By AngelDawn30

Second Thursday

Angel and Jennifer

Jennifer really wanted the job as Angel's receptionist / personal assistant. She knew Angel was looking for someone who was hot, and as she looked at herself in the mirror, she knew she was hot. Maybe that sounds a little conceded, but it was true. Jennifer was very hot. ..and she was going to show Angel just how hot she was! For the next forty-five minutes, she made sure that her make-up was flawless and her long hair was perfect. Now it was time to get dressed... Jennifer understood that she had only one chance to make a good first impression... so she had to look perfect. She had to look hot. She had to look hotter than she had ever looked before.

She paused for a few minutes, contemplating about what she should wear. She needed to show of her legs.. and her nice ass … and her big tits. Looking through her lingerie, she found the perfect thong for the occasion.... it was black and was nothing more than a string with barely enough material to cover her private parts. She leaned over as she slipped the thong over her feet and tugged it up her thighs and around her hips. Indeed, her thong barely covered her vulva. Turning around and looking in the mirror, Jennifer admired her nice tight ass.. the string of the thong was wedged between her hard buttocks. .. all she could see was where it attached to the other string that went around her hips before it disappeared between her hard ass cheeks. . “Definitely hot.” Jennifer whispered to herself. She picked up a lacy black bra and held it in her hand as she admired her firm tits in the mirror. Jennifer's tits were incredible.

As you already know, Jennifer measured 39 ½ inches around her big tits... and those huge tits stuck straight out... without any need of a bra for support. She smiled as she swayed back and forth and then bounced up and down on the balls of her feet a few times... watching the movement in her big tits... Yes, they swayed back and forth on her chest.. maybe an inch in each direction … and yes, they bounced up and down... maybe an inch.. but not any more than that. To say they were dense and solid would be an understatement. At age eighteen, Jennifer's tits were magnificent huge globes of solid tit-meat... and those incredibly exceptional tits did not need the reinforcement of a bra. The only reason Jennifer ever needed to wear a bra was to keep her nipples in check. When a girl possesses thick hard inch long nipples, there are times when those nipples have to be restrained for obvious reasons … but not today. Those formidable nipples could be on full display.. so Jennifer placed her bra back in the drawer and began searching for the right dress.

She slipped on her 'little black dress' that she had purchased a few months ago. Jennifer had worn it a couple of times to some of the hotter dance clubs in town. There were a few clubs that would allow you to enter if you were eighteen, although you had to be 21 to drink alcohol. The sleeveless dress was held up by two thin spaghetti straps.. one over each shoulder and the deep plunging neckline was very low cut.... excessively low cut...with the bottom end of the 'V' several inches below her big tits, which if Jennifer's areolas were just a tiny bit bigger around there was no doubt that you would have been able to see the edge of her 'circles' because her dress just barely covered her areolas. … and of course, that meant that her monster sized nipples were about an inch from the edge of the dress.... however, as tight as the top fit around her massive tits, there was no danger of her nipples slipping out. When she had originally purchased her dress it was a few inches longer than it was now. Jennifer wanted it shorter, so she had it altered.... but it was still not short enough.. so she had it altered again and also had slits cut into each side of her dress. Jennifer's dress was not about the shortest dress you could imagine. As she turned around and looked at herself in the mirror, the dress covered about half of her buttocks. Yep... right where her hard tight ass cheeks were at their maximum protuberance is where the dress ended. .. right there in the center of her buttocks.. and with the string of her thong buried between her breathtaking derriere, her ass appeared to be naked, and with the slits on each side of her dress slit all they way up the outside of her hips... Jennifer looked like she was begging for someone to fuck her. Smiling, she whispered to herself, “That ought to impress Angel.” Jennifer grabbed her clutch purse and walked out of her apartment... and then quickly turned around and walked back inside. Even a hot eighteen year old could not go to an interview dressed like that! She found her bikini cover up and slipped it on.... now she was on her way to her appointment with Ms. Johansen.

It was about twenty minutes before three o'clock as Angel walked to the break room and picked up a diet coke, sipping on it as she walked to her dressing room. She sat down in front of her large make up mirror, brushed her hair and put on a little Bois De Violette perfume before she walked to the front door of her office and locked it. She had momentarily thought about changing into something more sexy for her interview with Jennifer, but decided against it. Then... as women often do, she changed her mind as she slipped off her white blouse and black skirt. She rummaged through her dresses and chose a black dress. Women most always choose a black dress when they want to look extra sexy... and you dare not ask them why.. because you will get an answer that you will not understand. The dress had a fairly low cut square neck.. low enough to see a couple of inches of her deep cleavage line between her massive tits and the dress was short.. certainly not comparable to the one Jennifer had chosen, but it was five inches above her knees and the dress fit her buttocks like a fresh coat of black paint. Angel sat down in one of the comfortable burgundy leather chairs in the foyer of her office and sipped on her diet coke as she waited for Jennifer.

Jennifer knocked on Angel's office door at precisely 3:00. Placing her diet coke on the table next to the chair where she had been sitting, Angel strutted to the front door and peeked through the peephole. “Oh my God!” she whispered to herself. 'It's the same girl who works at Joe's pub!” Angel unlocked and slowly opened the large wooden door.

“Oh Wow!” Jennifer exclaimed... “It's you!”

“I know!... I was thinking the same thing!” Jennifer said as she stepped inside.

Angel quickly locked the door then turned around and faced Jennifer as she checked out Jennifer with her eyes. “Well...Hi again Jennifer.. You look incredible.”

Jennifer answered with a smile as she slipped off her cover up and held it in her hand .. “Thank you... I had no idea that you were the same girl who... Well.. y'know.. with Joy.”

“And I had no idea that it was you who worked at Joe's pub!”

“It must be fate!”

“Maybe so.”

“You look.... Wow! Just …. Wow!”

“Thank you.”, Angel smiled as she took the cover up from Jennifer and laid it over the back of one of the chairs then spoke with a sexy voice as she looked into Jennifer's dark eyes. “Follow me.” Angel turned and walked toward her private office, Jennifer walking behind her. “Holy shit!” Angel thought, “This girl is soooooooooo fuckable.” Jennifer was overwhelmed.. Angel was as hot as anyone she had ever seen in her entire life.. “Dear God.” She prayed to herself, “I want to work for this Goddess.” Angel held the door open for Jennifer then closed and locked the door to her office after Jennifer had stepped inside. She turned around and looked at Jennifer.. “Turn around for me.” Jennifer obliged, turning slowly in her sexy black dress. Angel tried not to gasp as she took in all of Jennifer's beauty.. her hair, her face, those lovely toned legs and that ass! Her dress was only covering about half of her naked ass! “I think that is the shortest dress I have ever seen.”

Jennifer grinned as she finished turning around ..“You told me to impress you.”

“I am very impressed.” Angel quietly replied as she stared at Jennifer's huge tits.. and those nipples.. threatening to rip a hole in the front of her dress. God, Angel loved tits... and Jennifer had a very impressive pair. Even with most of Jennifer's huge tits on display, Angel imagined what those tits would look like without the dress. ... “Please sit down Jennifer” As Jennifer sat down in the chair and crossed her legs, Angel took a moment to view those legs, the short dress revealing every inch of Jennifer's incredible toned thighs.. thighs that most any woman would die for. Jennifer was fucking hot.

Angel sat down in a chair across from Jennifer, facing her. Jennifer was speechless.. She had been with a number of women.. some of them very beautiful women.. but she had never been this close to perfection. As Angel continued to check her out, Jennifer finally spoke .. “Have you had other interviews today Ms. Johansen?”

“Please call me Angel, and no, you are the only one today,, however, I do plan on having a few more interviews before I make my decision”

“I understand... Angel.. Your name fits... you are .. like.... Wow!”

Angel smiled... “Thank you. And you are Wow also.”

Jennifer wiggled a little in the leather chair. Her amazingly short dress allowed all of her buttocks to touch the cool leather.... “Sooooooooooo.. you are looking for a receptionist who will also be your personal assistant?”

“Yes I am... I am assuming you can do everything that a receptionist would be required to do... phone, typing, computer stuff, bookkeeping?”

“Yes, I have very good office skills.”

“Good.. now that we got that part of the interview out of the way... do you know what I mean by a personal assistant Jennifer?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“Tell me what you think it means.. just so I know we are on the same page.”

Jennifer slowly stood up... and as she turned her body to the side.. she grabbed her dress and hiked it up a few inches.. just enough to allow Angel to see the all of the bare tight skin of her buttocks... “It means that sometimes I will be doing sexual favors for you.”

Again, Angel restrained herself from gasping … “And what kind of sexual favors would you do for me?”

Leaning forward and pushing her buttocks out just a little, Jennifer quietly responded, “Whatever you like.” Jennifer was still in a dream-like state. Angel was just so fucking perfect.

Angel stood up .. her eyes moving from Jennifer's fine ass to her big round tits ..“You have been with women?”

“Yes, yes I have.. quite a few times.”

“That's good Jennifer” Angel stepped closer to her,, the front of their tits a few inches apart.. with their ridged nipples even closer to each other. “And what are your favorite things to do with women?”

Jennifer looked at Angel.. their eyes meeting... “I love to fuck.”

Angel stepped closer.. their nipples touching through their dresses as she looked into Jennifer's eyes .. “How much do you love to fuck?”

Jennifer inched closer to Angel.. putting a little pressure on the tips of their nipples. “I love to fuck more than anyone you have ever met... I can't get enough.”

Angel smiled.. she was impressed that Jennifer was being so forward. “So tell me Jennifer, what is your favorite way to fuck.” Angel was always right to the point when it came to sex.

“I love it all... I love to trib. I love sixty nine.. I love deep kissing.. I love being tit to tit.. especially with someone as big as you are.”

Angel smiled at Jennifer ...“You look incredible Jennifer.”

“Nothing compared to you.. You are the sexiest woman I have ever met.” Jennifer pushed into Angel a little more... and each of them felt their hard nipples being pushed back into their areolas. “Do you like to gamble, Angel?”

Angel smiled as she answered, “I have been known to roll the dice.”

“I have a proposition for you.”

“I am listening.”

With a wicked grin on her face Jennifer whispered softly ..“I will fuck you for the job”

Angel squinted her eyes ...“That would make you a prostitute Jennifer.”

Jennifer immediately realized that what she just said was not what she meant ..“No, Oh God, I am so sorry.. that is not what I meant at all.”

Still looking into Jennifer's dark eyes, Angel asked ...“Then what did you mean Jennifer?”

“I will fuck you to see who cums first.... If you cum first, I get the job.”

“And if you cum first?”

“Then you can continue to interview applicants... that is … if it's ok with you. .. maybe you will still consider hiring me anyway.”

Angel smiled ...“Well...I do like to gamble... I think it is a great idea.. I agree” Angel stepped toward Jennifer and wrapped her arms around her pulling her close.. their big tits swelling together until the bare hot skin of their combined massive cleavage melted hotly together. Jennifer wrapped her arms around Angel as they began kissing deeply, their tongues twisting together inside of their locked lips.. it was a long kiss.. lasting several minutes as they swayed together moving their massive tits together as they kissed.... the front of Angel's black dress brushing the front of Jennifer's black dress with soft sexy 'swishing' sounds. As they deep kissed they began to unzip the back of each others dresses. After a few minutes, they finally broke their long kiss, a few tiny strings of their mixed saliva stretching between their lips, then breaking as Jennifer stepped back, reached down and began to pull Angel's dress up over her head, then turning around and placing Angel's dress in the chair behind her... she then reached down and pulled her own dress up and over her body, shaking her long hair out as she placed her black dress on top of Angel's black dress. They paused and looked at each other... Angel is her blue bra and matching blue thong,... Jennifer in her tiny black thong. 'Wow! … God Almighty' Jennifer thought to herself as she looked at Angel. There was no question in Jennifer's mind that she was standing in front of the most beautiful woman in the world.

“Wow! ...You are sooooooo fucking beautiful Angel.” She whispered. Angel smiled... it was a perfect smile.. her lips were perfect, her teeth were perfect.. everything about her was perfect. Jennifer stepped toward Angel until her huge naked tits pushed against the huge cups of Angel's bra..., then Angel began to sway back and forth against Jennifer as she wrapped her arms around Jennifer's waist, her hands warm on Jennifer's skin. Jennifer swayed with her as she also wrapped her arms around Angel's small waist. They moved the front of their big round globes back and forth against each other...Jennifer's naked nipples being stimulated by the lacy cups of Angel's bra. Again they moved their hungry mouths together and kissed. Angel's long tongue reaching deep into Jennifer's mouth as Jennifer wrapped her lips around it.. sucking it even deeper into her mouth.

“Mmmmm..” Angel moaned as Jennifer sucked her tongue with her huge tits sliding back and forth across Angel's bra... a minute later they broke their kiss... more strings of saliva stretching between their wet lips and tongues … It was now Angel's turn to suck Jennifer's tongue and she sucked it hard.. pulling Jennifer's tongue deep inside her wet mouth.. pulling and tugging and sucking with her lips.. until she let Jennifer's tongue slip out of her mouth leaving an even thicker string of spit between them. They continued to kiss and suck at each others tongues for the next several minutes... saliva drooling off their chins and stringing down to their big tits ...both of them already wet with anticipation of the fuck that would be happening soon.

As they kissed, Jennifer moved their hands up to the back Angel's bra and unfastened the hooks.. ...slowly slipping the straps off of Angel's shoulders.. the bra remaining in place as they held each other tight and continued their deep tongue sucking and kissing. Jennifer began to moan. Angel was beginning to breath deeply. Their thongs were wet with the hot juices flowing from their pussys. As Angel pulled her tongue from Jennifer's mouth there was a heavier string of spit that connected the surface of each others tongues. Jennifer moaned again as Angel moved back just enough for her bra to fall to the floor between them.. then she pulled Jennifer to her and their naked tits met.

“Ahhhhhhhhh.” Angel moaned.

Jennifer moaned with her..“Ummmmmm.”

Angel closed her eyes as she felt the firm resistance of their tits pushing together. Angel loved mashing tits with other women... She loved to compare her incredibly dense rack with other women..and Jennifer had an inconceivably dense rack of her own.. Angel could immediately tell that her massive tits were bigger than Jennifer's... not that much bigger... but it was enough to tell... and feel. She felt Jennifer's nipples pushing against her own.. they were hard nipples... fully aroused nipples... long nipples...and they felt sooo fucking good against hers. Once again they began to sway,.. dragging their big tits across each other..slow prolonged movements back and forth against each other .. their nipples catching and then springing apart with each pass. … back and forth... sliding their huge tits together... “Oh Angel, Wow!! God, your tits are so fucking big.” Jennifer whimpered as they moved their tits together.

Angel stepped back, until their heavy tits separated.. she then looked down and lined up the broad wide tips of their hard substantial nipples.. Angel was two inches taller than Jennifer so they had to make a little adjustment... but they managed to line their big nipples up perfectly.. It was obvious that Angel's amazing nipples were longer... and thicker... which was quite incredible because Jennifer's pair were exceptional. As they pressed the tips of their heated nipples together Jennifer began to compare Angel with other girls she had been with... the only woman she could think of that was in Angel's class was Wendy. Angel was beautiful... but so was Wendy. Angel had bigger tits than anyone she had ever been with..... with the exception of Wendy... and even though Wendy had the longest, biggest nipples she had ever seen... Angel's nipples were just as big and long... and those long hard thick nipples were pressing hard against hers. .

“Ohhhhhh.” Jennifer was swooning as she moaned. Their nipples sank deep into each others areolas as they began to kiss again. Their tongues licking at each others mouths. Licking each others lips and teeth... flicking back and forth... Again, they broke their long kiss and slowly pulled apart...with more shinny stands of saliva strung between them … that is when Jennifer's eyes opened wide as she felt a tugging on her nipples... Looking down, she whispered...”Oh my God.” The tips of Angel's nipples were sucking at the tips of her nipples.. pulling them out from her areolas.. stretching them.. until finally popping lose... Jennifer closed her eyes and moaned .. “God Angel, how did you do that?” Angel did not respond as she extended her tongue, wet with their mixed saliva and let the spit drool off of her tongue,. Landing right above her right nipple... before rolling down and around her long thick nipple... again she let another string of spit drool from the tip of her tongue... this time it hit it's mark, right on her hard nipple... she then pushed her right nipple against Jennifer's left nipple and slowly moved it around Jennifer's nipple... sharing the spit with Jennifer.... Carefully, Angel moved her ridged nipple all the way around Jennifer's ... shaft to shaft,.. circling Jennifer's hard spike with her own. ….wetting Jennifer's nipple with the saliva that had drooled from her mouth. Again she pressed the tip of her nipple against Jennifer's... and despite of how hard and rigid Jennifer's nipples were, Angel watched her nipple slowly push Jennifer's nipple back inside her areola.. until just a little of Jennifer's long nipple was visible... the full length of Angel's incredible nipple still in view.... Angel's nipples were that powerful.... they were that hard... they were like no other nipples in the world..

Angel began to nipple fucking Jennifer.. thrusting her right tit forward,, pushing Jennifer's nipple back into her tit.. again and again, until her own nipple was penetrating inside Jennifer's areola.. In and out.. in … out... as if her nipple was a little dick and Jennifer's areola was a little pussy... fucking her …. Nipple fucking her... Jennifer was in a state of combined ecstasy and shock as she felt her nipples submitting to Angel's. .. and Jennifer loved every second of it .... she was being nipple fucked by this intoxicating Goddess. .. Again and again Angel pumped her nipple in and out of Jennifer's tit... over and over... in and out … until Jennifer was getting close to having a nipple orgasm.. and she did not want their fuck to end so quickly... besides... she wanted to 'win'... she wanted the job …. so she stepped away from Angel.. gasping... “Oh My God... Wow! … Fucking Wow! ..I don't know how you do that.... God, Angel!”

Again, Angel smiled at her... then reached down and peeled her blue thong down over her perfect ass and down her thighs... kicking them off her heels... Jennifer then removed her black thong and pulled it over her hips and down those wonderfully toned legs... then stepped out of her thong. It was time to fuck.

Angel took her hand and led her over to the leather sofa. As she released Jennifer's hand, Angel laid down on her back and spread her legs open as Jennifer gazed at Angels bare pussy... completely shaved... nothing but wet glistening skin. Angel's clit had already swollen and was visible as she reached down with her fingers and began stroking … rubbing... massaging her throbbing clit. “Ummm.” Angel moaned as she motioned for Jennifer to join her on the sofa. Jennifer stepped to the other end of the sofa and laid down.. her head at the opposite end from Angel's.. Jennifer's pussy was also shaved, except for a neatly trimmed small little patch of pubic hair right above her pussy..... Angel thought it looked delicious. They moved their legs together.. toned thighs sliding along each other... their legs sliding and feeling the firmness of each others thighs until their juicy cunts were only an inch apart. Jennifer began to finger her own hard clit as they stared at each other... their mutual fingering of their own clits went on for several minutes... with both women ooohing and ahhhing together. Angel then removed her fingers from her clit.. and scooted her ass just a bit closer to Jennifer until their swollen extended pussy lips were barely touching... then Angel flexed her pussy... and a fine mist of her hot pussy juice sprayed out from her fuck hole... spraying Jennifer's pussy lips with her wetness.

Jennifer closed her eyes and her body shuddered as she felt Angel's pussy spraying her... “Shit!” She gasped.... Then she gasped again.. “Ohh fuck!” as Angel closed the distance between them melting their pussy lips together in their combined heat. It was heaven for both of them. Jennifer inched her ass closer to Angel.. their hot wet sticky labia spreading out against each other as they merged together.... and the two beautiful women began to fuck.

Angel began to move her pussy against Jennifer's in a slow clockwise circular motion.. and Jennifer started moving her pussy in a counter clockwise motion.. their wet pussy lips clinging and tugging at each other as they fucked each others cunt with their own.. circling in opposite directions. As their cunts slid around and around each other, their clits would catch and cling together for a brief moment before springing past each other. Jennifer and Angel were quietly moaning together as they slow fucked their pussys together.. squishing … rubbing .. pushing … grinding ….. their pussy lips tugging and pulling at each other .. squishing... clits flicking … squishing … grinding ... around and around … their wet pussy juice mixing together as the wetness smeared each others labia and upper thighs. Minute after long pleasurable minute went by as they began to sweat and their deep breathing increased... their wet fuck-holes grinding together.. around and around... “Damn, Jennifer.. you feel so fucking good.” Angel whispered.

“Not as good as you feel Angel.” Jennifer gasped. Angel's pussy did feel good against hers... grinding … squishing …. over and over... ten minutes elapsed …. then fifteen... then twenty... Jennifer was trying so hard not to cum.. Her mind repeating “I need this job... I need this job.” over and over as the fucking went on and on. Angel was loving this slow fuck... it gave her time to get a real tight close feel of Jennifer's pussy. .. squishing … grinding... then Angel stopped rotating her hips and pushed against Jennifer's throbbing clit with her own.... and just held their clits together.. applying pressure as she forced their clits together... Jennifer lifted up her ass and pushed against Angel's inch long clit with her own large clit... clit to clit... “Ohhhhhhhh God!”

Angel lifted her ass up off the sofa.. so their cunts and clits were locked and sealed together in mid-air... pressing.. and grinding head on into each other. They both reached down and grabbed their huge tits.. squeezing and kneading their mammoth tits with their hands and fingers.. pulling and tugging and pinching their own hard swollen nipples ….Jennifer was getting closer to an orgasm... so she began to jerk her hips against Angel.. flicking her hard clit against Angel's... faster and faster.. flicking... again and again.. Angel began to moan... Jennifer sensed victory as she continued grinding and flicking her clit back and forth across Angel's... faster and faster.... the wet squishing sounds becoming more frequent and louder as they fucked each other.... “God,” thought Jennifer... “Why doesn't she cumm?”.. She was fucking Angel wildly now.. her clit jerking very fast against Angel's as Angel began to move her clit faster and faster against Jennifer's. The friction between their clits was profound... intense ...extraordinary.

Angel moaned loudly.... “Ahhhhhhhhhh.” The pleasure building up inside her body... She reached out and grabbed Jennifer's thigh for leverage.. and Jennifer quickly grabbed hold of Angel's thigh so they could pull each other even closer. A few more minutes of their intense fucking went on... then Jennifer threw her head back.. her hair wrapping around her face before falling behind her... she was going to cum... and she knew there was nothing she could do to stop it.. Angel continued to push and grind and flick her clit against Jennifer's.. her hips jerking wildly as she fucked her....

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” .. Jennifer cried out....”Ohhhhhhhhh fuck yessssssssss.”

“Cum for me Jennifer... Cum for me.” Angel moaned as they fucked.

“Noooooooo!” Jennifer whimpered... but her orgasm had triggered.. it would only be a few more seconds...

“Let it go Jennifer!” Angel gasped... “Cum for me.... Cum for me now!!!”

“Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!! Ohhhhhhh GOD!!!!! …... I am...... Ahhhhhhhhh.... Yesssssssssss!! … CUMMMMMMMMING!!!! Jennifer bucked wildly against Angel. Her pussy contracting … gushing her pussy cum against Angel's pussy.. For the first time since they had been fucking, Angel flexed her powerful kegel muscles... locking her cunt hard against Jennifer's … and squeezed... her incredible pussy sucking at Jennifer's......... sucking hard....... sucking Jennifer's cum inside her own pussy as Jennifer was cumming. “Ohhhhh SHIT!!! Cummmming so fucking hard !!!” Jennifer was screaming.... Angel kept fucking and sucking at Jennifer's cumming pussy with her own... feeling the multiple contractions of Jennifer's pussy against her own as Jennifer drowned herself in orgasmic bliss... Her orgasms lasting several minutes as she came and came again... “Cummmmmming!! Oh Fuck!! Cummmmmmming!: .. Her body shook, her tits wobbled on her chest.. her eyes closed.. every muscle in her body tensing... until Angel was ready..... ready to share her own hot sticky pussy cum with her...

“Mmmmmmm.” Angel moaned... “I am gonna cum Jennifer..... gonna cum inside your hot pussy! …. Gonna squirt my cum deep inside you!! ...... Yesssssss!!!” Angel's pussy began to spasm.

“Cum Angel !!” Jennifer moaned...

“Yessssss... Cummmmmming Jennifer !! ….... Oh yesssssssss!!” Angel's pussy contracted several times... gushing into Jennifer's wet pussy.... squirting gush after gush of her precious pussy cum into Jennifer's twitching vagina. .. “Unnnnnnnnnn” Angel moaned as her orgasm flowed like a river through her body.. “Mmmmmmmmmm”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.” Jennifer gasped and moaned as she felt Angel's sweet cum squirt inside her pussy...... “Ohhhhhhhh God, yesssss.” They kept grinding together for another couple of minutes before they slowly pulled their pussys apart.. sticky cum stringing between their swollen labia... before snapping and falling on their hot skin.... “My God...... oh Wow! … Fucking Wow!... Ohhhhh God!” Jennifer moaned...

“Goddess.” Angel purred.

“Yes.. Goddess... you are a fucking Goddess.”

Angel smiled.... “Mmmmmm ...That was wonderful Jennifer... I loved every second of it.”

She reached out with her hands.. taking Jennifer's hands.. and pulled her up so they were in a sitting position.. legs still scissored... their tits mashed together as they shared another minute long tongue kiss... quietly purring as they kissed deeply. Finally Jennifer slowly pulled her mouth from Angel's.....smiling as she spoke quietly, “I guess you are going to have a few more interviews, huh?” .. knowing she had to keep her end of their agreement … She had cum first... so she would have to wait to see if she would be the one Angel would hire.

“Maybe a few more... maybe not... I will have to think about it... You were great... You would work out really well... I just want a little time to consider what I want to do, Jennifer”

“Yes, of course, I understand Angel.. .. Damn.”

“I hope you are not disappointed Jennifer.”

“Oh no... that is not why I just said 'damn.'... it's just.. your... it's your nipples.. they are so fucking long! .. they are incredible!”

“Thank you Jennifer... you have really long nipples too.”

“Yeah, but not like yours. Do you know Wendy Corleone?”

“Wendy Corleone?.... as in... Corleone?”

“Yes... the mob.”

“Ahhh... no. I don't know her.”

“You have to meet her Angel.”

“And why is that?”

“Because she has nipples as big as yours.. maybe even longer!”

“Oh really?”

“Oh yes! .. God, I would love to see you and her go nipple to nipple.”

“Hmmmm... I think I would rather not get involved with the Corleone family.”

Jennifer nodded... “Well, I thought you might want to know.”

“Thanks Jennifer.. I will keep it in mind.”

They talked a little more as they dressed... then Jennifer kissed Angel good-bye as she was leaving. Jennifer had made a very favorable impression.. 'However', Angel thought to herself, 'How do you know if she is the one.. unless she is compared to others?' Angel had interviewed Jennifer.. she was hot and she was a good fuck... but Lisa was also interested in the job... because her job was not full time and she wanted a full time job... Lisa was also hot and she was also a good fuck... Angel thought it best to do a little more 'shopping' before hiring someone. She walked over to her desk.. It was a few minutes after four o'clock... and she had a little more work to do before going home to meet Sara.

To be continued