mixture of old and new musty sweat. Beads of sweat hung on her face and breasts, dripping down onto the bench and floor. The heightened eroticism of their coupling had her biting her lip at the dirty pleasure she was experiencing.

The sweat made their asses slide easily against each other. Their motions had become less violent and more erotic. Every movement and twitch was associated with tiny voltages of erotic energy pinging through her nerve cells. Zing, pow, oooooooohhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Eyes closed, Tesha forgot about the desire to punish or dominate Liz and just ground against her in glorious delight at the feelings produced. Liz was rocking back and forth, forward and back, as she swiveled her hips slowly in synchronization with Tesha. She too, had lost every motive of anger and succumbed to the forbidden lust of womanly contact. The redheads chin dripped sweat in a drip, drip, drip below her, puddling on the floor. "Yes. Yes. That's it. Grind your dirty ass into mine. Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh God! Yummmmy." Her inhibitions, what little had been left of them, were now vanishing completely. She got real verbal: grunting, groaning, demanding Tesha to do more. It seemed that her mouth never stopped. It was a cross between trash talk and hedonistic abandon.

As Liz ground at Tesha and felt Tesha dishing it right back the proximity of their pussies was not something they could ignore. The occasional wild thrust or jab of one backside at the other would find their pussies rubbing thighs, buttocks, and the other pussy. The undeniable pleasure caused each to begin making their aim a little different, as time went by. As wonderfully nasty and fun as their heineys grinding was, the prospect of pussy rubbing was even more powerful. Their hormones were in charge. The 6 other girls had moved into a semicircle around them were still shouting occasional words of encouragement, but Liz and Tesha did not need any of that. Their bodies knew exactly what to do. Their pussies had become increasingly wet and the sounds of their wet touching could be heard by all the girls. Liz, anxious for more access dropped her upper body lower and rested her elbows on the bench so that her ass was up higher than the rest of her body. This angle gave a more direct access to her pussy from behind. Recognizing, by feel, what Liz had done, Tesha, with her eyes still closed copied the move.

It looked awkward as hell, and it was, but for the girls at the moment the lovely access to each other's womanly centers was undeniably good. Liz worked backward in a series of staccato wiggles that had her pussy rubbing directly against the sopping wet lips of Tesha's pussy. When she had pushed back as far as her leg position would allow, she leaned forward, hoping Tesha would follow, but Tesha was so lost in the pleasure that she didn't mount a reciprocal move. POP! The suction of their pussies, first clinging, and then loudly pulling apart, caused a very loud popping noise that reverberated around the room. The other six girls giggled at the loud sound. A laugh even escaped Liz's mouth, but it was short-lived as Tesha got her senses back and worked her ass backwards for another pussy-to-pussy hookup. As soon as they re-coupled Liz let out a whoop and more from eroticism than anger yelled out, "My pussy is going to swallow your pussy right up. Get IN me bitch." It was trash talk, but with a decidedly horny lustful tone to it, not menacing at all.

Tesha's gash grinding fervor didn't stop her from yelling back, "I think YOUR cunt will be the one eaten alive. I can feel you back there trying to get inside me. You can't wait to get inside me can you? You WANT my pussy don't you? Come on girl, wiggle that thing!"

Their lust was strong and their motivation great, but there was one thing holding them back. They were in a very awkward position, one that they really couldn't maintain for a long time, especially in the heat. Tesha felt her legs tiring from the strain of maintaining this decidedly pretzel-like position. The other motivation for a switch of positions was that their clits were not quite as involved in all this as they were wishing for. Liz felt her clit burning with desire for more direct action. So far only a few small bumps and it wasn't enough! As she pulled away for just a moment, Tesha hopped off the bench, almost knocking Dawn over. Dawn and the others had been watching from only three or four feet away, mesmerized by the action. The woman-smell of rutting females had wafted to their nostrils. The suction and grinding sounds of pussy contact had reached their ears. Their eyes were glued to the action before them. THEY were beginning to feel the heat and passion that emanated from Liz and Tesha.

Tesha dropped to the floor and sat with her legs widely splayed apart. All could see the nicely trimmed arrowhead bush above her cleanly shaved lips. The puffiness of her labia was instantly obvious as was the protruding clit. Its bright pink glow informed all of them of its arousal. It stuck out a bit from between her deliciously parted labia, delicately poised for action. In less time than it takes to describe it, Liz had hopped off the bench and lowered herself to the mat in a sliding graceful move that allowed all eyes to feast on her natural reddish bush. It was a thatch of delightful proportions. It was nicely triangular, untrimmed but without very many stragglers of hair. It had a trimmed appearance but was in fact very natural. It was narrow at the juncture with her labia and widened nicely in a perfectly symmetric shape a few inches above. It was not real thick except down the centerline, as though an upward continuation of the dark cleft between her legs. The fuzz grew thickest down the center, blocking view of her soft white skin underneath. The density diminished gradually outward to either side. All in all, it was a very pleasing bundle of pubes that approached Tesha's trimmed arrowhead now. Sliding together the two girls were focused on the wet gash approaching her own womanly center.

Tesha watched closely as Liz reached down between her legs and with two fingers splayed her cunt lips apart. The wicked smile on her face gave away the lust she was feeling. Before she removed her hand she gave three quick twirls of her clit. It zoomed into view in quite a prominent display. With only six inches between their pussies, Liz stopped. While Liz was staring into Tesha's eyes and licking her lips, Amanda couldn't contain herself any longer. Her excitement showed as she shouted out, "Fuck each other. Come on, what are you waiting for? Get fucking!"

Dawn looked at Amanda, "Well aren't you the anxious one?" She spoke in mock sarcasm. All one had to do to know that it was mock sarcasm was to glance at Dawn herself. She had two fingers of her right hand firmly beneath her bush and was without embarrassment rubbing her clitty in small strokes. Her lips were curled up in a bit of a grin as she watched the two finally slide together in contact.

"There you go. Come to Mama. That's a girl. Yeeeeessssss. Put your pussy right where it belongs." Tesha was back in vocal mode. Her body had lurched almost six inches forward when she first felt the burning touch of Liz's clitoris against her own. She rocked forward enough to grab the shoulders of Liz and pull her close. With a sitting-scissors and their bushes plastered against one another, she lifted her hands behind Liz's head and pulled their mouths into blistering contact. Liz wasted no time in fulfilling the intention Tesha had laid out. Frenzied French kissing followed as the two were now totally lost within the lusty power of the other. Their perspiring skin glowed in the reflected light from above and their mouths slobbered saliva back and forth between them. Their lips were locked in passionate embrace. No air escaped. Their tongues danced the passion dance with more fire than either had ever known with a man. They had to come up for a breath sooner or later and when they did they were able to refocus their gash grinding below. Tesha's bush was burrowing into the thickest middle part of Liz's reddish bush. Their damp hairs were intertwining and snarling together as their mounds pressed forcefully into each other. The tiny jolts of pain as hairs were pulled went practically unnoticed.

Leaning back after several minutes of the upright position the two were ready for final jeopardy. Liz aimed her clit at the open pussy lips before her. Tesha accommodated very easily and Liz felt the delicious sweet wetness of Tesha's cunt absorb the full prominence of her clitoris. She wiggled her hips in thrusting forward fashion, seeking to impale Tesha with her little wand. There was no way for such to actually happen, but Liz relished in the fantasy of fucking Tesha like a man. The pleasure stream flowing from her clit sizzled inside her and she ached for more. When Tesha arched her back to change the angle between them, Liz lowered herself to accommodate a countering move from Tesha. It came instantly and was ever so sweet. She felt Tesha's hard knob slide between her inner lips from South to North. Little wiggles accompanied every millimeter of movement. Tesha had exquisite control of her clit as it parted Liz's lips on its way North. Stopping at the top and giving a few teasing spasms against Liz's clit before descending South again, Tesha was causing Liz to become a bit frazzled. She wanted hot forceful action, not teasing. She sought out Tesha's clit with her own. But Tesha kept moving this way and that. "Teasing Tesha," thought Liz.

"Quit playing hide and seek," demanded Liz.

"This is FUN. Isn't it?" chided Tesha.

Well, it was fun for Liz, but she had crossed the boundary that demanded orgasmic release. She was in no mood to play games. "Just FUCK ME. Come on bitch. Fuck me NOW!"

Tesha spoke slowly, even as she kept up her little game of clitty hide and seek, "Oohh, OK. I guess the little wimpy redhead can get fucked if she is really good."

"JUST FUCK ME!" yelled Liz.

"Do you promise to be good? Is my ass better than yours?"

"JUST FUCK ME! Come on and FUCK ME NOW!"

Tesha let Liz find her clit for just small moments at a time before resuming her little game. "I asked you a question. I didn't hear an answer?"

"OK. OK. Your ass is better than mine. Now just use it to FUCK ME!"

Liz ached so badly for release that she probably would have said anything.

Liz lurched against Tesha, hoping to pin her clit up against Tesha's, but Tesha still teased for about 15 more seconds before she decided it was time to go after Liz clit to clit.

WHAM! She lurched forward and the two clits met in slippery contact. This time there was no pull back, no letup, no quarter. It was total clitty fucking madness now. Tesha gritted her teeth and plowed everything she had left into her thrusting motions and before long she was groaning and moaning in the pleasure of it all. But it was the impatient redhead that was zooming on ahead. Her desire had overwhelmed her and when Tesha had finally relented she was ready. Within two minutes Liz began screaming. Some screams were words but most were just animal sounds of lust. She arched her back and pushed her clit against Tesha's and they prodded every ounce of energy from each other at this final moment and Liz exploded in orgasm that had the other girls applauding their approval. Well, there wasn't really any applause. Their hands had been too busy elsewhere. But they were appreciative of the spectacle. The humping of Liz's ass was in time to some genetic throwback to ancient days and it brought Tesha to her orgasm moments later.

Having made Liz beg for it was all she needed before allowing herself the pleasure of her own release, and a powerful one it was. Having caused the other girl to beg for her pussy as pleasure was a very heady feeling. When her orgasm came she didn't scream like Liz, but instead let out a howl of delight that only Linda had ever heard before. Even she had forgotten it, but now it sounded so weird. Tesha didn't care what it sounded like though. She was blissfully ignorant of the noises she made as she ground her cunt into and through its orgasm against the dwindling orgasm of Liz. The two girls, sweating profusely, pulled apart and lay on the mat. Breathing hard to catch their breath, it was several minutes before they could even sit up. The other six gleefully recounted the coupling they had just seen, ignoring the participants laying prone on the floor. Eventually the two sat up and smiled at them. Liz said, "Who's next?"