POTLUCK PIES: Kathy vs Evelyn
by HG Hunt

Chapter 7

Evelyn’s hands snaked around Kathy’s head and grabbed her hair in a two-fisted grip as she pulled Kathy’s face tight into her own for a smash mouth kiss. The assault was not unexpected. In fact it was relished. She so so badly was anticipating this moment. Her own hands reciprocated the favor and pulled Evelyn’s head tighter and tighter to her own. Their mouths opened wide to receive each others tongues which wasted no time tangling together in tight hot spirals inside their moist oral cavities. Teeth gnashed together. Lips slid against each other. Lipstick instantly smeared their lower faces as each tried to assert her right to the others open mouth. Saliva from Kathy drizzled into Evelyn and Evelyn’s flowing glands saturated Kathy’s mouth too. The lust level took a big step forward as for the next two minutes they tongue-wrestled vigorously on and on. There was no need to offer verbal taunts and no opportunity either, what with their mouths plastered together as they were, but the taunts and challenges were still present, if only spoken with a tactile language.

Their tongues vied for supremacy and with the apparent equity in the duel each woman found the need to force her will on her enemy with other tools. Kathy’s hands, firmly embedded in Evelyn’s short dark hair, yanked backwards forcing her head painfully back. Her response was no surprise to Kathy when she felt her own head yanked back, her scalp on fire as Evelyn jerked it backwards. They remained on the love seat, heads jerking this way and that from the wicked pulls from two pair of strong hands and arms. Grunts of pain replaced the slurping sounds of kissing. Pulse rates elevated to provide the necessary oxygen to the muscles for their obvious need.

Evelyn struggled to her feet and tried to yank Kathy off the seat to the floor and was partially successful. Kathy raked her right hand down the front of Evelyn’s dress, managing to rip the straps and allow the dress to fall down to her hips. The fight became chaotic now, with Evelyn slapping Kathy’s face several times in quick succession while Kathy struggled to her feet and began returning the favor. Evelyn’s FF size tits were targets too, as Kathy landed many slaps across the side of her left boob, still encased in that yellow bra. That was her next target and as she let go of Evelyn’s hair so she could attack her tits with both hands. She grabbed big handfuls of Evelyn’s tits and with a quick squeeze and yank the broke the strap free and off came her bra, forcing her tits to swing wildly back and forth. Evelyn was not embarrassed by this, but she didn’t want to be the only fighter so displayed and she retaliated in kind with both hands attacking Kathy’s sensational breasts through the fabric of her dress and bra, succeeding in short order to achieve an awesome display from her enemy. It didn’t come without a cost though. Kathy was raining stinging right-hand slaps across Evelyn’s face the entire time that Evelyn had been devoted to disrobing Kathy’s upper half.

Fighting came naturally to Evelyn and she accepted the pain as a requirement for eventual victory. It hurt, that was for sure, but it didn’t slow her down at all. With both sets of heavy boobs free of their encumbrances they became new and frequent targets of both women. After several minutes of slapping of both faces and tits, Kathy surged towards Evelyn, wrapping both arms around her and tried to throw her off balance and take her to the floor. Evelyn resisted and a bear hugging struggle commenced in the middle of Evelyn’s living room. Their massive breasts now entangled with each other intimately. The two women stand up wrestled, each hoping to topple the other woman to the ground. With a massive heave, Kathy did go down on top of Evelyn. The loud thud on the floor followed by the “oof” from Evelyn and the grunts of strain from both women as they ensnared each other with grappling arms and legs, rolling over and over, each seeking the superior position, each being thwarted time and again from establishing such position for more than scant seconds. Their efforts were so strenuous that both were in need of recovery. Neither would relinquish her hold but neither could sustain the effort that would have been required to overpower her rival at this stage. Their rolling around on the floor, tits heaving into each other, hands clutching each others hair and arms, slowed by necessity from their extreme exertions.

Legs intertwined with their disheveled dresses in disarray between them. When one roll found Evelyn on top of Kathy, their torsos tight together, massive rolls of breast flesh pushed to the outside of their bodies, they both realized the muscle fatigue of their opponent, and also recognized the motivation of their enemy to continue. Huge deep breaths. Eyes closed. Evelyn’s weight pressing down on Kathy. Her nylon-clad thighs frustratingly prevented from skin to skin contact with Kathy’s legs because of their dresses remaining in the way. She wriggled her lower body a bit (she had enough energy for THAT), clearly seeking some opening for her upper thigh (covered only by some thin garter straps) to obtain contact with Kathy’s hose clad legs. Kathy, her sexual arousal not diminished at all by the fighting, instantly recognized Evelyn’s aim.

“You want a REAL woman to woman fight?” Kathy needed only a whisper to say what she thought to Evelyn as their heads were side by side resting together. “Naked is the only way to settle this THAT way.”

Evelyn smiled inwardly. “She thinks like I do.” she thought to herself.

“Of course it is!” Evelyn whispered directly into Kathy’s ear, through her hot breath, “Lets do this!”

She released her grip and rolled away as Kathy did the same. After several moments to catch their breath the two stood up, gazes mutually observant of the other woman’s body and seeking signs of distress in their enemy. Evelyn pushed her black dress the rest of the way down her body and stepped out, repeating the process with her garter belt, bumble bee colored panties, and hose. Fully naked she stood before Kathy proudly showing off her lush nakedness for Kathy to admire, or hate, as was more likely.

It was certainly a body worthy of admiration, in its naked glory, even with hair messed up, makeup smeared, sweat streaking down her body. Kathy found that to be an even more alluring sight than if Evelyn’s body had been prepped by professional artists for a Playboy shoot. Knowing that she had been responsible for the disheveled look made Kathy snort in approval of the seductive woman in front of her. She smirked and began to seductively finish off her own clothing removal. She turned to offer her rear end to Evelyn’s view and swayed slowly left to right as she slithered out of the remnants of her dress. Tossing it towards Evelyn with a haughty flourish, she offered “Yours if you can beat me……. But you won’t!”

Finally out of her dress, Kathy felt Evelyn’s gaze on her body. Evelyn twitched a bit in recognition of the aroma of Kathy’s womanly fragrance, mingling with the salty smell of her sweat. Her eyes were drawn to the pubic region, now uncovered by panties. She made mental comparisons of what her eyes were seeing with her own lush bush. Kathy was adorned with an untrimmed growth of medium brown pubic hair. Its expanse was average, not sufficient to bulge out of a bikini, but thick enough to conjure up a shag carpet texture. “Mmmmmm,” she thought, “almost as nice as mine.” her momentary reverie was interrupted by Kathy. “You never finished your glass of wine. Why don’t we finish the bottle before we resume round two?”