By AngelDawn30


Jane and Lisa


As they were driving to Jane's penthouse apartment, Lisa pulled the top of her dress down... stretching it over her big tits. Jane glanced over and smiled as Lisa began to pinch and roll her thick nipples. Jane noticed... Lisa had about the biggest, longest, thickest nipples she had ever seen... she had no idea that she was so well endowed in the nipple department. She would take a quick glance over at Lisa now and then as she drove.. thinking... this is a hell of a lot more dangerous than texting while driving. She began to compare her own nipples with Lisa's... Were hers longer? Jane thought so, but it was not easy to tell. Were Lisa's nipples thicker... Maybe … maybe not... “Damn Lisa.. you have amazing nipples.” She smiled at Jane as she played with her nipples... making them even bigger and longer and thicker.... pinching them... twisting them around and around until she would wince. As they continued their drive Lisa began to jerk off her nipples... sliding her fingers up and down the long length of each of her nipples which looked to be about an inch long ..... tugging and pulling.. as she began to whimper. 'Good God', Jane thought.. 'I have got to get nipple to nipple with this hot bitch!' Jane thought that Lisa was going to have a nipple orgasm before they got to her apartment.

Lisa closed her eyes and leaned her head back against the headrest as she pinched her stiff nipples. It was all Jane could do to keep her eyes on the road as she felt her pussy getting damp. Lisa began to moan deeply as she once again began to jerk-off her nipples.. tugging and pulling on them really hard... her breasts were heaving with her labored breathing. As Jane slowed down and turned into the parking garage she heard Lisa groan.. and then looked over to see her body tense. 'Shit!', Jane thought to herself, she is going to cum.' Jane parked her car in her reserved parking space and reached over and placed her hand on Lisa's left thigh... squeezing the tight hard muscles of Lisa's thigh as her body convulsed and she moaned out loud She was cumming … Lisa had self induced a nipple orgasm... Jane thought it was hotter than hell as Lisa panted and pinched her nipples very hard. They waited in the car for several minutes before Jane spoke.. “Feel better?”

“Mmmmmm.” Lisa moaned.

Jane waited another couple of minutes as Lisa tugged the front of her dress back up over her massive tits.. “Let's go.”

She looked at Jane.. her eyes glazed over... “Umm hmmmm.” It was a short walk to the elevator. As the door closed Lisa stepped up to Jane and threw her arms around her and tongue kissed her deeply.. still moaning from her orgasm. The kiss lasted until they heard the 'ding' sound and the elevator doors opened. Jane's penthouse apartment was at the end of the hallway and they walked, holding hands until they reached the door where they paused and kissed again. Lisa was on fire and Jane knew it was going to be one hell of a hot night with this sexy woman. A minute later they were inside Jane's apartment with the door locked.. kissing again... long deep wet kisses as they explored the depths of each others mouths with their tongues. … licking … stroking … sliding them around each other. Still kissing, they stumbled across the living area and into Jane's bedroom where they fell on the bed together.. their lips still locked tightly together as they swapped spit back and forth between their locked mouths. .. Jane finally pulling her lips away from Lisa's. leaving a little spit bridge between their tongues. It reminded her of kissing with Angel. They fumbled with each others dresses as they rolled around on the bed.. kissing and moaning until they finally got each others dresses off leaving them in their thongs. Lisa turned around and laid down on her back and spread her legs.. she was ready to fuck … Jane laid down on her back also as they scissored their long legs together and pressed their soaked thongs together and began to fuck. Bumping their mounds together.. the wet thongs making a soft smacking sound as they slapped their cunts together... Jane grabbed Lisa's leg and pulled her closer as the slapping turned into grinding... a moment later Lisa was tugging on Jane's leg as she pushed herself hard against Jane.. their thongs very wet as they fucked. .. rocking .. grinding … pushing …. it did not take long for them to reach their orgasm as they rubbed their clits together through the thin fabric of their thongs. “Unnnnn.” Lisa moaned.

“Yessssssss.” Jane gasped as she felt her orgasm approaching... A moment later she felt Lisa's pussy contract.. even through both layers of their thongs she could feel her hot cunt sucking at hers.... 'Holy shit! This girl was hot.'

“Oh fuck me Jane... GOD... I'm cummming!!!” Lisa squealed as she gushed into her thong.. her pussy cum seeping quickly into Jane's thong as Jane arched her back and gushed a few seconds later...

“Cummmming!” Jane gasped as her body shook... their thongs were soaked with their mixed cum as they ground their hot cunts together tightly. “Mmmm Lisa.... Mmmmmmm.” Jane moved away from Lisa, kicked her legs straight up into the air and tugged her wet thong off as it left a trail of wetness on her legs. Jane then moved between Lisa's thighs and laid down.. pressing her open mouth to the front of Lisa's soaked thong and began sucking the wetness from her thong. Her lips made slurping and smacking sounds as she tried to suck Lisa's thong dry. Lisa was still panting as Jane placed her fingers inside her thong and pulled them down just enough so that she could press her open mouth to Lisa's wet pussy. ... Jane loved to eat pussy..... and Lisa had a sweet pussy. With her mouth pressed tightly to Lisa's vagina, Jane began sucking.. sucking cum from her vagina.. slurping and swallowing... sucking hard... pushing her tongue deep inside Lisa, swirling it around.. licking at the inner walls of her vagina.. licking .. stroking .. sucking.. Lisa closed her eyes... Jane was very good... the best pussy licker she had ever been with. Jane knew exactly where to put her tongue and exactly where to suck as she mouth fucked Lisa. Jane had nice lips.. full and pouty looking … and when she wrapped those luscious lips around a pulsing clit … it was pure bliss. She began to suck on Lisa's twitching clit with her lips... pulling on Lisa's clit... making her squirm.. she moved her fingers up to the little light blonde patch of pubic hair right above her clit and grabbed a few hairs between her fingers and gently tugged. Jane did not want to cause any pain … just enough to hear Lisa moan... which she did... “Oh Yes Jane!”

As Jane tugged on her pubes, she pushed two fingers from her other hand inside Lisa's wet cunt... working her fingers deeper and deeper as she sucked on her throbbing clit.. … when her fingers were as deep as they could reach, she began twisting them back and forth … and spreading them apart... expanding the walls of Lisa's hot vagina. Around and around Jane twisted her fingers inside Lisa as she sucked her clit as only she could suck a clit... hard... wet … her tongue flicking the hot bud of pleasure as she sucked and sucked and sucked. Jane began to finger fuck Lisa's hot wet pussy.. still twisting her fingers around and around as she pushed them in and out of her dripping vagina. A few more minutes elapsed.. Lisa was on the verge of another orgasm... and Jane sucked even harder... holding her clit tightly between her puffy lips.. darting her tongue up and down Lisa's hot clit as she sucked it.. her fingers moving faster and faster... making wet squishy sounds... She felt Lisa tense-up... Her Orgasm was near.... Jane was driving her out of her mind. Lisa lifted her hips up.. driving her wet cunt harder against Jane's sucking lips... she moaned... then screamed... “Jane!!!” … Oh yessssssssss suck my pussy hard!!!!” ….. Her hips began to buck wildly.. it was all Jane could do to keep her mouth pressed tightly to Lisa's pussy... then the contractions began... Jane felt her vagina contract hard around her fingers.. squeezing them very tightly... 'Damn' Jane thought... She knows how to really squeeze her pussy.' “Yessssssssss !” Lisa groaned loudly... “Yessssss I'm Cummmming!”

Jane quickly moved her open mouth from Lisa's clit to her vagina as she withdrew her fingers.. moving them to Lisa's clit and squeezing it hard as her mouth completely covered Lisa's gushing fuck-hole. “Cummmming !!!!” Lisa gasped. Jane sucked her pussy cum into her mouth... it was a lot. She was not sure if Lisa had squirted or not... there was not the incredible squirting force of cum that usually accompanies squirting.. but she certainly was gushing and flowing as Jane sucked her hot juices into her mouth... Lisa's clit was on fire as Jane squeezed it again.. using her fingernails to dig into Lisa's clit.... Hard! …. Lisa began to cum again.. she was having multiple orgasms … “Cummmmming !!! Oh Fuck I am cummmming!!!” Jane eagerly drank Lisa's gushing pussy cum.. sucking hard on her vagina as her body trembled and shook... Jane pulled her mouth away from Lisa's pussy as her orgasm subsided.. wet stingy strings of girl cum stretching between her mouth and Lisa's vagina.. she grabbed Lisa's thong that was still stretched around her upper thighs, just below her buttocks and tugged them down her legs.. peeling them off.. then quickly crawled up Lisa's body.. dragging her heavy tits up Lisa's tight skin.. Jane's huge nipples felt like fire as they traced a path over Lisa's hard flat tummy... As Jane moved higher.. her big tits slowly mushroomed against Lisa's massive pair of tits... Jane spread Lisa's legs wider with her own legs and moved her wet cunt above Lisa's.. suspending her wet pussy a few inches above Lisa's as their big tits pillowed against each other.. their nipples twisting together inside their dense tit-flesh.

Jane looked down at Lisa.. Her eyes were still glazed over as she looked up at Jane. “Oh Jane... God... Jane …. Jane.” She whispered. Jane flexed her well developed pussy muscles... contracting her vagina hard... then she pushed.. from deep inside her cunt... spraying Lisa's pussy with her hot pussy juice... Lisa felt it... “How...” she gasped... “How did you do that? …. God!” Jane lowered her pussy down toward Lisa.. their pussy lips barely sliding against each other... they were hot … and wet … and sticky... Jane dropped lower.. spreading Lisa's labia with her own... then she did something that Lisa had never felt before... Jane squeezed her pussy... her extended pussy lips wrapping around Lisa's pussy lips and squeezing them.. Lisa thought it felt like someone was pushing her lips together and squeezing them. “Oh God Jane!” she gasped as Jane flexed her powerful pussy again.. squeezing Lisa's lips.. and then she did something else that Lisa had never experienced before.. She sucked Lisa's pussy lips up inside her wet slit.... pulling and tugging on Lisa's labia with her sucking cunt. Jane was incredible. She squeezed Lisa's pussy a few more times... sucking her wet cunt with her own between each squeeze.. then lowered herself all the way down.. mashing their hot wet cunts together.. wiggling her ass until she felt her vagina lined up perfectly with Lisa's vagina... then she flexed her pussy again... sucking at Lisa's vagina with her own.. sucking Lisa's hot wet pussy juice into her own vagina. Lisa was delirious with pleasure. Jane would suck as much of Lisa's wetness into her pussy as she could.. then she would contract her trained pussy.. and squirt all of the juices she had just sucked.. back into Lisa's vagina. Jane repeated this several times... sucking at Lisa's hot wet fuck-hole with her own hot wet fuck-hole... then squeezing all of the juices she had sucked.. back into Lisa's cunt.. Lisa was amazed with Jane.

It was now time to line up their clits... Jane wiggled up a little until she felt Lisa's hard clit with her own...and pressed down hard .. her clit against Lisa's.. “Ahhhhhhhh” Lisa moaned.

“Mmmmmmmmmm yessss.” Jane whispered.

Lisa lifted her hips up.. forcing their clits and pussy lips even tighter together.. and just when she thought they were as tight as they could be... Jane pushed one more time.. it was a hard push.. their hard clits slightly compressing against each other.. It was such an erotic feeling... they were not even moving .. just pressing down hard and lifting up hard against each other.. Jane could feel Lisa's clit throbbing with her own clit.. and Lisa could feel Jane's hard clit vibrating against her own throbbing clit... they were fucking without moving.. just pressing hard... very hard … clit to clit... then the orgasms began...... “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Lisa moaned.. “I'm gonna cummmm!”

“So am I” Jane gasped as the pleasure jolted through their welded clits... “FUCK!! … “Cummmmmmmming.”

“Cummming !!!!”

“Cummmmmming !! and Cummmmming!”

“Cummmmming with you Jane!”

They held each other tight as their bodies spasmed together.. sharing an intense orgasm. Their clits twitching and jerking together as they came again... “YESSS!” Jane gasped.

“Cumming again.... oh God......... and cummmmming again!!” Lisa whimpered with pleasure.


“Cummming again Jane!!!”

“Can't stop it..... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Cummmming .. Cummming Lisa!!!”

The two incredible beautiful and sexy women traded orgasms back and forth for the next several minutes... they were having multiple orgasms together .. their bodies quivering together.. their nipples, buried inside their huge tits spasmed together with each new wave or orgasmic pleasure. It was unbelievable … It was insane … the waves of pleasure were unrelenting … almost constant... draining their bodies... their cunts and thighs were drenched in their girl cum.... Lisa was on the verge of literally passing out from pleasure. Jane was not far behind her. They were panting like wild animals.. their heavy tits thrusting together with each deep breath. Jane opened her mouth and planted it right on top of Lisa's open mouth.... they began to tongue kiss... it was not possible for them to seal their open mouths together tightly... they needed to keep their mouths open to gasp for air... their tongues swirled together.... Jane was almost afraid to move... thinking it might trigger another round of orgasms.. Lisa licked and lapped at Jane's tongue... No one.... ever... had fucked her like Jane was fucking her. They kissed for another five minutes... without moving... until Jane finally rolled off of Lisa... her big tits moving as she rolled to her side... then on to her back. They laid there for several minutes... on their backs... next to each other... slowly catching their breaths and winding down. Not that much time had passed, but they felt as though they had been fucking for hours.

As they lay there, Lisa glanced over and got her first really good long look at Jane's incredible tits.. they were fucking huge.. sticking almost straight up... big and round and full....capped with the longest nipples that she had ever seen.. nipples that were extended and pointing straight up toward the ceiling. “Want to titfight?”

Jane was tired... but she was never going to refuse an invitation to match her tits with anyone. She had done it many many times.. and had never lost a titfight... Ever. Although she did not know it.... neither had Lisa... Ever.

Jane got up on her knees in the middle of the bed.. her big tits wobbled just a bit before coming to a stop.. jutting out high and proud on her chest.. like two boulders made of granite. Lisa gulped.. wondering if she had bit off more than she could chew as she got on her knees facing Jane. They looked each other over... both admiring the beauty that was before them... each pair of eyes sizing up the others massive chest. .. staring at each others rock hard nipples... Jane finally moved her hands to Lisa's perfect E cup tits and palmed them.. feeling how heavy they were.. comparing them to her own tits. Feeling for firmness and density.. trying to discover some weakness with her fingers. Lisa was also feeling up Jane's fucking huge E cup tits with her hands.. they felt solid.. firm... and as dense as any tits she had ever touched... she pushed them up and down and back and forth.. amazed at how quickly they fell back into place.. very little wobble... very little quivering.. after toying with Jane's massive rack she determined that Jane's tits were, in fact, the firmest and most dense tits she had ever held in her hands. Then they began discovering each others nipples... Lisa could not believe how hard Jane's nips were.. every bit as hard as her own nipples.. which were about the hardest nipples on the planet. .. and they were monsters.. easily more than a full inch of rock hard flesh and they appeared to be invincible. Jane was also feeling up Lisa's nipples.. they were long.. slightly less than a full inch.. but they were also very big around.. maybe as big around as her own... but what caught Jane's attention the most was how hard they were. She closed her fingers around each of Lisa's nipples.. it was like placing your fingers on a piece of iron.. they felt that hard... Lisa had the same thoughts as she toyed with Jane's erect spikes. They were indeed long... the longest she had ever seen.. and they were certainly hard... she pinched them... Jane moaned... her hard nipples felt like two pieces of hardened steel in Lisa's fingers... besides being undefeated in the titfighting arena, Lisa had never lost a nipple fight... nor had she ever had another pair of nipples push hers all the way back into her tits... no one... ever. But as she felt Jane's forbidding nipples with her fingers she knew that this was a worthy opponent.. and it would take her very best effort to beat Jane's huge rack and those incredible nipples. After feeling each other up, and both warriors were satisfied... they moved their hands to the top of each others shoulders. When they pushed forward, they would also be able to pull the other woman toward themselves... this would increase the amount of energy that would be smashed against each other. Jane had bigger tits and nipples... But Lisa knew how firm her own tits were.. and she did possess those remarkably hard nipples that had never yielded to another pair. Jane finally spoke in a quiet voice... “Just our tits”

“Tit to tit” Lisa replied.

The scooted forward on their knees and pushed their heavy tits together then started swaying back and forth.. each woman moved their hands from each others shoulders and placed their hands behind their heads with their fingers locked together and their elbows out... the tit to tit busting would come later.. right now they wanted to sway their heavy tits together.... Jane and Lisa began to sway their upper bodies back and forth against each other ... it was just tit to tit as they smacked their tits together from side to side.. Each time Jane's massive right tit would slam into Lisa's huge right tit they would compress for a second … reforming into a distorted shape as they slid past each other.. then springing back to their fullness... and when Jane twisted to her right.... her heavy left tit would slap hard against Lisa's big left tit with the same results.. briefly mushrooming out of shape only to regain their shape as they squished past each other.. Again and again they swayed back and forth against each other.. smacking and slapping their immense tits together.. 'smack' … 'slap' … 'slap' ..'smack' … 'slap' again and again.. until their tits were stinging. ...'smack' … 'slap' … 'slap' ..'smack' … 'slap' … Several minutes elapsed before they stopped and stared into each others eyes... Jane spoke quietly.. “Head on.”

Lisa nodded her approval as they moved their hands to each others shoulders so they could not only lunge forward with their weapons of flesh,, but they could also jerk each other into their titfight. The first lunge was intense. “SMACK!!” “Ouuu.” Lisa moaned. …

“Ohhh.” Jane gasped as they separated their tits from each other and lunged again.... their tits making more of a 'slapping' sound this time.. Lisa and Jane both gasped “Ahhhhhhhh.” .. “Unnnnnn.”

For the next five minutes.. which is a very long time when you are busting tits together, they slammed and smacked and slapped their big tits together.. again and again ..'smack' … 'slap' … 'slap' ..'smack' … 'slap'.. Each time their heavy dense tits met they would groan.. and moan … and gasp. Their tits were really stinging now, but Jane could tell that her tits were reshaping Lisa's just a tiny bit more with each loud smack. Jane's massive E cup tits were just too much for Lisa's big E cup tits. She was wearing Lisa's tits down... as incredible as Lisa's tits were.. as big as they were .. as firm and heavy as they were … Jane's tits were better.. more solid … more dense.. and both of them knew it as they continued to slam together .. 'smack' … 'slap' … 'slap' ..'smack' … 'slap'... Lisa's tits were really stinging from the powerful impacts.. she had to change tactics.. She dropped her hands behind Jane and pulled her close.. compressing their massive racks in a tight bear hug. Jane was ok with this because her big tits were also beginning to sting a little bit. She dropped her hands down behind Lisa's back.. locking her fingers together and squeezed Lisa to herself. Their upper arms were at their sides which kept their big tits front and forward.. trapped between their arms as they hugged tighter and tighter. Both women getting a better grip on each other as their huge tits mushroomed out at the top.. creating a very deep cleavage between their own tits and between each others tits. If either woman would have lowered her head down and extended her tongue they could have licked the upper swells of their tits.. that is how much they were mushroomed.. the sides of their incredible racks were also pancaked out.. so if you could have stood behind either woman, you would have seen a large amount of tit-flesh spilling out beyond the width of their rib-cage It was something to behold.

“Show me some compression Lisa.” Jane whispered.

Lisa pushed hard against her as squeezed themselves even tighter into their bear hug. Jane's tits were still as firm and dense as ever... but Jane noticed that Lisa's felt a little different than before. Lisa's were wearing down. As the two hot women hugged tighter and tighter Jane could see Lisa's pair spreading out a little more... it was not much.. but as they continued to grind those huge globes together it became more and more evident. Jane's tits were pushing Lisa's out of shape.. Harder and harder Jane squeezed until after a couple of more minutes, Lisa had enough. “Ooohhhh.” Lisa moaned as she felt her tits surrendering to Jane's. As firm as she was.. as big as her tits were... she was no match for Jane... It had taken a while... from the head on ramming to the slapping back and forth.. through the pumping and now the compression.. Jane's tits had finally worn out Lisa's pair.. It was a great effort from Lisa.. but it was not enough. Lisa released Jane and stepped back .. breathing hard... “Okay... ok Jane.. enough.”

Jane was not the type that would brag or boast.. or say 'I told you so.' … instead she leaned over toward Lisa and kissed her sweetly... “You are so fucking hot Lisa.”

Lisa returned the kiss... thinking ...'What an incredible woman.. she just beat me in a titfight and now she tells me how hot I am.' They kissed for a few minutes.. before Lisa wanted to get some revenge.. in a friendly way. She stepped up toward Jane.. with her right hand on her own right nipple and slowly moved forward until the tip of her hard unbendable nipple was touching the tip of Jane's lengthy stiff left rod. Jane took the hint... Lisa wanted to nipple fuck. Jane moved her right nipple forward until it met head on with Lisa's left nipple. They pressed forward just a little.. so they could get a good feel of each others stiffness. Jane was purring as she whispered.. “You sure you want to do this?” She was toying with Lisa.

Lisa whispered in response.. “You do have bigger tits.. and I confess, they are better than mine... but when it comes to nipples... mine are as hard as any you will ever see.”

Jane had already felt Lisa's nipples earlier and she had to admit to herself.. that Lisa's hard nipples were indeed the hardest.. stiffest.. most rigid nipples she had ever touched... Ever. …. except for her own... and except for Angels. ... “I'm ready.” she whispered. They both looked down at their joined nipples.. they were big... really big... and as proud as Lisa was of her nipples, Jane's were just as big around as hers.. She had never matched nipples with anyone who could match the circumference of her own nipples. They slowly pushed into each other.. Lisa anticipating that her nipples would remain fully visible as she pushed Jane's nipples back into her tit.. but was surprised when both pair of nipples were being pushed back equally.. this had never happened to Lisa before which caused her to gasp.... and caused her to move just a little to her left as their nipples sprang apart and were now lying next to each other.. their round hard rods were touching side to side. Jane immediately realized that she had an opportunity to intimidate Lisa and she seized the moment as she leaned forward.. sliding her long nipple along the side of Lisa's hard steel-like rod until the tip of her nipple touched Lisa's areola. Jane's powerful nipples were longer... by a fraction of an inch and she whispered to Lisa.. “Mine are longer.”

Lisa quickly realigned the tips of their nipples and pressed them together again.. “Yeah, but mine are stronger.”

Once again their nipples slipped past each other and drilled into their opposing areolas. Lisa moaned as Jane's strong nipples pushed against her areola. Again they lined their nipples up .. head on .. and as they applied pressure they slipped apart yet again and this time it was Jane who moaned as Lisa's hardened nipples bore into her areolas. Both beautiful women were determined as they lined their hard points up again and pushed.. this time the connection was good as they pushed their nipples together..most of their combined length disappearing. They eased back and pushed again... almost all of their nipples disappeared from view. It is a very erotic feeling... having your nipples inverted back inside your tit-flesh.. and both women had very long nipples.. which only added to the eroticism... the intense pressure that is required to push another woman's nipples back inside her tits also creates some discomfort.. which Jane and Lisa were feeling. Several more times they pushed together until the front of all four areolas were lightly touching... it looked like two huge sets of tits without nipples. With their eyes looking down they very slowly pulled back ...looking to see if either set of nipples had penetrated into the others tits … but as they gazed at this amazing sight.. both of their nipples appeared at the same time. ... but Jane was not concerned.. She knew something that Lisa did not know. You see, as Jane became more and more sexually aroused.. her glorious nipples would get harder and harder until they really were like a piece of iron. No one really knows why this happens with some women and not with others... Jane was one of the fortunate ones... Her nipples would get harder the more she was turned on.. and they would swell.. adding just a slight fraction of an inch to their length.. and also getting a little bit bigger in diameter. Even though Lisa's nipples were massive.. it was appearing that they were as big and hard as they were going to be... Jane would soon have an advantage.. and Jane knew it as she whispered in her sexiest voice .. “It's time for some nipple fucking.”

The two incredibly beautiful women began to push together with a steady rhythm.. pushing until their areolas touched then pulling back just a little... both being careful not to pull back to far.. they did not want the tips of their nipples to separate,,, the in and out distance with each little push was about an inch... which meant that each set of nipples were moving forward and backward about half of an inch with each steady rhythmic push. “I'm getting wet... are you Lisa?”

“Mmmmm,... Yes I am.. this is so fucking kinky and sexy.. fucking with our nipples.”

They kept up the constant pushing together... “It's like we each have two little cocks.. and we are cockfighting.” Jane moaned.

“Mmmm.. cockfighting with our nipples.” Lisa gasped.

Jane whispered to Lisa, “Do you want me to reach down and finger-fuck you as we nipple fuck?”

“Un un.... no... I want to see if I can force you into a nipple orgasm.”

“I bet I can make your nipples cum first.” Jane's voice was barely louder than a whisper.

“I don't think so Jane.”

They continued to look down at each others mammoth tits as their nipples would appear and disappear over and over.. pushing them together .. in and out … in … out … again and again … their areolas were getting a little sticky from their sexual excitement.. and occasionally their areolas would stick together for a fraction of a second before peeling apart.. it only added to their state of arousal.. and Jane could feel her nipples expanding.. Lisa was in for quite a shock. Jane's nipples suddenly became unrelenting... uncompromising … unyielding … as she began to slowly push more of Lisa's nipples back until she felt it.... that incredible feeling … that overwhelming sensation .. when you feel your nipple penetrate into your adversaries tit.... Lisa felt it too.. she knew that Jane was penetrating her tit... Jane was beginning to drill her nipples in and out of Lisa's tit... forcing Lisa's rock hard nipples all the way inside of Lisa's dense tits... plus a little of her own nipples was also inside Lisa's tits. Jane's cunt was soaking wet... she could feel her hot pussy juices running down the inside of her upper thighs.. her body was in a full state of arousal as she nipple fucked Lisa... thrusting .. penetrating.... invading … probing … in and out... in … out... Lisa began to moan.. her pussy started to twitch... the combination of pleasure and discomfort were slowly taking over her body... and it flowed from her nipples through her huge tits and all the way down to her pulsing clit.

Lisa's eyes opened wide when she noticed something different about Jane's nipples. The tips of Jane's nipples had flared out... looking like little suction cups.. the outer rim of her nipples had wrapped around the tip of Lisa's nipples. Lisa gasped... this was a new experience for her. …. Jane's nipples were sucking hers.. and she could feel it.. it felt like a pair of lips were locked onto her nipples.. tugging and pulling... sucking... Lisa moaned … “Ohhhhhhhhh Jane... God, how do you do that? … Ummm it feels so fucking good.” Jane just kept drilling her.. her nipples were stabbing deeper and deeper into Lisa's tits with each thrust.. until she heard Lisa moan again... “Oh My God Jane.... Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck.... I think my nipples are gonna cum... Ahhhhhh!”

Jane was pushing harder now.. each time their tits touched their areolas would eclipse each other and become invisible... buried inside their joined tits. Jane was fucking the shit out of Lisa's tits with her own massive pair. Lisa closed her eyes.. she could not have imagined that anyone could push her strong nipples all the way back inside her dense tits... and the fact that Jane was doing that... plus the fact that Jane's nipples were also inside her tits was amazing beyond belief. Her body began to tremble.. Jane moaned... her nipples were on fire and her pussy was flowing.. a steady flow of her hot pussy juice was running down her legs.. Lisa was also leaking... her sweet pussy juice was trickling down her inner thighs as Jane was now pushing the entire length of her inch plus long nipples inside Lisa.. All of it.. every single centimeter...was penetrating all the way inside Lisa's tits.... Lisa was close to cumming... so was Jane.

“Cum for me Lisa.” Jane panted.

“Oh god Jane.. I am so close.”

“Let it go... Let it go Lisa … let the pleasure flow from your nipples all the way to your clit.”

“Yessssssssss” Lisa's nipples began to twitch... her clit began to spasm. She could feel Jane's nipples locked on hers... sucking.. pulling … tugging.

“Hurry Lisa... Cum now.... Cum NOW!”

“Jane!!!!!!!!!!!!” Lisa moaned loudly. “I am cummmmming!!!”

Jane mashed her upper body tightly to Lisa's... Their huge tits mushroomed as much as their density would allow.... She felt Lisa's nipples twitching wildly against hers. She held Lisa as tightly as she could forcing their huge tits even closer.. which seemed impossible... Jane's clit was throbbing.. her nipples were spasming... she was going to cum... and her nipples were going to cum inside Lisa's tits.. she felt it.. she knew it.... “Lisa!!! …...... I'm cummmming !!!! Jane's cunt contracted... as she literally squirted pussy cum on Lisa's pussy... splashing Lisa's vulva and clit with a stream of her hot sticky cum... “Cummmmmmmmmming !!!.”

“Cummmmmmmmming!!!” Lisa shrieked as a second orgasm flowed through her body.

Jane's nipples erupted... pumping hot nipple cum inside Lisa's tits... “Oh FUCK!!” Jane moaned loudly as she flooded the inside of Lisa's quivering tits... Jane's pussy juice was running down her legs... and running down Lisa's legs.. like a river... Lisa's cunt was gushing... as they held each other tight. “Oh Shit!!” Lisa gasped.. aware of the hot burning sensation inside her tits... Jane's nipples had cum inside her tits.. “Ohhhh fuck yessssssss Gonna cumm again Jane... Oh Yess Jane!! cum with me!!”

“Cummmmmmmmming with you Lisa.” Their bodies trembled together... they were on fire..

“Cumming Jane!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss!”

They held each other tight,, breathing rapidly and deeply.. their huge tits bulging against each other... as their bodies continued to jerk and twitch together. “Mmmmm” Lisa moaned.... “You are sooooo fucking hot.”

Jane purred... “Mmmmmmmmmmmm Lisa.”

As they slowly eased back from one another, the tight skin on their swollen tits slowly peeled apart... like pulling scotch tape off of glass... even their areolas had to peel themselves from each other... it was so fucking erotic. Jane's rigid nipples came into view... more and more until you could see the tips still sucked together.. Jane had indeed driven all of her nipples inside Lisa's tits... as they leaned apart more and more Lisa's nipples appeared.. as hard as ever... with the tips of Jane's hard nipples still flared around the tip of Lisa's. .. their nipples began to stretch out from their areolas.. until their areolas were being pulled away from the front of their huge tits.. more and more... their areolas stretching out from their tits... it was an amazing sight.. “Holy Shit Jane... how do you do that with your nipples?”

Jane placed her hands on the front of Lisa's shoulders and pushed hard... their nipples stretching so much that it hurt a little...... until …..... “Pop”.. leaving a looping ropy string of nipple cum connecting the tips of their nipples... “Your nipples came. Gawd!! How do you do that Jane?”

Jane leaned forward and kissed Lisa sweetly and tenderly... “I don't know... it just happens sometimes... when I am really... really turned on... and you really.. really turned me on Lisa.”

'Mmmmmmmmmmm.” Lisa moaned as she returned Jane's loving kiss.. their tongues slowly rolling together as they moaned into each others mouths. “You are so incredible Jane.”

Jane smiled and hugged Lisa. They were spent.... exhausted... it had been a long day.. and both women had just used up every ounce of their energy. They kissed for a few more minutes was almost two o'clock in the morning. “I guess I should be going.” She whispered to Jane. “Can we get together again?”

Jane smiled.. “Absolutely.” Jane rolled off the bed and reached for her thong... it was still wet. Lisa got out of the bed and began putting on her wet thong. .. a thong that was wet with the mixed juices of their cunts. Jane went to her closet and got a Texas Rangers t-shirt and pulled it over her head and then down over her tits.. then slipped on a pair of jeans and a pair of athletic shoes as Lisa slipped into her dress.. Lisa felt all warm and fuzzy inside. Fifteen minutes later they were driving to Lisa's apartment... chatting about girl things... Jane shared a few funny stories about her college days as they laughed and had a wonderful time. When they arrived at Lisa's location Lisa reminded Jane about her friend who was looking for some bookkeeping help. Jane sent Lisa a text with Angel's name and phone number.

“Angelica Johansen... Sounds pretty.” Lisa said.

Jane sighed as she smiled.. “You have no idea.... Goodnight Lisa... we'll talk soon.”

“Ok Jane.. and thank you... for everything.” Jane waited until Lisa was inside her apartment and flicked the porch light a few times to let Jane know that she was safe inside before she drove away and headed home. It was almost 3 in the morning when Jane closed her eyes and snuggled up in her blanket and fell asleep in her bed. It had been a long day... and a good day.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

A few hours earlier Wendy walked back through the almost deserted ballroom at the country club... the three incredible women she had met... Jane, Lisa and Amanda were no where to be found. It was after midnight and time for her to call Charles. Minutes later Charles was driving Wendy home.. where she went and stood in front of her mirror...and kissed the woman in the mirror and fingered her pussy until she and her mirror image reached an orgasm together.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

A little earlier in the evening Jennifer was laying in her bed watching some music videos on youtube when her phone buzzed.. It was a text from Emily.

Emily: I'm naked

Jennifer texted her back: So am I

Emily: Liar

Jennifer: Fuck you

Emily: Fuck you

Jennifer: I hate you

Emily: I hate you more

Jennifer: U are the one who is a liar u are not naked

Emily: Sending u a selfie

Jennifer: Shit

Emily: You like my tits don't u Jennifer?

Jennifer: Fuck you Emily

Emily: My tits are bigger than yours

Jennifer: Bullshit mine are bigger

Emily: Prove it

Jennifer: U want me to send you a selfie?”

Emily: Yes

Jennifer: sent

Emily: Shit

Jennifer: My tits are bigger than yours

Emily: No fucking way

Jennifer: When we gonna have our fuckfight?

Emily: U want to fuck me bad

Jennifer: Not as bad as u want to fuck me

Emily: U want to nipple fuck me too

Jennifer: U want to tit fuck me

Emily: U want to lick my pussy

Jennifer: I lick pussy better than u

Emily: Bullshit

Jennifer: Fuck you

Emily: I know u want to Nite Jennifer

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I hope everyone is enjoying "The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye." All of the characters have now been introduced and there are many more confrontations that will happen... along with a little magic from a voodoo queen. Will Angel catch the girl who stole the ring? Will Wendy and Michelle finally settle things between them once and for all? Will Joy and Ashley have their revenge fight? Will Emily and Jennifer find a way to decide who is the cutest and sexiest? And will Angel and Jane finally get together? Thank you for your kind words of appreciation for my story.



To be continued