(By HGHunt)

Eyes of attention turned to Dawn and Rashelle who had moved a few steps away from the others. The heady sexual atmosphere had them both breathing heavily, even before their encounter began. Rashelle was the first to speak. "Well, well, well, pretty white girl. I think we need to find out something here today: whether or not a snooty white girl like you can make love or not. I don't really think you hold a candle to me, cause I'm a dirty black bitch, and I can turn anyone into a pile of quivering Jello. Are you ready?"

"I'm REAL ready. And if you think it'll be me turning into Jello, you've got another think coming. You'll be screaming my name, begging for mercy, and you will all know that no black bitch is a better lover than this dirty white bitch." Dawn let her have it.

"Like I said before, kiss me or shut the fuck up." Rashelle and Dawn had laid out their initial challenges and were anxious to go after each other.

Amanda shouted out, "First to orgasm loses!"

Dawn: "You got that right and it isn't going to be me!"

Rashelle: "Well, it sure as shit ain't going to be me!"

With that they practically leaped into each other's arms and began a serious wet sucking kiss. The exotic looking white girl with the black hair and nebulous ethnic look went after the dark teammate with a real gusto and she was met by as much lusty intent on the part of Rashelle.

Arms wrapped around and held their hot bodies tightly as tongues invaded each other's mouth. Their mouths were wide and they gave each other lots of room to explore. Rashelle's tongue found the underside of Dawn's upper lip and stroked firm wet tracks along the entire inside of her lip. Dawn's tongue meanwhile was caressing the underside of Rashelle's tongue. Using the tip she would dart in, press hard, withdraw and attack in a slightly different spot the next time. Their slithery snake-like tongues danced together in a passion dance for several minutes. Each girl massaged the tongue and mouth of the other with as much sensuality and seductive intent as they could muster. Each wished for the other's horny libido to become so aroused and overpowered that they would succumb to their basest instincts and submit to her intentions.

Rashelle was an expert with her tongue. Dawn felt the heat and fire burning as it passed from Rashelle's tongue into her own. The deliciousness of it all was fantastic and the two played their mouth duel for several minutes. Standing in the middle of the floor a few feet away were the other six, silently observing the action. Observing - yes, inactive - no. Every girl had at least one hand tracking trails across her body, stopping off at key locations to tweak, tickle, poke, or rub, before moving on to other pleasurable locations. The pleasure of watching the two beauties, one white and one black, dangle their tongues out for slobbery conjunction was certainly evident to the six other girls, even the ones that had already finished their 'workout'. Surprisingly, even Veronica and Chelsea were intently watching the progress of what transpired in front of them. They too could feel the sexy spark given off as they intertwined arms, legs, and tongues.

Passion now began to flow from more than their tongues. As chests had pressed together their firm lovely breasts were engaged in slippery (from the perspiration) contact. Nipples had hardened into hot daggers, grazing across each other and making luscious passes all around their counterpart's breasts and areolas. Tummys, tight and taut from the heavy workouts that came with their roles as collegiate volleyball players, rubbed smoothly together. Rashelle's soft but sweaty skin, felt sparks and tingles of excitement radiating out from every point of contact. There were lots of points of contact. Legs had slipped into the void created between the other's legs as they kept their balance by keeping their feet apart. This brought their warm black bushes close. More heat radiated from their mounds as they adjusted their lower bodies together, seeking as much skin-to-skin touch as possible. Rashelle's soft wispy bush was very black but not very thick. It was trimmed into a nicely sculpted V-shape and was thick only at the very point of the 'V', just at the top end of her increasingly wet slit. Her pronounced Mound of Venus pushed urgently but gently against the right side of Dawn's groin as she felt Dawn's precious bush pushing insistently on her right groin area. Muscular thighs wiggled and squeezed, pronouncing themselves ready for action. As they squirmed together the passion intended became the passion reality. Both girls couldn't help but be affected by the tender sucking of tongues, smooth skin riding across smooth skin, and hot groins arching towards each other.

Dawn sighed as she pulled her lips away from Rashelle. Quickly she spun Rashelle around and, reaching around from behind, slid one hand to Rashelle's right breast and her other hand lower, much lower, finding the hair covered mound of her sex. Kissing her on the neck and fondling her nipple and pussy. Rashelle threw her head back, feigning complete abandonment to passion, but in fact she figured that allowing Dawn to feel her so freely would only serve to heighten Dawn's own passion level. Dawn's fingers of her left hand deftly tweaked Rashelle's left nipple, pulling it gently, twisting it in small arcs, each twist designed to produce just a tiny jolt of pain. Dawn was anxious to find out if Rashelle was one of those girls who really enjoyed a bit of pain with her pleasure. When Rashelle let out a big sigh and leaned her head back around for more mouth kissing, Dawn smiled inwardly. Her right hand was still busy exploring the black girl's sex center. Two fingers slid low enough to glide across and delve between her puffy labia. As she bent low to try to explore a little more deeply Rashelle pulled a surprise move and dropped to the floor, and by grabbing Dawn's arm and head, brought her with her.

In an instant Dawn felt her right nipple being sucked into Rashelle's mouth. Rashelle had cushioned their fall to the floor and swung her head into position to get a good mouth-lock on Dawn's tit. A loud gasp escaped Dawn's lips as the black girl's talented lips began a rhythmic sucking. She pulled Dawn's hard extended nipple fully into her mouth and then let it slide slooooowly back out, only to be sucked in again and again. Dawn was lying on her back on the floor with Rashelle kneeling above her and her hands exploring every area of Dawn's available body. Caressing her tummy, sides, shoulders, head, neck, hair, face and finally dwelling a while on Dawn's other tit. It was now Dawn's turn to lay back, for a moment, and enjoy the ministrations of her foe. "Damn, that feels good!" she thought as Rashelle switched tits with her mouth and fingers. Dawn, now recovered from the surprise move went after Rashelle's tits with both hands. Again she found her nipples proud and erect. She pulled them away from her breast tissue, stretching them out far, seeking the very first crossing of the pleasure/pain threshold. Having already discovered so adroitly Rashelle's acceptance of pain as part of lovemaking, she reached what she thought was just the right amount of stretch, held it there and then stretched just a bit farther.

The reaction was instantaneous. Rashelle indeed loved a bit of pain/roughness in her sex play and when Dawn hit the spot so perfectly with those nipple pulls, she figured what's good for the goose must be good for the gander. Her teeth closed tightly around Dawn's right nipple and bit. She wasn't trying to bite anything off, but instead, much like Dawn a moment ago, she was seeking the perfect blend of pain and pleasure. Dawn blurted out her assessment, "YES! Oh you dirty bitch." Continuing almost breathlessly, "Dawn likes that. Yeaaaaah, Dawn likes that!" She even referred to herself in the third person as a way of emphasizing the pleasure she got from the painful bite. Of course that was like an invitation for Rashelle. Back to the other nipple and another healthy bite. Back and forth she went from one to the other with long sucks and intermittent biting. Dawn's nipples were being used perfectly and Dawn knew it. Time for a counter move she thought.

Between Rashelle's next switch, Dawn rolled quickly away and rose to her knees, facing Rashelle from two feet away. The girls eyed each other, the lusty comments and encouraging words from the peanut gallery intruding just enough to remind the two that they were not alone in the room. Shuffling closer on their knees, each extended one hand towards the pussy nest of the other. Their heads leaned forward and resumed the kiss that had broken off many minutes before. This time each girl found frantic fingers plying her lips apart. Engorged labia parted effortlessly as expert fingers delved to find the squishy tissues of lubricated vaginas. What they each found was a quivering mass of sopping wet flesh. They were both soaked and the invading fingers sliced deeply inside. Rashelle got two fingers in, then three and was wiggling her pinky finger around the edge, seeking entrance for number four when she felt WHAM! Dawn's small hand had plunged three knuckles deep into her vagina. Rashelle's wet quivering hole had split apart, accepting nearly all of Dawn's hand. Rashelle gasped and fell back to the floor on her back, arching her hips upward, giving greater access to Dawn's hand. Dawn knew an invitation when she saw it and within two seconds her fist had impaled Rashelle up to the wrist.

Rashelle closed her eyes and now it was her turn to shout, "How'd you do that? You dirty fucking bitch! Oh fucking God! Oh shit! Oh yes! Dirty white bitch gonna fight dirty huh?"

"Dirty as they come, slut." Countered the beaming Dawn. The other six girls were flabbergasted. Not only had they been surprised to see Dawn's entire hand disappear inside Rashelle's love nest, but Dawn was probably the very last person on earth any of them would have guessed capable of getting so nasty. She was just so damn beautiful, and her personality so sweet, that it NEVER would have crossed their mind that such behavior could come from her.

Without pulling away, Rashelle oscillated her hips to keep herself impaled by the wiggling hand inside her vagina. Squirming up and swinging her leg over she was able to get on her hands and knees facing the opposite way as Dawn. Dawn's hand was still fidgeting inside Rashelle's pussy, and Dawn had actually swung her own behind toward the approaching Rashelle.

"Oh, God," thought Liz. "I can't believe what I'm seeing! AND, what I'm about to see." She wasn't disappointed. Dawn's invitation did not go unheeded. As small as her pussy appeared it was evident that she was after the same invasion she had perpetrated on Rashelle. How else could she have known to do that? She herself wanted it! IT took almost half a minute, but with the slick wetness and slow gentle wiggling from Rashelle, Dawn felt the fist pop its way inside her aching vagina. She LOVED the full feeling of accepting an entire fist, or anything else that was BIG, for that matter.

Twelve eyes watched and twelve ears listened as the two hot girls explored each other to depths they all would have never imagined just three minutes before. Hips rocked back to accept the slow, gentle thrusts as whole arms moved in time to the rocking. The groaning and moaning was a powerful aphrodisiac for the others. For a brief moment, even Chelsea and Veronica had forgotten their bitter hatred for each other as they absorbed the spectacle in front of them. Dawn's eyes were closed as she focused her attention on the dual pistoning of Rashelle's hand deep inside her and her own hand invading Rashelle as intimately as possible. Their hips started quivering and their mouths let out gasps as each felt the power of an impending orgasm building deep inside.

The other six weren't talking but they were all wondering if there would really be a winner as it was appearing more and more that the involuntary actions and sounds emanating from the two fine girls were nearly identical and ascending at equal rates. "Holy Cow," thought Tesha, "I'm glad I didn't go up against either of these two!" It was apparent that the ravishing black girl and the beautiful white girl had a streak of kinkiness that had never been divulged. What was also surprising was that the two of them had actually found each other and were now dueling fists in cunts for the right to say she was best. Neither girl had ever even spent more than a few seconds with clitty play. The real nerve center of their sex hadn't played a real role at all, and here they were, closing in on what appeared would be powerful orgasms. It was a real shock to the senses of the other six.

But the surprises weren't over. Even through her own stupendous excitement, Dawn found the energy and control necessary to lift her head up, open her eyes, look to her left and repeat her last words from several minutes before, "Dirty as they come, bitch!" With that she bent her head to her left and stuck out her tongue. Plop. Her head went down and her tongue hit the bulls eye! Rimming Rashelle's asshole with her tongue and then actually plunging her tongue past the tight sphincter muscle and inside her dirty chute more than an inch.

With both her holes invaded like never before and the powerful lust that had already built up inside Rashelle, she exploded into a violent frenzy of spasms and shouts. Her lungs practically burst, spewing forth every manner of incoherent phrases and grunts. Her legs gave out from under her and it was all Dawn could do to keep her dual invasion force on target. But she matched every hip-bucking motion and kept the cumming Rashelle rolling through her orgasm for over a minute and a half. Finally Rashelle slowed down. Her own hand had popped out of Dawn, leaving her hole gaping wide for the other's to stare at in awed disbelief.

Rashelle for her part had just had the most powerful and lasting orgasm of her life and Dawn still hadn't had her own. She rolled Rashelle over on her back. Rashelle was so spent she offered no resistance whatsoever. "Winner's prerogative," was all Dawn said as she swung her hips over Rashelle's head.

Lowering her pussy slowly to Rashelle's lips, she was already feeling lightheaded from her victory, but determined to obtain what was rightfully hers. Rashelle didn't need any instructions. After all, she had been aching for this almost from the moment she had laid eyes on Dawn two years before. Dawn let her legs relax and she felt her weight sink into Rashelle's face. Rashelle's tongue had expected this and it was sticking out of her mouth long and anxious. Deep inside (well, not as deep as the earlier penetration) went her tongue. She felt the soft wet wrinkles of Dawn's vagina. She sent her tongue exploring everything it could reach, trying to taste and discover as much as possible of the lovely cunt. Dawn began wiggling and grinding down. Rashelle's nose was barely able to take in any breath at all as Dawn's furry mound was pressed right up against her nostrils. Rashelle's eyes were open and gauging the effect of what she was doing as she watched Dawn's facial expressions. Staring up from her prone position, she watched Dawn throw her head and lean back, sliding her twat up and over Rashelle's nose and mouth. Her breath was cut off for a moment but Dawn slid back the other way in time for Rashelle to gulp some badly needed air. This time Dawn slid back and planted her clit firmly inside Rashelle's mouth. Rashelle didn't need any instructions. Sucking Dawn's engorged clit between her lips she pulled it to the left, to the right, and every which way, as her tongue jabbed at the tip with repeated jabs. Feeling almost feint, but totally desirous of conclusion, she disregarded her light-headed feeling and ground her cunt muscularly into the black girl's face. Tight hard circles of grinding force pushed her sopping wet cunt all around Rashelle's face. Rashelle had all she could do to keep her tongue and lips in action as the moving target was so unpredictable in its motions she had to wait for a slow-down to try again. As soon as she got her tongue dancing wet circles all around Dawn's clit again, Dawn had her orgasm. Exploding in a violent grinding rage, her cunt pressed down on the soaked face of the girl beneath her, Rashelle's tongue using every last ounce of strength to yank every measure of excitement from Dawn's pussy, Dawn passed out.

Fortunately the floor was padded because Dawn just dropped backwards like a rock. So much blood had drained from her head that she went unconscious right during the peak of her orgasm. Her body fell to the mats and Rashelle at first didn't know what was going on. Neither did the others, but when her body hit the floor with a loud thud, the other six knew something was amiss.

Rashelle quickly rolled out from under Dawn's legs, which had splayed out, to either side. The others jumped up and were beside her in a flash. What they witnessed was quite intriguing. Being in shock themselves, they didn't immediately try to rouse her, but instead just watched her body. With Dawn completely out of it, the involuntary nature of her body's response was made very clear. They watched as her pussy contracted open and shut in a rhythmic pattern, which lasted for nearly another minute. Her hips weren't actually gyrating like they had been during consciousness, but would every 10 or 15 seconds twitch upward and fall back. Her breathing was short, staccato, and ragged. Awestruck, the others including Rashelle just watched the show.

Finally, without any of them doing anything but staring wide-eyed, Dawn began to come around. She looked up at them as her hands dove down to her satiated pussy and played with herself unashamedly.

"God damn, girl. You just had one hell of an orgasm!" Amanda exclaimed.

"Really, what happened?"

"You were just in the middle of your climax when you passed right out. I was eating your pussy so good that you couldn't take it any more and 'out went the lights'," chimed in Rashelle. She couldn't keep herself from bragging a bit. Even though it had been obvious that Dawn won their contest, Rashelle certainly had made it clear that she was no slouch in the love-making department. "Has that ever happened to you before?"

"No. I remember being a little light-headed when I climbed on your pretty face, but that's about it. After that all I remember is waking up with all of you staring at me. Did I really have an orgasm?"

"Hell yes girl! After you got Rashelle off with your kinky ass-licking you climbed aboard her face to get yourself off and just as you began to hunch and crunch into obvious bliss, you went right over backwards. You should be glad we are in the wrestling room with these mats, otherwise you might have cracked your skull. Then while you lay there on your back, with your legs wide apart I might add, we watched your pussy finish its orgasm. It was really cool! Your pussy opened and shut maybe 50 times in succession, as though you were clamping down on a tongue or a cock. Your hips rocked a few times and then you were done. What a sight!" Linda had given the play-by-play for Dawn's benefit and Dawn looked a little frustrated.

"Aw shit! You mean I had a great orgasm and wasn't even awake to know it? Hey, bitch. Thanks anyway." She looked at Rashelle and smiled.

Rashelle took the words as a compliment since that was how they were intended. "You know girl, I hope you remember the rest of our little sex-fight here, because I think I may just want to try some of that again sometime. I always thought that I was pretty 'down and dirty'. But you girl, ...you girl, whew, you take the cake. You shot me over the edge like nobody's business. I'm glad I didn't pass out. IT WAS GREAT! Now that I know what you're like, maybe I'll be ready for you the next time." Rashelle had a HUGE smile on her face as she finished.