by HG Hunt

Fiction - Any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental.

Was it innocent?  Linda wasn't sure, but she was intrigued either way.  Her shift at the large hospital where she was a nurse supervisor was ending her agreement to follow one of the doctors home to her house was now imminent.  Having known the doctor for several years it was no surprise when occasionally their private conversations in the staff lounges and locker rooms had turned to personal things.  So it had been today when Sandy, a gorgeous mature full-figured woman doctor had lamented to nurse Linda that sometimes she had wrestled her husband as a form of “exercise”.  Linda of course recognized how such exertions are certainly good for the body, there was certainly a lingering feeling that there may be “more” to the admission than was mentioned.

So when Sandy further lamented that such activity was seldom rewarding in a competitive sense because her husband was so much stronger than she.  She wished she had a wrestling partner that was more her size and strength to produce a more fulfilling experience.  “What do you think about wrestling me after work?” Sandy was asking.

Sandy, a large breasted blonde had a sparkle in her eye when Linda questioned her about what it was like wrestling with her husband and she could see a sly expression of potential interest that eventually led her to propose the after-work rendezvous to have a stimulating match with her.  Linda, a dark haired brunette had ample breasts too, although they weren’t as prodigiously mammoth as Sandy’s were.  Other than that they were both about 5 ft 5 in and weighed about 140-145 lbs, which gave them both a shapely figure, especially for women in their late forties.  While the only spoken words revolved around the fitness benefits of what wrestling could do for them, it was undeniable to Linda that there might be “other” stimulation beyond that.

For several years she and her husband had carried on bedroom conversations that excited her husband Steve.  He had long been a fan of catfights and lesbian porn, which he had shared openly with Linda.  She played along with his fantasies in their matrimonial bed and had grown to enjoy those sessions and the fantasy right along with Steve.  She and he would often propose to each other potential women, both acquaintances and strangers, as exciting candidates for their battle fantasies.  Sometimes they would be wicked catfights and other times more sensual battles between Linda and the imagined opponent, including sexual encounters.

So with that kind of background and one real-life catfight with a woman who had been drunk and coming on to Steve at a New Years Eve party that became delicious fodder for she and Steve to relive, it was with an open mind that Linda accepted Sandy’s invitation.  The shift ended and after confirming their agreement in the staff lounge they walked together to the parking garage and got in their cars for Linda to follow Sandy to her home, where she had promised complete privacy since her husband was away on a business trip.

Anticipation was high for Linda as she didn’t really know whether Sandy had any subliminal reasons to wish for this confrontation or if the fitness benefits were the only reason.  She had enough doubt about the stated reason that a tingle of excitement crept over her about what “else” might be in store for their late afternoon get together.  She was firmly ready if a bit nervous as well.  She had never really wrestled before, but even though this would not be a catfight, the fact that she had been on top of her adversary in that previously mentioned catfight (after a wild and closely contested fight up to that point) after they were eventually pulled apart by onlookers, gave her enough confidence that she could at least make the match worthwhile for Sandy.  Both women’s tops and bras had been ripped off in that encounter before being broken up.

Once inside the living room Sandy asked Linda to help her clear an area in the middle of the carpeted room for them to be able to maneuver for their match.  Linda asked about what to wear and Sandy suggested stripping down to bra and panties which seemed eminently practical.  Off came their slacks and blouses and jewelry to be tossed aside.

The two buxom women, the blonde doctor and the brunette nurse stepped to the center of the room and commenced to start a stand-up grabbing and struggle to take the other down to the floor.  It was pretty even but eventually the two ended up on the floor writhing around in various clinches, their perspiring bodies straining against each other with various arm and leg holds tried with limited success in gaining permanent control.  Several minutes went by and during these strenuous exertions first Linda and then Sandy lost their bras.  A short break allowed them to remove them from the arena of battle before resuming what Sandy referred to as “letting the girls out” as those bras were just getting in the way anyway.

Linda eagerly agreed and so when their match resumed they were now dressed only in white panties that were a bit sweat soaked and revealing.  Both women were unshaven beneath and so a few stragglers of pubic hair leaked out from their crotches revealing hair colors that were in both cases a match with the hair on their heads.  Sandy’s light colored hair was visible to Linda and Linda’s dark brown fuzz overflowing at the sides of her panties surely was noted by Sandy.  The sweat-drenched panties made it clear to both women what a substantial bush the other had.

The resumption of the match quickly took them to the floor again and the strain of muscles being pushed to the limit and the amateurish skills they possessed, when combined with their fairly equal strength, kept the contest going for several minutes.  The tight contact and tactile sensations associated with intertwining legs, arms and hands grabbing for any hold they could find were exhilarating for them both.  Arms and hands found breasts.  Legs intertwined.  Faces came into contact with legs, breasts, arms and torsos.  While both were still firmly engaged in a contest of will and skill, the creeping realization that other motivations were being revealed could not be denied.

Eventually after a very even struggle Linda found herself sprawled on top of Sandy.  Their chests were heaving from the need to replenish their oxygen-starved muscles.  Linda had managed to grasp Sandy’s wrists and hold them out to the side so her arms were useless.  Their faces were nose to nose and their breasts were squishing outward from the pressure of Linda’s weight on top of Sandy.  After a couple minutes of struggling to get out from under Linda to no avail, and with both women tired and Sandy unable to muster the strength to flip Linda from her heat-to-toe body-to-body perch above.  With fire in her eyes, unwilling to submit or accept defeat, Sandy, desperate to not lose to the “nurse” (her doctor’s pride was on the line after all) she did the only thing she could.

She thrust her hips upward forcing Linda’s hips to bounce upward.  It was a challenge.

Linda accepted.

She in turn lifted her hips and thrust downward into Sandy’s panty-covered lower body.  This response confirmed for Sandy that Linda was willing to engage in a panty-bashing hip-thrusting contest.  Up and down they went.  Sandy thrusting up and Linda matching with vigorous thrusts downward.  Often they would meet in mid thrust with pubic mounds making smacking noises from the onslaught.  Now it was clear that the “wrestling” was over and another more intimate battle was underway.  Both pairs of eyes were wide open.  Sandy’s deep blue gaze met Linda’s hard glare and whatever intensity they may have been feeling during the earlier portion of their match had now been elevated to a new level.  And a new focus too.

The bouncing groins were stimulating their libidos.  Linda had let go of Sandy’s arms and while propping her upper torso up she gave her hips more momentum for the downward thrusts into Sandy’s crotch.  An occasional twirl of her hanging breasts, nipples distended like daggers, against Sandy’s massive boobs confirmed for Sandy that Linda was aware of and fully engaged in this new avenue of competitive exploration.  She made her move.

With her gaze intent and full of challenge she reached down and pulled her panties aside at the crotch.  Linda recognized and accepted, repeating the maneuver herself so that now their panties were out of the way and their hairy pussies had no barrier between them.  After Linda pulled her panties aside she slowly lowered her brown bush into Sandy’s blonde muff and twirled a small circle in a grinding motion.  The feeling of their scratchy curls intertwining and mingling was glorious.  Sandy grinned an almost evil grin and responded in kind.  Now their pussies were the absolute focus of their battle.  Blonde vs brown.  Doctor vs nurse.  Sandy vs Linda.

“I will out-fuck you!” Sandy’s eyes glared.  No words needed.

“Not a fucking chance! My pussy will prevail!” Linda glared right back, again without a word being spoken.

The humping and grinding now commenced in earnest.  Linda on top but Sandy wickedly using her thick brown bush and proud clit to attack Linda’s womanhood from below.  The pubic arena became drenched with liquid juices.  Hairs became soaked and the surges, grinding, and thrusts were surely pushing both women towards an unavoidable orgasm.  Linda’s clit had grown from under her hood and strained to make delicious contact with Sandy’s pleasure horn.  When their clits met the sounds of moans and groans of excitement permeated the room.  Sloshing sucking sounds from wet pussy lips smacking, grinding, and rubbing made it clear that this sexual battle for supremacy was very heated.

“Come first bitch!  Cum for me!”  Sandy’s eyes demanded Linda cum and lose the war.

“Not me.  You’ll be the one who loses control first!”  Linda’s brown eyes retorted.

Linda reached down and with her arms pulled Sandy’s legs up to her shoulders so that she could mount a more dominant angle of attack with her cunt.  Sandy knew the predicament she was in but her arousal and her belief that Linda was just as close as she was to cumming gave her confidence that she could withstand this new position.

So Linda angled her torso back and aimed her elongated clit at Sandy’s pink pussy and slid it inside for a twirl to feel the ecstatic wetness inside.  Moan after moan escaped Sandy’s lips and Linda rode her pussy up and down, side to side, round and round for several minutes before she grimaced to hold back her own “almost” orgasm and attacked Sandy’s clit directly with her own.  Sandy ground back with everything she had.  The tight confines and pressure between their sex-horns, warmed by their mutual juices, pushed them both towards finality.

Sandy yelled “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.  Nooooooooooooooooooooo.  Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!”

She came in a gusher of flowing cunt juices, swarming Linda’s wide open cunt with Sandy’s feminine scented aromas and liquid.  Linda, although feeling a deep ache of lust to submit to her own orgasm, managed to stare into Sandy’s eyes as if to say “Take that bitch!  I made you cum!”  She swirled her big clit all around Sandy’s a few more times to punctuate her victory and with one very slow final down and up clitty slide the full length of Sandy’s wide open cunt she rolled off from atop her foe.

Linda had won.  She had prevailed over her doctor friend.  The wrestling match had turned into something else for sure.  She had wondered about that from the moment Sandy made the suggestion, but she had no idea how fun and erotic the encounter would become.  Now that she finished she got up to watch Sandy close her eyes with a clear expression of satisfaction on her face.  Linda dressed as Sandy lay sprawled on the floor, her panties still pulled aside to show her glistening and satisfied pussy.

“See you tomorrow at work,” Linda said as she headed out the door.

“Sure will!  Thanks for the match.”

Linda and Steve had a thrilling good time that evening.

The End