(By HGHunt)

Bush War at the U Chapter 3

Practice ended for Chelsea with a completely different twist than what she might ever have imagined after enrolling at the University. She had been offered a scholarship for volleyball and the college offered exactly what she wanted for her field of study. To top it off, their volleyball team wasn't too bad, and she thought she could help. Chelsea was always a bit haughty and never backed down from a confrontation. She had even got into a fistfight in high school with another girl who simply challenged her because she was tall and figured her to be a big bluff. Wrong? Chelsea accepted her height without being bashful about it or trying to hide it.

When she had practiced that day and got to know the others a bit, she could tell that Veronica was the team leader, along with Liz, and that she was very coordinated and a good jumper. She could also sense the fire in her and the determination she threw into practice. The other thing she could tell was that Veronica was considered the 'go-to' player. She was the one that would usually get the most kills and blocks. THAT was a role Chelsea wanted for herself. She had excelled in high school and JC, and she knew she could excel at the major college level also.

How fortuitous it had been when she found a way to challenge Veronica so quickly. She was confident enough in her own ability that she knew she could convince the coach, given enough time, that SHE was the superior player. But why waste time? When the shower room incident happened, it was as if the hand of fate had dealt her a slew of aces. In her mind, only Veronica stood in her way of supremacy in volleyball and now she had an opportunity to intimidate her and even, if the opportunity arose, destroy her over the pet name she so obviously felt attached to.

"Good God," she thought as she walked alone back to her own dorm, "I wish coach hadn't intruded. I'd have fucked that tart into next week if she hadn't made us get out of there." She did realize that the chance of getting caught in those circumstances was pretty high, and that it would have actually been pretty risky to try to take the tall blonde right there in the shower. But, she realized she had certainly NOT been entertaining the thought of backing off. Rather, she had ached to devour Veronica right in front of her teammates, and to win the title Queen Bush for herself. She just knew the pecking order would be decidedly different when that happened. She smiled and wondered if Veronica would even have the nerve to call her number. She bet the bitch would just simmer in silence. Served her right for being so damn possessive of the silly nickname.

Veronica left practice and fortunately she lived in the opposite direction from Chelsea. Steam practically rolled off her forehead as she strode vigorously across the pretty campus. "That fucking cunt. She doesn't have a clue what she's getting into. I'm one of the best volleyball players this college has ever seen. There's no way that Chelsea even belongs in the same league as me! I should have told coach that we would lock up after her and then I could have pounded her slimy bush right down the shower drain." Veronica was actually muttering aloud to herself as she practically jogged home. Her blood was boiling like never before. The problem was: Resolution. How the hell was she going to find a way to follow through and actually teach Chelsea, the upstart, the lesson she so richly deserved?

As much as she knew she would find a way to dominate Chelsea if ever the opportunity came, she was so angry and disoriented that she couldn't form a real plan. She did know though that she had to follow through and call the number she had memorized. No way would she let Chelsea believe she had successfully intimidated the Queen Bush Veronica! She had never before felt so 'attached' to her nickname, but with the rookie so blatantly challenging her in front of her friends, there would be no way she would relinquish her moniker without a fight. The fact that Chelsea had a huge bushy twat caused her no fear. She was confident of her ability in ANY arena, even one so dirty and sexy as a slut cunt-fight. If that was what Chelsea wanted that would be what she got!

Finally back in her room, Veronica decided that if she couldn't actually follow through with her motivation at the moment, she could sure use Chelsea's telephone number. Timing was key, she thought. When? When should she call? Right as soon as she got to her room? In an hour? Two hours? When? Finally she decided that a little false confidence on the part of Chelsea would make her all the more deflated when she found out that Veronica meant business. She would wait until late into the middle of the night and THEN she would call.

Veronica tried to study but it was useless. Her mind was so far from her studies that she didn't get more than 10 pages read and a few questions answered between 6PM and 11PM. She set her alarm and tried to go to sleep. NO success there either. Veronica's roommate was a fill-in after the roommate she had lined up decided to transfer to another college at the last minute. She didn't know Cindy very well and she didn't confide in her anything that had happened. Cindy was aware that Veronica was upset about something but, minding her own business, she didn't make a big deal about it. Sleepless for hours, and watching the clock almost minute by minute, Veronica was anxious for 3:00 AM to arrive. Finally when the clock read 2:55 she got up, switched off the alarm, and headed down to the empty lobby to use the phone.

She had decided she would not get into any conversation whatsoever, but only say what she had to say and then hang up. As angry as she was, it was with trembling hands she was able to dial 244-6789. It took two tries before she got the numbers right. Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring. She wondered if Chelsea had left town. A groggy "Hello?"



"Queen Bush is going to fuck you over 'till you wish you had never even heard of me. Your pussy will be so raw and vile, that a pack of hyenas wouldn't even come near. You've met your match sister and you will regret it!!!!" Chelsea started to threaten back but before she could say more than, "You!" she heard the loud click of the receiver on the other end. Finally Veronica drifted off into sleep, a small hint of a smile pursing her lips.

Veronica's plan, what there was of it, had worked. Chelsea had, in fact, thought that the absence of any phone calls before she finally went to bed around midnight meant that Veronica was scared. The middle of the night phone call proved her wrong about that. Even though she was a bit surprised and taken aback by the call and it's timing, all it did was put her right back where she had been emotionally earlier in the evening. Now it was her turn to toss and turn. Only the briefest of sleep-moments happened before Chelsea's alarm got her up and on her way.