By AngelDawn30

Previously on Thursday (Highlights)

Amber visited Angel to thank her for catching her husband cheating
Angel called Jane to apologize for having to leave early Wednesday night
Amber visited Michelle with the intention to hire Michelle as her divorce lawyer
Amber called Jane and made an appointment to see her Monday
Sara and Amanda had a sexfight to see who would get the job working for Ashley
Angel continued her investigation of the missing ring
Angel took her car in to have the oil changed and met Ashley. Ashley wants Angel to find Joy so that Ashley can have her revenge.
Wendy, Jane, Lisa, Amanda and Michelle all attend the Fine Arts Gala where they all meet each other
Wendy and Michelle have a confrontation
Amanda “interviews” for an internship with Michelle
Jane takes Lisa to her apartment


Jane and Sara

Jane -
Sara -

Mr. Lincoln had told Jane to take Friday morning off since she had spent Thursday evening at the Fine Arts Gala. She did not have to be at the office until 1 o'clock. Usually she was up about 7 in the morning, but today she slept in until 8. Her date tonight with Angel was occupying her mind as she sipped on a Special K vanilla shake for breakfast. She began to think of all the wild and kinky and nasty things she wanted to do tonight with Angel.. and it was driving her crazy with anticipation. . Thinking of a diversion, she decided she would go to one of the pools and catch a little sun before going to work. The pool was usually deserted this time of the day so it would be peaceful and quiet. Jane picked out a yellow bikini that was sure to turn some heads. The top was held up by two strings that tied around the back of her neck and consisted of two small triangles that covered most of her big tits. ....the bottoms covered her private parts... but almost all of her tight hard buttocks were exposed... again, a string held it in place which tied on both sides, right above her hip bones. Jane had some bikini's that revealed more of her skin, but this one would do just fine. She slipped on a cover up then placed a pair of sunglasses, suntan lotion, and her mini I-pad with some ear-buds in her tote bag. Slipping on a pair of yellow flip flops and grabbing a couple of beach towels she was out the door and on her way to the pool.

Sara was making progress on getting her apartment finished.. She had been up since 6, hanging pictures on the wall and getting most of her clothes hung up. It was almost 8 AM and she needed some 'Sara' time. Sara had not yet checked out the pools... and thought now would be a good time... early in the morning.. there would not be a crowd.. and she could relax and finish the book she had been reading. She searched for her swimwear. She remembered that it had been placed in a box that she labeled 'swimwear'. .. it had to be here somewhere... After moving about a dozen boxes around she found the one she was looking for and opened the box. Sara had two swimsuits... One, which was black, she referred to as 'Holy Shit'... it was tiny... the other one, which was white, was more modest. It was still small.... perfect for attracting other women... of course it was going to attract some guys too, but Sara could deal with that. Her bikini top had two triangles of cloth that came to three points. Noon, Four, and eight on the clock. The triangles covered most of her big tits but it did leave a little tit-flesh exposed on the sides and showed off her deep cleavage. Two strings held up the top and tied behind her neck.. the bottoms were low cut and tied with two strings.. one on each side.. it was enough to cover her small little pubic patch with a little room to spare. As with most bikini's about half of her fabulous buttocks were visible. Sara looked like a 'Sex Goddess.' She grabbed her sun tan lotion and her Kindle, a couple of bottles of water and a beach towel, placing it all in a tote bag and headed toward the pool in a pair of white flip flops and her white cover up, her sun glasses on her head.

It was about 8 o'clock when Sara got to the pool. No one else was there and she was fine with that. The pool was the smaller of the three pools at the Park Place Towers, which usually meant it would be less crowded. There were about a dozen beach chairs scattered around the pool area.. some with umbrellas that provided shade on the hot Dallas afternoons. She placed her tote bag by one of the beach lounge chairs in the sunshine, kicked off her flip flops, took off her cover up and laid down. The sun was already up.. peeking over the east horizon ..but it was still cool... about 75 degrees. She placed her sun glasses on and closed her eyes.. relaxing for a little while before she planned to do some reading.

A few minutes later Jane walked into the pool area.. as she suspected, no one was there except for a black-haired woman who looked about Jane's age. She had not seen her before but she liked what she saw.. she was hot. Never wanting to miss an opportunity to hook up with a lovely woman, Jane wandered over toward her.. “Is this chair taken?” She politely asked.

Sara thought,, 'there are a dozen chairs here and you have to pick one close to me?'.. then she opened her eyes and saw one of the most beautiful women in the world. “No, I was saving it for you.” She smiled as she answered.

“Cool. Thank you.” Jane walked to the end of the chair facing the pool as she slipped off her cover up. 'Good God' Sara thought.. 'I can see the outer swells of her tits from the back... they must be fucking huge.' Jane then turned around and Sara was right.. not only was Jane beautiful, with nice toned legs and a flat tummy, but her tits were immense … massive …. huge. Jane walked between the two beach chairs so she could give Sara a better look.. and to get a better look herself. This woman with the black hair was hot as hell... and even though she had seen several massive racks at the Gala last night, the girl she was looking at could match any of them.... they were big. Jane leaned forward, giving Sara an even better view of her incredible tits, and extended her hand..”I'm Jane.”

Sara reached up and took Jane's hand and squeezed it,.. “Sara.. nice to meet you.” There is something that happens when women squeeze each others hands.. it's like saying I really like you.. I think you are attractive... I would like to get to know you better... and as Jane squeezed back it was as if she was saying.. I like you too and would like to get to know you better. Jane laid down on the beach chair and closed her eyes as she felt the warm rays of the sun warming her body. Finally she spoke.. “I have not seen you before.. are you new here?”

“Yes. I moved in a couple of weeks ago.. still unpacking.. but almost finished.”

Jane saw an opportunity to get better acquainted. “I would be more than happy to help if you need any help.”... she then added.. “It would give us a chance to get better acquainted”

Sara also recognized the opportunity... “Would you? That would be great.”

“I am supposed to be at work at 1 today so I can spare a little time.”

“Oh Jane, that is too much to ask of you.. would this evening be better for you?”

“I have a date with someone tonight... we met a couple of nights ago, but she had to leave early... and I don't want to disappoint her.”

Sara picked up on the word 'she'. “You said she.. so you are into girls?”

“Yes I am... exclusively … what about you?”

Sara smiled... “Me too...... exclusively.”

Now it was time for Jane to make her move... “Would you like for me to rub some sun tan lotion on you?”

“Sure. It's in my tote bag. I'll get it.” Sara rolled over on her side toward Jane, giving her an even better look at her amazingly big tits. She reached in the bag and found the suntan lotion and handed it to Jane.

Jane spoke quietly..”Roll over on your tummy Sara.. I'll do your back first.” Sara rolled over on her tummy as Jane got on her knees between legs, squirted the suntan lotion onto the palm of her left hand, rubbed her hands together and then began on the back of Sara's right calve... rubbing the lotion in as she moved her hands up and down … she squirted more suntan lotion into the palm of her hand and rubbed the lotion on Sara's other calve … pressing into her flesh as she moved her hands up and down. Jane then took the bottle and squirted lotion up and down the back of Sara's thighs, leaned forward, and using her weight she began rubbing the lotion in... first her right thigh .. then her left … kneading Sara's flesh.. pushing deep with her fingers … massaging her thighs from her knees up to her buttocks... rubbing … pressing … massaging.

“Ummm, that feels good.”

Jane smiled and kept working her hands on the back of Sara's thighs before squirting the suntan lotion on Sara's back. Leaning forward again, Jane pressed the palms of her hands against Sara's back and began rubbing up and down.. spreading the lotion and working it into her skin. Up and down. Squirting a little more lotion on the back of Sara's shoulders, brushing her long black hair to the side... and massaging the back of Sara's neck and shoulders. Her skillful fingers easing the tension in Sara's body. After several minutes she moved her hands down to Sara's back again and slipped her hands under the string of Sara's top.. rubbing and pressing for a minute before moving her hands lower. Jane glanced around to make sure they were still alone before reaching inside of Sara's bikini bottoms and massaging Sara's tight buttocks. She had a nice ass... firm and tight... and Jane could feel it with her hands.. how firm and tight her ass cheeks were. Jane squeezed Sara's buttocks .. Sara moaned … Again she squeezed Sara's hard buttocks as she pressed down hard.. digging her fingers into Sara's hard glutes... rubbing … squeezing … “God, Jane .. that feels so good.” Jane rubbed and squeezed Sara's ass for another couple of minutes before raising her right hand and playfully slapping Sara's right ass cheek. “Owww.” Jane laughed, “You have a nice ass Sara... roll over on your back”

Sara rolled over,, her big tits shifting in her top as she rolled. Jane was still knelt between her legs as she squirted the lotion on the front of Sara's firm thighs and began rubbing up and down... pressing with the palms of her hands... loving the feel of Sara's tight skin under her hands.. Sara had a hard body.. and Jane was very well aware of how firm she was... everywhere.... She squirted a little lotion into Sara's navel and began to spread it around her tummy as her eyes stared at Sara's huge E cup tits. Jane's hands moved very close to Sara's tits as she rubbed the lotion into her skin. She really wanted to cup and squeeze Sara's big tits. Again Jane looked around to see if anyone was at the pool besides her and Sara, and just as she started to move her hands to Sara's massive tits, two younger men walked into the pool area. “Fuck' Jane whispered.

“What?” Sara questioned.

“We have company.” Jane tilted her head toward the gate and Sara noticed the two guys. They looked to be in their early twenties. They began to talk to each other quietly as they looked over toward Jane and Sara, but Jane could not hear what they were saying, although, by the way they were smiling, she was sure it was comments about her and Sara.

“Want to give them a show?” Sara gave Jane an evil grin. “It might be fun.”

As you know, Jane was an exhibitionist. so she nodded her approval to Sara as she reached out with the palms of her hands and placed them on Sara's bikini top... cupping Sara's big tits. She moved them with her hands left and right and up and down. Squeezing and kneading the firm tit-flesh. Sara's tits felt good... firm … solid... and they were heavy. Sara closed her eyes, loving Jane's hands on her massive rack. For several minutes Jane toyed with Sara's tits .. squeezing them... shifting them back and forth.. spreading her tits apart … squeezing them together... until she heard one of the guys talking to his buddy... “Holy shit.. look at that.” Jane smiled as she kept her fingers working on Sara's tits … massaging … kneading …. squeezing …. then Jane heard footsteps on the concrete. Looking to her right, she saw the two guys walking toward them.

“Hey... how are y'all?” One of them said.

Sara responded.. “We're doing great.”

“Yeah, we can see that... need someone to help you with the suntan lotion?”

It was Jane's turn to answer, “No, we got it.. thanks.”

“We don't mind.”

“I do.” Jane's voice was firm as she continued to play with Sara's tits as they guys watched.”

“You two sure have big boobs.”

Again Jane answered.. “Yep... too bad you don't have anything that is big.” Sara giggled.

“Aww, how would you know that?”

Sara spoke.. “Why don't you guys run off somewhere and play..”

Jane continued … “Or fart.”

“Or belch.” Sara added.

“Or drink some beer.” Jane was trying not to laugh.

“Hey, come on.. we're just trying to be friendly.”

Jane leaned over Sara, their big tits almost touching as she whispered in Sara's ear.. “Let's go.” Sara nodded as Jane rolled off the beach chair and extended her hand to Sara, helping her pull herself up. They put everything back into their tote bags, slipped on their flip flops, grabbed their beach towels, slipped on their cover ups and began to walk toward the gate.. one of they guys whistled. Jane turned her face toward Sara's ear and whispered.. “It's time for some sign language.” Sara agreed as they stopped at the gate turned around and stared at the two young men.

“See you guys around.” Sara said as she and Jane held up their right hands and gave them the finger as they laughed. As they turned and walked away one of the guys hollered at them.. “I didn't get your phone number.”

Jane answered from a distance... speaking loud enough for them to hear.. “1-800-EAT-SHIT.” Sara laughed with her. As they arrived at the elevators they paused for a moment as they looked into each others eyes. “My place or yours?” Jane spoke with her sexy voice.

“Yours.” Sara answered.

“This way.”

They walked side by side until they reached the elevators for the North Tower. A couple of minutes later they were walking into Jane's penthouse apartment. Jane noticed the wall clock as she walked in... it was getting close to 9 o'clock... she still had a couple of hours before she had to start getting ready.

“Oh my... this is really nice.” Sara said as she glanced around Jane's penthouse. “You must make some serious money to afford this.”

“I rob banks.” For a moment Sara gave her a puzzled look.. then Jane laughed. “Come with me Sara.” They walked into the bedroom... When they stopped Jane walked up to Sara, pressing their bikini tops together... and moved her mouth to Sara's. Sara's tongue greeted Jane's before their lips met as they both shivered together … grinding their huge tits together.. They shared several long deep kisses until Jane whispered.. “Lets continue where we left off... ok?”

“Mmmmm that sounds like a wonderful idea Jane.” Sara walked over to the bed, slipping off her flip flops and started to take off her top.

“No, leave it on... I want to continue where we left off.. if that's ok with you.”

“Yesssss... as I recall, you were giving me a tit massage.” Sara spoke softly in a sultry voice as she climbed onto the bed and laid down on her back.

“I think you're right.” Jane answered as she walked to her bathroom and came back with a bottle of baby oil.

“Ooouu .. I love baby oil.... getting all squishy together.”

“Umm Hmmm.” Jane replied as she climbed up on the bed, placing her knees between Sara's thighs and laying the bottle of baby oil down beside them. Jane leaned forward over Sara, bracing herself up with one arm as she reached behind Sara's neck and untied her bikini top. As she sat back up she scooted forward and sat down across Sara's hips.. Jane's white bikini bottom touching Sara's white bikini bottom. Leaning forward again Jane grabbed the bikini top and pulled it away from Sara... tossing it on the floor. Sara's spread out a little as she lay on her back with her nipples were hard and pointing straight up. Jane smiled as she reached for the bottle of baby oil.. squirting it on Sara's big tits.

“Ouuuu,” Sara giggled.. “It's cold.”

“It won't stay cold for long.” Jane replied as she reached down and began to spread the baby oil over Sara's tits. “You have very nice tits Sara... so big and round.” Jane grabbed both of Sara's nipples between her fingers and lightly pinched them.. “And I love your nipples.” Sara moaned as Jane began to massage her tits.. sliding the open palms of her hands up and down and around and around.. pushing and massaging.. Sara's tits were very firm... and they felt heavy as Jane moved them around. She worked Sara's tits for several minutes before sliding back between her legs and reaching to the sides to untie the two strings that held her bottoms in place. As Sara lifted her hips, Jane whisked her bikini bottoms off and tossed them on the floor. Sara's pussy was beautiful.. with nice pussy lips... and Jane noticed that her clit was already protruding from it's hood. She reached down and softly rubbed Sara's clit up and down with her right index finger as Sara moaned again. Jane rolled off the bed, standing, and untied her own bikini top and bottoms, slipping them off and letting them fall to the floor behind her.

Sara gasped as she took in Jane's beauty... her eyes moving from Jane's beautiful face, down to her massive tits, crowned with the huge nipples.. Although it had been years since she had seen and touched Wendy's nipples... she thought that Jane's were every bit as long and thick. They were monsters! Sara's eyes drifted down to Jane's small waist.. it was flat..and was toned.. She could tell that Jane's tummy was hard and firm... Jane's hips flared out perfectly... and she noticed that Jane was completely shaved.. not even one tiny pubic hair was on her body... Sara could see Jane's pussy lips dangling ever so slightly from between her legs... and those legs.. wow .. Jane looked like she could run a marathon with her legs.. they were not real muscular looking.. but they were firm and toned and smooth. Jane did not look like she had an ounce of fat on her body. Jane looked perfect. As Jane stepped back to the bed she spoke very softly.. “Roll over on your tummy for me, Sara. As she was turning over, Jane had picked up the baby oil and was squirting it all over her own tits and tummy and the front of her thighs.. then Jane aimed the bottle at her pussy and squirted some baby oil over her vulva... then squirted a little more on her tits. The baby oil was already running down her chest.. some of the oil pooling in her deep navel .. running down her tummy and thighs and dripping from her drenched pussy. As she climbed back up on the bed.. bottle in hand, she asked Sara to brush her hair to the side.. then Jane squirted baby oil over Sara's back.. from the back of her neck all the way down to her tailbone.. then she squirted each one of her amazing ass cheeks.. and the back of her thighs.

Jane placed the baby oil down beside Sara on the bed and crawled up on top of her on all fours before lowering her body down on Sara's.. the oil squishing between them as she slowly began to slide up and down on top of Sara. .. dragging her weighty tits up and down Sara's back and moving her the front of her thighs against the back of Sara's thighs.. her naked pussy was rubbing up and down Sara's hard ass as she slid up and down and up and down. Sara could feel Jane's enormous nipples dragging up and down her back.. and then from side to side as Jane began to drag her cunt back and forth across Sara's buttocks. Jane moaned as her sweet pussy lips flared out and squished back and forth across Sara's hard ass cheeks. “Ummmmm.” Jane moaned as she began moving her hips in a circle.. her drenched pussy sliding up and down, back and forth and around and around on Sara's ass. Jane's tits were also moving around on Sara's back as Sara squirmed beneath her. Their bodies were slick with baby oil as they slid effortlessly against each other... Sara lifting her ass up in the air to apply more pressure to Jane's cunt.

Both women were quietly moaning as they rubbed each other. Jane was really getting turned on.. her pussy lips were spread wide open and her clit was being massaged by Sara's ass cheeks as she humped up and down.. sliding up and down and around and around... her rigid nipples feeling like hard steel cylinders against Sara's back as Jane rocked up and down.. slipping and sliding their oil soaked bodies together. Jane was actually getting close to an orgasm... it was just so fucking sensual... smearing her pussy lips and clit all over Sara's hard ass. .. Sara's glutes were hard and strong and well developed and Jane loved the tightness and firmness of Sara's ass.. It was so fucking hard. She began to breath more deeply,, with an occasional moan or gasp as she drug her cunt against Sara's ass. “Ohhhhh Sara,” Jane moaned... “God you have such a nice ass.... Mmmmm.”

“Ummmmmmmm... I can feel your pussy sliding on my ass... does it feel good Jane?”

“Fuck yes it feels good... soooooo fucking good.” Jane gasped as she began to push down harder.. and Sara lifted her ass up more.. loving that Jane was literally fucking her buttocks with her pussy... It was erotic. Jane began to pant... and Sara knew Jane was getting close to an orgasm. Sara began to move her hips in a rocking fucking motion.. not so much up and down.. but forward and backward as she pushed her buttocks against Jane's slippery cunt.. Jane was rocking against Sara's ass.. and in a few seconds they had established a rhythm.. Sara moving back as Jane would slide up.. then as Jane slid down, Sara would rock forward... rubbing … sliding … Jane was getting closer and closer to an orgasm. Sara was turned on as well and reached down with her right hand and began rubbing her clit. Her ass was lifted just enough so that she could squeeze her hand between her cunt and the bed... and she began rubbing the hell out of her swollen clit.

“Cum on my ass Jane.” Sara gasped...

“Mmmm.. I will cum on your ass... but I want you to wait and cum on my pussy.”

“Mmmmmmmmmm yesssssss.. I would love to cum on your pussy Jane.”

Sara continued to stroke her clit as she had now inserted two fingers into her wet vagina.. she was going to time her orgasm so it would be after Jane came first.. It wasn't a competition.. they were just fucking and loving it. For the next several minutes Jane rode Sara's hard tight buttocks with her pussy and Sara fingered her cunt.. they were gasping and moaning.. and now Sara was getting close to her own orgasm... so she removed her hand from her pussy... she did not want to gush into the bed... she wanted to gush into Jane's cunt... They had maintained their rocking fucking motion.. Jane began to moan more and more..... “Cum on my ass Jane.”

“Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm God.” Jane moaned.

“I want to feel your cum on my ass.” Sara sighed as she began to finger her pussy and clit again.

Jane was grinding hard against Sara's hard ass cheeks as Sara began flexing her powerful glutes. “Fucking your ass Sara.” Jane was panting.

“Yessss Jane.. fuck my ass... fuck my hard ass with that wet cunt!”

Jane's cunt contracted... “Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck!!!” She pressed against Sara's ass as hard as she could. “Sara!!!! …. Cummmmmmmmmming!” Jane screamed as her pussy gushed against Sara's buttocks. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh God Yesssss!!!

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Yes Jane... I feel your pussy cumming on my ass... oh you nasty slut!!!”


Sara bucked her hips up.. rolling Jane over on her back.. and quickly laid down on top of her.. spreading her legs and lowering her pussy down to Jane's... Sara pressed her open cunt hard against Jane's pussy .. their engorged clits meeting head on she felt Jane's pussy contract again.. Jane thrust her hips up as her pussy contracted yet again..... “Sara!!! I'm Cumming!!.... Cummmmming so fucking hard!!!”

It only took Sara about another ten seconds to reach her orgasm.. “FUCK YES!!” Sara screamed loudly.. “Cummmmmmming!!” Her cunt gushed hard against Jane's which sent Jane over the top again.

“Cummmmmmmmming!!!” Jane cried out loud.

“Cummmmmmmmmming!!” Sara yelled loudly.

They quivered against each other for several minutes... until Sara sat up.. reached for the bottle of baby oil and squirted it all over Jane's tits and tummy... then she turned the bottle around and liberally squirted oil on her own tits and tummy.. lifting herself up and squirting oil on her pussy before tossing the bottle back on the bed next to them. With her knees between Jane's thighs she rocked back and laid down on top of Jane.. her tits pressed against Jane's tummy as she reached up and palmed Jane's voluminous tits.. spreading and rubbing the oil around and into Jane's huge tits. “Mmmmmm Sara, that feels so good... squeeze them.”

Sara sat up her hands squeezing Jane's big tits ..“Your tits are amazing Jane... and they are sticking almost straight up... with you on your back!! Damn girl.” Sara squeezed Jane's tits hard forcing a moan from Jane's lips. She worked Jane's tits hard... digging and squeezing as Jane groaned with pleasure. “You love that, don't you?” Jane just moaned as Sara massaged Jane's incredible tits.. pushing them up and down and back and forth and around and around as she palmed them and squeezed them and kneaded Jane's firm tit-flesh. Jane reached up with her hands and began to play with Sara's huge tits... rubbing and squeezing each other they massaged and played with each others tits.. minute after minute until their clits were once again on fire.

Jane reached up and grabbed Sara's shoulders.. “Fuck me Sara... Fuck me.”

Sara slowly laid her body down on top of Jane's.. their massive tits sliding together as Sara began to move up and down against Jane's perfect body. Sliding... up and down.. Sara would slide all the way down.. until her tits were pressing against Jane's pussy then she would slide up.. dragging her big tits up Jane's tummy.. and then her tits would drag up and over Jane's tits.. mushrooming them together until her tits would plop free of Jane's as she moved her tits up above Jane's tits.. then Sara would slowly slide down.. her big globes compressing against Jane's before springing free and dragging down Jane's tummy all the way down to her cunt.. then up all the way again.. then down.. slipping and sliding .. rubbing their bodies together.. They were both moaning as their hot skin slid so easily up and down against each other. Sara moved her tits up to Jane's again, then placed her hands on either side of Jane lifting herself up with her arms and began to rub her weighty tits against Jane's heavy pair... Sliding them back and forth across each other.. left .. right … sliding in the baby oil .. left .. right .. their hard nipples meeting and quickly sliding apart each time they passed each other.. “Oh Jane, I fucking love your tits.. they feel so fucking good against mine.”

'Mmmmm Sara... are you going to tit fuck me?”

“Mmm Hmmm” Sara whispered as she began rocking up and down.. sliding her tits up and down against Jane's.. Sara would move forward until her nipples had slid about two inches above Jane's.. then would slide back until their nipples flicked and slid apart.. then she would slide down another inch or two before sliding back up.. She kept herself pushed up so their tits were not mashed tightly together... but it was enough for them to mushroom.. their nipples and areolas buried between their huge tits as Sara tit fucked Jane.. up and down … they began to moan. Sara's pussy was also sliding up and down against Jane's .. sliding in the baby oil and their pussy juice.. it was wet and slippery.. their clits meeting and rubbing with each up and down movement from Sara's hips. Sara's tits were fucking Jane's tits... Sara's pussy was fucking Jane's pussy … Jane's tits were fucking Sara's tits and Jane's pussy was fucking Sara's pussy... fucking each other real good as they slid together... Jane's nipples were burning... Sara's clit was throbbing.. Jane's pussy was sooooooooo fucking wet … Sara's tits had swelled up with passion. Jane and Sara were in a dream-like state as they fucked each other toward another orgasm. Jane and Sara were moaning as they began to kiss.. tongues circling each other as their lips brushed together.. swirling their tongues together.. licking and taking turns sucking each others tongues deep into their wet mouths. Jane loved to kiss and she showed it as her tongue darted around and around Sara's tongue.. stroking and licking.. probing … flicking... it was hot. Their fucking felt so good, but Jane wanted more pussy to pussy contact as she whispered to Sara.. “Let's do some tribbing.”

'Yesssssss.” Sara whispered back as she rolled off of Jane, scooted back on the bed and scissored her legs with Jane's... inching forward and looking down at Jane's hot wet cunt. Jane flexed her pussy for Sara... squeezing her pussy lips together then opening them back up... “God.” Sara gasped as she watched Jane squeeze her vagina making it open and close as if it were winking at her.. Jane's fuck-hole would open up,, then close.. then open up... it was fucking amazing. Sara had a strong pussy and she could flex it and squeeze it.. but she could not do what Jane was doing. “My God Jane, .. how do you do that with your pussy?”

Jane smiled.. “Practice.”

Sara smiled back at Jane.. “Oh you nasty whore!”

“Let me show you how nasty this whore can be.” Jane whispered as she moved forward.. pressing her pussy against Sara's... then moving another inch as their pussy lips spread open to each other.. Sara moved another inch forward as their vaginas lined up perfectly.. connecting hole to hole.. Jane then moved another inch forward as their vaginas sealed tightly together... “I'm gonna suck your pussy with mine.”

Sara gasped... “Show me Jane.. Show me how a whore can suck with her pussy... Suck me Jane.”

Jane closed her eyes as she ground her cunt tight against Sara's and flexed her vagina. Sara could feel the suction... she could feel her pussy juices being sucked into Jane's vagina... “Fuck” Sara moaned as Jane began to flex her cunt again and again.. sucking at Sara's pussy.. then expelling their mixed juices back into Sara's vagina.. it was like breathing in and out... sucking juices then forcing them back out.. Jane was incredible. Sara moaned with pleasure... she had been with other women who could suck with their pussys... like gently sucking on a lollipop... but Jane's pussy was powerful... she was actually sucking juices out of her own cunt... “Ohhh Fuck!!” Sara gasped.

“You want to cum already, don't you Sara?”

Sara moaned,,, “Ohhhhhhh.... Jane... I wanna make you cum first.”

“You want a sexfight?” Jane's competitive spirit emerged.

“Yesssssssssssssssss” Sara groaned as she began to grind her hot cunt against Jane's wet cunt. Grinding and thrusting with her hips as she fucked Jane.

“Mmmmmmmmmm.... I love it.” Jane sighed as she and Sara began to grind harder and harder against each other... fucking and fucking and fucking. For the next ten minutes they pushed their cunts together hard.. twisting and smearing their labia together.. as Jane continued to flex her cunt against Sara's.. sucking her cunt.. Sara was trying her best not to cum.. but Jane had a magical pussy.. and Jane knew how to use it.. Sara had never fucked anyone as skilled as one ... not even Wendy. She was approaching the zenith.. she was going to be cumming very soon. Sara had to do something quick... she sat up.. reached down and grabbed Jane's hands, pulling her up as their big tits smacked together.. their nipples twisting together... She leaned forward and extended her tongue as she began to lick at Jane's mouth.. within seconds they were licking wildly at each others lips and tongues.. saliva dripping from their tongues.. stringing down to their huge tits. Sara shifted her cunt against Jane's so that their clits could rub together... it was her only chance of winning... to grind her clit against Jane's. She knew it would also bring her closer to her own orgasm but she had to take that chance... or she was going to cum first... and Sara hated to lose.

They were kissing and grinding their over-sized tits together.. their elongated nipples flicking and sliding back and forth against each other... their clits grinding together.. rubbing tightly. Sara began moving her hips rapidly.. jerking against Jane.. trying to induce an orgasm from her... what she did not know was Jane's ability to 'turn everything off'.. Jane felt her orgasm approaching as they fucked.. and Jane had to out-fuck Sara. She had to make Sara cum first. Any other result was not acceptable. As Jane and Sara continued their nasty spit kissing and fucking, Jane flipped the switch in her mind. She just simply turned her mind off. Now she could concentrate on bringing Sara to an orgasm. They pushed their clits together hard... grinding them together hard... as if they were trying to burst each others clits with their own.. pumping and grinding.. tongues licking and sucking... saliva drooling from the corners of their mouths and tongues... the top of their big tits coated with their mixed spit as their saliva would string down, finally breaking and pooling in their deep cleavage. Humping like wild animals.. animals who had not fucked for weeks... “Ohhhhhhhhhhh Yessssssss.” Sara moaned. She could not hold back any longer... her clit began to flutter against Jane's... throbbing and quivering... the rush had began... flowing from deep inside her body as she jerked against Jane.. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.. Ohhhhhhhhhh you fucking Whore!!!!!” Sara screamed loudly... “Cummmmmmmmmming!!!”

“Yes Sara.. Yessss cum for me... cum hard for me!”

“Cummmmmmmmmming!!!” Sara shrieked. “Cummming Hard!!!” Jane kept licking at Sara's mouth as Sara's body vibrated against hers... their tits and nipples were mashed tightly together as Jane kept rubbing and grinding her hard clit against Sara's twitching clit. They fucked for another five minutes.. until Sara was screaming again as she was cummming. “Cummmmmmming!! She gasped.. “Oh Fuck … Cummmmmming.”

Jane could not keep her mind turned off forever and she finally gave in to the pleasure that had built up in her body... wrapping her arms around Sara's neck she licked at Sara's face as she gasped.. “Unnnn.. Oh .. Sara... Umm.. Cummming... Sara... fuck.. cummming!”

Jane and Sara moaned together as they came together... both women gasping and panting as they shuddered against each other... It was an intense orgasm.. and they had shared it together.. “Oh my God Jane.... Wow!”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm... yes Wow!” Jane whispered as she gasped.

They rolled over on their sides, stretching their legs out as they laid on the bed facing each other. For the next ten minutes they held each other and kissed. It was a beautiful experience for both of them. Jane nibbled at Sara's ear as she whispered “I have to get ready to go to work Sara.”

“Awwwwww.” Sara pouted.. then smiled.. “That was fun.”

“Yes it was.” Jane smiled back at her.

“I can't believe you beat me in a sexfight.. you are soooo fucking good.”

“You're pretty damn good too Sara... we will have to have a rematch sometime.”

Sara rolled off the bed.. “I would love that Jane.”

A few minutes later Sara was dressed and had gathered up all her things. They kissed good-bye.. Sara leaving with a big smile on her face. Jane glanced at the clock.. it was eleven. She had to be at work in two hours... Somehow she managed to shower, get her make-up on, dress, eat a piece of toast covered with strawberry jam and made it to work five minutes early.

To be continued