By AngelDawn30

Previously on Wednesday (Highlights)

Wendy and Michelle met at the Country Club
Amber and Amanda met at the movie theater
Joy and Lisa had an on again/off again encounter throughout the day
Angel made arrangements for Joy and Ashley to meet
Angel, Jane, Olivia and Sophia spent time together at Angel's home where Angel recovered Wendy's missing ring
Wendy and Michelle continued their encounter

Second Thursday

Wendy woke up from her deep sleep at four o'clock in the morning. She rolled over on her side and it took her a few seconds to focus before realizing that she was laying on the carpet in the living room of her suite at the country club. She rolled back over on her back as she yawned and stretched her arms up above her head... then the memory of her encounter with Michelle came back to her... but it was all fuzzy. She slowly got to her feet, her body aching as she walked toward the bathroom in the darkness. As she walked through the door and flicked the light switch on she gasped. “Fucking bitch!” Michelle had written 'W H O R E' across her chest with lipstick. “Goddamn fucking bitch!” As she sat town on the toilet she began to recall what had happened. They had fucked themselves to the point of exhaustion .. and it was now apparent that Michelle was the last woman standing. “Fucking bitch!” Wendy yelled. She stood back up and stepped in front of the mirror and looked at herself. She was a mess.. her hair was all tangled and her makeup was smeared.. then there was the fucking lipstick on her chest. Wendy felt dirty... violated .. and it made her mad. “Oh you fucking bitch!

She turned the shower on.. she had to get Michelle's filth off her body. She walked to the kitchen and picked up a bottle of water, drinking the entire bottle before returning to the bathroom. Wendy was pissed as she stepped into the shower and became even more angry as she washed herself clean. It took several minutes for her to scrub the sticky lipstick off her skin as she thought about how she was going to get even with that bitch. When she finished removing the lipstick from her body she washed her hair before stepping out of the shower. Wrapping a hair towel around her head she walked into her bedroom. The comforter and sheets were all over the place and the aroma of pussy cum was still in the air... which only increased her animosity and anger for Michelle. With a can of air freshener in her hand, she walked around the room spraying Michelle's nasty scent out of the air before walking to the guest bedroom. It was a little after four-thirty in the morning and she was very tired and needed more rest. Pulling back the covers, she crawled into the bed and wrapped herself up and drifted off into another deep sleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

A few minutes before 9 AM, Jane was strutting down the hallway toward her office with her ass swishing back and forth and her huge tits gently bouncing up and down on her chest. And, as usual, practically every male employee and a few of the women ... from the attorneys to the mail room clerk … all just happened to be doing something in the hallway. And who could blame them? This was the most exciting event that would likely take place all day at the Lincoln Law Firm. Jane knew they were staring and she loved the attention as she swayed her perfect ass just a little bit more than was necessary.

Judy greeted her as she approached her office .. “Good Morning Ms Love.” she smiled as she handed Jane her Veinte skinny vanilla latte. “I have your schedule pulled up on your desktop... and Abby, Michelle Richardson's secretary called a few minutes ago wanting to set up an appointment with Ms. Richardson about that partnership lawsuit.”

“Thank you Judy.” Jane smiled as she strutted into her office. Judy walked back to her desk smiling and thinking .. 'Jane must have got laid last night.'

Jane's black skirt rode almost halfway up her thighs as she sat down and recalled the image in her mind of Michelle Richardson. She smiled to herself as she remembered meeting Michelle at the Fine Arts Gala last week... she remembered how stunningly beautiful and sexy Michelle was .. she also remembered her huge round tits... and Jane also remembered their conversation... in fact, Jane remembered every small little detail and she played it back in her mind …. just as it had happened.

She was hot ..she was beautiful .. she was tall... her dark hair was lovely … her face was the face of a model.. and she had big fucking tits. Jane turned her body around facing Michelle.. “You must be Michelle... Michelle Richardson” Jane spoke softly as she smiled. “I have heard of you.” Most every attorney in Dallas knew who Michelle Richardson was.. Jane was no exception... she just did not know how strikingly beautiful Michelle was.

“It's all lies.” Michelle gave Jane a wicked grin.

“I'm Jane... Jane Love.”

“It is nice to meet you Jane... and I have heard of you... you work with Paul Lincoln.”

“Yes I do.”

“You have built quite an impressive reputation as an attorney... is Paul here?”

“No.. he is not into these kinda things... so he sent me instead.”

“He is wise.. you certainly will draw more attention than Mr. Lincoln.” Michelle then leaned forward, the front of their dresses barely touching.. and whispered toward Jane's ear... “And you make a much bigger impression.” Michelle made it a point to blatantly stare at Jane's deep cleavage as she stepped back.. before moving her eyes up to meet Jane's... Jane then returned the favor as she lowered her eyes and stared for several seconds at Michelle's bountiful tits before raising her eyes back to Michelle's and leaning forward, again the black dress touching the white dress and whispered into Michelle's ear.. “You make quite an impression too.” It was if they were gladiators.. checking out the competition.. and each one wanting the other to know that they had looked.

“I brought you a glass of wine.” Michelle spoke softly as she handed the glass to Jane.

“Thank you.” Jane took the glass and held it toward Michelle.. “Here is to getting better acquainted” They clinked their wine glasses and sipped.

“And here is to discovering more about you.” Again, they clinked glasses and sipped.

Jane stepped closer, once again the front of their dresses swishing together as she whispered in Michelle's ear.. “And here is to exploring all the possibilities”

Michelle whispered back in Jane's ear .. “I love your tits.”

Jane was having fun flirting with Michelle but this was just straight to the point... which was fine with Jane as she whispered back .. “I love your tits too... in fact, my tits would like to introduce themselves to your tits.”

Michelle felt her cunt twitch... Jane was her kind of woman... as she pressed closer to Jane... their bare tit-flesh that was exposed touched.. hot burning skin searing hot burning skin and whispered … “Without our clothes on.”

Jane moved a little to the side.. letting her huge tits drag across Michelle's... the material of their dresses swishing against each other. “Of course.”

Just then someone called for Michelle. She stepped back, grinning at Jane.. “Later.” She then turned and walked over to a few other people and began chatting.

Jane sipped her latte as she whispered to herself “Yes indeed.. I would love for my tits to introduce themselves to your tits Michelle … without our clothes on.” She took a deep breath and picked up the phone and called the number...

“Michelle Richardson's office.. this is Abby.”

“Hi Abby.. Jane Love returning Ms. Richardson's call”

“Oh Hi Ms. Love.. I am not sure if you remember me ...we met last Saturday night at Girlfriends. You make quite an impression.”

“Yes. I do remember you... if I recall you were soliciting for Ms. Richardson... and I seem to remember that you made a big impression yourself Abby.”

Abby's voice dropped to a whisper.. “I would love to have that titfight with you someday.”

Jane was surprised that Abby would mention that as she responded .. “We will have to work on that... is Michelle available?”

“No, she has not made it in yet this morning.. I am expecting her at any time. She asked me to call you a few days ago and set up an appointment about the partnership lawsuit. I understand that you are representing Mr. Smith, one of the partners.”

“Yes I am.”

“So when would be a good time for the two of you to get together? .. Is this evening good for you?”

Jane's mind was occupied with the vision of Michelle's massive tits as she responded. “Yes, I can work that out.. this evening would be fine... when and where?”

“I will visit with her when I see her and call you back, ok?”

“That would be fine Abby.”

“And don't forget what I said.”

“About you and I getting together?”

“Well, yeah that, but about you and Michelle. I think she would be very interested in titfighting you.”

“Ah, well.. perhaps me and Ms. Richardson can discuss that when we meet,”

“Great! I will call you later and let you know when and where.”

“Thank you Abby... bye.”

“Bye Ms. Love.”

Jane thought about Michelle as she looked at her schedule for today. Her huge tits were already beginning to swell with anticipation. “This is going to be another one of those F cup days. Definitely an F cup day. A fucking huge F cup day”.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Angel arrived at her office a few minutes before ten. After checking her phone messages and opening her mail it was time to call Charles. She picked up her cell phone and dialed the number on his card. The phone rang one time before she heard his voice.. “Hello Ms. Johansen.”

“Hello Charles.. how did you know it was me?” Their previous conversation took place when he had called her office phone number and Angel was curious how he knew her cell phone number.

Charles did not answer her question as he replied.. “How may I help you?”

“I have the ring.” She thought that he would be excited about the good news.. and perhaps he was.. but his voice remained steady and calm.

“My employer will be pleased. When would it be convenient for me to pick up the ring?”

“Charles, do you remember our first conversation? I told you that I would recover the ring for your employer with one condition. … when I have possession of the ring, I want to personally deliver it to your employer.”

“Yes Ms. Johansen. I remember the conversation.”

“You then called this mystery woman and she agreed if I would promise not to ever tell anyone about this... not about the ring... and not about your employer who owns the ring... and I gave you my word.. and you said that you believed me.”

“Yes, you are correct Ms. Johansen. Unfortunately, I do not know where my employer is at the present time and it would be more convenient and certainly save everyone some time if I just came and picked the ring up and personally gave it to my employer when I see her.”

Angel's voice was firm ..“No Charles. That is not what we agreed.”

“Very well Ms. Johansen, as they say, 'A deal is a deal.' I was only attempting to offer my assistance to save you some time. I will inform my employer that you have the ring and you will personally deliver the ring to her at her convenience. I will then call you and inform you of when you may deliver the ring to my employer.”

“Thank you Charles... I also have one more thing to tell you. The woman who took the ring is going to personally apologize to your employer. Her name is Olivia Marquez.. she also goes by 'Kiera.' and she will visit your employer this evening at seven o'clock. Please inform our mystery woman that she will have company this evening.”

Charles knew who Kiera was... she had visited Carlo several times... but he knew nothing about her other than her name being Kiera. He knew that she was more than likely the woman who had stolen Wendy's ring... but he could not reveal that Kiera had been seeing Carlo … Charles could not implicate Mr. Corleone. He was bound by loyalty to Carlo Corleone. He was also loyal to Wendy Corleone... and was quite relieved that Wendy had called Angel to find the missing ring... It allowed him to remain loyal and faithful to Carlo and Wendy.... which was his duty. “I will inform my employer. Did Ms. Marquez reveal the identity of my employer, whom she took the ring from, or where this incident took place?”

“I did not ask her. I wanted to ask... but I thought I should respect your employer's wish to remain anonymous.”

“Thank you Ms. Johansen.”

“You're welcome Charles ….. you do know that you may call me Angel.”

“Yes Ms. Johansen. However, ... it would not be proper.”

“All right Charles... call me and let me know when I can bring the ring to our mystery woman.”

“I will do that Ms. Johansen, .. and, if I may say so, … thank you for finding her ring.”

“You're welcome.”

“Goodbye Ms. Johansen.”

“Bye Charles.”

As Angel put her cell phone down on her desk she spoke out loud to herself .. “I wonder if he yells and screams when the Cowboys score a touchdown... or would that not be proper.” As she glanced down at the flawless seven carat diamond ring on her finger, all the wonderful feelings of love and desire that women have for diamonds began flowing through her entire being as she moved her hand back and forth in the light... staring as the diamond reflected a thousand different brilliant colors. It was beautiful... elegant .. shimmering with a magical light and Angel sighed. “I would love to have a ring like this someday”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Amber looked extra hot today in her purple mini-dress as she walked into Ashley's office at 9:30.. Karen stood up from behind her receptionist's desk and greeted her .. “Hi Amber. It's nice to see you again.”

“Thank you Karen.. it's always nice to see you too .. is my sister busy?”

“I don't think so... she is in her office.. you can go on back.”

“Thanks.” Amber knocked on the door before opening it and peeking inside.. “Hi.”

Ashley stood up and walked toward her sister and gave her a big hug.. which lasted longer than either of them expected as they moved their heavy tits against each other for more than a minute before Ashley stepped back.. “Your tits can't stay away from mine.”

Amber giggled .. “That's kinda like calling the kettle black.”

“Touche... You certainly look hot today are you?”

“Good... well.. perhaps more than good.”


“I need your help Ashley.”

“Of course.. anything for my little sister.”

“I found out about Rick's cheating.”

“Oh Amber, I am so sorry.”

“Thanks.. but actually I think it is something that I can work out.”

“How so?”

“Rick was paying girls to titfight each other while he watched.”

Ashley was surprised .. “You're kidding.”

“Nope.. that is what he was doing.. I thought he was fucking someone.. but he was paying women to meet and titfight for him.”

“Oh my... soooo... so why was he doing that?”

“I assume that Rick really loves titfighting. It's really kinda odd and funny at the same time.. cause I used to do that all the time.. but hubby number one could not deal with it.. that is why we divorced.. when I met Rick I gave up titfighting.. I did not want to ruin another marriage …. and now I learn that Rick loves titfighting! God! I could have been doing this for him all along if I had only known!”

“My goodness Amber.”

“I know... anyway, I think I can save my marriage.. I have always loved to titfight.. and now I have discovered that I am married to a man who loves to watch women titfight. It's a perfect arrangement.”

“Yes, it would seem so.. well this is great!”

Amber smiled as she continued... “This is where you come in.”

Ashley looked puzzled .. “I am not sure I understand.”

Amber stepped closer to her sister .. “I want you and I to titfight in front of Rick.”

Ashley stepped back .. “Ohh, I don't know Amber.”

“Come on Ashley... listen … you can drop by.. like.. Saturday night .. you know, just to say Hi and visit.. then we can pretend to begin arguing about who has the bigger tits so we decide to compare them... all the while Rick is watching .. and, of course, we end up titfighting in front of him... once he knows that I am the one who can make his fantasy a reality, there will be no need for him to pay someone to titfight for him.”


Amber gave Ashley that 'deer in the headlights look' ...“Please?”

Ashley grinned ..“It does sound exciting.”

Amber stepped toward Ashley again and threw her arms around her sister, hugging her tight. “Oh thank you!”

“Ok.. I will do this for you Amber.”

“You are so wonderful Ashley.” Amber said as she moved her face toward Ashley and pressed her lips against her sister's lips. Within a few seconds their wet tongues were touching and then the touching became tongue wrestling as they shared a very long kiss before Ashley stepped back.

“Amber, I don't have time right now.”

“Of course, I understand.”

“Saturday night? What time?”

“Be at my home about seven.”

“I will.. and Amber?”


“I think it will be fun.”

Amber giggled as she replied... “I think so too... thank you so very much!”

“I have to make some phone calls Amber.”

“Of course.. I will see you Saturday at seven.” Amber said as she turned and walked toward the door, turning around before she said .. “Bye.”

“Bye Amber.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Wendy woke up from her deep sleep at ten o'clock. She felt somewhat rested as she rolled out of bed and looked for her cell phone. Upon finding it, she checked her messages and noticed that Charles had texted her several times. She knew that he must be worried about her so she sent him a text telling him she was fine and would be home soon. The next thirty minutes were spent with makeup and eyeliner before she brushed out her long blonde hair. After slipping on a bra and a pair of panties, she finished dressing... a pair of jeans and a black top before putting on a white pair of athletic shoes along with her sunglasses. Fifteen minutes later she was parking her car in front of her home.

Charles greeted her at the door .. “I am glad to see you. I was concerned for your safety Ms. Corleone. Are you all right?”

“Yes Charles, I am fine.” she replied as he opened the door for her and they continued talking as they walked.

“I am delighted to hear that Ms. Corleone. Ms. Johansen called. She has your missing ring. It has been recovered and she has it safely in her possession.”

Wendy smiled for the first time all day .. “Oh good.. when are you going to pick it up?”

“Ms Johansen reminded me that you had agreed to allow her to personally deliver the ring to you Ms. Corleone.”

Wendy frowned .. “Damn.... I did agree to that didn't I?”

“Yes Ma'am .. you did. … She wanted to know when it would be convenient for her to deliver the ring to you in person.”


Charles knew not to ask her the next obvious question ..'When tomorrow?' .. He knew that Wendy would tell him when she was ready to tell him. “Yes Ms. Corleone... tomorrow. Ms. Johansen also informed me that the woman who took your ring will be here this evening at seven o'clock to personally apologize. Her name is Olivia Marquez.”

“All right... this evening at seven. You will make sure that she gets through the security gates and then send her to my room.”

“Yes Ms. Corleone … Also, FedEx delivered an envelope for you a few minutes before you arrived … it is from Lorenzo Corleone … ” Charles walked over to the desk near the stairs and picked up the envelope and handed it to Wendy. “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“Thank you Charles, but no. I am fine.”

“Yes Ma'am.. Please let me know if I can be of any service to you.”

“I will.”

“Very good Ms. Corleone.” Charles answered before turning and walking back to his quarters as Wendy walked up the stairs to her bedroom. She thought for a few minutes about what she was going to say to Olivia Marquez... then she opened the envelope. It was the document that clarified the terms of her divorce. It was only one page and she quickly read through it.. everything was just as they had verbally agreed. She picked up her cell phone and started to call Jane to let her know she had the agreement and to confirm their appointment at Armando's for tomorrow... but she hesitated as the wheels in her mind began to turn. She was still pissed off at Michelle. Actually 'pissed off' was not the correct verbiage. Wendy was mad as hell at Michelle and as she spent a few seconds thinking about how much she hated that bitch she realized what she needed. She needed what all nympho lesbian slut-whores need. Wendy needed a good fuck. … a really good fuck … and Jane would certainly give her a good fuck.

She began to fantasize about Jane as she dialed Jane's number. “Jane Love's office, this is Judy.”

“Hi Judy.. this is Wendy Corleone calling for Ms. Love.”

“Yes Ms. Corleone, one moment please.” Judy paged Jane on the intercom .. “Ms Corleone for you on line three.”

“Hi Wendy, this is Jane.”

“Hi Jane.. I know we planned to meet tomorrow at Armando's at noon.. but I really need to meet with you today. I am going to send Charles to your office to deliver the document that you need to look over and then I thought we could meet at Armando's today.”

There was no way in hell that Jane was not going to agree. Wendy Corleone would be an excellent client for the firm … besides, Wendy was drop dead gorgeous with perhaps the biggest tits Jane had ever seen. “I would love to meet with you today Wendy although I am not sure I can be there at noon.”

“How about two o'clock?”

“Yes Wendy, I will meet you there at two.”

“Good. I will call Armando and make the reservation. I am really looking forward to seeing you.” Wendy replied as she continued, “Jane … do you remember our conversation at the Fine Arts Gala?”

Jane remembered what Wendy had said to her that night.. that Wendy wanted to touch her tits against Jane's without any clothes between their tits … “Yes I do.”

“ And then I asked you ..“Promise?” Wendy whispered.

“And I said … I promise.” Jane answered.

Wendy continued with a quiet sexy voice ... “When we get into our private room at Armando's that is the first thing I want to do.. before we do anything else.”

“I would love to do that Wendy … and there is something else I want to do after we do the first thing.”

“What is that Jane?”

Jane recalled the vivid memory of touching tongues with Angel when they first met ...“I want both of us to stick our tongues out as far as we can and extend them down on our chins. .. then I want to touch them together.. the flat top surface of your tongue touching the flat top surface of my tongue.”

“Mmmm Jane, I would love to do that.”

Jane was already panting with lust as she said .. “And I want to keep them touching like that for as long as we can.”

“Mmmmm yes. …. I can't wait until two o'clock .. ... and Jane?”

“Yes Wendy?”

“I am not quite sure how to word this.... but... I ...”

“It's all right Wendy... anything you say is strictly confidential between you and me.. Attorney-client confidentiality.”

“OK, thank you... It's kind of embarrassing, but my nipples are really irritated today.. and my bra is driving me crazy... I think I am going to wear something soft without a bra... and since we will be out in public, would you find that offensive?”

Jane's heart skipped a beat.. she loved to flaunt her tits and Wendy had just given her an opportunity to do so. “Not at all Wendy... in fact, I won't wear a bra either.. so both of us can be embarrassed together!” Jane giggled as she finished her sentence then continued, “And if you want to wear something that is less irritating.. try something made of silk.. one hundred percent silk.. and if your nipples are really sensitive, the thinner the material the better.”

“If I do that Jane, my areolas and nipples will show.”

“I will be wearing a blazer... so just wear something like that... look like a lawyer.” Jane laughed and Wendy laughed with her.

“Thank you Jane...see you at two o'clock ..Bye for now.”

“Bye Wendy.”

Wendy's cunt twinged as she placed her cell phone down, thinking about Jane and her over-sized tits … and as Jane thought about Wendy and her massive tits, her hard nipples twitched and her huge tits began to feel suffocated in the confinement of her E cup bra. “This is most definitely going to be a fucking huge F cup day.” Jane whispered to herself.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

It was about 11 o'clock in the morning when Angel closed for an early lunch break and headed to Target. Yes, of course she removed the seven carat diamond ring from her finger and locked it in her safe before leaving. She needed to pick up some diet sodas and Target had them on sale. As usual, Angel left with more items that she had intended to purchase. She unloaded her bags into the back of her Vette and returned her shopping cart to it's proper place. She started her car and proceeded to back out of her parking space when suddenly... 'Bam!' … “What the Fuck!” Angel exclaimed as she pulled forward and got out her car. There was another car that was also backing out at the same time she was and their two cars had bumped into each other. As she walked to the other car a very attractive woman with beautiful raven black hair and huge tits was stepping out of her car..and walking toward Angel, her short dress showing lots of leg as she scooted out of her seat. “Are you all right?” Angel asked as she approached the woman.

“No, I am not all right. Look! My taillight is cracked.”

“Oh my.” Angel answered.

“Did you not see me?” the black haired woman asked.

“No, I did not see you, and apparently you did not see me either.”

She stepped toward Angel ..“Are you saying this is my fault?”

“I don't think it's anyone's fault.”

The raven haired woman stepped closer toward Angel, “You should have been watching where you were going.”

Angel looked at the back of her corvette for the first time ...“Shit!... look... the left boob is broken!” She said as she noticed one of the tail lights on her corvette was cracked.

The raven haired woman looked at the back of Angel's corvette and sure enough, one of the tail lights was cracked .. “Oh... one of her boobs is busted.”

“Damn.” Angel muttered. “I've never had a boob busted before.”

“Well maybe you should have one of your boobs busted! .. It might encourage you to be a better driver.” … the black haired vixen smirked.

Angel frowned at her .. “What are you trying to say?”

“You heard me.”

“Yes I did.. and I did not like what you said... maybe you need one of your boobs busted!”

“You want to bust boobs with me bitch?”

Now Angel could tolerate most anything... to a degree... but the one thing that she did not like was for someone to call her a bitch. Her eyes burned with anger as she glared back at the woman standing in front of her... “I'll bust both of your boobs..... Bitch!”

“My name is not 'Bitch'.”

“Look... whoever you are ….”


“Look Sara ...It's unfortunate that our .. ah .. tail.. boob ... thingy... they do kinda look like boobs, don't they?... anyway, it is unfortunate that we busted each others .. boobs. Let's just exchange insurance information and let it go.”

“I do not want to let it go... you fucking blonde bimbo.”


“Fine... fucking blonde Angel.” Sara responded as she stepped forward and pushed her huge tits into Angel's massive rack.

Angel stepped back then lunged forward.. slamming her huge dense tits into Sara's big round globes .. “Don't start something you can't finish!”

Sara pushed back again.. jamming their huge over-sized tits together.. “Oh, I can finish it all right. I will bust both of your tits!”

Angel mockingly laughed.. “I'd like to see you try!”

Again Sara pushed her tits against Angel's .. “You think you are some kind of hot shit, don't you?”

“You are the one who started it.”

“Fuck you!! You backed into me!”

Angel was getting pissed... “Sooo... you wanna bust tits with me?”

“You goddamn right I do!... I want to get you alone and recreate just what happened.”

Angel pushed into Sara again... their huge tits mushrooming .. “You want to re-enact just what happened?

“That's right.. your tits against mine!”


“Right now bitch!”

“Not now ...Tonight.”

“Why don't we settle this right now?”

“Right here in the parking lot?”

“Damn, are you that stupid? Of course that does not surprise me... after all, you are a fucking blonde!.... No! Not here in the parking lot... lets go somewhere.”

That really angered Angel... “The address is 40 Cherrywood Lane ... I will be expecting you at eight o'clock”

“What's the matter... need time to build up your courage?”

“Eight o'clock ...40 Cherrywood Lane.”

“Fine. I'll be there at eight o'clock.... loser has to pay for the others car.”

“Fine.” Angel said as she turned around and began walking back to her car,, then she turned around .. “Oh, I almost forgot …. Fuck you!”

“Fuck you bitch!” Sara said as she gave Angel the finger.



“I'm gonna bust your tits bitch!!” Angel raised her voice as she stepped into her Vette and closed the door... She rolled down the drivers window and held out her hand, flipping Sara off as her tires squealed, burning rubber as she drove away.

“Fucking bitch!” Sara mumbled to herself as she stepped into her car and headed back to her apartment. “I am going to bust her tits bad.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

It was not very long after her conversation with Wendy until Judy paged Jane on the intercom. “There is a 'Charles' here to see you Ms. Love.”

“Send him in.” Charles walked in and Jane was surprised to see how tall he was. Jane smiled at him as she spoke, “Hi Charles... Jane Love.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you Ms. Love. I have an envelope for you.” His voice was deep and mature as he handed Jane the envelope.

“Thank you Charles.”

“My pleasure Ms. Love.”

“It's ok to call me Jane.”

And, of course, by now you know his response .. “That would not be proper Ms. Love.”

Jane smiled again as Charles turned around and walked out of her office. She made a copy of the document for her records and then sat down at her desk and began reading. “Holy shit! .. twenty million dollars!”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Angel arrived back at her office not long after having 'one of her boobs cracked'. She still had to make two important phone calls as walked into her office and sat down at her desk. The first person she called was Ashley.

“Ashley Williams.”

“Hi Ashley, Angel Johansen.. I have good news. I have arranged a meeting between you and Joy.”

Ashley felt the anger swell up inside her as she answered .. “Ouuuu, I want to get at that slut! .. when and where?”

“Seven o'clock Saturday night at the Hotel Texas.”

“Oh Angel.. Saturday night will not work for me.. I have plans.. what about tomorrow night?”

“That is not a problem ..I can change the reservation to tomorrow night.”

“That would be great!”

“ I will take care of it and make all the necessary arrangements.. the room is reserved for you .. just check in at the front desk .. and it is important that you arrive at precisely seven o'clock.”

“Seven o'clock tomorrow evening at the Hotel Texas.”

“Correct... and one more thing.. I have reserved room 3025 for the two of you.”

“Oh good. I can settle this right where it all began... how much do I owe you?”

“I don't know .. don't worry about it right now.. I'll send you a bill.”

“Ok … thank you Angel.”

“You're welcome Ashley... bye.”

“Bye Bye Angel.”

As soon as Angel ended her conversation with Ashley, she called the Hotel Texas. Fortunately, room 3025 was available Friday night so she changed the reservation from Saturday to Friday .. then Angel called Joy.

“Joy Antonelli.”

“Hi Joy, Angel Johansen.. I have arranged a meeting between you and Ashley.”

Joy sounded very pleased as she answered, .. “That is great Angel. I really want to settle things between me and that whore.”

“Seven o'clock tomorrow night at the Hotel Texas. I have arranged everything ... the room is reserved for you .. all you need to do is check in at the front desk .. and it is important that you arrive at exactly seven o'clock.”

“Seven o'clock Friday evening at the Hotel Texas.”

“Correct... I have reserved room 3025 for the two of you.”

“Good. That is perfect. I can meet her in the same room where she ruined my evening with my x-boyfriend.”

“I thought you would pleased.”

“I am very pleased.. thank you Angel.”

“You're welcome Joy .. I am glad I could arrange this for the two of you.”

“I have another phone call Angel.. thanks again.”

“Ok Joy. Bye.”

“Bye for now Angel.”

Angel leaned back in her chair.. she was very pleased.. if only she could be, as the old saying goes … 'a fly on the wall.' She took a deep breath before whispering to herself, “I bet that is going to be one dirty nasty revenge fuck-fight.” Angel thought about it for a couple of minutes, then turned on her desktop. She had a client who was adopted and wanted Angel to find her birth mother.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

It was 12:15 in the afternoon and Jennifer had been thinking for a little while about what she should wear for her interview with Angel. She had several outfits and dresses that would easily be defined as 'sexy'.. but which one?.... There was the red was strapless and was short, .. about five inches above her knees. It had a scooped neckline that showed just a little of the upper swells of her big tits. It was cute, sexy, but did not show enough skin to be vulgar in the work place. Jennifer liked the red dress. She had also picked out her 'little black dress'... perhaps an inch longer than the red dress, but with a slit on the right side.. the slit went about half way up her thigh. The black dress had a plunging neckline …. it showed a little more of her massive tits. There were two thin straps that held it up. Jennifer also liked her black dress. Hmmmm, what was a girl to do? She made the decision to call Angel.

“Hi Jennifer.”

“Sorry to bother you Angelica.”

“It's all right.”

“I wanted to ask you about something about the interview today.”


“I was told that you wanted someone who is attractive and dresses sexy. Is that correct?”


“Ok.. that's fine. I have no problem with that.. but I am really interested in the job and I don't want to make a bad first impression.. I mean.. I can dress sexy.. but I don't want to look like a … well, I want to dress appropriately for the interview, but I don't want to.. well ...”

“Look like a whore?”


Angel laughed.. “It is a good question... and I am glad you asked. I am not sure how to define 'whore attire', I mean, you can't wear a skirt that barely covers your ass or a top that barely covers your nipples.. that is not the look that I want for my receptionist. I have men and women clients and I care about my image..but I do want someone who looks hot.. I don't mind if my receptionist shows a little leg and a maybe a tiny bit of cleavage, but not too much. I think that a dress or skirt that is about three or four inches above the knees is acceptable.. nothing shorter than that...I don't mind if the top is tight, but nothing that reveals a lot of skin. Like I just said, a tiny bit of cleavage is acceptable.. but you can't show off most of the upper swells of your boobs. I hope that makes sense.”

“Yes of course, I understand.”

“Now as far as the interview.. you can wear something as short as you want and it is ok to show as much cleavage as you want. I don't even mind if you look a little nippy, if you know what I mean.. In other words, this is an opportunity for you to impress me... soooo … impress me Jennifer.”

“Impress you?”

“Yes. I am looking for an attractive receptionist... and I prefer that she has nice legs and big boobs... the bigger the better... soooo, this is an opportunity for you to show me what you got.”

“Sooo, you are telling me that I can dress as sexy as I want for the interview.”

“Yes Jennifer, that is correct.”

“Wow! ...ok... you said earlier that you do not want your receptionist to wear something to work that barely covers her ass or nipples.. but, if I wear something like that for the interview.. you are ok with that... right?”

“Yes, that is correct.”

“Thank you for clearing that up.... One last question.. you 'are' into girls.. right?”

“Very much so Jennifer.. that is why you can wear whatever you want for the interview.. I want to see what you look like... the job is for a receptionist who will also be my personal assistant... I think you know what I mean by 'personal assistant.”

“Yes I do.”


“Ok, great... I will see you at 5:30.”

Angel was about to say 'ok' when she remembered her date with Sara. “Oh I almost forgot... Something has come up Jennifer... Can we meet earlier?”

“Sure.. what time?”

“How about 3 this afternoon.”

“Three o'clock is fine.. see you then..”

“Ok ...Bye Jennifer.”

Jennifer looked again at the red dress and the black dress. ...then she thought about what Angel had just told her..... 'You can wear something as short as you want and it is ok to show some cleavage.' “Well”, Jennifer said to herself.... “This opens up some very interesting possibilities.... You want me to impress you? I can do that!”

To be continued