By AngelDawn30

Second Thursday

Wendy and Jane

Jane began to think about what she and Wendy had talked about as she massaged her huge tits... “Damn.. nothing on her tits but a thin layer of silk... Damn” She continued to work in her office until about 1:15, when she turned off her computer and walked inside her walk-in closet that was attached to her office. She had dressed like an attorney today, as she usually did when she was at work... Navy blazer, white blouse, with a white bra and a short navy skirt which came to about five inches above her knees .. so it would not take long for her to get ready. Jane slipped off her navy blazer and her blouse.. then took off her bra... it felt too tight today anyway. She searched through the clothes she had a work.. looking for something made of silk.. finally finding a silk blouse that buttoned in the front.. It was one of Jane's favorite blouses because it had a scooped neckline which showcased her enormous cleavage.. the only problem with this particular blouse was that it was not only extremely thin, but it was also white.. She slipped it on and sure enough, you could see the two nipple tents on the front of her blouse.. and, if you looked closely and knew what you were looking for, you could make out the circles of her areolas... “Hmmmm.” Jane spoke to herself... “It will be all right under the blazer.” She reached down and smoothed down her navy miniskirt and slipped the blazer on leaving it unbuttoned. Her cleavage was immense but the lapels of her blazer covered her tits... kinda... the lapels kept wanting to fall off the sides of her big tits... “I will have to keep my blazer buttoned until I get there.” Finally, as she took one last look at herself in the mirror, she spoke to herself .. “Jane... you really look hot!” Ten minutes later, after checking her make-up, eye-liner and lipstick, she grabbed her briefcase and phone and walked out of her office. “Judy?”


“Get back with Michelle Richardson and tell her that I will not be able to meet with her today.. schedule something for tomorrow.. I will be out of the office the rest of the day. ..and call Mr. Smith and let him know.”

“Yes Ma'am.”

Jane walked down the hall, her huge tits, which were now closer to an F cup were bouncing just enough to once again attract attention.. she waited for the elevator and then was gone. She exited the elevator at the parking garage, only passing two other women about her age who stopped and stared... which is exactly the reaction that Jane wanted. It was perfect. A few moments later she was in her car and sent a text to Wendy.. “On my way see you there.” She backed her car out of her parking space and was on her way to Armando's.

Wendy thought about what she was going to wear as she began to get ready. She whispered to herself as she looked at her twin in the mirror. “We found a way to meet with Jane without having to wear a bra, didn't we? … yes, you are correct.. it will make it more interesting to hug her without either of us wearing a bra.. sooo, tell me ...What would you wear?” She stared at her mirror image and thought about it for a minute … “What's that you say?...something sheer? … now how could I get away with that?... wear a sheer top without a bra? Hmmm.. ok, let's see what it looks like.” She began to search through some of her sheer tops and suddenly she noticed a sheer white blouse and checked to see if it was made of silk.. It was, and Wendy slipped it on over her naked tits.. It had a low cut neckline... not quite as low cut as the blouse Jane had chosen, but it was sheer and you could easily see her nipples and areolas.. Yeah, you could certainly see through it. You could easily see the line between her massive tits that formed her deep cleavage.. but only if you were staring at her tits.... which, when you have huge E cup tits like Wendy... was very likely to happen. “Oh Well, Que sera sera... whatever will be, will be.” She slipped on a very short black mini skirt and a pair of black heels and found a black blazer to complete her outfit. “There! That looks like an attorney... a really hot sexy attorney!” Thirty minutes later, after putting on her makeup and eye-liner Wendy was ready to go. She grabbed her purse and phone and just as she was about to leave she got Jane's text message and responded.. “K me too see you there.” A moment later she was headed out the door and was soon on her way to Armando's.

They arrived at Armando's at the same time.. walking to the front door from opposite directions... Wendy approached Jane as she smiled before hugging her as Jane hugged back. When you have a fetish for big tits, like Wendy and Jane have, you like to hug as often as you can. For such women, there is a great deal of pleasure in feeling another huge pair of tits pressing against yours... even when you are dressed .. and Wendy and Jane took advantage of the situation and held their hug for at least ten seconds... each of them shifting a little from left to right so their own tits could get a good feel for the other woman's rack. As they walked in they were greeted by Armando.

“Ms Corleone.. it is always a pleasure to see you..”

“Thank you Armando.”

“And Ms. Love. How very nice to see you again.”

Jane was impressed that he had remembered her name .. “Thank you Armando.”

“I have a private room reserved for you.... this way please.”

Wendy and Jane followed Armando as he led them to the private room that Wendy had reserved .. Wendy had also arranged for a bottle of white wine, Domaine Caillot, Batard Montrachet 2010, and two glasses to already be in the room so that she and Jane would not be disturbed. The room was much like the one that Jane had shared with Angel days before. “We do not want to be disturbed Armando... if we need anything we will call.”

“Yes Ms. Corleone.”

After he had turned around and walked away Wendy and Jane walked into the room and closed and locked the door. The room was small with a table and two chairs.. the lamp on the table provided enough light so that they could see each other. Wendy leaned over and picked up the bottle of white wine, which Armando had already opened, and poured the wine into the two crystal wine glasses. She handed one to Jane and then picked up the other wine glass for herself. Looking into each others eyes they each took a sip of the wine and then placed their wine glasses back on the table. Wendy and Jane already knew exactly what was going to take place as they stared into each others eyes without saying a word and took off their blazers, hanging them on the coat rack in the corner of the small room before stepping back from each other. Even though the room was dimly lit, Wendy and Jane could easily see the thrusting tents that were on each others silk blouses and they could see the massive cleavage that each hot woman was displaying. They continued to stare at each other for a moment before Jane began unbuttoning her blouse. Jane noticed that Wendy's eyes were now staring at the front of her blouse as she slowly and teasingly unbuttoned one button at a time as Wendy watched. .. one button … then another .. more and more of her huge dense tits coming into view as Jane moved her fingers to the next button and finally to the last button.

She began to sway from side to side, her thin white silk blouse was completely opened and Wendy could see Jane's hot skin all the way from her neck to the waist of her skirt. Even though her nipples were still covered by her silk blouse, Wendy could see the round circles of Jane's areolas through the thin material and Jane's magnificent cleavage was on full display. Jane looked scorching hot! She reached up to the outside of her over-sized tits and pushed them together for Wendy's viewing pleasure and Wendy responded as a quiet moan escaped her lips. Jane began to torment Wendy. She already knew that Wendy, like herself, had a weakness for big tits and she was milking the moment as she swayed back and forth and squeezed her massive tits together. As Wendy opened her mouth and licked her lips, Jane moved her right hand to the right side of her blouse and slowly pulled it open... inch by antagonizing inch until her areola became visible and her blouse caught on her long hard nipple. Jane tugged a little on her blouse and Wendy could see Jane's huge nipple bending from the pressure as if her nipple were trying to escape. Once again Wendy quietly moaned as her clit twitched... her pussy was already wet and her eyes remained focused on Jane's enormous tits as Jane moved her left hand to the left side of her blouse and slowly pulled it open until, once again, her extended nipple caught on her blouse. Jane then reached down and pulled up on her blouse, untucking it from her skirt... She was torturing Wendy as she pulled down on her blouse.. making it tight against her huge tits.. her long extended hard nipples on the verge of springing loose. Wendy was beginning to breathe a little deeper as Jane finally both of her hands to the front of her blouse and slowly... painstakingly slowly … pulled her blouse open, revealing her huge full round tits and her extraordinary nipples.

“Ohhh fuck.” Wendy whispered as Jane began to sway back and forth again.. her massive tits gently wobbling back and forth on her chest. Again she cupped her big tits from the side and pushed them together... and then Jane began to slap them together..'smack' .. 'slap' … 'smack.. … her dense firm tits made such a sweet smacking sound as the inside swells of those incredible tits slapped together. “Ohh God!” Wendy panted as she watched Jane move her fingers to her long throbbing nipples and began pinching them .. tugging on them.. pulling and twisting as she forced a soft sigh from her lips. Wendy sighed with her as she watched Jane toying with her incredible nipples. After a couple of minutes, Jane slithered out of her blouse, allowing it to fall off of her shoulders and fall to the floor behind her …. and stood there with her hands on her hips in a defiant pose, her huge tits barely moving up and down on her chest as she breathed deeply. You should know that Jane's defiant pose was not driven by hate or anger .. not at all … she had placed her hands on her hips and arched her back … putting her huge dense tits on full display for one reason... Jane thought her tits were better. She believed that her enormous full tits were heavier .. more dense … more solid .. and bigger. Women have this internal need to be sexy.. to be desirable. .. and to make the woman she is with jealous. Jane wanted Wendy to want her out of jealousy. She knew that sex was always hotter if the fucking was driven by emotions. When two hot bitches hate each other... their hate fuels an incredible lust for each other... and the desire to prove to the other woman who is more beautiful... who has the bigger tits... who is the better kisser.. ..who has the better pussy .. and who is the better woman sexually. The same desires... this same need for each other can also be driven by jealousy.. Jane wanted to make Wendy jealous of her body. … and it was working.

As Jane stood there, hands on her hips, facing Wendy... she watched as Wendy's fingers moved to the front of her blouse and began tugging … tugging it free from her skirt. Wendy then began to unbutton her blouse.. beginning at the bottom... slowly .. sensually … one button at a time. Her huge erect nipples were already making two incredible tents against the front of her blouse as Wendy continued unfastening her buttons one at a time until there was only one left... the one at the top. As Jane watched, Wendy pulled her blouse open.. revealing her tummy and the lower swells of her huge tits … she moved her hands down to her tummy.. and began rubbing her palms up and down and around her hard abs.. slowly sliding her hands up under her blouse that was still held together at the top by one button. to the underside of her massive tits … and cupped them... pushing them up and out and in as Jane began to breathe deeper. Wendy then brought her fingers to the outside of her blouse and begin pinching her incredible nipples through the thin silk of her blouse.. pulling and tugging on her hard nipples... as Jane watched and licked her lips ...sighing with desire for this hot woman standing in front of her. Wendy began to moan as she played with her nipples for a minute before slowly moving her hands to the front of her blouse.... there was only one button left to be undone... and she made Jane wait … she wanted Jane to be just as overwhelmed with desire as she was. Swaying her upper body back and forth a few times, Wendy finally grabbed the front of her blouse on either side of the button that was right between her huge tits.. and waited a few more seconds.. then she ripped open her blouse.. the button flying from her blouse as she pulled her blouse open and then stood there with her massive tits on display... big and round .. heavy and firm .. with those two extraordinary long hard nipples, as big around as a roll of dimes ... sticking straight out.

“Unnnnnnnnn.” Jane gasped as she gazed at Wendy's huge tits for the first time... those tits were enormous and those nipples looked devastating. As Wendy slid her blouse off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor behind her, Jane gasped again and then she felt it. … As Wendy spread her feet apart and placed her hands on her hips.. matching Jane's defiant pose with her own mirror image, Jane felt it. ... that feeling that comes from within … that desire that creates a need to prove you are a better woman … yes, Jane felt it … jealousy.

Without saying a word they slowly moved toward each other ... and it became obvious to both of them … it was as clear as day.. their hot bodies were a mirror image of each other .. Wendy and Jane were a perfect physical match for each other. They were exactly the same height ... and their huge tits stood straight out toward each other equally.... their long hard nipples were exactly level with each other ... neither one of them would need to lean over or stand on her toes for their hardened nipples to meet head on … tip to tip.

They stepped closer toward each other in the center of the room until the tips of their heated nipples were only a few inches apart and began to tease each other... slowly swaying their huge tits back and forth as they stood a foot apart with their eyes glued on each others massive racks... and those four incredibly long hard nipples. As they stared, thoughts ran through their minds. Jane wondered if Wendy's big tits were as dense as hers... were they as firm.. would she be able to dominate Wendy's over-sized tits with her own when they pushed them together... and what about Wendy's ridged nipples? They looked to be just as long as hers.. and they appeared to be as big around as a roll of dimes.. just like her own nipples. .. but would she be able to push Wendy's huge intimidating nipples all the way inside Wendy's dense tit-flesh with her own big nipples? Wendy was also wondering how her own enormous tits would match up with Jane's equally large globes... Were Jane's tits as firm and solid as her own big tits? Would she have any advantage when she pressed her big round tits against Jane's enormous pair? .. or would Jane's huge tits be more solid and firm than her own? .. and would she be able to nipple fuck Jane's huge nipples back inside Jane's dense tits? As they pondered these questions in their mind they were becoming more and more jealous of each others huge tits and nipples... as their pussys began to soak their panties with their hot juices. Wendy and Jane continued to flaunt their massive tits and nipples.. teasing each other .. making each other more and more jealous of the woman standing in front of her as they turned their upper bodies back and forth.. letting those four huge tits that were jutting straight out, gently sway back and forth high on their chests.

They continued to quietly moan and gasp as their eyes remained locked and focused on each others huge rack... then Jane heard Wendy gasp... it was a different sounding gasp that what she had already heard... Oh yes, Wendy was feeling one of her spontaneous orgasms igniting down deep inside her body, and being the nymphomaniac that she was, it was only going to take another minute or two for her cunt to gush into her panties. As Jane watched in awe, Wendy's body began to tremble.. her huge tits began to shudder and her nipples began to visibly twitch.. jerking up and down on the front of her over-sized tits. Jane felt her own clit twitch as she watched this erotic and sexy sight unfold before her eyes... Yes, she had witnessed nipples twitching before.. even her own nipples were known to twitch and move with their own free will... but this was different.. Wendy's nipples were literally jerking up and down.. and there was movement.. she could see Wendy's nipples expanding.. getting even longer ,, and moving toward her.. then moving back to their previous length.. then they would expand and thrust out again.. as if they were making a fucking motion. It was almost unbelievable... yet it was happening right before her eyes... and her cunt spasmed again, this time soaking her panties with her wetness.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Wendy moaned deeply as she felt her big tits tighten up, expanding to a fullness that she could not remember ever feeling before. She tossed her head back, her long silky blonde hair flowing around and down over her shoulders as she panted with several quick gasps of breath. “Unnnnnnnnnn.” Wendy was going to cum. Her pussy clutched hard and her vagina sucked at the front panel of her panties. Sure, Wendy's vagina had sucked at her panties many times before.. but this was different.. this was very different. She moaned loudly as she felt her panties literally being sucked up inside her vagina... as if her vagina were trying to rip her panties apart. Again her cunt clenched as she felt her panties being sucked even deeper up inside her pussy... it was something she had never experienced before... and then her nipples began to throb with a deep pleasure... Wendy was going to cum very hard and she began to gasp and moan with pleasure .. “Ah ah ah ahhhh ahhhhh Ahhhhhhh!” “Cummmmming!”

Her pussy clenched again and pushed her panties out of her vagina as she squirted and gushed into her panties... “Cummmmmmmming!” Her cum squirt was so intense that it gushed through the thin material of her panties and began running down the inside of her thighs. “AH ah ahhhhhhhhhh Cummmmming!”

Jane watched with amazement as Wendy's jerking nipples began to cum... squirting her hot clear cum from her swollen milk holes and spraying the front of Jane's huge tits. Wendy gasped again. “Ohhhhhhh FUCK!!” as her nipples sprayed Jane's tits a second time before they began to dribble their sticky cum from their flared tips. “Ahhhh Cummmmming!” Wendy's entire body shook as her pussy gushed a second time.... flooding her panties with her sweet girl-cum.

Jane had never seen anything like this before... ever … and it was more than enough to force her own pussy to clench and contract as she began to cum with her own nipples jerking wildly,, “Ohhhh God Yes!!” Jane moaned as her pussy and her nipples began cumming together .. “Ahhhhhhhhhh fuck yessss! Cummmmmming!” Jane's pussy gushed hard.. soaking her already wet panties.. squirting so much cum that it began trickling down her inner thighs... and then her nipples expanded... the swollen tips flaring as her nipples began to pump out her wet sticky clear nipple cum.. spraying Wendy's huge tits and areolas. … and then her amazing nipples spewed a second gush of nipple cum all over Wendy's massive tits and nipples as her clit throbbed and induced a second orgasm from her pussy .. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmming!” Jane's body trembled and shook just as Wendy's body had done... leaving her gasping for breath as her orgasms flowed like a river of fire through every vein of her body. Jane begin to quietly groan as she slowly caught her breath. It was an amazing and wonderful moment for both of them. Wendy and Jane had shared an intense pussy/nipple orgasm with each other.. and they had not even touched each other... but that was about to change.

With their hands still on their hips and breathing deeply, they once again looked down at their huge tits and long nipples.. so very close together.. their big round globes were wet with each others nipple cum and the flared tips of all four long ridged nipples were still oozing cum as little drops of their nipple cum would seep from their swollen milk holes and then drip from the tips of their nipples.. with very thin shimmering strands of cum stretching down until they snapped apart.

With desire and need and jealousy they slowly inched forward until the dripping tips of their nipples were an inch from each other … and then they stopped. ... Wendy and Jane looked down into the space between them with glassy eyes ... and they could feel the incredible sexual energy that was flowing between them. The flared tips of their swollen nipples were so very close to each other and they could feel each others heated passion radiating from their intimidating nipples.... their big, round, wide flat tips ... wet and moist with each others nipple cum were swollen bigger than they had ever been.. they were now slightly bigger around than a roll of dimes as they twitched up and down as if they were ready to fight.

And their areolas … hard and taut.. with every tiny little ridge and pebble swollen with lust.... and then there were their massive tits. Good God almighty! Big and round.. jutting straight out ...defying every known law of gravity... suspended right out in front of each other in all of their huge round magnificence. ... heaving up and down with every gasping breath ... all wet and shinny with each others sticky nipple cum. Saliva began to drool from the corners of their mouths as their eyes gazed wildly at each others enormously huge tits. Tits that were swollen with desire and jealousy. You already know that Wendy and Jane's huge tits were somewhere between an E cup and F cup.. both of them measuring an incredible 40 ½ inches. But you can be assured that those huge tits were bigger right now. Noticeably bigger. This was not just one of those 'big fucking F cup days'.. it was more than that. The skin on their swollen large tits was stretched tight.. they had expanded to a size that neither one of them had ever known. At this very moment, Wendy and Jane were easily an F plus cup.. perhaps even close to an incredible G cup! … and those huge tits were warm.. and getting warmer as the fever of their mutual lust and jealousy flowed through every little nerve ending in their big nipples …. through their tight areolas …. and into every part of their big round massive tits.

You already know that women are different than men. Women like to compare. Why do you think it takes a woman so long to purchase a pair of shoes? It's because she has to try on so many different shoes before she makes up her mind. She is comparing. Women compare many things … 'Is my apple pie better than hers?' … “Do my shoes look better than hers?' .. but the thing they compare the most is their bodies... and as Wendy and Jane continued to breath deeply they began to compare their assets with each other as they stared at each others enormous tits and hard nipples. Many thoughts were going through their minds as they looked at one another …. their throbbing nipples were so very close together. … pointing directly at one another … so close that they could feel the sexual energy from each others nipples.... Nipples that were preparing to engage each other... to touch … and feel ...and push … and penetrate. Those four huge nipples were twitching.. jerking up and down as they faced each other... they wanted to mate with each other... they needed to join together... Wendy and Jane needed to prove who had the more powerful nipples... to discover whose nipples would prevail in the struggle to out-fuck each other. They wanted to know whose nipples were longer and whose nipples were harder. They had to compare... and there was only one way to compare.. their nipples had to meet head on … tip to tip … their nipples had to fuck. Their wet cunts were still leaking into their panties as they compared their own tits and nipples to each other … and they were both getting more and more jealous of each other... not that Wendy or Jane thought the other had a more impressive set of tits or nipples.. They were jealous because both of them thought that they possessed the perfect pair of tits.. they believed that they had the perfect pair of nipples.. and to see that the woman they were facing also had a perfect pair of tits and nipples made them jealous. It was not possible to share their perfection with anyone else.. One of them had the better pair of tits.. and there was only one way to find out who it would be.

With their hands still on their hips, Jane spoke... it was the first words that either of them had said since they had been alone in the room. “First, we are going to touch our nipples together... then we are going to touch our tongues together.”

Whispering, Wendy answered .. “How long are we going to keep our nipples and tongues together?”

Jane moaned her response .. “Mmmm.. until we cum.”

Wendy's clit jerked .. “Unnnnnn.”

Jane moved her hands to Wendy's shoulders as Wendy placed her hands on Jane's shoulders. As they looked down they realized that this was a very special moment because they were so perfectly matched physically. Not only were their hard nipples exactly the same height … the spacing between them was identical. .. those big nipples were going to line up perfectly together. Grasping each others shoulders with their hands, Wendy and Jane took a deep breath and leaned forward... touching the wide flat tips of their naked nipples, still leaking cum, flush against each other.

“Ohhhhhhhhh.” Jane sighed as her nipples began to burn with lust.

Wendy gasped as she felt the fire rushing through her nipples .. “Ahhhhhhhhh.”

They moaned in unison as they watched the tips of heir big long round nipples flare out against each other... and latched on to each other... and they could feel the milk holes on the tips of their sensitive nipples pulling and sucking at each other. Wendy and Jane paused for a moment.. they wanted to savor this electric union .. they wanted to relish every lascivious second. …. they gasped together, enjoying this intimately passionate moment.

Their huge firm tits were still wet with each others nipple cum as they slowly moved into each other.. as their sucking nipples were slowly being pushed back inside their own dense tits. ..their tight, puckered pebbly areolas made hot sticky contact .. and finally ... full, firm, heavy round globes of dense tit-flesh, wet with nipple cum, merged with equally big, weighty, solid spheres of tit-flesh. .The room erupted with a hot heat as the two pair of massive tits slowly mushroomed against each other ... expanding and spreading out equally. Their long hard nipples and areolas were hidden from their eyes as their enormous tits finally, perfectly and completely, squished every square inch against each other that was physically possible. Their enormous tits were so dense and firm that even with the tremendous pressure, they maintained most of their round spherical shape and continued to stick straight out as they pushed together. Sumptuous heavy tit-meat merging and bulging along a well defined line of sensual contact.

“Ohhhhhh God!” Wendy panted.

Jane moaned deeply.. “Ohhhhh Wendy … Fuck!”

Now that they were tit-locked, Wendy and Jane moved their hands down to each others buttocks... griping the back of each others skirts and pulling their hips into each other. Their lust and passion for each other was evident as they both looked into each others eyes.... beautiful brown eyes locking with deep blue eyes. Then they extended their tongues out … all the way out … extending the bottom side of their tongues down on their chins. Wendy's long tongue was already drooling with her hot saliva and Jane's tongue was equally wet as they deliberately and unhurriedly wiggled their tongues from side to side in front of each others eyes... teasing each other .. each one wanting the other to see the extreme length and wetness of their tongue.

With her tongue stretched out as far as it would reach, Wendy quietly moaned .. “Unnnnn.”

Jane gasped with her mouth wide open and her tongue completely extended out of her mouth … “Ahhhhhh.”

As they felt their powerful nipples sucking together, they slowly moved their faces toward each other... but they did not extend their long wet tongues toward each other. No, those sexy tongues had to stay down on the front of their chins. Wendy and Jane wanted as much of their tongues touch as was possible. They had to touch the full length of the top of their tongues against each other... they intended to push every little square centimeter of their tongues together, touching the flat top surface of their tongues against each other.. Staring into each others eyes they slowly and methodically leaned closer and closer until their tongues touched... surface to surface... and both of their sensitive clits jerked together along with their throbbing nipples that were locked tip to tip, buried deep inside their tightly mashed tits.

“Unnnnnnnnnn.” Jane gasped as their tongues touched completely together.

“Ummmmm.” Wendy moaned as her clit twitched again.

They did not move their tongues... there would be time for that later … they just wanted to touch their tongues together and hold them there... letting the heat from their touching tongues slowly burn together with an erotic lustful flame. As they pressed their tongues more firmly together they began to pump their huge wet tits against together... sharing and mixing their nipple cum as it slowly absorbed into their naked skin. Another minute passed.. then another.. as their heavy tits moved forward then backward.. pumping together. Saliva began to drool from their pressed tongues... stringing down and falling into the deep cleavage of their joined tits. .. as they moaned together they began thrusting their huge tits forward and backward with more intensity. .. and with more distance.. until their nipples became visible... each time they pulled back from each other, more and more of their welded nipples came into view until their hard lengthy sucking nipples were being stretched out between their areolas. … more and more.. until their areolas were being pulled out from the front of their big tits... yet the tips of their huge nipples were still sucked together... sucked together with enough suction to pull and tug on each others areolas without letting go. It was amazing... it was incredible .. the suction was more intense than Wendy or Jane had ever known.

With their hands on each others buttocks, they began to lift up each others skirts.... using both of their hands and their fingers, they managed to lift the skirts up around each others waist, all the while still pushing and pumping their enormously over-sized tits against each other. Fingers slipped inside panties as they slid their hands over the hot naked skin of each others firm hard buttocks.. squeezing and kneading the firm flesh of each others ass cheeks.

“Mmmmmmmmmm.” Wendy moaned with her tongue pressed hard against Jane's tongue.

Jane moaned in response as they continued to grab and squeeze each others buttocks .. “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

A few more minutes passed and they were now breathing harder and more deeply. It seemed that heir long nipples were indeed welded together as they stretched out, pulling and tugging at their areolas each time they pulled their heavy tits back from each other... and then there was the light sweet smacking sounds that could be heard over their heavy breathing each time they pushed those huge globes of dense tit-flesh together. Their long wet tongues were also pumping together now... each time they would pull their tits away from each other their tongues would almost separate.. then as they leaned into each other and mashed the fullness of their tits together, their tongues would once again lay out against each other.... over and over and over again. The fire was burning. The heat was intense. They were about to juice together again.

Once again, Wendy felt her pussy suck at the front of her panties... It was intense.. even more intense than it was before... It felt like her cunt wanted to literally swallow her panties. .. and it was more suction than she could ever remember.. much more .. a hell of a lot more … it was magical … and then her eyes opened wide and her mind began to reel ...'Oh my God... magic .. it's fucking magic.' ...“Unnnnnnnnnnnn.” Wendy moaned as her tongue pushed against Jane's. …

And then it was Jane's turn to feel something totally unexpected. .. something she had never experienced before... something she had never felt before ... not with Angel... not with anyone … ever … it was incredible. She gasped as she felt the suction on her nipples... intense suction … it felt like a vacuum hose was clamped to the tips of her nipples... pulling and tugging... but it was more than that .. she thought her nipples were being yanked.... her nipples were being jerked hard. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Jane gasped as she slipped her hands out of the back of Wendy's panties and wrapped her arms around her,, squeezing their heavy tits together hard. She forced her tongue against Wendy's and felt her clit jerk as her vagina clenched. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Jane tilted her face back from Wendy... their long wet tongues separating with several strings of their bubbly spit stringing between their lips and tongues... she tossed her head back … her long blonde hair flying around her face... “FUCK!”

Wendy gasped as she felt her pussy catch on fire. “Ohhhhhhhhhh FUCK!”

Their nipples seared together in a white hot fiery inferno. “Wendy!!! Ohhhh FUCK!”

Wendy's cunt squirted into her panties.. gushing.... her nipples ejaculated … “Unnnnn Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh God Jane! … Cummmmmming!”

Jane squealed with pleasure as her nipples ejaculated with Wendy's.. their hot sticky nipple cum gushing on to each others tits at the same time … followed by several quick hard jerks from her swollen clit … “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

Their big tits shook together... their arms and hands around each others back.. pulling each other close as their bodies trembled together. “Cummmmmming!!” .. “Cummmmmmming!!” Wendy and Jane gasped together... their bodies sweaty from their intense sexual heat.

Jane thought she was going to faint from the excessive pleasure that was flowing through her body like a tidal wave. She held Wendy tight as her big tits quivered.. her buttocks flexing hard as another orgasm came sweeping through her body... “Cummmmmmmmming!”

Wendy held Jane tight... their huge tits plastered together with sweat and nipple cum as they trembled in each others arms.... and Wendy began to cum again... her buttocks jerked... her tits quivered … her entire body became one extreme powerful spasm … “Cummmmmmming!”

“Ohhhhhhhhh my God Wendy!”

“Ohhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss .. oh Jane... Fuck!”


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss.”

They rested their faces together.. cheek to cheek .. gasping and trembling... it was, without question, an incredible moment, leaving them almost breathless. A few minutes elapsed as they clung to each other..catching their breath..... Wendy finally speaking …whispering into Jane's ear, “I want more.”

Jane whispered back, flicking her tongue on Wendy's ear .. “So do I.”

Wendy leaned back enough for them to look into each others eyes .. “We will have to continue this somewhere else.”

“I agree.”

“Let's go to my home... it's not far.”

Jane shook her head up and down .. “Ok.” Jane then moved away from Wendy... well .. she attempted to move away. As she stepped back their nipples pulled at each other.. they were still suck together... Wendy was concerned that the 'suck magic' was still working... although what she had felt earlier was not as strong now.... perhaps the magic was dissipating. Placing their hands on each others shoulders they pushed away from each other... their nipples pulling and stretching until it was somewhat painful. As they looked down, their eyes filled with wonder and amazement. Wendy and Jane's nipples were longer and bigger around then either of them could ever remember. There had to be almost three inches of connected nipple length between their areolas. “My God.” Jane whispered.

Again, with the palms of their hands firmly planted on the front side of each others shoulders, they pushed away from each other.. again, their nipples stretched and tugged for a few seconds before they finally broke loose from each other with an audible 'pop.' Still looking down at their nipples rising and falling on the front of each others huge tits, they noticed little drops of their clear nipple cum was still oozing out of their milk holes.. and as the drops became bigger, they would drip off the tips of their nipples. What a very sexy and erotic moment it was for Wendy and Jane.

“That was incredible.” Wendy whispered.

Jane whispered back .. “It was unbelievable. ...Hurry.. lets get dressed and go.”

It did not take very long for Wendy and Jane to slip on their blouses and tuck them inside their skirts.... then they noticed the obvious wetness on their legs.. their cum had ran all the way down to their shoes! … so they reached for the cloth napkins on their table and dried the wetness off of their legs before taking another sip of their wine. A minute later they were slipping their blazers on. Wendy told Jane where she lived and how to get there.. she also said she would wait at the front gate so Jane could follow her inside her estate. ..just in case they got separated on the journey to Wendy's home. Wendy left a few hundred dollar bills on the table to pay for the wine and a tip before they shared a long deep kiss.

“I can't wait until we can grind our pussys together.”

“Me either Wendy... I want to fuck you sooooooooo bad.”

“Let's get out of here!” Grabbing their purses and Jane's briefcase, the began walking to the front door of the restaurant .... Armando was busy talking to someone as he raised his hand and waved. Wendy and Jane waved back. Walking out, Wendy pointed to her red Lamborghini .. “Follow me.” Jane nodded, and a few minutes later they were driving to the Corleone estate.

To be continued