(By HGHunt)

Bush War at the U Chapter 4

Liz was a fiery redhead, and a real feisty girl with a flair for the dramatic. She was a 5ft 9 in redhead with a barely trimmed but rather small auburn pubic patch (kind of thick but covering only a small area). She loved a good fight, and ALMOST witnessing one in the shower had her drooling over the possibilities that had gone unfulfilled that Monday afternoon at practice. She too had walked away from practice harboring a distinct tingle between her legs. She had actually had a couple of lesbian experiences before and the chance that Veronica and Chelsea might lock lips was VERY appealing to her. If only she could be a little mouse-on-the-wall when their confrontation finally took place. She was damn sure that neither girl was bluffing, and that it was only a matter of time before circumstances might allow their renewed confrontation. "Why not make sure they have a way to consummate their mutual hatred in exactly the way they almost did?" she thought to herself.

When Tesha called, the two girls blabbered on and on about what they had witnessed. Both spoke about their desire to see Veronica and Chelsea fuck each other over good. What a sight that would be! A few well-placed questions got Liz to thinking. "Maybe, just maybe she had the right connection that could pull this off." The two girls agreed on a plan. It would involve the other three girls from the showers and they decided to get right at it. Liz called Amanda (5ft 10in blonde with thicker thighs and hips and CD-cup tits but only a tiny swatch of trimmed bush) and Rashelle (5ft 6 in, B-cup black girl with medium complexion and surprisingly soft wispy bush), while Tesha agreed to call Dawn (5ft 9in black hair, B-cup with very black medium bush composed of straight hair, not curly, maybe because she was partly Sioux). Dawn was actually the most beautiful of all the girls on the team. Her mixed ancestry had given her approximately equal parts American Indian, Swedish, Italian, and Turkish. And the mix was absolutely wonderful. Dawn was just plain drop-dead gorgeous. About a dozen back and forth phone calls later, the girls thought they had a plan. Of course their plan was kind of like grabbing a tiger by the tail and claiming you just tamed the beast, but at least there was a chance they could pull it off.

Dawn, Rashelle, and Amanda had watched the shower room action just as google-eyed as Tesha, Liz, and Linda, so it was that they too had discovered a horny anticipation of what might happen between these two amazons. Sleep came to all six with difficulty, and all drifted off with a gentle throbbing ache between their legs.