By AngelDawn30


It was 11 o'clock in the morning as Angel parked her vette in the parking lot at the Galleria mall and made her way to the jewelry store where Kiera was spotted. She walked inside hoping to gather some information. She spoke to a woman behind the counter who then called the manager. He was an attractive man in his forties. “How may I help you?”

“Hi. I'm Angelica Johansen, private investigator … There was a woman in your store last evening with this ring.” Angel showed him the photo that was saved on her I-phone. “The ring was stolen from a client and I need to get some information about the woman who was here.”

“You are not affiliated with the police?”

“No.... Here is a photo of the woman.” Angel again let him see the photo on her phone. “Do you recognize her?”

He looked at the photo. “No.. I've never seen her.”

“Take another look.”

“No, I don't recognize that woman.”

Angel was dressed in a short black skirt... the hem was several inches above her knees... she was wearing a pair of black clogs and a red pull over top with a low cut scooped neckline that revealed a great deal of the upper swells of her huge E cup tits. She leaned over the counter, giving him a good look at her abundant cleavage. “Don't you think it's odd that you have never seen her.. when I have surveillance video of you speaking with her for more than twenty minutes?.... Take another look.” Angel was lying to him, but he did not know that.

“Well... yeah.. I kinda remember her... she wanted an appraisal of that ring.”

“I need a copy of her drivers license.”

“ I would need a warrant for that.”

“Look.... you can make me a copy... or I can get a warrant.. and have it delivered along with five squad cars on a Saturday afternoon and have them go through every square foot of this store. .. I am sure that would not be good for business.”

“I will see if I can find it.” A couple of minutes later he was back with a piece of paper that he handed to Angel.

“Thank you.” Angel started to walk away... but changed her mind and asked.. “By the way, what is that ring worth?”

His eyes lit up... “You know, I have been in this business for more than twenty-five years and have never seen a diamond that large that was so perfect. It was flawless... very rare for a diamond that size... one million.. maybe even more to the right buyer.”

Angel nodded as she left the store. After getting in her car she looked at the copy of the drivers license.. and texted her friend Jack. The name was Carla Sanchez. The photo on the license looked like the woman she saw. She gave Jack the info .. name, address and DL number. Two minutes later he texted back. No such address or license number. Had to be a fake. “Well Shit!” Angel spoke to herself. Now she had to find out where the fake ID came from.

An hour later Angel was walking to the rental car desk where Kiera rented her car. The lovely young girl behind the counter was checking Angel out as she approached. “Hi, may I help you?”

Angel guessed she was in her mid twenties.. dark hair... shorter than herself... with a slim body with nice tits... probably about a C cup... Her name tag read 'Robyn' .. Angel placed her forearms on the counter and leaned a little forward.. letting the clerk get a good look at her cleavage.. and she did.. before returning her eyes to Angel's ..”Hi Robyn... I need some help.” Angel pulled a piece of paper out of her pocket as she identified herself... “Angelica Johansen, detective..” Angel intentionally left out the word 'private'... “There was a car rented here yesterday.. it was a white Honda.. license plate ZYR 9987. .. I need to know who rented it.”

“You would need to speak to the manager.. unfortunately, she is at lunch.”

“This is really an urgent matter Robyn... we believe she may be mixed up in a theft ring.”

“You will have to talk to the manager.”

“Look... there is a very small window of opportunity here... I need this information.. or you could face charges of impending an investigation.” Angel's voice was firm and clear.

“Well.. you say it was yesterday?”


“Ok, let me check.” Robyn was moving her mouse and clicking it as she searched on her monitor.

As Robyn was looking, Angel asked “Were you working when she rented it?”

“Yes I was.....Ok... that Honda was rented to a Carla Sanchez.”

“Do you have an address for her?”

“4620 Pinehurst”

“And how did she pay?”

“She paid with cash.”

“Don't you require a credit card as a deposit for your cash customers?”

“Yes.. but that information is encrypted after it is entered.. I can give you the last four digits... 7787.”

“Ok Robyn.. do you have an expiration date for the card?”

“No.. that is also encrypted after it is entered... it's for our customers protection.”

“Right... well... there is no Carla Sanchez... it's a fake ID.”

“Oh my.”

“Look at this photo Robyn... is this the woman who rented the car?”

Robyn looked at the photo.. “Yes that was the woman.”

Angel smiled.. “Ok, thank you for your time.” She turned and walked away from the counter. As she was walking she heard Robyn's voice..“Come back and see us.”.. Angel raised her right hand and waved as she was walking out the door. “4620 Pinehurst.” She got back into her car and texted Jack with the address... it was different than the address on her fake drivers license. Angel turned her radio on and listened to some jazz music until Jack texted her back.. “4620 Pinehurst is a fire station.” “Well Shit!!” Angel spoke to herself. She texted Jack back.. “Any info on the Cheyenne street address?” Jack replied.. “Rental house.. still trying to find out who owns the property... no info on the renters... still searching.” Angel replied.. “K. Thanks.” This was going to be a difficult case to solve... for an unknown client. …. She drove back to her business... she had other cases to work on.. this would have to wait until there was more information.

Angel and Ashley


It was a little before 4 o'clock when Angel stopped at the quick change oil place on her way home. She drove her vette into the stall, told the attendant that she needed to have the oil changed, then walked into the waiting room. It was going to be about a twenty minute wait. The waiting room was empty.. except for one other woman.. she was blonde and very pretty. She was wearing a light pink dress that was fairly conservative... with matching heels. Angel guessed that she must work at a bank or perhaps she was an attorney. One thing was certain... the blonde had an amazing rack. The dress she was wearing must have been custom made... because it fit her small waist like a glove, but was large enough at the top to accommodate a pair of tits that appeared to be as big as her own. Angel thought for a moment... 'Why is everyone I have met in the last few days blessed with such big tits?' …. She then laughed to herself... realizing that it was not a bad thing. She found the newest issue of Cosmopolitan laying on the table next to where she was seated.... as she began to skim through the magazine, she noticed the blonde staring at her. Angel smiled and the woman smiled back. Angel stood up and waltzed over to the woman... “Hi”

“Hi to you.” She smiled as she stood up and extended her hand to Angel. “Ashley.”

“Angel. It's nice to meet you Ashley.” Angel responded as she took Ashley's hand and gently squeezed.

Ashley squeezed back as she replied, “Angel... what a lovely name …. it sounds so … so... Angelic.”

Angel laughed.. “Well... there are a few people I know that would tell you that I am more of a devil than an angel.”

“Ahhh... sooo … I am assuming that you are both naughty and nice?”

Angel smiled back as she let her eyes drift down to Ashley's incredible tits. “Everyone needs to be a little naughty every once in a while..... don't you think so Ashley?”

Ashley was now staring at Angel's massive rack that was almost overflowing her red pull over shirt... “I certainly agree.” Before Angel could continue their conversation, Ashley's cell phone rang.... it was Amanda. “I'm sorry Angel, I need to take this call.”

Angel smiled … “Of course.” She did not mean to ease-drop on Ashley's conversation, but they were standing close together and Angel heard every word as Ashley began to speak..

“Hi Amanda ….... yes …... Oh? …....... ok …... Yes, of course I understand.... yes ….. That is very kind of you to recommend Sara …... yes of course... I certainly will..... ok …. don't be a stranger, call me sometime and we can do lunch or something”.. Ashley laughed.. “You are sooooooo bad ….. I know!! …. ok Amanda... thank you... you too …. talk to you later.” She looked back at Angel, her eyes drifting down to Angel's massive set of tits... Angel was also taking another long look at Ashley's huge tits, finally speaking again..

“So, what do you do Ashley?”

“I have my own real estate company, and you?”

“Private investigator.”

Ashley was still fuming about finding Mark with that black-haired bitch named Joy... “Really?”

“Yes.” Angel continued to smile.

“Let me ask you a question Angel.. Do you find people?”

“Yes, I can do that.... are you looking for someone?”

“Yes... a black-haired bitch with big tits named Joy.”

“Ah, I see... do you have a photo of Joy?”

“As a matter of fact I do... I'll show you.” It took Ashley a few seconds to find the photo on her phone... “Here.” She said as she showed the photo to Angel.

It was a photo of a stunning dark haired woman with huge tits...Angel immediately recognized Joy.. it was the same Joy who had the titfight with Emily.. Angel was certain.. there was no way that she could forget someone as strikingly beautiful as Joy... and no way she could forget those huge tits. “You want me to find this woman?”

Ashley began to whisper ..“Yes... I caught her fucking my boyfriend last night..... I meant to say ... 'X' boyfriend.”

“Oh my.” Angel answered with a concerned voice.

“Yes.. caught her fucking him in a hotel room... and that's not all.”

“There is more?” Angel quizzed her.

“Yes... apparently he had been seeing her for several months.. fucking her as he was fucking me.”

“You mean to tell me that this low down dirty cheating bastard was fucking both of you? And neither one of you knew about it?”

“Apparently so, yes.. the dirty bastard.”

“If she would have left him alone, you would still have him as your boyfriend.”

“Un huh...” Ashley answered.. “And that is why I want you to find her so I can get my revenge!”

“And exactly how are you going to get your revenge with her when I find her for you.?” Angel asked.

Ashley leaned closer to Angel and whispered... making sure that no one else could hear ...“I am going to challenge her to a revenge fuck... a grudge fuck... I want to prove that I am the better woman.”

Suddenly, Angel had a scathingly brilliant idea. You see, Angel had somewhat of a twisted kinky mind when it came to sex. She quickly devised a wicked plan in her mind... she would find Joy and nudge her into confessing that her boyfriend was cheating on her with Ashley. … Then she would arrange a meeting between the two of them.. 'What a dirty nasty revenge fuck that will be!' Angel thought to herself. ..And in the process, Angel was going to fuck both of them. , It was indeed a brilliant plan. Angel leaned closer, their big tits brushing together as she whispered in Ashley's ear.. wanting to get Ashley riled up ..“You want to challenge that bitch to a sex-fight, don't you?”

“Yes!” Ashley responded as she continued to whisper.. moving her lips close to Angel's ear.. pushing their tits a little more into each other.. “I want to fuck that dirty whore until she can't walk!”

Angel stepped back from Ashley, whispering.... “You want to grind your hot cunt into that dirty whores pussy until she begs you to stop, don't you Ashley?”

“Oh Fuck yes.. I want to sexually dominate that dirty cunt.”

“I can find her for you... and I can even arrange for the two of you to meet so you can have your revenge fuck.”

“Really?.. do you know her?”

Angel thought for a brief moment... and decided that she did not really know Joy.. she had only seen her... “No, I don't know her... but I will find her.”

“How much is your fee?”

Angel stepped back toward Ashley.. pressing their over-sized tits together again and whispered in Ashley's ear.. “Don't worry about my fee.. I am very sure we can work something out” She then licked at Ashley's ear with the tip of her tongue... Ashley shivered.

“I think this is one of your devil days, Angel” Ashley replied as she flicked her tongue at Angel's ear before stepping back. Once again their eyes moved down toward each others huge tits and Ashley spoke again.. “Yes, I am quite sure we can work something out to our mutual satisfaction.”

Angel gave her an evil grin as she answered back.. “Perhaps we need to begin working this out today.”

Ashley grinned back.. “Yes, I agree ... today would be a good time to begin.”

Their conversation was interrupted when they heard a voice speak.. “Ms. Johansen, your car is ready.”

Ashley seemed a little surprised .. “I was hear ten minutes before you, and your car is already ready?”

“I flashed my tits.” Angel smirked. They looked into each others eyes for a few seconds until Angel could no longer contain her laughter... and as she laughed out loud, Ashley laughed with her... “Actually, I tipped the attendant.”

“Ms Williams, your car is ready.”

Angel looked at Ashley .. “My office is a five minute drive from here.. and there is no one there... it will just be you and me... It will give us time to get acquainted .. and will give us all the privacy we need to work out the details.”

Ashley smiled... “Perfect.”

They paid for their oil changes and walked out the door together.. “Follow me.” Angel said. “We are going to 1961 Main street.”

“Ok.. see you there.” Ashley got in her car and followed Angel the short distance to Angel's office. They parked their cars and walked to the door together. , pausing for a few seconds as Angel unlocked her office, and once they stepped inside, she locked the door behind them. A minute later they were in Angel's private office. They put their purses on Angel's desk and then began to stare at each other.. their eyes slowly moving up and down each others bodies.

Angel spoke first, “So, as I understand it, you want me to find this woman named Joy so you can get revenge because you caught her fucking your boyfriend.. is that correct?”

“Yes! I want revenge.”

Angel stepped closer until the front of her red pull over top was brushing against the front of Ashley's pink dress. “You want to fuck that dirty bitch-whore and show her that you are a better woman, don't you Ashley?”

Ashley moved closer to Angel so that their massive tits were mushrooming just a tiny bit... “I want to show her how a real woman can use her pussy.”

Angel placed her arms around Ashley's waist, pulling her even more closer.. “Yes you do.. you want to show that cheating whore how a real woman fucks!”

Ashley's arms slipped around Angel's waist as their huge tits pressed together even more tightly.. “I want to beat that bitch with my pussy.. and my tits.. and my tongue.”

Angel moved her lips to Ashley's so that their lips were barely touching as Angel continued.. her lips moving against Ashley's as she spoke.. “I think you need to show me exactly what you are going to do to that filthy whore... show me Ashley.. show me what you are going to do to that nasty cheating slut! Pretend that I am Joy.. Show me Ashley … show me how you are going to fuck her!” Ashley extended her tongue and licked across Angel's lips and Angel responded by swiping her wet tongue across Ashley's tongue. “You want to have a kiss fight with that whore.. proving that your tongue is stronger and wetter and better than hers.... don't you Ashley?”

“My tongue is sooo fucking much better than that bitches tongue!” She gasped as she and Angel begin to flick their tongues back and forth against each other as they begin to grind their heavy tits together. The tongue fight was on... licking and lapping at each others lips and tongue … grabbing each others tongue and sucking it deep into their wet mouth... sometimes their lips would be locked tightly together as they both sucked at the same time... trying desperately to suck the opposing tongue deep into their mouth... there was sucking and slurping sounds... sounds of air being sucked from each others mouth. Angel extended her long tongue all the way out.. down on her chin and Ashley followed her lead.. extending her own tongue all the way out.. then they pressed the tops of their tongues together.. length to length and begin grinding them together, their mixed saliva squishing out between their mashed tongues and drooling down on their clothed tits. Ashley leaned more into their tongue war until she felt her front teeth pressed against Angel's front teeth. … their tongues were pressed together as hard as they could force them together.. The tongue grinding went on and on for several minutes as they shared each others breath and rubbed their long tongues together before Ashley finally pulled away, her big tits rising and falling on her chest with her heavy breathing. They stared at each other with lust in their eyes...

Angel continued to push Ashley's emotional button.. “You want to show her that your tits are better than hers too... don't you?”

“Goddamn right I do!” Ashley hissed. “My tits are bigger.. stronger.. firmer.. that bitch's tits are no match for mine.”

Angel pulled her top up over her head, shaking out her lovely long blonde hair... and reached behind her back and unfastened her bra as she continued... “You want to mash that dirty whores tits flat... to destroy her tits with yours.” As Angel's bra fell to the floor behind her she continued playing with Ashley's emotions.. “You have bigger nipples.. stronger nipples.. and you want to show that fucking cunt that your tits and nipples are better than hers.”

As Angel was speaking, Ashley had slipped off her pink dress and had just finished unhooking her bra, slipping it off her shoulders and arms. They stared at each others huge tits... their eyes already glazed over with lust. Ashley had never seen nipples that were as big and thick and as long as Angel's nipples. She felt her cunt spasm as she panted .. “I will destroy her tits with mine!”

“Show me Ashley.” Angel gasped.. “Show me how your tits will destroy her tits.”

Ashley lunged at Angel... their huge dense tits slapping together.. “Ohhhhh.”


Standing toe to toe, they began grinding their massive naked tits together. Ashley could feel Angel's huge hardened nipples digging into her dense titflesh. She shuddered as Angel's nipples twisted against hers beneath their mushroomed tits. As they begin to push and grind their heavy solid tits together their breathing quickened... those huge dense globes were sliding back and forth against each other,... left and right... up and down... around and around as they moaned and gasped together. Ashley's big tits were incredible... but Angel's massive tits were unbelievable. Five minutes went by... then ten minutes... as they continued to grind and squeeze their mammoth globes together.

“Fuck my tits with yours Ashley.” Angel moaned.

“I'm gonna grind you down until you beg me to stop you whore!”

Angel realized that Ashley was caught up in the moment … she was acting out her fantasy of defeating Joy's huge tits with her own over-sized tits... and Angel was going to 'play along.' Ashley needed to win... and Angel understood that.. she was going to make sure that Ashley was going to win as she began to whimper. .. “Oh Ashley.. your fucking tits are better than mine.”

“You fucking whore !!!” Ashley gasped as she begin to pump her tits against Angel's. She had never felt a pair of tits that were as solid and firm as Angel's... and for a moment she was puzzled that Angel had said that her own tits were better than her's... then she relapsed into her fantasy of beating Joy with her tits as she began pumping harder and harder.. mushrooming their firm tits together again and again until Angel pushed her away...

“Enough.... enough!” Angel panted. Ashley stepped back.. her nipples stiff and swollen as she breathed deeply...

“Then what are you going to do to that filthy piece of whore trash?” Angel panted.

“I'm going to fuck her nasty cunt with mine until she begs me to stop!”

Angel stepped back and began removing her skirt ...“Show me Ashley... show me how you are going to fuck her cunt with yours until she is screaming for you to stop!”

Ashley was wiggling out of her panties as Angel peeled her thong down over her perfect ass... “Let's fuck it out, you slut!”

Angel dropped down to the floor as she needled Ashley on.... “Let's fuck it out.” She sat down on her ass and spread her legs for Ashley.. “Look at my nasty cunt Ashley... This is the cunt that was fucking your boyfriend.” Angel reached down to her pussy and spread her pussy lips apart with her fingers.. “See how wet it is? …. see how nasty it is?”

Ashley was already down on her knees as she inched toward Angel, taking Angel's left leg in her hands and lifting it straight up so she could straddle Angel's pussy with her own hot wet cunt.... as she lowered her wet cunt down on Angel's, they both moaned together … their hot sticky labia sliding and spreading out against each other.. “You filthy whore!” Ashley whispered as she began rocking her pussy against Angel's... humping her cunt with her own … sliding … humping... moving her hips in a fucking motion as they began to slide their wet twats together. “Fucking whore!” Ashley gasped as she and Angel fucked.

“Fuck me Ashley... show me you have a better pussy than me... fuck me hard!!” Angel was panting as their cunts squished and slurped together.... Ashley's huge tits were wobbling on her chest.... Angel's massive pair of tits were quivering as she laid on her back and bucked her hips up.. forcing her wide open pussy hard against Ashley's. The two big-titted bitches were really going at it... humping and fucking … sliding and pushing …. again and again they humped their open cunts together... their clits twitching as they found each other.... Angel felt Ashley's pussy sucking at hers... 'Damn,' Angel thought, 'Ashley has some talent in her pussy.' … she continued to thrust with her hips, forcing their cunts and clits together as she resisted the urge to flex her amazing cunt against Ashley's. Angel really wanted to squeeze Ashley's cunt with hers, but resisted the opportunity. This was Ashley's moment... and Angel wanted to make it special for her. As they continued to grind and hump their wet cunts together, Angel began to moan... her pussy was on fire...

“Ahhhhhhhhh.” Ashley moaned as her hard sensitive clit began to vibrate against Angel's ….. their hips began to move quicker... as they shortened their movements. .. humping just enough to stroke those two hot hard clits together.. up and down.. up and down... humping faster.... fucking harder.... Ashley was getting closer and closer to an orgasm as their cunts smeared their hot sticky pussy juices against each other.. Their tits were swollen... their nipples were on fire and twitching... their pussys were wet... and their clits were throbbing as they fucked and fucked and fucked...

Angel continued to prod Ashley... “Come on you whore!!!! Fuck me!!!”

Ashley closed her eyes.... her hips moving faster and faster,, it was now a frenzied fuck. She began to moan deeply... “You fucking bitch-whore!!!... I fucking hate you Joy!”

“Yessssssssss!” Angel moaned as they worked their cunts together... their clits were vibrating against each other.....

Ashley was in a dream-like state as she raised her voice.. “Cum for me Joy!!!... Cum for me now you nasty dirty whore!!!!!!!!!”

Angel knew that she could outlast Ashley... and she knew that someday in the future she would be able unleash her powerful sexual skills on this hot blonde.... but now was not the time... she began to moan and gasp as she worked her way to an orgasm... “OH FUCK!!” Angel yelled.

Ashley began to curse her .. “Fucking dirty bitch!!... you nasty whore!!!.. you stinking piece of filthy trash!!! Come for me Joy!!!!”

Angel allowed the pleasure to overtake her body.... her clit twitched and jerked hard against Ashley's....... “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yesssssssssssss.... Cummmmmmmmmming!!! ….. I am Cummmmmming!!!!”

“Unnnnnnnnnnnnnn.” Ashley moaned as she felt the hot gush of Angel's girl cum splashing against her pussy..... She rocked her cunt and clit against Angel's for another twenty seconds.... Angel's body quivering and jerking as her intense orgasm flooded through her body.... “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

“Cummmmmmmmming again!!!” Angel shrieked as she arched her back and pushed her cunt up hard against Ashley's... their clits welding together...”Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yesssssssssss!!”

Ashley's body began to tremble.... her orgasm was beginning.... and it overwhelmed her with pleasure.... knowing that she had beaten that dirty nasty fucking whore who was cheating with her boyfriend.... “Cummmmmmmmmmmmming!!! … of fuck …. GOD! … Cummmmmmmmmming!!”

The two hot women spasmed together as they mashed and twisted their fiery pussys together, sighing and moaning.... panting and gasping … Ashley finally pulling her soaked cunt off of Angel's and laying down on her back next to Angel on the plush carpet. Their heavy tits were rising and falling on their chests as they slowly came down from their orgasmic bliss.... Ashley finally speaking... “Angel?”

“Um hmmm?”

Ashley was still breathing deeply as she gasped ..“A few minutes ago... did I call you Joy?”

Angel quietly laughed .. “Un huh,,, you did.. three times.”

“Oh Angel... I am so sorry.”

Angel giggled as she responded.. “It's ok Ashley.. you were really caught up in the moment.”

Ashley laughed... “I guess I was.... it's just that I really want to get back at that bitch.”

“I know you do... and I am going to make that happen for you.”

Ashley rolled over on her side facing Angel.. “That would be soooo wonderful if you could do that for me.”

Angel rolled over on her side facing Ashley... their huge tits merging and mushrooming together.. “It may take me a few days to find her,, but I will... and I will set up a meeting between the two of you... so you can get your revenge fuck.... so you and Joy can fuck it out.”

“I can't wait to fuck it out with that back-stabbing dirty whore!”

“Mmmmm …. that is something I would love to see... you and Joy fucking it out.”

“I don't mind.. if it works out that way.”

“Well... maybe... but I think I would be a distraction.... you and Joy need to be alone... unless there was a one way mirror that I could peek through.” Angel was grinning wickedly.

Ashley laughed... “Don't tell me that you are a voyeur.”

“Yeah... I must have a warped twisted kinky mind!” Angel laughed and Ashley laughed with her. “There is something I want to do.”

“What is that?” Ashley questioned.

Angel whispered, “I'll show you.” She slid down about a foot and then rolled over on top of Ashley.. her big tits and hard lengthy nipples pushing into Ashley's abs as she reached up and cupped Ashley's huge E cup tits. … with the palms of her hands on the outside of Ashley's big tits Angel pushed them together.. then began slapping Ashley's big round globes against each other.. it was a light soft 'smacking' sound as she cupped the outside of Ashley's large tits and smacked them together again and again as Ashley closed her eyes and quietly began to moan... Ashley's tits felt firm in Angel's hands.. they were dense... solid... heavy.... Angel loved them.. … A few minutes elapsed before Angel lowered her lips to Ashley's big right tit and began flicking her hard nipple with the tip of her tongue... flick .. flick … flick... the tip of her tongue flicking up and down.. until she closed her magic lips around Ashley's nipple and areola.. sucking it deep into her mouth... rolling her tongue around her hard nipple... sucking... pulling as much tit into her mouth as she could.... her tongue swirling around and around Ashley's sensitive nipple.... then Angel moved her teeth over Ashley's nipple and gently began to nibble...

“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Ashley moaned as she moved her hands to Angel's long hair, filling her hands with Angel's beautiful blonde hair.. and tugging Angel's face tighter against her tit. Angel began to twist her head back and forth.. letting her teeth move around on Ashley's swollen nipple.... teasing... nibbling.... her mouth sucking hard on Ashley's tit.. “Ouuuuuuuuuu”... Ashley panted as her breathing began to accelerate.
Angel wanted to know how far she could go... so she bit down on Ashley's nipple... not hard... but enough to cause Ashley to gasp.. “God!” …. Being careful not to bite hard enough to hurt her, Angel began to gnaw on Ashley's rigid nipple... softly and gently chewing on her extended nipple... sometimes she would move her teeth down and gnaw on Ashley's areola.. letting Ashley feel her teeth against her sensitive skin... then returning to her nipple... gently gnawing... her mouth constantly sucking on Ashley's tit. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yessssssssss!” Ashley moaned as Angel mouth-fucked Ashley's huge right tit. As Angel's sexy mouth worked it's magic on Ashley's big right tit, she moved her fingers to Ashley's large left tit and began squeezing her dense titflesh. Ashley's eyes were closed as she withered from the pleasure. Angel began to pinch and twist Ashley's throbbing left nipple between her fingers... digging in just a little with her fingernails causing Ashley to moan .. “Mmmmmm yessssssss!” Five more minutes went by as Angel continued to constantly suck and tug and nibble on Ashley's over-sized right tit with her wet mouth, her right hand kneading and squeezing and toying with Ashley's large left tit until Ashley began to lose control …. waves of pleasure began to build up inside her …. each wave more intense than the last one... until the waves began to overflow.... pushing Ashley over the brink of orgasmic pleasure. She arched her back.... her fingers tugging on Angel's long blonde hair... her hips began to buck wildly against Angel's abs as her eyes opened wide and her voice yelled out... “Ahhhhhhhh . … Yesssssssssssssss …. Ohhhhhhhhhhh … Cummmmmming!!!” Ashley's body jerked wildly beneath Angel as Angel sucked and pinched her nipples hard. “Ohhh FUCK!” Ashley moaned with deep pleasure as her nipple orgasm flowed through her body and to her clit.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm.” Angel moaned as she felt Ashley's cunt gush against her tummy.... “Mmmmmmmmm Ashley.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Angel!” Ashley moaned .. “Ohhhhhhhh God that was soooo fucking good.”

Angel slowly moved her body down.. licking at the underside of Ashley's tits as she moved lower and lower.. whispering... “There is something else I want to do.”

“Oh my God.” Ashley whimpered as she felt Angel's tongue licking down her abs.. pausing to lick and lap at her bellybutton before moving lower and lower until she reached the small neatly trimmed patch of Ashley's pubic hair. She grasped a few hairs between her teeth and gently tugged... “Oh Shit!” Ashley wailed. The next few minutes were as if they were in slow-motion as Angel licked and kissed Ashley's hot skin... slowly inching closer and closer to the top of Ashley's wet slit... her tongue moving closer and closer to Ashley's hard throbbing protruding clit. The tip of Angel's tongue licking up and down and around …. so very close to Ashley's clit.... Angel wanted her to beg for it.... and it did not take long. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh lick me Angel! .. Suck my clit !!!”

Angel lightly kissed all around Ashley's clit... teasing her … “You want me to suck your clit?”

“Yessssssssssssssssssss!!! FUCK Yessssssssssss!”

Angel blew her hot breath on Ashley's pussy... “Are you sure?”

Ashley still had her fingers twisted in Angel's hair as she tugged … pulling Angel's face against her pussy... “Yessssssssssssssssss!!!”

Angel moved her lips to Ashley's clit... forming a perfect “O” with her sexy mouth... when she had her lips firmly fastened to Ashley's pulsing clit, she flicked her tongue up and down her hard clit.... then she sucked. Ashley closed her eyes..... “Unnnnnnnnn” No one could suck a clit like Angel.... it was a gift …. and she had perfected her gift. She sucked and tugged on Ashley's clit with her mouth as her tongue lapped and stroked Ashley's hard bud of pleasure.. licking and lapping as her lips tightened and she sucked harder... It only took a couple of minutes for Ashley to reach the zenith of her pleasure once again... she bucked her hips hard against Angel's sucking mouth as she began to cum again … “Ahhhhh ahhh ahhh ahhhhhhhhhh ahhh Cummmmmmmmming!!!” Her hot gushing pussy released it's wet pleasure on Angel's face... gushing against her chin as Angel sucked even harder on her throbbing clit. “Un un unnnnn unnnnnnnn!” Angel continued to lick and suck Ashley's clit as her orgasm slowly subsided.

Angel laid there... on top of Ashley for several more minutes before she rolled off of her and onto her back before finally speaking .. “You taste soooo good Ashley.”

“Mmmmmmmmmmm.” Ashley purred as she rolled over on her side facing Angel. Angel rolled toward Ashley so that once again two pair of the biggest tits you could imagine were pressing together. Angel loved the feel of another pair of big heavy tits pressed against her massive rack. She wasn't sure why … it was just one of her wicked kinky pleasures. She took advantage of every opportunity to brush her magnificent tits against another pair.... just last week when she was at the grocery store picking up a few things, she noticed another woman with a nice rack … and she purposely brushed against her as she was reaching for an item on the shelf.... briefly feeling another woman's tits with her own. She quickly apologized … 'oh excuse me.. sorry' before moving on down the isle. When she would be in a crowed bar or restaurant she would look for opportunities to 'squeeze' past someone.. brushing her tits past the unsuspecting woman. It was a fun game for Angel .. and she loved it. Her mind began to fill with kinky thoughts.... thoughts about ways that her tits could be pressed together for long periods of time with another well endowed woman... thoughts like being tied together.... or trapped together in a very small space with their tits plastered tightly together... maybe they could be handcuffed together with their arms around each other... tit to tit as they struggled to find the key. Or perhaps some kind of a kinky warped contest.... to see how long she and another woman could keep themselves together tit to tit. … maybe there was a way that they could get 'stuck' together with seemingly no way to get 'un-stuck.' … Her mind continued to dream of all the ways she could get stuck tit to tit with another hot bitch.. 'What if there was some kind of adhesive that you could put on your skin... then stick your skin to hers?' … that might be fun... 'Mmmm, having your tits stuck together '.... Angel thought to herself .. 'that would be sooo fucking hot!' … Lying there with Ashley with their big naked tits pressed together was such a deep emotional 'feel good' moment for Angel. They shared 'warm fuzzies' with each other for a few more minutes before they rolled apart.

“Umm that was wonderful Ashley.” Angel purred.

“Yes it was.”

As they stood to their feet and began dressing, Angel reassured her.. “I will find that cheating bitch.... and I will let you know when and where you can have your revenge fuck with her.”

Ashley smiled as she replied, “Mmmmm, I can't wait Angel … oh, and you never told me about your fee.”

“Four hundred dollars per hour plus expenses.. but don't worry about it... I am sure we can work something out, .. as you said earlier …. to our mutual satisfaction.” Angel grinned as she completed her sentence.

Ashley replied with a wicked grin of her own … “I am sure we can.”

The two girls chatted for a few more minutes as they finished dressing.. then Ashley left as Angel began to think of other ways that she could get her tits stuck to another pair.

To be continued