POTLUCK PIES: Kathy vs Evelyn
by HG Hunt

Chapter 12

Sure of her victory and the brief humiliation she had apparently inflicted on her rival, Kathy wanted more. She wanted even more finality on her victory to be given an obvious stamp of decisiveness, especially for Evelyn to be firmly forced to admit her loss.

As Evelyn lay prone in the middle of her living room carpet Kathy got up poured herself another glass of wine, that she pilfered from Evelyn’s stash, and sat staring at her out-of-it defeated rival. The satisfaction she felt made her smile to herself, even though there was no one there to see it. Her own muscles were glad to have relief from the intense effort she had given her battle. She had lost track of time, but she knew it was indeed the most strenuous sexual encounter she’d had to date. Relief!

Evelyn was breathing heavily as her body recovered, her slumbering body in early stages of recuperation. Kathy watched for signs that Evelyn would stir and pull out of her sleepy lethargy and it took longer than she would have liked but it was only five or ten minutes. A sly grin shown on Kathy’s face as she then walked slowly over to stand over Evelyn’s deliciously disheveled body. She let some spittle of wine/saliva drizzle from her lips across Evelyn’s breasts, leaving small rivulets running down from them to the floor. Evelyn knew she’d had a few moments of shut-eye to recover and felt an immense satiety of her sexual desires and she also knew that it had been Kathy who had come out on top in their battle. It made her more sad than angry at the moment because of the profound satisfaction of her libido. But she was surprised to watch Kathy now make another demand of her. Speaking in a stern voice, full of menace (and promise too?) she was told to roll over on her tummy, a request she felt compelled to comply with. Kathy did not attack her physically, but her motives became clearer when Kathy sat down on the floor wit h her legs opening wide right in front of Evelyn’s face. Kathy’s pussy had lost some of it glistening moistness over the previous intervening minutes, but a few drops of dewy stickiness remained plastered to some of her thick dark hairs and her labia that were still peeled partly apart. What came next was the real surprise. Kathy had carried the pie plate with the last piece of pie and she now removed the pie from its plate and carefully laid her special apple pie piece right over her hairy bush. It was a beautiful sight.

“Relish that girl,” Kathy intoned for Evelyn to hear. “Eat it! Eat all of it. Eat it good. Eat it long. Savor every drop!”

Their eyes met and it was clear that Evelyn was not going to be able to abstain from Kathy’s command. She inched forward to reach that sweet pie. Knowing full well that Kathy’s demand was not solely devoted to the baking selection she was now almost eager to comply. Her mouth went to work, no hands, a nibble of pie and tongue darting down below to twirl a few pubic hairs. Back and forth she went, her nose getting sticky with the sugary fruit pie and her chin and lips eating what turned out to be a welcome dose of sustenance as well. Kathy lay back and absorbed the feelings that Evelyn’s mouth, nose, and tongue were delivering to her lower parts. Flecks of pie crust and filling occasionally slid downward into Kathy’s vagina folds but Evelyn was adept at finding them and cleaning them up and she did so with gusto, as much as her state of energy allowed, anyway. Deep went her tongue. Her lips and teeth nibbled around the edges. The pie eventually faded into her stomach and yet the eating continued. Evelyn was now devoted to serving her victress the resolution she desired and deserved. Kathy was eating it up too, figuratively of course. With every morsel of dessert now gone Evelyn made Kathy’s cunt her new “dessert.” Deep thrusting tongue. Liquid female juices flowing anew. Clit re-hardening into a natural focus of oral attention. Evelyn ate and ate as Kathy writhed and writhed in ecstatic arousal, inching slowly and inexorably towards another orgasm.

Evelyn was not teasing, but the prolonged episode was all that Kathy could ever have imagined. Reaching a peak? No, almost. Soaring higher like a rocket, but not exploding in fireworks, things seemed to stop time and Kathy hung there in her most delicious limbo of arousal/lust she’d ever felt. Her body would not last forever and but did not betray her. A few more minutes of this and it came. She came, and came, and came. Was it just one or a series? Did it matter? Kathy just knew it seemed to last forever, like a tide along the ocean shore, rising and falling over and over without end, just compressed into a human time scale. Her orgasm wracked her body in super powerful spasms that reflected the built-up lust and also the relief she felt in forcing her rival to succumb completely to her power and will.


She reached forward, even as she knew she’d blown every cell of orgiastic bliss her body could handle all to smithereens, she pulled Evelyn’s face deep into her pussy, smothering her nose in her inner folds and said, “That is a real pussy bitch! Taste it, savor it. Lick it. Worship it. You’re mine now.”

Pausing briefly, she relinquished her hold on Evelyn’s hair and pulled back slightly. “I’m going now.” She got up, dressed as Evelyn lay on the floor, sated and still recovering from her loss and the stimulation. Tell me now, “Who has the best pie in this neighborhood?”

“You do. You do.” Evelyn responded as Kathy exited into the cool of the evening.

The end