POTLUCK PIES: Kathy vs Evelyn
by HG Hunt

Chapter 8: Interlude

While that sentiment hadn’t occurred to Evelyn, she found the idea worthy of acceptance. “Of course we should. First I want to be sure that you are uninhibited enough to hold nothing back when we get tangled up again. Secondly you need to recover because I want you to last as long as possible so that when I grind your ass into the carpet and destroy you it will be that much more humiliating!”

“Fuck you, fuck you,” spouted Kathy, “Just pour the wine.”

Talking seemed superfluous so the wine was sipped slowly as two pair of eyes were busy sending and receiving subliminal body language messages back and forth across the couch. Kathy was the first to adjust her leg, lifting her right knee up and sliding it to the back of the couch so as to reveal a more open angle for Evelyn’s eyes to find an avenue for viewing her pussy and bush. Evelyn sipped her wine, peering over the top seductively to gaze at Kathy’s crotch. She took in her enemies hair color, thickness, length, and dispersal. Confirming to herself that Kathy was untrimmed, like herself, she recognized the intricacies in a flash, confirming to herself that, while certainly not overwhelming, Kathy’s substantial endowment would be a worthy adversary once tangling with her own. Kathy’s splayed leg also offered a glimpse of her pink slit, glistening with moisture. No surprise there. Her clit peered through some of her thicker pubic hairs at the very upper cleft of her femininity. “Hmmmmmm… Nice,” Evelyn offered in an underwhelming tone, intending to hide her own arousal and at the same time sarcastically offer a compliment.

After her sip, Evelyn responded mirror-like. She raised her left leg to lie beside her on the couch, offering Kathy the reciprocal view of her own snatch. Kathy did her best to show that she was underwhelmed by the sight, even if what she saw gave her some pause. Evelyn turned out to have a more prodigious hairy bush in all regards than did Kathy. Clearly no razor had touched her twat in ages. Hair spread out a couple of centimeters farther around the perimeter, was longer, thicker, more rug-like lower down her pussy lips, to the point of covering them almost completely. Kathy had a hard time making out the pinkish slit she knew was buried beneath that mass! Her clit was invisible!

While certainly she was slightly startled momentarily by the profusion of jungle at the juncture of Evelyn’s legs and torso, it was not scary. In fact it excited her, once the shock wore off. Her mind twisted this way and that with how her own pubic jewels might compare in heated confrontation with her enemy’s weapons. Her focus flowed to Evelyn’s cunt and how destroying it would be so damn fun!

“Nice? I guess yours is nice too bitch!” Kathy rotated her ass on the couch to alert her enemy that she was not turned off at all, and was in fact horny as hell and anxious to settle things. She took her last sip of wine. “Girl, lets do this!”

Evelyn twirled her tongue around the lip of her glass, confirming her own libido was fully engaged and then with a flourishing gulp downed the last drop of her sweet red wine too. She stood up. Kathy stood up. “To the end,” Evelyn huskily offered as she stepped towards Kathy. “To the end,” Kathy muttered low.