By AngelDawn30


Sara and Amanda

Sara -
Amanda -

The doorbell rang at exactly high noon at Sara's apartment. Sara had been fuming all morning about Amanda and was going to fuck her brains out. She was wearing a pair of white shorts with nothing on under them and a pullover black t-shirt without a bra which displayed her impressive nipples. . . .. no sense of having to take a bunch of clothes off... She opened the door and Amanda walked in.. pushing Sara to the side.. “Hey!” Sara exclaimed as she stepped back and looked at the beautiful redhead. Amanda had obviously come to settle things woman to woman as she was also wearing a pair of pink shorts without anything under them.. and a white pull over top... and was obviously braless.. her nipples poking at the thin white cotton.

Amanda closed the door behind her and locked it herself. .. turned toward Sara.. and stepped right up to her... thrusting her big tits forward into Sara's huge pair.. her face inches from Sara's... “Did you call me a piece of whore-shit?”

Sara leaned forward... applying pressure on their massive racks.. her mouth inches from Amanda's.. “Yes I did.. you fucking Bitch!”

Amanda moved even closer.. their lips almost touching as she raised her voice.. “You are nothing but a dirty cheap slut!”

Sara then placed her lips against Amanda's as she also raised her voice. “Fuck you!”

“Fuck you!”

“Fuck you!” A spray of spit flying from Sara's mouth.

“You nasty fucking whore!!” Amanda yelled, spraying spit back at Sara as she reached up and grabbed Sara's long black hair and yanked...

“Owww!... You fucking Cow!!” Sara yelled as she grabbed Amanda's hair.. the two hot vixens staggering around the floor for a minute yanking and tugging on each others hair. “Let go you nasty whore!”

“Fuck you Sara!” Amanda yelled at her as they continued to stumble back and forth across the carpet. “Let go of my hair you bitch!”

“You let go Bitch!”

“I'll let go when you let go!”

Amanda suddenly released her hands from Sara's long black hair... freeing her hands.. and she quickly slapped Sara across her left cheek with the palm of her right hand.. 'Slap!' Sara quickly let go of Amanda's hair and slapped her back.. 'Slap!” “Owww you fucking tramp”, Amanda screamed as she slapped Sara again... for the next minute they traded slaps to the face.... back and forth they slapped each others cheeks.. slap.. smack .. slap .. slap... their faces were stinging as they stepped back from each other..panting and staring daggers at each other. “fucking whore. '

“You're the fucking whore... thinking you could get this job by fucking Ashley.”

“And you didn't fuck her, you slut?”

“I fucked her brains out... fucked her better than you did.” Sara smirked.

“I doubt that.”

“She told me that I fucked better than you.”

“You are a lying little bitch Sara!”

“And you are a jealous piece of whore-trash.”

Amanda laughed … “Jealous? Of what?... you? That's the funniest thing I've heard in weeks.”

“Fuck you!” Sara was mad as hell as she charged at Amanda.. grabbing her around the head with her arms and trying to drag her down to the floor. Amanda grabbed Sara's shirt and pulled hard as they both lost their balance and fell to the floor.. kicking and cursing at each other... rolling over and over until Amanda was on top, straddling Sara... holding Sara down with her hands on Sara's shoulders. Sara quickly reached up with her hands and grabbed Amanda's tits and squeezed them as hard as she could.

“Owwww.. you bitch!” Amanda yelled as she grabbed Sara's big tits and squeezed.. .. they were trying to hurt each others tits as they pinched and squeezed with all their might... yelling insults at each other as they struggled.

Sara bucked her hips up and rolled to the right .. rolling away from Amanda and quickly got to her feet, curling her finger at Sara as she motioned.. “Come and get you some, bitch”

Amanda stood up and charged at Sara, tackling her around the waist.. both of them falling to the carpet again with Amanda on top... they rolled over several times before the sofa stopped their rolling.. with Sara on top.... their legs intertwined and their braless tits mashing together.... Sara could feel Amanda's nipples getting hard as they ground their massive racks together. Their eyes locked and Sara whispered.. “I thought you wanted to fuck it out.”.. Sara then released Amanda from their clench.. rolled away and stood up.. a moment later Amanda was standing facing her as Sara reached down and grabbed her top, pulling it up over her head, shaking her beautiful black hair out as she tossed her top on the sofa. She cupped her huge E cup tits and licked her lips as she stared at Amanda.

Amanda quickly pulled her top off, tossed it at the sofa and cupped her own big DD cup tits.. her nipples she glared at Sara. “Jealous?”

“Of those tits?” Sara laughed at her but her laughter ended when Amanda unzipped her shorts and stepped out of them.. standing naked in front of Sara. She slowly moved her hands from her tits, down her hard tummy, and to her pussy.... rubbing her fingers into her slit.

“Like what you see bitch?”

Sara copied Amanda as she removed her shorts and also moved her fingers to her cunt.. rubbing her fingers up and down her slit which was now getting wet. “I'm sure you like what you see, don't you Amanda?”

Amanda walked toward Sara until their tits were almost touching... Sara had longer thicker nipples … and Amanda had larger areolas … Even though Sara's tits appeared to be slightly bigger Amanda smirked .. “You're tits don't have a prayer in hell against mine.”

“We'll see about that Amanda.” Sara whispered as she quickly closed the small distance between them.. her tits meeting Amanda's with a light 'smack'. As they stared at each other with darts in their eyes, they both reached up and grabbed each others upper arms.. leaned back.. and slapped their big tits together … 'smack' and again … 'smack' They were titfighting... slapping their impressive racks together... again and again... each slap was more violent than the one before... again and again.. 'slap' … 'smack' . .. 'slap' .. their tits began to turn red as the titfight reached the ten minute mark with neither woman giving in to the other.. Amanda and Sara knew they had firm dense tits and they both thought that it was just a matter of time before they would wear down the woman standing in front of them. 'slap' … 'smack' . .. 'slap' .. 'slap' … 'smack' . .. 'slap' .. the two sets of huge tits were stinging... as they maintained their assault Sara realized that she might have to get more aggressive as she let go of Amanda's arms and stepped back a few feet... She inhaled... and quickly stepped forward.. slamming their tits together with a loud smack... they both gasped... she stepped back again.. and this time.. so did Amanda.. they were about six feet apart.. then they practically jumped at each other.. those big heavy tits meeting head on with a loud smacking sound as they both bounced backward... it hurt. They groaned together. … then again … and again .. hurling their big tits head on into each other... mashing them together tight.. mushrooming as much as was possible with their dense tits.. then bouncing back... the entire sequence lasting only a couple of seconds.. as their tits wobbled from the impact and quickly returned to their normal state. Sara and Amanda rammed and butted their firm tits together over and over.. literally running the short distance between them and slapping those four massive tits together head on... as they deformed against each other.. and quickly recovered. They were getting tired.. and it appeared that neither was going to quit...

They slapped their big tits together again... this time Amanda wrapping her arms around Sara's waist and pulling her into a bear hug... Sara quickly wrapped her arms around Amanda's waist.. grabbing her left wrist with her right hand and pulling Amanda into her as hard as she could.. tightening their bear hug... their huge tits mushroomed against each other equally... solid dense tit-meat compacting against each other.. tighter and tighter.. mushrooming more and more... the massive tits spilling out to the sides and top as they tried to crush each others tits with their own. Their nipples were burning against each other as they struggled inside their crushed tits together … squeezing each other hard … It did not take as long as Sara thought it would... Amanda did have amazing tits.. but in a few minutes, Amanda's tits began to slowly spill out around Sara's awesome rack... and they both knew it... they could feel it... and they could see it. Sara's tits were firmer and were slowly dominating Amanda's. She let go of Sara and pushed her away,, their tits reshaping to their former state as they separated. “What's the matter Amanda? … Are my tits too strong for you?”

“Fuck you Sara!”

“Mmmm I like that idea.... why don't you fuck me Amanda...why don't you fuck me right now?” Sara whispered as she smiled, knowing she had won their tit competition. She stepped toward Amanda.., once again their tits meeting and mashing together as Sara reached down and quickly slipped two fingers up inside Amanda's pussy … feeling …. exploring … running her fingers through Amanda's wet sticky pussy lips... it did not take Amanda long to move her fingers to Sara's hot cunt and they were soon finger fucking each other as they stood tit to tit … their eyes fixed on each other … soon there were three fingers inside each pussy as they shoved their fingers in and out of each others hot fuck holes... swishing .. sloshing …. wet sounds as they finger fucked. Their big tits, covered in a sheen of wetness, quivering together as their nipples slid back and forth across each other. They began to moan.... as they ground the palm of their hands against each others swollen clits.. they were gasping... moaning …. panting …. finally Sara gasped... “First one to cum loses.... right?”

“Right.” Amanda moaned in response.

“I don't want to beat you with my fingers....” Sara gasped as she pulled her fingers out of Amanda's dripping cunt.. and stepped back.. Amanda's fingers pulling out Sara's cunt. “I want to beat you with my pussy.”

Amanda got down to her knees... then dropped to her ass.. extending her legs out in front of her with her arms stretched out.. hands on the carpet... supporting her upper body.. “Cunt to cunt bitch!”

Sara quickly dropped to the floor and assumed the same position as Amanda. “Pussy to pussy, Whore!”

Amanda began to scoot forward on her ass.... “Clit to clit .. you dirty nasty slut.”

Sara scooted toward Amanda, their legs scissoring .. until their wet extended swollen pussy lips were almost touching … “Fuck hole to fuck hole... you filthy bitch-whore.”

“I'm gonna fuck your brains out Sara.”

“I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you Amanda.”

They closed the final fraction of an inch and closed their eyes as their wet pussy lips touched and slowly melted together.. spreading each other out.. until their vaginas were lined up … hole to hole … another push from each of them sealed their fuck holes tightly together as they shared their wet pussy juice... “Ohhhhhhh Fuck!” Sara moaned.

“Mmmmmm yesssss.” Amanda moaned with Sara.

Even though they both wanted to sexually dominate each other.. and force the other to orgasm first... they began grinding together slowly... wanting to make this last as long as possible... they not only wanted to win … they wanted to fuck for their own selfish pleasure. They entered into a slow grind... twisting and pulling their pussy lips together … up and down …. around and around …. smearing their wet pussy juice all over each others cunts … their clits meeting as they completed each circle... moving around and around against each other... grinding … pushing tighter and tighter against each others hot steaming cunts.. again and again their clits would meet, catch, and flick apart causing them to moan and gasp with pleasure. Their arms were stretched out, hands on the carpet as they watched each others huge tits wobble on their chests as they fucked. Grinding … circling … sliding their clits together... it was hot … the aroma of their fucking was filling the room with the sweet scent of their pussy juice.. squishing together... again and again … this went on and on... the grinding … the squishing sounds … the aroma … the moaning …. they were locked in an incredibly hot fuck-battle. They had been fucking for twenty minutes... the pleasure slowly building to a crescendo as they fucked and fucked and fucked. “You hot bitch!” Sara moaned.

“Ohhhhhh You nasty fucking whore!” Amanda gasped as she wiggled her cunt against Sara's until their clits were grinding together... head on …. non-stop …. clit to clit fucking. “You want to cum so bad, don't you Sara?”

“Unnnnnnn.... not as much as you want to cum Amanda.”

“Cum for me Sara.”

“Cum for me Amanda.”

They began to move their hips faster.. concentrating on their clit fucking. Grinding their throbbing clits together hard... pushing and shoving them together as they each lifted one hand off the carpet and grasped each others hand. .. pulling themselves upright and wrapping their arms around each others neck.. their tits mashing together again.. nipple to nipple... as they ground their hard clits against one another. Sara leaned forward and licked across Amanda's lips with her tongue.. Amanda returned the lick as they began licking each others tongues.. their lips were not touching.. only their tongues as they flicked them back and forth and up and down against each other... their tits were swollen as they mashed tightly together.. humping each others cunt with their own cunt.. their clits fighting head on against each other... they were moaning more and more.. gasping for air.. as they fought with their tongues and clits. Sara was close to an orgasm... Amanda was even closer. They were pushing their clits together as hard as they could as their big tits remained pancaked together.. their tongues lapping at each other.. fucking and fucking and fucking.... each determined to win... each wanting that job. Amanda threw her head back... her body began to shake... “Yes Amanda you bitch!!…. Yesssss!” Sara moaned.

“Nooooooooooo.... noooooooooooo.” Amanda gasped.

“Cum for me Amanda... Cum Now.... Cum Now!!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Amanda felt her entire body spasm... she began to jerk her cunt wildly at Sara's.......... “Nooooo!!” She screamed.

“Yesssssssss Amanda, .. you Whore!!!”

“GOD!!!! Ohhhh Fuck!!! … Cummmmmming!!!!!”

Sara felt Amanda's pussy squeeze hard against her,, then she felt the gush of wetness.. the gush of pussy cum.... the hot sticky juices from Amanda's pussy... “Yes Amanda!!!”

“Cummmmmming!!! Oh god I am Cummmmmmmmming !!!!” Amanda moaned...

Sara was about to cum.... she quickly pulled herself away from Amanda... pushed Amanda down on her back... and straddled her... her knees on either side of Amanda's chest... Sara slid forward... her dripping pussy over Amanda's face... and lowered herself down onto Amanda.... face-sitting her. Amanda was defenseless... as a second orgasm rocked her body... Sara began to slide her wet cunt up and down Amanda's mouth.. feeling Amanda extend her tongue up into her pussy... Sara was almost there... as she reached down and began rubbing her clit hard.... grinding against Amanda's tongue and mouth,.... “GOD!! .. Sara gasped loudly... “God !!!!!! Gonna …. Oh God yess... Cummming !!!” Sara gushed her hot pussy cum into Amanda's open mouth... Amanda licking and lapping at the wetness... “FUCK YES!!! Sara continued to moan loudly... as she flooded Amanda's mouth with her sweet cum. “Unnnnnnnnnnn”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh” Amanda moaned as she licked and sucked at Sara's twitching cunt.. swallowing her hot cum. “Mmmmmmmmmmm.”

As Sara's orgasm subsided, she got off of Amanda... stood over her.. and placed her heel on Amanda's chest.. right between her big tits.. and flexed her arms in the victory pose. Sara had outfucked her. She removed her foot... bent over and extended her hands to Amanda.. pulling her up to her feet. “I expect you to keep you word.” Sara said in a firm voice.

Amanda answered meekly … “You won... I will keep my word and let Ashley know that I am no longer interested in the job.”

“Good. .. now get the fuck out of here.. you bitch-whore.”

“Next time I will outfuck you.. you bitch.”

“I said Get the fuck out of here.... Loser!”

Amanda dressed in silence then walked to the door.. opening it and turning back to Sara “Fuck you.”

Sara reached for a book and threw it at Amanda as she was closing the door... the book hitting the door as it was closing... “FUCK YOU!!!” Sara yelled. She mumbled to herself as she walked over and picked up the book and locked her door... 'Fucking cunt.”

Amanda was disappointed as she got into her car and began driving home. She had really wanted that job with Ashley... but there was another opportunity that might work out for her. She was going to be attending the Dallas Fine Arts Gala tonight... and had heard that one of the most well known attorneys in Dallas, Michelle Richardson, was looking for an intern for the fall semester. She smiled to herself as she began to think of how she could seduce Michelle into hiring her.

To be continued