POTLUCK PIES: Kathy vs Evelyn
by HG Hunt

Chapter 11

The clit and cunt war hit its peak. Their entire focus was on their clits and pussies as Kathy ground vigorously from above at Evelyn below, who in turn did her best to match Kathy’s explosive gyrations. Soon the women were pushed to the point of no return. While their clits felt like they were merging as one, the violent ripples of orgasm hit Evelyn hard, very hard. Her clit was as enlarged and as sensitive as it had ever been and the shudders that flowed in waves sent her pussy gushing juices out like a Paris fountain in springtime. Her slit quivered and vibrated sending shock waves to her brain and back over and over repeatedly. Thirty seconds later Kathy followed suit. How she did it is hard to know, but she managed to keep on her feet and grind, thrust, and grind some more down into Evelyn’s still writhing cunt like she wanted to drill a new mile deep well inside her cunt. Her own orgasm sent ripples of pleasure coursing through her veins, deep into every nook and cranny of her being. Their two orgasms, overlapping for a brief moment were the inevitable consequence of their actions, but the inevitability of it did not detract from the power of the moment.

“Ooooooooooooooooo.” Evelyn let out a low and soft groan, “fuck,” she sighed in an almost inaudible breath.

Kathy’s own orgasm was accompanied by her own words: “God. Oh God. Fuck. Ooooooooooooooooo Godddddddddddd.”

Sated from her orgasm, Evelyn diminished her gyrations, letting her orgasm fade as she now felt overwhelmed by the intensity of the orgasm and the effort she had given to their battle. Her legs felt weak. Her arms were listless. Her brain needed a re-charge. Kathy too was tired and a rest would have done her good, but she still maintained a sliver of doubt as to the finality of the outcome. After all this had been a sexual fight orgy that needed a victor. She had forced Evelyn to come first, but it was very close and a tight battle. She wanted Veronica for herself and she wanted Evelyn to acknowledge the fact that Kathy was superior. She wanted the victory even more now than before. So as tired as she was she only fell off to the side of Evelyn for a brief moment to recover before she went for round two.

Her orgasm had only subsided a few moments before, but she reached over and with her fingers started exploring Evelyn’s pussy that way for the first time. Evelyn stirred, but only barely. Kathy wanted to gain further advantage so she swung her leg across Evelyn’s torso and sat forcibly down on her large boobs, a perch from which she could now freely explore Evelyn’s still exposed mound of thick bush and the underlying delicate tissues underneath. Evelyn’s arousal had waned significantly in the past few minutes, but her feminine hormonal instincts and were not shut down completely. However her energy for seeking and benefiting from those feelings had left her due to the intensity of physical exertion that depleted her store of vigor. Both hands actively engaged began vigorous exploration of those smooth and convoluted folds of Evelyn’s pleasure cave. Expertly relying on her own feminine skill she soon persuaded those exquisitely crafted lady parts to a renewed insistence on reaching fulfillment with another orgasm. This one came even sooner than the last. Her arousal soared higher and higher quickly and then plateaued for a brief minute or so before the sensations decimated her clit in wave after wave of orgiastic pleasure as Kathy’s fingers vigorously vibrated her pleasure bud and other fingers buried deep in her soaking cunt. It hit like a freight train and thundered through her brain to deplete her reserves even more.

Kathy grinned from her perch atop Evelyn and as tired as she was herself, she felt another moment or so of forcing sexual submission from her foe would cement her supreme status between these two women that had been long simmering from afar and today was recognized as the day to settle the matter. This time she felt the submissive posture and muscle tone beneath her and knew she could push further without much, or any at all, push back. She swapped directions and lowered her hips between Evelyn’s legs which remained promiscuously wide. With Evelyn’s pussy still barely finished with her second orgasm, Kathy hunched her bushy mound towards that pink opening and started her own rhythmic thrusting motions that would do justice to any man’s cunt pounding lust. Humping her hairy mound into that overly stimulated pussy evinced cries of “No”, “please stop,” “no!” and more. Those cries from the defeated woman only forced Kathy’s urge for unquestioningly supremacy to keep the friction going. This time Evelyn’s bodies “need” for sexual release came slower and harder, having already been sated twice in a short period of time, but the biology of arousal worked again and after four or five minutes of constant hairy pounding down there she approached, reached, and finished another orgasm. This time it was way too much for her and as the throes of orgasm faded and her eyes closed, Evelyn passed out from the pleasure.