By AngelDawn30


Michelle and Amanda

Michelle -
Amanda -

Michelle closed the door behind her as she and Amanda walked into the small meeting room. There was a rectangular table with about 8 chairs around it. Other than the table and chairs and a few pictures hanging on the wall, the room was empty. Michelle stared at Amanda's huge tits as she spoke “How bad do you want this internship?”

“I'll show you how bad I want it.” Amanda replied as she began to take off her dress. Michelle watched as Amanda stripped in front of her, placing her dress and thong on the table as she admired Amanda's big tits and small waist. After she finished undressing Michelle walked over to her and turned her back to Amanda. Amanda reached up, brushing Michelle's hair out of the way and untied her halter dress letting it fall down. Amanda then reached down and grabbed the bottom of Michelle's dress and pulled it up over her head tossing it on the table. Grabbing Michelle's thong, she slid it down Michelle's long legs letting her step out of her thong... leaving both of the lovely hot women naked except for their heels. Michelle turned around and stepped toward Amanda, pressing their over-sized tits together as they kissed deeply.. their tongues swirling around each other as they kissed. 'Mmmmm.” Amanda moaned as they kissed … licking inside each others mouths. Amanda moved her hands behind Michelle and cupped her hard buttocks which caused Michelle to moan. She squeezed those firm hot tight ass cheeks in her hands and pulled Michelle closer to herself and began to hump at Michelle. Now it was Michelle's turn to reach behind Amanda and cup her hard tight twenty-two year old buttocks firmly in her hands as she began to hump with Amanda. Their lower tummies began to slap and smack together as they fucked standing up.. trying to pound their clit into the others clit … smack … slap .. smack ….. slap … again and again … smack … slap .. smack ….. slap … slapping their wet cunts together as they ground their heavy tits together.

“Oh Michelle, you are so fucking hot.” Amanda groaned as they slapped their cunts together .. smack … slap .. smack ….. slap … “Mmmmm that feels so good.” Amanda shifted to her right and positioned her pussy against Michelle's right thigh and began humping her leg... sliding her wet cunt up and down Michelle's thigh as Michelle lowered her wet snatch down on Amanda's right thigh, …. slowly dragging her wetness up and down her thigh.

“You hot bitch.” Michelle moaned as they humped each others legs.. their big tits bouncing together as they jerked their hips and fucked each others thighs... sliding … their thighs wet with their sweet hot pussy juice. “How bad do you want this job?”

“Really really bad.” Amanda was moaning and gasping as they rode each others upper leg.

“Make me cum before you cum and I will consider it.”

“Oh God Michelle.. I am going to make you cum so fucking hard.”

Michelle humped harder against Amanda's firm thigh.. “Prove it you bitch!”

Amanda pushed Michelle away.. and knelt down in front of her... and began licking at Michelle's swollen extended pussy lips.. licking up and down and pulling her lips into her mouth and sucking … pulling her face back until Michelle's pussy lips popped out of her mouth.

Michelle gasped. “Mmmmmm yes, yes you fucking whore.... eat my cunt.”

Amanda pushed her face tight against Michelle's pussy and began licking harder.. up and down her wet slit.. pushing her tongue inside Michelle's vagina and swirling it around then licking up and down her pussy again.. pausing to tongue fuck her hot wet hole before moving her mouth up to Michelle's hard clit... licking … lapping … sucking on her clit... licking and sucking.. making loud sucking slurping sounds with her mouth.

“Oh fuck yes!” Michelle moaned as Amanda face fucked her hot twat... sucking and slurping on her hard clit until Michelle had enough. “Lay down on the table.. on your back.”

Amanda climbed up on the table, then sat down on her ass, extending her toned legs as she laid down on her back. Michelle climbed up on the table and laid down on top of her in a 69 position Placing her fingers on Amanda's pussy and spreading her pussy lips apart, Michelle extended her tongue and began to lick up and down Amanda's wet pussy as Amanda reached up and grabbed Michelle's tight buttocks pulling her pussy to her open mouth as they began to lick each others burning cunts. The small meeting room was filled with the wet slurping sounds of their licking and sucking as they used their tongues and mouths on each other.. licking and stoking each others clits.

“Ouuuu, your tongue feels so good on my pussy Michelle.”

“Mmmmmm.” Michelle moaned as their tongues began to thrust in and out of each others vaginas. They were lost in the moment... lost in the pleasure they were giving and receiving.... tongues licking …. lapping... thrusting … penetrating inside each other. Amanda dug her fingers into Michelle's hard buttocks as they pumped their tongues in and out of each other.. again … and again …. in … out … in … out … again and again … minute after minute... Michelle closed her lips tightly over Amanda's vibrating clit, grabbing it between her teeth and began to nibble. Amanda shuddered as she kept up her constant licking and lapping of Michelle's drenched cunt. They were approaching the summit as Michelle once again began tongue fucking Amanda's juicy vagina. Her tongue licking deep inside Amanda. They began to moan together... their rigid clits pulsing... as they penetrated each other again and again with their tongues... pausing to suck at each others clits before thrusting their tongues in and out of each other. Amanda was getting close to an orgasm …. Michelle once again returned to her sucking. Tugging and pulling on Amanda's hard clit... sucking hard … very hard... lapping at Amanda's clit as she sucked it with her lips. “Ummmmm.” Amanda was moaning deeply... “Oh fuck yesssssssss! … I'm gonna cummm Michelle... GOD YES!! Ohh... Cummming!!!” Michelle sucked even harder as Amanda's body twitched and spasmed.. “Cummming!!” Amanda's pussy gushing on Michelle's lips and tongue.

As Amanda's body continued to quiver Michelle rolled off of her, turned around and laid down on top of Amanda.. spreading her legs open and lowering her wet pussy down against Amanda's …. “Mmmmmmm.” Michelle moaned as their wet cunts merged together and they began to grind their wet open cunts together. Michelle sliding up and down... dragging her hot cunt up and down the length of Amanda's quivering pussy. They moved their hips together grinding and rubbing their hot wet pussy lips into each other over and over .. long blissful minute after minute. They looked into each others eyes... their eyes filled with lust as they fucked. Amanda began licking at Michelle's mouth … stroking her lips with her tongue and Michelle began licking at Amanda's mouth.. their tongues meeting and flicking at each other as their heavy breathing increased.. their four big tits squashed tightly together as they fucked each others cunt with their own hot cunt.. sliding and humping.. rocking and thrusting.. closing their wet mouths together in a hard kiss as both hot bitches began to tremble against each other.

Amanda broke off their kiss to gasp for air as her body began to jerk against Michelle's. She was cumming again... shuddering and vibrating against Michelle. “Ohhhhhh God Michelle …. I'm Cummming! .. Ahhhhhhhhhh.”

A moment later Michelle joined her.... flooding their wet pussys with her pussy cum. .. “Cummmmmming!!!” Michelle gasped as they humped and fucked each other. The waves of pleasure washing over their bodies as they kept fucking and fucking and fucking... sliding their wet sticky cum drenched cunts against each other for several more minutes until they were cumming again.... together. “Cummmming!”


“Cummmmmmming Amanda!”

“Cummmmming Michelle!”

“Mmmmmmmmmmm” “Ahhhhhhhhhh” “Ohhhhhhhhh” they moaned together. They laid there for a few minutes .. Michelle finally rolling off of Amanda and getting up on her knees as she pulled Amanda up on her knees facing her. Still on the table, they scooted on their knees until their tits were pressing together and once again they began to kiss.. licking and swirling their tongues together as they closed their lips tightly together... their tongues swirling and twisting around and around inside each others mouths. Wrapping their arms around each others waist they began to pump their heavy tits together.. they were too close to each other to completely separate their tits from one another after each thrust so there was a minimum of those sweet smacking sounds of their tits slapping together.. Moving their upper bodies together their tits would mash together.. reshaping against each other then returning to their normal shape as they moved back.. with only their areola's touching.. then they would pump their tits together... mushrooming them .. watching as they spread out and up and then fall quickly back into place as they pulled themselves back.. leaving only the very front part of their tits connected. For the next five minutes they pumped together... mashing .. mushrooming … uniting … merging ..blending … again and again... each trying to wear down the other's big tits. Now as you already know, Amanda possessed a pair of amazing tits.. big and round double D tits that were firm and dense... but as big as they were … as solid as they were .. they were no match for Michelle's heavy E cup tits as Michelle's huge tits began to wear down Amanda's impressive pair. Slowly but surely .. a little at a time .. Amanda's tits were yielding to Michelle's. .. until Amanda's tits were being pushed out of shape with each pump of their tits as Michelle's tits were deforming less and less. Finally Amanda surrendered.. “Ohhhhhhh” she moaned as she scooted back from Michelle. Her tits could no longer take the compression of their tit pumping.

Michelle grinned at Amanda.. “My tits are just too strong for yours.” She scooted on her knees a little closer to Amanda lining up their hard nipples tip to tip. It was fairly close, but there was no doubt that Michelle had longer and thicker nipples than Amanda even though Amanda did have incredible nipples.. Michelle was just exceptional in that department. They pressed their nipples together... Michelle's inch plus long steel rods and Amanda's hard nipples which were almost inch and began rocking into each other.

“Are you going to nipple fuck me Michelle?”

“Mmmm Hummm... yes I am.” she whispered as she began to thrust her solid nipples against Amanda's. It did not take very long for Michelle's concrete spikes to overwhelm Amanda's stiff rods.... within a few minutes Michelle's hard nipples were pushing Amanda's back into her tits with each thrust... Amanda began to push harder.. the front part of their tits lightly smacking together with each thrust from the two hot vixens. Michelle's tits were amazing... Amanda began to compare them to Wendy's as they nipple fucked. They were about the same size but Wendy did have longer nipples.. and Wendy's nipples were harder... at least Amanda thought so.. but she was changing her mind as she felt Michelle's hard nipples pushing inside her tits... It was such an erotic feeling... to feel someone's nipples inside your tit. She could not decide who had the harder, stiffer nipples... Michelle or Wendy.... she thought for a moment how hot it would be to see that match up.... but then the pleasure began to overwhelm her.

“Wow Michelle... I can feel your nipples inside me... GOD!!” Amanda moaned deeply as Michelle popped her steel-like nipples in and out of Amanda's tits.... Michelle was dominating Amanda with her tits... which was amazing...because Amanda had massively firm and dense tits... but they were not holding up against Michelle's pair as Michelle wrapped her arms around Amanda and pulled her into a tight bear hug.. driving their big tits together as they reshaped themselves against each other... distorting... spreading out... their nipples buried very deeply inside their mushroomed tits. Amanda began to spasm... everywhere... in her nipples and tits... in her clit.... wave after wave of pleasure began to flood over her body as she gasped loudly... “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” She was panting.... and then the spasms began... her tits jerked and quivered against Michelle's as Amanda through her head back.. her long red hair whipping in the air as she shrieked.. “Cummmmmmming!!!!” … gasping … moaning … Michelle held her tight against herself... “Cummmmmming!!!.... Ohhhhh fuck!!!”

Michelle moved back slightly then pushed hard against Amanda.. driving her big thick nipples deep inside Amanda's tits as she began to quiver and shake against Amanda.. Michelle's nipples were going to cum … she knew that feeling... spreading from her pussy up through her tits and to her nipples... Keeping her tits plastered against Amanda's with her hard nipples buried deep inside Amanda's areolas Michelle moaned as she felt her nipples cumming. “Ahhhhhhh yessssss,” Michelle moaned as the hot sticky clear cum from her nipples was released inside Amanda's tits... and Amanda felt it.. it was hot... sticky …. and it triggered another orgasm in Amanda as she moaned against Michelle, cumming with her as Michelle's forbidding nipples emptied themselves inside Amanda's tits.

“Mmmmm Michelle.” Amanda moaned as Michelle slowly pulled her tits away from Amanda's.. stretching their nipples... … pulling their nipples out from their areola's until they 'popped' apart... a thin clear string of sticky gooey nipple cum hanging and looping and connecting their swollen nipples together. Michelle continued to hold Amanda for a couple of minutes as her orgasm subsided.. then she pushed Amanda over on her back again and spread Amanda's thighs with her own and moved her wet pussy against the hot red headed bitch and began fucking her... sliding her wet cunt up and down against Amanda's as she ground their heavy tits together.. Amanda's yielding their shape to Michelle's. They rocked together... Moving their hips together... fucking each other with wild passion..until Amanda was cumming again.... yelling and screaming as she bucked under Michelle.. “FUCK YES!!... Cumming again!! …. Cummming!” As they fucked through Amanda's orgasm Michelle's clit began to throb... she was close... very close to her own orgasm.. sliding their hot swollen clits against each other... flicking their hardened love buds against each other... again and again.... until Amanda was cumming again... Moaning and gasping with each breath as she groaned … “Ohhhh God Michelle... Cumming again... Cummming !!'

Amanda's third orgasm was enough to send Michelle over the edge as she pushed her clit hard against Amanda's... feeling Amanda's clit twitching against her own... and cried out... “Cummmmmmming!!”.... Her vagina contracted hard as she spewed her hot pussy cum all over Amanda's soaked pussy... “Oh Amanda, you dirty little fucking whore. … Mmmmmmmmm yesssssss.”

“Oh Wow Michelle... Wow!” Amanda was still gasping for air.... “My God.” They rolled onto their sides and intertwined their legs as they lay there catching their breath. Amanda was spent. Michelle had conquered another cunt. They finally got down from the top of the table and began to get dressed.

Michelle coyly smirked at Amanda... “I bet you never fucked anyone with tits like mine.”

“It was good.” Amanda replied,.. still woozing a little.

“Good? ….. Tell me the truth... you have never been with anyone with a body like mine and tits like mine.”

Amanda had finished slipping on her dress... “Well.... actually.... there is another ...”

“Bullshit. No one has tits like mine... No one has nipples like mine …. that's bullshit!”

“Actually..... there is someone else.”

By now Michelle had finished dressing and walked over to Amanda.. raising her hand and slapping Amanda across her face... “SMACK!” Amanda's head jerked to the side as Michelle yelled at her. “Fucking lying little whore!!!”

Amanda placed her hand on her cheek... “That hurt and I am not lying.”

Michelle slapped her other cheek... “SLAP!!” … “Fucking Liar!!!.... Who? Who could ever even dream of having tits and nipples like mine???” Amanda took a step back and remained silent....then for the third time Michelle slapped her face... “WHO???!!!”

“Wendy Corleone.” Amanda replied as she took a step backwards.

“I am not surprised that you and Wendy Corleone have fucked. She is nothing but a slut and a cheap whore who will fuck anybody. But if you are telling me that her tits and nipples are as good as mine then you are a fucking liar!! No one has nipples like mine... and no one can nipple fuck like I can... You are a fucking Liar!!”

Amanda walked toward the door ... “I am not a liar ...and she is not a bitch like you are.”

Michelle stepped toward Amanda.. “Did you just call me a bitch?”

“I am sorry Michelle. I did not mean to call you a bitch. What I meant to say is you are a FUCKING BITCH!! and no way in hell would I ever work in the same building as you!!! And Wendy Corleone could outfuck you on her worst day!!” Amanda slammed the door in Michelle's face as she left... running down the hallway.

“Stupid fucking cunt!” Michelle mumbled as she walked out of the room. “No fucking way could anyone ever match my nipples and tits... no one... and especially that whore-dog Wendy.

To be continued