(By HGHunt)

Friday evening each girl burrowed into her books, trying to accomplish as least a little bit of what being a college student was all about. Some reading, some writing, and some distracted fantasizing. Each girl, after the week's shower room altercations, now had more to think about than the bush war. Yes, certainly the prospect of watching Chelsea and Veronica tangle bushes was enthralling, the impending contest with another teammate had every one of them fighting off anxious butterflies in her stomach. And yet, and yet, the prospect of such intimate contact with their 'foe' was very hormonally intoxicating. Their sex hormones were in full flower. They were intoxicatingly alive with every cell in their bodies. Mmmmmm. Delicious.

Even Chelsea and Veronica were not immune. Not surprisingly both girls considered themselves sexy. Even though this contest hadn't originated with sex, neither was aloof from the implications. Each planned to hold nothing back, and if that meant sharing every intimate slice of her womanhood, then so be it.

Saturday morning Rashelle retrieved the key without difficulty and let the others know that her part of the plan was ready. She called Amanda last and they chatted for quite some time. Amanda asked Rashelle if she was 'ready' for her contest with Dawn. "Don't you worry about that! Of course I'm ready. I've been ready ever since I laid eyes on that preening sissy. I can't wait to lock her up with my body. She'll have a whole new baseline for comparing lovers when I'm through with her. What about you? How do you think you will do against Linda?"

"Whew. After listening to you, I almost wish I could tangle with you instead. I'd love to find out what you're really made of. Oh, back to Linda. Well, I do think she has the second biggest tits among us, but mine are definitely superior. I have no intention of letting her have even a glimmer that hers are better. I expect to dominate her tits with mine right from the start. I know she's a fighter, but she'll know whose are best before 10 minutes are up, mark my words!"

Pre-fight jitters had every girl keyed up by Saturday night. The explosive keg of dynamite they were riding made every girl so excited and nervous that they quit even trying to study. Some just watched TV. Others went for a run, to try to burn off the tension. A few more calls were made, as much for feeling out the emotions of the others as it was to 'make sure' all the I's were dotted, and the T's crossed. Tesha and Dawn spent nearly an hour on the phone, laying out for each other their own deep feelings about the 'morrow. Tesha admitted that she was indeed anxious for Veronica and Chelsea to tangle, but that her own horny thoughts were now much more focused on the redhead. Dawn confided the same. She admitted to having sexy thoughts about every girl. She even said she would like to have a go with Veronica and Chelsea. Taking on such a tall powerful girl as either of them would be heavenly, she confided. "I'd love to find out what their hairy snatches were REALLY like. Not just from a distance, but up close and personal!"

Tesha just grinned at her end of the phone and told Dawn, "I think every one of us feels the same way. I'd give anything to go cunt-to-cunt with those monsters. I nearly come just thinking about it. Oh, by the way, Linda is sitting here right next to me and she just nodded her head and has a huge smile on her face. Obviously she would love to lock twats with them too."

"Uh huh. Hey....Do you think there's any chance...?"

"Shit, Dawn. Things are too complicated already. I don't think we could connive ourselves into position for that, ...do you?"

"I doubt it too. But, ...a girl can't be blamed for dreaming."

They chatted a while longer before hanging up.