(By HGHunt)

September 1, 2002 was a Sunday. It was hot in this mid-western university town; steamy and humid weather for the middle of Labor Day weekend. The campus was in slow motion that morning. Not much was going on. Many of the students, especially freshmen had headed back home for the long weekend. What students remained were generally sleeping in, many from hangovers, and just taking it easy. A handful of joggers and bikers flitted around campus, but overall there was little activity.

For eight of the universities best volleyball players, however, that morning was anything but relaxed. Veronica, Chelsea, Tesha, Linda, Rashelle, Amanda, Dawn, and Liz hadn't slept much and were unsuccessful trying to sleep in. All were up before 8:00 and making plans and just trying to burn off excess energy. "Keyed up," would be putting it mildly. Some were wondering how they ended up with this predicament, but most tried hard to focus on her upcoming battle. Of course Veronica and Chelsea were focused and determined on a level far above that of the other girls. The fact that the other six had orchestrated their rivalries did somewhat temper their fears. Such was not the case with the two Amazons. Veronica was dealing with such a deep loathing for Chelsea, that she practically had no other thought for the past five and a half days. She was now wishing that the others were not going to be there. She really wanted to just bushy-fuck that slut Chelsea into absolute hysterical pain and submission. It was bad enough that the others would be there to watch. "No, strike that thought. I really do want them there. It will be so much sweeter when the others know the full power and vengeance of Veronica. I'm going to really give them a show!" She had changed her mind in mid-thought. But it was too bad that she would have to wait through the other wimpy battles in order for her to get her chance with Chelsea. Somehow she tried to figure a way to make the best out of that situation.

Certainly she wanted to look and feel her best, so Veronica decided to do a little primping. She actually managed to find an off-campus salon that was open at 9:00 and she went to get her hair styled. She chose a flowing wavy 'do' that emphasized the color and bounce of her blonde locks. Returning home she bathed. She even shampooed her bushy cunt, using lots of conditioner to give her pubes a lush shiny and soft texture. She used a brush, comb, and pick to preen her thicket. She admitted to herself that it never looked better. She just knew the others would be suitably impressed. Pride flooded through her as she looked in the full-length mirror at her 5ft 11in naked form. Outstanding! Her hair was gorgeous and after applying just the right amount of makeup, her face glowed in beauty. Her long arms and muscular shoulders were sinewy smooth, and exuded power and grace. Her breasts stood like little Matterhorns, very firm and pointy. Straight out from her pecs they stood, not a sliver of sag to them. They weren't the very biggest of course, but they would never be confused with 'small' ones. Her areolas blushed with just a tinge of pink, barely darker than her surrounding skin. As a beach volleyball player in the summer she had a deep rich tan, except where her bathing suits were forced to cover up her breasts and hips. Consequently she had nice distinct tan lines. Her nipples were not erect but melded into her precious and narrow areolas. She plucked each one of them for just a moment to see them grow. In an instant she had two erect nipples. Neither was large, but they did look and feel very hard and they were quite pointy.

Looking lower she could see the tan line and how it allowed white skin to show all around. All around except for the very front. Of course no white skin showed up front because of her prodigious bush. It was plain the she wore bikinis that pushed the limit of trying to keep her thick bush hidden. The boundaries of her thatch and the tan lines were practically one and the same. That was why she had to do just a little bit of trimming/shaving to accommodate her desire to wear bikinis when playing beach volleyball.

Her legs were very long and the muscles were well defined. When she walked, whether it was in shorts or skirts or even jeans, men of all ages would stare at the granite-like columns that carried her so sexily across the earth. Reaching her right hand down to the lower regions of her bush, she gently parted the thick tangle of hairs that covered her twat, and after a moment or two spent pulling the long hairs out of the way, she nestled her finger in to touch herself at the sensitive swelling where so much of her nervous system was centered. She plunged a finger inside and felt the soft tissues part, providing delicious access. She didn't really masturbate, but just verified for herself that 'all was well' down there. All her equipment and plumbing was in superb shape and ready to tackle the task that lay ahead. "Yes," she thought, "My body is mine and no upstart cunt from some small town junior college is ever going to be able to handle a piece like me!" She shuddered a little at the thought of using her own glorious equipment to teach Chelsea a lesson she would never forget. Dabbing, no, make that sloshing, some of her rarely used but exotic perfume in every nook and cranny of her body, she dressed and was ready.

Chelsea's mood that morning was one of feeling like a golden opportunity, a gate to the best part of her life, was about to open. The wonderful anticipation of being a college star and possibly winning Olympic medals, loomed foremost in her mind. Clearing Veronica out of her way was just one more stepping stone, like so many she had used as she climbed up through the ranks of amateur and high school volleyball. Having played for a small town team she was never highly recruited and she had been very resentful of girls she knew she was better than who had received full ride scholarships right out of high school. She had been forced to go the JC route and with her skills and hard work she had been very successful. That was when Coach Winslow took notice and contacted her about coming to Wisconsin. "Yes," she thought. "I've earned the right to be here and to be the star on this team. When I'm Queen Bush, the others will all know it too!"

She didn't go out for her hair, but she did take considerable time getting ready. Her hair was shiny and richly brunette. It hung long and without the pony tail that she wore of necessity when playing volleyball. Her Amazonian forest of a bush received a lot of attention. She, like Veronica, shampooed it, played with it, cultivated it, fluffed it, conditioned it, and practically made love to it! While she had always been proud of her thicket of hair, it had never been so much the focus of attention as now. "How fortuitous," she thought, "that Veronica, the only girl standing in her way, would have a similar endowment. Smaller, more scraggly, less dense, but with enough of a bush to have earned the Queen Bush nickname. How fortuitous, indeed that I am now in position to take control of this team, and my own destiny, by just whipping her ugly cunt with my glorious body. She'll be begging for me to fuck her and then I'll have her begging me to stop. She'll be groveling at my feet this very day! Sweeeeeeeeet!"

The full-length mirror in her room got quite a workout that September 1. After her shower and primping she admired herself in the mirror as only one who is very vain can do. At 6ft 1in, the mirror barely accommodated the entire image. She filled it from top to bottom with wonderfully exotic skin and hair. Her face glowed in anticipation of great reward. Her hair magnificently set off her sexy eyes and eyelashes. The dark exotic look was guaranteed to draw the attention of anyone who liked the look of femininity. Her lips were reminiscent of Angelina Jolie and exuded sensuality. Below that, the femininity was shared with a long smooth torso, slightly on the thin side, but not 'skinny'. Her B-cup breasts carried themselves jauntily forward and evidenced only the tiniest jiggle when she walked or ran. Her areolas were wider and darker than Veronica's. They were totally smooth and crisp at the edges. No bumps or irregularities of any kind. The color was like that of creamy caramel. Her tanlines were evident as well and that made for a two-tone effect as her caramel nipples were nearly the identical color of her deeply tanned skin. The small white breast patches were elegantly highlighted by the prominence of her nipples. Her waist was quite narrow and flared to modest hips. They were not wide, but instead nicely accentuated her narrow waist. Even though she was a bit thin, weighing approximately the same as Veronica, at two inches taller, she was definitely proportioned in a pleasing way. No part of her body seemed out of place with any other. Her legs were long and lithe, of course, muscular like Veronica's. Years of training had turned her into a nimble and strong performer on the volleyball court, and now it was time to put all that to use in another arena.

She rummaged through her drawers to find the perfume she was looking for, a present from a dear friend last year on her 19th birthday. She put some on her forehead, under her arms, her tummy, her ass cheeks, and put extra in her dominant bush. "Ah, yes," she thought. "My bush. My bush. MY bush. It's the best bush and will be called Queen very soon. With the equipment I've got, Veronica Vanderloser doesn't have a chance."

She finished by dressing casually for the short walk over to the athletic facility, stuffed a few things in her bag, and headed out the door at 11:50 A.M.