POTLUCK PIES: Kathy vs Evelyn
by HG Hunt

Chapter 6

Being a single mom and having a house that afforded her a comfortable space to achieve her decorating and family needs, she thanked her lucky stars that that house turned out to be located in such a prime spot. Not only was the neighborhood beautiful, the people friendly, and the schools were good, this neighborhood contained a hot mom worthy of her efforts to enjoy her many-faceted sexual and competitive interests, even though she had only spoken several dozen words with this……….. woman!

Her nipples tightened at the thought of finding intimate pleasure and pain with Kathy. She had had this feeling many times before, nonetheless it never got old. Silky threads of sensual pleasure pulsed slowly through her body. She glanced at her nipples poking through both flimsy fabrics: her bra and dress. She had to force herself to concentrate as she corkscrewed the top off the wine so as not to spill the contents. She wanted to make a charming impression on Kathy as a hostess and even if it was only sharing a bottle of wine, it made a difference to her. Evelyn was sophisticated enough to know all the tricks of being a superb hostess, but it still made her nervous whenever the stakes were high, as they were now.

Kathy was still standing in the living room as Evelyn returned, a glass in each hand. She offered the glass, but with a look of obvious skepticism mixed with seductiveness that Kathy absorbed while returning a mirrored look to her host. “Its not my very best wine, but it is really good,” she paused briefly, “enough to share with you!” Evelyn smirked at her repartee. “Have a seat would you?” She waved at the love seat on her south wall.

Kathy didn't outwardly respond to the dig, but did thank Evelyn for the glass and took the seat. Evelyn quickly joined her and crossed her legs seductively, making sure the hem of her dress rode up high to expose inches of skin above her gartered stockings. Kathy followed suit and sipped her wine as she gazed at Evelyn's form seated just inches away. For a moment the two shared alternating lustful and then despising looks at each other as they both slowly and enticingly shifted their legs slightly. Making sure to let their hose covered legs slide across each other so as to make audible the slight swishing sound that comes from nylon vs nylon friction. A few sips later, with the leg show working its magic on both women, Evelyn taunted Kathy without saying a word. Her sexy leg gyrations and torso twisting were each designed to send the message to Kathy: I'm sexier than you!

Taunting it was, but Kathy, however alluring she internally admitted Evelyn's sexy body was, she too was playing that game; and playing it well, adding in a few twists of her own. Pulling her arms close so that her breasts were squeezed inward and upward in a lovely display of cleavage pride. She could feel her own body recognizing the sexual heat that their side-by-side display was creating. Moisture was developing on her upper lip, and even lower in her wispily-pantied crotch, due to the wonderfully efficient arousal mechanism that Kathy enjoyed (often!).

Simultaneously her nose was keen on recognizing another aroma that might be accelerating her libido even more. The musky scent that wafted into her nostrils was oh so beautiful. She recognized it in an instant as the feminine aroma steaming out of Evelyn's pussy! “Mmmmmm,” she thought to herself “I'm sure not the only one getting hot.” She licked her lips, shifted in the seat just enough to let her left leg, crossed over the right, extend over the undefined boundary between “her” side of the seat and Evelyn's side. She positioned her ankle just over Evelyn’s right ankle. Evelyn lifted her leg. Kathy resisted. Evelyn lifted harder. Kathy resisted more. Evelyn took another gulp of the wine and lifted her ankle fiercely hard. Kathy couldn’t help but watch her leg zoom upward with the force of Evelyn’s third lift. “Oh good. You do have spunk.” She gulped the last from her glass and resumed her ankle assault on Evelyn. Her leg workouts at the gym were of benefit.

She pressed her leg down with the most force she could muster and felt the stalemate force from Evelyn as she managed to push her ankle back down only a few inches. Evelyn set her wine glass aside, even though there was a sip or two remaining. She needed to focus on the task at hand.

“You bet I have spunk. Enough to take you down bitch!” Evelyn sneered at Kathy.

Kathy leaned in close, her face just inches from Evelyn’s, their eyes consumed with each other as she responded, “Glad you think so cunt! All the sweeter it will be when you’re cleaning out my pussy with your tongue at the end of the evening!”

With that challenge, the formalities ended; abruptly.