By AngelDawn30


Jane left work a little early so she would have time to get home and change clothes before attending the Fine Arts Gala at the Dallas Country Club. Paul Lincoln did not really want to hobnob with a bunch of people with their noses in the air, though he was also a member of the country club.. but he always thought of himself as different. He grew up poor and worked hard to get to where he was. So, Mr. Lincoln asked Jane to attend the event. The Law firm needed to be represented.. it was a good place to meet new prospective clients... and he knew that Jane would be the perfect choice. She was smart … a good conversationalist... she had a good sense of humor.. she was very attractive... and she had 'cantaloupe' tits. … Jane's big tits would get her all the attention she could handle... which, in turn, was good for the law firm. It made perfect sense to Paul Lincoln.

After arriving at her penthouse apartment, Jane made herself a light snack, showered, made sure her make-up was flawless.. and picked out the perfect dress to wear. It was white lace with a white slip underneath.. preventing that see-through look. Yes, Jane was a certified exhibitionist, but tonight was not the time nor the place. The dress had long sleeves .. down to her hands and was longer than most all of the dresses she owned with the hemline about an inch above the center of her knees. The front of the dress was much more revealing with a deep plunging 'V' neckline.... the bottom of the 'V' ended several inches below where her tits protruded from her rib-cage... so it exposed the inner half of her E cup tits. .. from the top of her tit.. all the way down to where her tit was attached to her rib cage. It revealed a full half circle of the inside of both of her huge E cup tits... you could see every inch of her cleavage … from where it began at the top.. to where it ended at the bottom... and when you measure 40½ inches like Jane does... that is an incredible amount of skin and an enormous amount of cleavage. .. Obviously, the deep plunge prevented any use of a bra...which Jane really did not need anyway. The dress certainly showed off her amazing tits, but it also had a very classy look with the long sleeves and the extra length. A pair of four inch glossy white heels completed the look. Jane loved the way she looked... and everyone else was going to love the way she looked.. beautiful .. stunning … flawless .. and with about half of her tits exposed... she looked hotter than hell.

Wendy had spent most of the day at the spa, treating herself to a Mediterranean Candlelight Signature Massage with warm oil from a melting body massage candle applied with seashells, a facial, a manicure and pedicure and a spa lunch. She felt refreshed and rejuvenated as she drove home. Tonight was an important night. It was the annual fund raiser for the Dallas Fine Arts Society. She had been the chairwoman the last two years, this year passing the torch to Michelle Richardson. Wendy did not like her.. she was one of those bitches who thought her shit did not stink. ... You know the type. If she were not such a bitch, Wendy would have fucked her brains out on more than one occasion.. but Wendy could not stand her. Michelle thought that Wendy did not belong in Dallas high society.. She was from a wealthy family, had earned her law degree from SMU and had developed a sterling reputation as an attorney .. but she referred to Wendy as a gold digger who married an old man for his money. Although that was kinda true .. Wendy resented it.

The last few years, even though it was unspoken, they had been competing with each other. Who had the most stunning dress.. who had the most men gathered around her .. who looked the most beautiful … and who had the biggest tits. As far as who had the most stunning dress... that is always a matter of opinion.. some of the reviews talked about Wendy's dress … other society writers spoke more about Michelle's dress. And despite Michelle looking so fucking hot, … Wendy had managed to attract more attention at the event. Wendy was, as the fairy tale says … 'the fairest of them all'. Now, … concerning their tits... that was a toss-up... they were both huge... but who was firmer? Whose tits were denser? Who had the longer, thicker, harder nipples? Again, rumors from various women who had been with one or the other.. or both.. thought they were close to equal.

Wendy had bought a new dress for tonight. It was a blue halter-style lacy dress with two straps that tied around the back of her neck.... the straps widened as they extended down over her chest in a deep V cut. ...the two straps being just barely wide enough to cover most of her huge tits. As you can imagine, it's almost impossible to find a low cut dress that can completely cover a pair of 40½ inch E cup tits... This dress was very low cut... and the outer swells of her huge tits showed a little... as did the inner swells of her amazing tits. The dress created an enormous amount of cleavage. The lacy blue halter dress had long sleeves.. that ended about halfway between her elbows and hands... and the dress hugged her narrow waist and flared hips perfectly. The dress was short... but not too short.. the hemline about four inches above her knees... but it was tight around her legs... which made the dress ride up more than usual when she sat down.... showing off a great deal of her smooth athletic thighs. The dress, with it's tight fit and low V neckline was sure to attract a great deal of attention. She picked out a lacy pair of sky blue sheer panties to complete her attire. It would be impossible to wear a bra with the dress.. which was not a concern for Wendy. Laying out everything on her bed... she only had one more thing to do... a trip to the beauty shop to have her hair done. Wearing a pair of faded jeans and a pull over red top, she drove to her appointment.

Amanda had obtained an invitation to attend the Fine Arts fund raiser.. compliments of her sugar-daddy … although he had made it clear to not speak to him at the event. He needed to keep the fact that Amanda was his mistress quiet.. Amanda had heard that Michelle Richardson was interested in hiring a law school student as an intern and since she was not going to be working for Ashley Williams, she was hoping to meet Michelle tonight at the country club. Amanda was aware of the rumors about Michelle... that she was into women... especially well endowed women... and with huge DD cup tits she was hoping to 'measure up.' With that in mind, she needed a very revealing dress. She had saved up a little money, and went shopping for the right dress to impress Ms. Richardson, .. a dress that she would be returning the following day to get a refund. Like most women, Amanda tried on several dresses from several stores before picking out the right one. The dress was black.. with a low cut squared neckline and was short... ending about four inches above her knees. You should understand that when you wear a 34DD bra and have a waistline that measures 24 inches, it is almost impossible to find a dress that fits in both places... about the only way to get a perfect fit is to have a dress custom made... and Amanda could not afford to do that.. so the dress was a compromise.. it was not as tight around the waist as she would like.. but a matching black belt would solve that problem... the other problem was her tits.. the top was not quite big enough for her massive tits.. so they were squeezed together a little... which made the upper swells of her tits that were exposed above the low cut squared neckline look even bigger than they were. .. and, as you know, those tits were certainly big.. so you can only imagine how she looked. Amanda was sure to make a 'big' impression with Michelle Richardson. As she was getting dressed... she could not find a bra to wear with the dress.. either part of the cups would show or the straps would show... so she made the decision not to wear a bra. Her tits were more than firm enough to handle that task. A pair of three inch black heels were the finishing touch as she smiled at herself in the mirror.

Amanda was bringing Lisa, her college roommate with her tonight. Amanda had asked her to come along with her tonight so that she could meet some attorneys and people with money. Lisa had borrowed a dress from a friend to wear tonight. It had a wide scoop neckline.. so it hung off of her shoulders which prevented her from wearing a bra... fortunately, her tits were more than big enough to keep the top of the dress from falling off. It would not be in good taste to show off bra straps at such an event. Sure, she could have chosen a strapless bra, but they did not always fit well when you had tits like hers. The dress was black and the wide scoop was very low cut.. showing an ample amount of her deep impressive cleavage. Lisa also had amazing legs... the kind you see in the magazines.. firm and smooth without being too muscular. With the hemline about six inches above her knees, she would be showing off those fabulous legs tonight. A pair of three inch black heels and a black thong completed her outfit.

Michelle left her office at 2 o'clock to give her time to get ready for tonight's Fine Arts Gala at the country club. She was this years chairwoman and needed to be there early to make sure everything was completed. The event began at 7, but there were always a few 'early birds' and she needed to be there to greet everyone as they arrived. Michelle had planned for this night for the last few months.... her goals were to have the perfect dress.. to impress everyone.. and to look sexier and hotter than that whore Wendy Corleone. She also wanted to 'check-out' any new women that might meet her criteria as a titfight/sexfight partner. .. meaning a woman with big tits... and she also wanted to meet any law school students that might possibly be qualified to work with her as an intern in the fall …. again, meaning a woman with big tits. Finding new titfight opponents was her obsession... it was always on her mind... and tonight would be as good an opportunity as she would have all year. She had chosen a halter style dress, similar to the one Wendy would be wearing... only it was black. It tied behind the neck with two strings... strings that were attached to the front of her dress that covered her huge tits. They were triangles.. pointing at the top and then extending outward and inward as they flowed into the rest of her dress. The triangles did not quite cover all of her E cup tits.. with the inner and outer swells of her tits exposed... there was an immense amount of cleavage on display... and the material was thin.. which would certainly let everyone know that she had very big prominent nipples. A pair of sheer black panties and matching heels completed her attire.

The Dallas Fine Arts Gala

The Dallas Fine Arts Gala was the main fund-raising event held annually to support the Dallas Opera and other non profit organizations like community bands and choirs and to provide scholarships to students who were pursuing a fine arts degree in music, painting, singing and the like. It was also an excellent opportunity to meet and network with important people in the community ... doctors.. lawyers … business men and business women …. accountants … entrepreneurs .. people in the energy business.... people with power and money. Admittance to the event required a hundred dollar donation, although many gave considerably more. There was also a silent auction... merchandise and collectibles donated by area businesses. Of course there would be several bars and food and live music and dancing. And, although it was not publicly discussed... it was a place to meet people for sex. The country club had added on many additions over the years and there were rooms everywhere... rooms that could be locked from the inside ... rooms where two … and sometimes more … people could engage in fucking. Tonight would be no exception.

Michelle Richardson arrived at 6 … and hour before the Gala began. As this years chairwoman she made the rounds to make sure everything was perfect .. and within 45 minutes she was satisfied that everything was in place... everything was ready.. and that it would be a big success. She took her place at the main entrance.. and waited for the doors to open at 7.

People began filing in at 7.. Some women checked their purses in...rather than having to carry then around... others kept their purses with them. Extra security was hired to make sure that the items that were checked would be safe. Michelle had left her purse at the check in and was greeting people as they walked in.. the men staring at her big tits and the women quickly pulling them away. After about 15 minutes it was time for Michelle to mingle... she was on the prowl tonight and wanted to see who might 'light her candle.' She strolled into the main ballroom ... There were many small groups of people that were gathered together chatting and visiting. Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted two lovely young women... both of them wearing black dresses.. and both of them had big tits... they were exactly what she was looking for...Michelle sauntered over toward them... then noticed an incredibly beautiful woman in a white dress...and she had the biggest pair of tits that Michelle had seen in a long time... and the white dress she was wearing showed them off. They were magnificent. Michelle did not know who she was, but was going to find out before the evening was over. The two women were chatting with a group of men as Michelle approached them. “Excuse me gentlemen... May I steal these lovely ladies from you for a few minutes?” They all gave their approval as Michelle grabbed the hand of the blonde girl, leading her away with the other lovely auburn haired girl following. When they reached a corner of the ballroom she turned toward them and introduced herself. “I'm Michelle Richardson.. and who might you two lovely ladies be?”

“Amanda … nice to meet you Ms. Richardson.. I have heard so much about you.”

“It's all lies.” Michelle smiled.. “Except for the dirty parts.” They all laughed.

“Lisa... nice to meet you Ms. Richardson.”

“It's ok to call me Michelle.... are the two of you here with anyone?”

“No... just the two of us... we are law school students... well.. I will be attending law school in the fall... and Lisa will be in law school next year.... I have heard through the grapevine that you are looking for an intern for the fall semester.”

“You heard correctly. I do want to hire an intern to help me with some of my work this fall. It would be a good learning experience at one of the top law firms in Dallas.”

Amanda's voice became quieter as she stepped closer to Michelle. She knew that Michelle was into women.. and Amanda wanted to use that information to her advantage. “I would be very interested in being your intern... if you think I 'measure up'. … if you know what I mean.”

Michelle glanced down at Amanda's big tits... they were almost spilling over her low cut top... and they looked amazing. “We will just have to find out, won't we Amanda?” She then turned her eyes to Lisa's impressive rack.. “It looks like you measure up too Lisa.” The comment brought a smile to Lisa's lips. Michelle stepped closer as did Amanda and Lisa so that the front of their three black dresses were almost touching. “Are you two an item?” Michelle whispered.

Lisa responded .. “We are good friends.”

“I am sure you are,, but what I really wanted to know......” Michelle paused hoping that one of them would answer the question without her having to ask.

Amanda moved closer.. the front of her dress brushing against Michelle's... “Are you asking if we fuck each other?”

Michelle softly answered without answering the question... “Well?”

Lisa stepped closer so that now all three black dresses were brushing together... and then she moved closer.. pressing her right tit into Michelle's left tit.. their exposed cleavage touching... skin on skin... Michelle then moved closer to Amanda so that her right tit was pressing against Amanda's left tit... again exposed bare tit-flesh touched... to complete the triangle, Amanda and Lisa moved closer together so that Amanda's right tit was pressing against Lisa's left tit. Amanda answered the question.. “We fuck each other all the time.”

A big smile appeared on Michelle's lips as she reached out with both hands.. touching their upper arms and guiding them even closer so that all three pair of huge tits were spilling out of their dresses from the compression.. hot tit skin touching hot tit skin that was touching hot tit skin... “And exactly what kind of fucking are you two girls into?”

Amanda and Lisa could not believe that Michelle was so forward …. but they were eating it up... loving the direction the conversation had taken. They both began to speak to Michelle.. taking turns... “We love it all.” … “69” …. “Tribbing” …. “Sexfighting” … “Titfighting” … “And nipple fucking.”

Michelle was thrilled.. Not one, but two girls with massive tits that were in to the same sexual pleasures that she was into. Their big tits felt solid and firm against her own.. and Amanda and Lisa were well aware that Michelle had exceptionally firm and dense tits. They shifted a little back and forth as all three women wanted to get a good feel of each others tits... they were all very satisfied with what they felt... “Perhaps we can sneak away and chat later.”

“I would love that Michelle.” Amanda whispered.

“So would I Michelle.” Lisa also whispered.

They all pressed together a little more in a tight three way hug.. Michelle already feeling the wetness in her panties... So did Amanda … and so did Lisa. The three women smiled as they released their hug... Michelle winking and whispering.. “Later.” She walked away from Amanda and Lisa.. her eyes looking for the amazing woman in the white dress.

Jane was carrying her clutch purse with her, handing out business cards to everyone she was meeting. She already had established herself as one of Dallas's up and coming young attorneys and was looking for more clients for the Lincoln law firm. There was a constant crowd around her as she did the meet and greet thing... and she was very good at it... Jane was already considered an expert in business law.. and with her flawless face, her lovely blonde hair, and almost half of her big tits exposed.. she was making quite an impression. Jane was, like Michelle, on the prowl for pussy and she had already met several women who wanted to meet her for lunch or dinner in the near future... she was taking names and phone numbers with a promise to get back in touch with them. It was close to eight o'clock when she spotted the two young women that Michelle had met earlier. Excusing herself form the group she was conversing with, she slowly strolled toward them... her nice ass gently swaying as she walked across the floor. They noticed Jane walking toward them.. and also excused themselves from the group they were chatting with. Smiling as the three women approached each other.. Jane spoke first “Hi, I'm Jane Love... attorney with the Lincoln Law Firm.” Everyone knew of the Lincoln Law Firm.... one of the most well-known and respected law firms in Dallas... in business for more than one hundred years. The mere mention of 'Lincoln Law Firm' gave Jane instant credibility. She was not as well known as Michelle Richardson... but the firm she worked for was certainly more prestigious than the firm Michelle was associated with.

The two young women were already focused on Jane's incredible tits as they approached her ..“Hi Ms. Love.... Lisa.”

“Amanda... nice to meet you Ms. Love.... I absolutely adore your dress.”

“It leaves very little to the imagination.” Lisa added... then she continued.. “Oh, that was probably not professional of me.”

Jane smiled..'It's all right... I love the two dresses you are wearing.” Jane leaned a little closer to them and whispered.. “It definitely shows off your assets.” Jane then moved a little closer so that the front of her white dress was just barely brushing against the front of Lisa's black dress and continued to whisper.. “I love girls with assets.”

Amanda stepped closer so the two women had formed a little triangle with Jane, just as they had done earlier with Michelle. Amanda whispered back to Jane as the front of her black dress brushed softly against the front of Jane's dress.. “Both of us love girls with assets too... big assets.”

Jane wanted to have a little fun with the young women as she responded.. “Big? .. as in my assets?”

Lisa leaned a little closer toward Jane's ear.. which caused the exposed skin of her tits to touch the naked skin of Jane's cleavage... “I love your assets.”

Now it was Amanda's turn to lean closer so that the naked upper swells of their tits were all touching.. “I love your assets too... and would love to compare them to our assets sometime.”

Jane stepped back... now that she knew these two hot young bitches were into women.. it was time to get a little more information.. “Sooo.. tell me about yourselves.”

Amanda spoke first telling Jane that she would be entering law school in the fall and was hoping to get a part-time job as an intern with a law firm... and that Lisa would be entering law school next year and was looking for a part-time position as an assistant legal secretary as she completed her degree. Both women said how wonderful it would be to be associated with the Lincoln Law Firm.

“Working for Paul Lincoln is certainly at the top of every attorney's wish list.” Jane smiled as she spoke.. “So tell me, Amanda and Lisa.. why would we be interested in you as opposed to someone else? … in other words … what do you bring to the table that would make the two of you more desirable candidates?”

“Well.. we are both 4.0 students.” Lisa responded. “We would work hard... do everything that was asked of us... and be loyal.”

Amanda responded as she stepped closer to Jane... her voice returning to a whisper again.. “And I mean everything Ms. Love.”

Lisa moved closer again and added... “Everything... if you can imagine it, we will make it happen for you.”

Jane was somewhat amused at their eagerness.. “Both of you?”

“Yes” .. “Yes.”

“At the same time?”

“If that is what you want... of course.” Lisa smiled.

“It would be wonderful.” Amanda added with a wicked grin.. “Perhaps a little preview might be in order.”

“We don't have any plans for tonight... at least not yet.” Lisa replied.

Jane then noticed someone else walking in the front door and quickly whispered back.. “Well, the night is young.. we will see what happens... It was a pleasure to meet you Amanda.. and you too Lisa.” Jane reached into her clutch purse and gave each of them her business card. “I see someone I need to talk with... you girls have fun.”

“You too.. nice meeting you.”

Ten minutes earlier a black four door Bentley drove up to the front door of the country club. Charles parked the car and walked around to the other side, opening the door for Wendy Corleone. As he extended his hand, helping her step out of the car she spoke.. “Thank you Charles, I will text you when I am ready to leave.”

“Yes Mrs. Corleone.” A moment later he was driving the Bentley to the parking lot where he would wait for Wendy's text.

Wendy had intentionally arrived late.. and instantly drew a small crowd around her as she gracefully walked toward the ballroom. Wendy always drew attention. .. there was no one else like Mrs. Corleone. She greeted many people that she knew and they were more than anxious to introduce their friends and wives to Wendy. She was a very important woman to know.. she could get things done.. and everyone knew she was worth millions.

She had her back turned toward Jane as Jane approached her... and as Wendy turned slightly to her side Jane was sure she recognized her... She had met only one person in her life that had such an amazing profile.. the stunningly beautiful long blonde hair,, the nice hips and narrow waist.. and the way her tits were sticking straight out.. so huge and firm... she knew who she was. As Jane stepped up next to her she reached out and softly placed her hand on Wendy's upper arm and began to speak as Wendy began turning her head around to see who it was that touched her.. “I did not know that you were going to be …” Jane froze... she was sure that this woman was Angel... but it was someone else.. there was a slight pause before she completed her sentence … “here... Oh my,.. I am so sorry.. I thought you were someone else.. I am sorry for interrupting.”

Wendy smiled … “It's all right.”

“Excuse me,” Jane began turning to walk away but Wendy reached out and placed her hand on the top of Jane's left shoulder... as their eyes met she introduced herself.

“I'm Wendy.” Wendy was amazed at how lovely this woman was.

“Jane … I can't believe I mistook you for someone else... I feel really embarrassed.”

“Don't be.” Wendy glanced down at the deep cleavage that was in front of her eyes.

“Thank you for being understanding.” Jane was also looking at Wendy's tits.. God Almighty they were amazing.

After checking out each others assets their eyes once again made contact. “Perhaps we can chat later.”

“That would be nice Wendy.” Jane turned and walked away... Wendy looked amazingly like Angel... close enough to pass for her sister. Their faces were very similar.. their hair was almost identical.. and from the neck down she thought that Wendy was Angel's clone. Wendy was astonishing beautiful. As Jane walked back across the ballroom with a lump in her throat, Wendy was still looking at her.. the way Jane's ass shifted from side to side as she walked... Jane had made an impression with Wendy... and she wanted to know who she was.

Lisa and Amanda were surrounded by several men who were all staring at their big tits and they were loving the attention. Amanda had witnessed the brief conversation that Jane had with Wendy and excused herself to go and find out what they had talked about... she began speaking as she drew close to Jane.. “I did not know you knew Wendy.”

“I don't... I just now met her.... I thought she was someone else.”

Amanda smiled.. “Really?... there is no one like Wendy Corleone.”

Jane's ears perked.. “Did you say Corleone?”

“Yes.. She is Wendy Corleone.”

“Corleone as in....”

“Yes.” Amanda stepped up to Jane and whispered... “The Mob.”

Jane nodded... thinking it best not to get involved with her.. no matter how hot she looked. There were just too many negatives with the Corleone name... besides, what service could she ever offer to Mrs. Corleone?... she probably had an entire elite New York law firm on retainer. Jane began to walk away but Amanda stopped her.

“You said you thought she was someone else?”

“Yes... she looks amazingly like someone I know.”

“No kidding?” Amanda asked. “And who would that be?”

“Oh.. just someone I know” Jane smiled as she replied and then walked away to meet more people and pass out more business cards.

Michelle was on her way to the bar to get another glass of wine when she noticed the woman in the white dress chatting with a group of people.. “Who is she?' she thought to herself.. 'I have to meet her.. she looks amazing.' Michelle got a second glass of wine and began walking toward the woman in white holding two glasses in her hands. When she arrived, a couple of men noticed her and spoke.. “Hi Miss Richardson.” “Michelle .. always nice to see you.”

Jane turned her head and looked at the woman they were speaking to. She was hot ..she was beautiful .. she was tall... her dark hair was lovely … her face was the face of a model.. and she had big fucking tits. Jane turned her body around facing Michelle.. “You must be Michelle... Michelle Richardson” Jane spoke softly as she smiled. “I have heard of you.” Most every attorney in Dallas knew who Michelle Richardson was.. Jane was no exception... she just did not know how strikingly beautiful Michelle was.

“It's all lies.” Michelle gave Jane a wicked grin.

“I'm Jane... Jane Love.”

“It is nice to meet you Jane... and I have heard of you... you work with Paul Lincoln.”

“Yes I do.”

“You have built quite an impressive reputation as an attorney... is Paul here?”

“No.. he is not into these kinda things... so he sent me instead.”

“He is wise.. you certainly will draw more attention than Mr. Lincoln.” Michelle then leaned forward, the front of their dresses barely touching.. and whispered toward Jane's ear... “And you make a much bigger impression.” Michelle made it a point to blatantly stare at Jane's deep cleavage as she stepped back.. before moving her eyes up to meet Jane's... Jane then returned the favor as she lowered her eyes and stared for several seconds at Michelle's bountiful tits before raising her eyes back to Michelle's and leaning forward, again the black dress touching the white dress and whispered into Michelle's ear.. “You make quite an impression too.” It was if they were gladiators.. checking out the competition.. and each one wanting the other to know that they had looked.

“I brought you a glass of wine.” Michelle spoke softly as she handed the glass to Jane.

“Thank you.” Jane took the glass and held it toward Michelle.. “Here is to getting better acquainted” They clinked their wine glasses and sipped.

“And here is to discovering more about you.” Again, they clinked glasses and sipped.

Jane stepped closer, once again the front of their dresses swishing together as she whispered in Michelle's ear.. “And here is to exploring all the possibilities”

Michelle whispered back in Jane's ear .. “I love your tits.”

Jane was having fun flirting with Michelle but this was just straight to the point... which was fine with Jane as she whispered back .. “I love your tits too... in fact, my tits would like to introduce themselves to your tits.”

Michelle felt her cunt twitch... Jane was her kind of woman... as she pressed closer to Jane... their bare tit-flesh that was exposed touched.. hot burning skin searing hot burning skin and whispered … “Without our clothes on.”

Jane moved a little to the side.. letting her huge tits drag across Michelle's... the material of their dresses swishing against each other. “Of course.”

Just then someone called for Michelle. She stepped back, grinning at Jane.. “Later.” She then turned and walked over to a few other people and began chatting.

Jane watched her as she sipped her wine... before someone else came toward her.. “You work for Paul Lincoln... right?” Jane nodded as she began another conversation with a couple who were clients of the Lincoln Law firm.

Another hour went by.. it was now about 9:30 and a few of the older folks were making their way to the exits. Michelle excused herself from a group she had been talking to and strolled toward the restroom.. the restroom was empty.. at least she thought it was, then she heard the sound of a toilet flushing and a few moments later Wendy stepped out of one of the stalls... their eyes locked for a moment as Wendy walked over to the sink area and opened her clutch purse and began to redo her lipstick. Michelle walked over, stopping a few feet from where Wendy was standing and looked in the mirror, fiddling with her hair before she spoke.. “I did not know they gave whores invitations to the Fine Arts Gala.”

“Oh, is this the Fine Arts Gala?” Wendy replied.

“Where did you think you were?”

“When I saw you, I thought this must be a witches convention... or is it a bitches convention?” Wendy smirked.

Michelle turned toward Wendy.. “You are nothing but a cheap whore who married a rich old man, otherwise there is no way in hell that you would be here.”

Wendy turned toward Michelle, here eyes glaring.. “And you are noting but a miserable lonely bitch whore who has to have her hired help find women for you fuck.”

“I never have liked you.” Michelle snarled at Wendy.

“Of course you don't like me... you are fucking jealous.”

“Ha!! Jealous of what?”

Before Michelle could speak two other women came into the bathroom.. Wendy and Michelle turned back to the mirror and messed with their hair for a few minutes until they left... “You don't have anything I would be jealous of.”

“Yeah right.. that's why you can never keep your eyes off my tits.”

Michelle was getting irritated.. “Those flabby bags of fat... ohh please.”

Wendy replied in her most sultry sexy voice, knowing she was getting to Michelle.. “Oh come on Michelle.. you know you want to feel up my big tits.”

Michelle replied with her sexy voice.. “You're the one who has wanted to feel up my big tits.... I know you have wanted to touch them and squeeze them since the day we met.”

Wendy stepped toward Michelle, her eyes filled with hate.. “You are such a bitch.”

Michelle stepped toward Wendy.. the front of their dresses just a few inches apart “And you are such a whore, Wendy.”

Their eyes dropped to each others massive tits... tits that were so big and round.. tits that were spilling out to the sides of their halter top dresses... tits that were displaying an immense amount of cleavage... Wendy reached out first.. then Michelle followed as they placed both of their hands on the front of each others dresses.. lightly moving the palms of their hands up and down and around the cloth covering those huge magnificent tits. “You want to feel my tits, don't you Michelle?” Wendy whispered.

“Not as bad as you want to feel my tits.”

They continued to slowly move their fingers around on the front of each others dresses when another woman entered the restroom. Quickly removing their hands they began chatting about the Gala.. how wonderful everything looked and about how successful it was.. a few minutes elapsed before the woman left. Once again they moved close together and placed their hands on the front of each others dresses.. squeezing this time.. each getting a good feel of the firmness of each others tits.

“Your tits are nothing compared to mine” Michelle smirked

“You are such a dirty lying slut.” Wendy responded.

They began to trace their fingertips around each others bare skin that was on display... before once again opening up their hands and cupping as much of each others tits as their hands would hold. They began to squeeze each other... both hot women amazed at how dense and huge each others tits were. Both had always thought that her own tits were bigger, but now they were not sure. Each hand was squeezing and fondling the biggest tits they had ever held. Wendy moaned first... followed by Michelle as they pushed and squeezed each others tits.. moving them up and down and sideways.. both women still amazed at how firm each others tits felt in their hands.. then they began squeezing each others tits hard.. forcing moans from each other as they sank their fingers as deep as they could into the firm mountains of tit-flesh .. squeezing... then Michelle's fingers located Wendy's hard nipple... 'God almighty' she thought. Even through the material of Wendy's dress, she could tell she was feeling the longest nipple that she had ever touched. She could just tell... her fingers squeezed the front of Wendy's dress, trapping her hard nipple between her fingers.... 'Holy shit. ..her nipples are as long as mine.. and maybe even longer' … Michelle's mind was reeling as she continued thinking..'And they are so fucking hard.. as if they were made of concrete.' Michelle had never lost a nipple fight... not ever... but the nipples she was feeling were beyond any nipples she had ever felt before.

Wendy had also located Michelle's long nipples that were straining at the front of her dress and was pinching and rolling them thinking of how hard they were... they were certainly long..perhaps as long as her own... it was difficult to tell... but they were fucking hard.. the hardest nipples that Wendy had ever touched... she began to think ..'Were they as hard as hers? Wendy had unusually hard nipples... after all... she was the 'nipple queen' in college... and her nipples had never submitted to another pair of nipples... not ever... but Michelle's nipples were like hardened steel rods. They began to pinch each others nipples through their dresses.. it was hard fierce pinching. “Owww, you fucking whore! Michelle exclaimed... “Take that you bitch!” as she twisted Wendy's nipples hard between her fingers.

“Ohhhhhh!” Wendy shrieked as Michelle twisted and pinched her hard nipples. For the next several minutes they stood toe to toe.. twisting and pinching each other's nipples.. digging in with their fingernails... they could only imagine what kind of damage they could do to each other if they had been topless.

“Fucking whore!” Michelle gasped.

“You fucking bitch!”

“You think your tits are hot shit, don't you whore?”

“Hotter than your tits Michelle!” Wendy moaned.

“God I fucking hate you Wendy!!!!!!”

“And I hate you Michelle.. you dirty nasty cunt!”

Their nipples were close to exploding... when the restroom door opened.. They quickly released each other. Stepping back and turning toward the mirror, they started messing with their hair... the woman stood there for a moment.. she could hear their heavy breathing... she knew who they were.. and said nothing as she walked to a stall and closed the door. Minutes went by and she was still there... finally she left and Wendy leaned over and whispered in Michelle's ear.. “What you need is a good fuck.”

Michelle whispered back.. “And you have never had a fuck like the one I could give you... I could fuck you until you could not move.”

“Why in the hell would I want your dirty smelly pussy against mine?” Wendy replied.

Michelle pouted her lips.. “Awwww is the little gold digging whore afraid?”

Wendy glared at Michelle. “Fuck you!”

Michelle glared back as she moved closer to Wendy. “Fuck you!”

Wendy stepped closer, pressing their huge tits together, their foreheads almost touching as she glared into Michelle's eyes.. “Fuck you... you fucking bitch!”

Michelle leaned forward, mushrooming their heavy tits together,, the hot bare skin of their massive tits that was showing was touching.. “You know I have bigger tits... better tits... stronger tits than you!”

Wendy leaned in another inch.. their tits compressing even more as the front of her forehead touched Michelle's.. “You are such a lying bitch! There is no fucking way that your tits are as good as mine!”

“My tits would overwhelm those little bags of yours in a titfight!” Michelle responded, her lips almost touching Wendy's.

“That sounds like a challenge you dirty fucking bitch!” Wendy's mouth was so close to Michelle's that they were sharing each others breath.

“It 'is' a challenge you fucking slutty whore!”

They both glared at each other and as they whispered at the same time. “God, I fucking hate you!”

Two other women walked into the restroom...

“It was so good to see you Michelle... enjoy the rest of your evening.” Wendy smiled as she turned toward the door.

“You too Wendy.. it was good to catch up.. See you later.” Michelle messed with her hair for another minute then walked out of the restroom.”

The two women looked at each other shrugging their shoulders.. “I thought they did not like each other.”

About twenty minutes later Jane needed to go to the restroom.. she excused herself and walked toward the hallway that led to the women's restroom.. she had just got a text from Paul Lincoln asking how it was going and she began typing her response as she turned and headed down the hallway... walking straight at her was Wendy. She had went to her private suite at the country club to change into some more comfortable heels. The ones she had been wearing were new and were still kinda stiff. She was looking into her compact mirror as she walked.. to see if she needed to apply more lipstick... both women were in their own little world as they walked toward each other.. the plush carpet muting any sound coming from their shoes as they walked.... Then the collision happened... it was a collision of mega proportions... Huge firm dense E cup tits slamming head on into huge firm dense E cup tits... Forty and a half inches of the biggest firmest tits you could imagine smacking straight into Forty and a half inches of equally big and firm tits. “Smack!” It was like running into a brick wall. Both women bounced a step back from the sheer force of their dense tits slamming together... Jane dropped her phone... Wendy dropped her mirror... “Oh, I am so sorry.” Wendy exclaimed as she reached down to pick up her mirror.. she was about to reach for the phone when the other woman's hand picked up her phone.

“It was my fault.. I am so sorry.” Jane explained as she straightened herself back up.. “Oh my God... Mrs. Corleone.. I am so sorry.”

Wendy was now standing straight up as she looked into Jane's eyes.. “Jane!” She smiled as she spoke her name.. “We meet again.”

Jane was very apologetic.. “I am really sorry.. I was on my way to the ladies room and was not watching where I was going.”

Wendy reached out and touched Jane's hand.. “Shhhhh... It's all right Jane.” She then interlaced her fingers with Jane's and squeezed her hand as she stepped closer and whispered... “I kinda liked it.”

Jane was not sure how to respond... she just smiled as she returned Wendy's squeeze with her fingers.

Wendy moved closer,, and then closer.. until the fabric of their dresses was brushing against each other, then leaned to her right.. dragging the front of her dress across Jane's as she whispered in Jane's left ear.. “Let's do it again.”

Jane's eyes opened wide.... again she was not sure what to say to this incredible lovely woman that was standing in front of her... so again she smiled.

Wendy moved even closer, their massive tits compressing.. their exposed tit-flesh touching.. then Wendy placed her hands on Jane's shoulders and jerked her forward.. again Jane's eyes opened wide as their massive tits mushroomed together.. It was a tight squeeze.. each woman getting a good feel of each others big tits with their own.. Jane's mind began to spin.. Wendy's tits felt just as big and firm as Angel's..... so incredibly dense …and they were so fucking huge.. as big as Angel's. ... it was almost like pressing her tits against a brick wall. Wendy moaned as they pumped their tits together a couple of times.. pushing together hard then releasing and then pushing together again... Wendy had never felt another pair of tits that could match her own for firmness... Jane's tits were the biggest, firmest and most dense pair of tits she had ever felt with her own. Suddenly Jane felt Wendy's tits begin to swell... as if they were getting bigger... and harder... 'My God', Jane thought.. 'Those have to be the firmest tits I have ever felt'. … A couple of seconds later Wendy gasped and her body began to tremble...she was cumming. Her tits began to shake against Jane's as she gasped .. “Ohhhhhhhhhh.”

“Are you ok?” Jane whispered to Wendy.

“Mmmmm..” Wendy panted.. “Yesssss.. yes I am ok.”

Jane's mind was reeling.. 'Did Wendy just have an orgasm?' … After about a minute, Wendy released her and they looked into each others eyes...Wendy was breathing deeply as she whispered .. “I love your tits.”

Jane was caught up in the moment with this incredible woman as she whispered back, “I love your tits too.”

Wendy then leaned her face toward Jane's right ear as she continued to whisper, “I want to touch your tits with mine... without our clothes on.”

“Mmmm I would love to do that with you.” Jane whispered.

“Promise?” Wendy whispered.

“I promise.” Jane answered.

Suddenly they heard voices...A group of men came walking toward them, one of them speaking, “Wendy I have been looking for you... You got a few minutes to talk about that merger I was telling you about? It would be great if Carlo was on board.”

Wendy smiled at them.. “And you want me to persuade Carlo?” They all nodded. “Let's talk about it.... what can I do to help?”

Jane leaned over toward Wendy.. “It's ok... take care of business. I understand.” Jane smiled at Wendy... she was just sooooooooo fucking beautiful... as beautiful as Angel.... “Here's my card... call me... it was nice meeting you Mrs. Corleone.”

Wendy smiled as she took Jane's card … 'Jane Love, Attorney, Lincoln Law Firm' and placed it in her clutch purse. “It was a pleasure meeting you Ms. Love.” Jane smiled, turned, and walked away as the men began to chat with Wendy.

Amanda and Lisa had separated.. Amanda talking to several different attorney's about the possibility of being hired as an intern in the fall.... just in case things did not work out with Michelle Richardson. Lisa was just walking around.. smiling and meeting people and still drawing attention with her big tits that were showing such a great deal of cleavage.

“Oh there you are.” Michelle's voice drew Amanda's attention. “Let's go somewhere private and talk about that internship.”

“I would love to.” Amanda responded as she followed Michelle into one of the many small meeting rooms at the country club.

Jane was somewhat disappointed that Wendy had been stolen from her. She was still thinking about her... and about Angel.. they were so similar... then she heard someone calling her name. “Miss Love.” She turned around... it was Lisa.

“Hi again Lisa.. how is your evening going?”

“I met a lot of people... and may have several law firms interested in me.. but that is at least a year or two down the road... what I really need right now is a part time job as a secretary.. or a receptionist .. or a combination of the two.”

Jane smiled.. “I know someone who is looking for a receptionist who can also do some bookkeeping... I think she was wanting a full time employee, but something on a part time basis might work out.”

“That would be wonderful... is he here?”

“It's a she.. and no, she is not here tonight.. let me ask you.. you can handle light bookkeeping... and do you have knowledge of spreadsheets and all of that kinda stuff?

“Oh yes.. and I type 90 wpm.”

“And I assume you have good phone skills... you're dependable...and organized.?”


“I will give you her phone number and you can call her.. it's ok to say that you got her number from me.”

“Thank you... that would be great.”

“Oh, and one more thing Lisa... the person she hires needs to be qualified as a personal assistant in addition to being a receptionist and handling the bookkeeping”

“A personal assistant?”

“Look Lisa.. here's the deal... she loves women with big tits... women who know how to use their big tits.... women who will use their big tits sexually with her.”

“Oh.” Lisa replied, her eyes wide open.

“In other words... you will also be fucking her... and, knowing her,... it will require a lot of fucking.”

“Is she attractive?”

“Oh God Yes! ..She is one of the most beautiful woman I have ever known.. maybe 'the' most beautiful. She is …. she... she is beyond words Lisa. … When you meet her, if you don't immediately want to fuck her, then there is something wrong with you.”

“Ok.” Lisa smiled.

“You do love to fuck, don't you Lisa?”

“Yes I do.”

“Then you will owe me Lisa for giving you her number.” Jane gave her an evil grin as she smiled.

“Of course.”

Jane was horny as hell after her brief rendezvous with Wendy. “Come with me.. you can begin repaying your debt right now.” Jane grabbed Lisa's hand and began walking toward the exit... and out the door toward the parking lot.

“Where are we going?”

“I am taking you home with me.... and we are going to fuck. ... unless you don't want to go.”

“Oh, yes.. of course I want to go... I.. just... how will I get back to my apartment?”

“Do you have a car here?”

“No.. I came with Amanda.”

Jane stopped as she reached her BMW... “Text her and tell her you are going home with me tonight... I will take you back to your place later.” Jane leaned over toward Lisa and lightly kissed her. “We are going to have fun together.”

Lisa returned the kiss... “I'm ready for some fun.... and I want to fuck you Jane.” She then sent a text message to Amanda … 'wont be home til very late'

A few minutes later they were on their way to Jane's penthouse.

To be continued