(By HGHunt)

Luckily it was the first week of classes and there weren't many tests or papers due yet, because, if there had been, most of the octet of girls would have probably flunked them all. Not only were Veronica and Chelsea preoccupied with thoughts of volleyball, nicknames, bushy crotches, and angry words, but the other six girls weren't far behind.

Practice was at 3:00 each day and Coach Winslow was clueless about the emotional turmoil gripping about half her team. The silent locker room should have been a clue. The girls dressed in Spartan silence and headed out to the courts. When the whistle blew the girls followed orders and worked hard in all the drills. In fact the effort Coach Becka saw was clearly a notch above what she normally expected from practice. But even with the obvious intensity and effort, the systems she was working just weren't clicking. She couldn't put her finger on it, but all the girls seemed just a tiny notch slow in decision-making and it showed in their scrimmages.

She was very impressed with how Chelsea had stepped right in and shown that she belonged in major college volleyball. Her timing and leaping were good as was her intensity. She noticed that Veronica seemed even a bit more intense than was usual from the past three years. But somehow their presence together in certain drills just kept adding up to less than the sum of the parts. With two quality players like them on the front line, Becka thought she might be able to take this team to a higher national ranking and even go deep into the championship tournament. "Well, someday maybe, but not yet, not the way they play together," she thought. If only she knew! The other girls on the team, besides the octet of 'shower buddies' never knew what was up, but they could sense something amiss too. It was never enough you could put your finger on, but clearly the synchronization that should have been apparent was missing.

A tense fog-like shroud permeated the locker room after practice that the octet was anxious to cut. Liz and Tesha knew that if they acted fast, before the Queen Bush antagonists made it into the showers, they just might find a way to bring some resolution to the matter at hand. Liz and Tesha approached Chelsea immediately and quietly asked if she had done anything about her almost-fight with Veronica. "No, not yet. I can't wait to fuck her high and mighty ass up good and put her in her place!" Chelsea muttered in low tones for only the two girl's ears.

"What if we could arrange for you to have exactly the chance you covet? Would you be interested?" Liz asked Chelsea with baited breath.

"You know I would!" stated Chelsea emphatically.

"Well, at this very minute two of the others who were in the showers with us yesterday are talking to Veronica with the same question. If we could set up a time and place for the two of you to 'get it on' that is private, would you do it if there were any conditions attached?" Liz laid out the first question that they weren't exactly sure of the answer beforehand.

A sly smile crossed Chelsea's mouth as she answered, "Probably. What kind of conditions are you talking about?"

Tesha inwardly said to herself "YES!" as she outwardly spoke, "The six of us who were in the showers with you two yesterday ALL want to see a conclusion of what you didn't get to finish. Are you willing to meet Veronica for the title of Queen Bush while the rest of us are there to watch? If both she and you agree to this, I know how it can be arranged. Will you?"

"Oh, you sly bitch. You might have thought I would back down from a proposal like that, but honestly, there is absolutely nothing I would like more than for all of you to see for yourself exactly why it is me that should be Queen Bush, not that jealous tart Veronica. Consider my answer an emphatic, YES!"

Tesha slowly intoned, "Well, it won't happen until the weekend. Will you and she be able to maintain your cool until then?"

"I won't speak for her, but I'll be in complete control. I promise I won't say a word to her. I won't promise though to avoid antagonizing her. I can do that powerfully well without words you know. If she loses it then that's her problem. How will I know if she accepts these conditions?"

Tesha let her know that Linda and Amanda were at this very moment carrying out the exact same script with Veronica and that if they came into the shower and each nodded their heads twice, then Veronica was willing. Liz and Tesha were to nod twice also to indicate Chelsea's acceptance. Neither girl would be required to respond. But what that would do is make everybody in the shower aware of who had accepted and who had not.

After that Liz and Tesha would act as liaisons for Chelsea while Linda and Amanda would do the same for Veronica. When ready to pass along the details of the arrangement they would.

"Chelsea is going to be Queen Bush in less than a week. What do you girls think of that?" Chelsea spoke of herself in the third person for effect and the two girls just smiled and headed for the showers with Chelsea right behind. Chelsea felt the raw power of her own glorious femininity surge through her veins. YES, she thought. Her foe would be vanquished before her own friends' eyes.

Across two aisles of lockers, Amanda and Linda had the same success with Veronica. There was not a minute's hesitation on her part to accept every aspect of the plan as outlined. She ached for the chance to match loins with the upstart cunt from "Podunk Junior College." Her comments to the two messengers practically mirrored Chelsea's and so it was with a new layer of expectant tension that the six entered the showers. As before, the others (there seemed to be some sort of unwritten hierarchy of who showered when, so that any but the 8 would never know what was going on) had showered and were already dressing before they entered. They entered to find Dawn and Liz already showering. There were two doorways into the ladies shower and each threesome entered together from opposite ends.

Chelsea and Veronica glared the most evil daggers at each other as the other four girls stepped around the tall amazons. Liz, with her clever understanding of the use of drama, had coached the four girls on how to act. They understood their parts and with slow, calculating looks, Amanda and Linda turned to look first at each other, and then VERY slowly looked beside them and up at Veronica. Then turning their heads very slowly back to look across the 15 feet or so separating them from the other trio, they began to nod in unison: once, ever so slowly, twice, ever so slowly. And with that Veronica thrust out her hips in an exaggerated swagger of vulgar threat.

Tesha and Rashelle took their turn and copied the exaggeratedly slow movements until they had nodded three times. Many a breath was held as this drama unfolded. Exactly at the conclusion of the acceptance message being transmitted, Chelsea took two steps forward; thrust out first her chest, high and proud, followed by an exceedingly slow gyrating grind of her pelvis. She swiveled it 360 degrees, stopping when it pointed directly at Veronica. With that Veronica nodded her head and stepped under the shower.

Breathing returned to normal (sort of) among the other 6 girls and they too went about their showering needs. It was only Tuesday and the tingly excitement of these after-practice showers was only bound to get better and better as the week progressed.