By SWAN2005

Jason was a leg man. You could tell by the kind of secretaries he hired. His office looked more like a modeling agency than a serious place of business. Everywhere you looked, your eyes were greeted by the sight of bare legs ... long, smooth, shiny, shapely legs pumped up by nasty spike-heeled shoes and extending out from underneath the short, tight skirts of young, hot, sexy women. It's a wonder that any work got done there at all.

Jason was a young executive type who chose his wife more for what she could contribute to his business than for her looks, and ironically, he ended up married to a woman with skinny legs. He made up for it, though, by surrounding himself with the sight that he loved the most in life. Of course, it didn't hurt that they all had beautiful faces, and tight little asses, and nice, big, round tits ... but of all the things that Jason liked to look at, it was the strong, curvy, muscular legs that really got his blood pumping, and set his imagination on fire.

A woman's legs are more than just limbs that she walks around on. They are an extension of her loins. They are the parts of her that she gets to show you, in order to tell you all about the condition of the secret parts of her which are connected to them, but which you are not allowed to see. A woman's legs are an outgrowth of her pussy, and you can get a pretty good idea of what kind of pussy a woman has by looking at what kind of legs she has. It is a rule of nature that strong, plump, muscular legs always spring from a strong, juicy, muscular pussy, and there can never be one without the other.

And I can't even begin to tell you how important it is to a woman to have a really good pussy on her ... and not just so she can make guys happy with it, either. Women and their pussies ... it's like men and their balls. You know ... when some guy is really brave, or especially tough, they always say that he's "got a lot of balls." Well, it's no different for women ... it's all right there in her pussy. That's where all of her female strength comes from ... that's where you can really find out what she's made of.

Any time you see a woman strutting around in her super-short skirt, proudly showcasing her hot, sexy legs, she isn't just trying to turn you on with her shapely limbs; she is showing everyone who cares to look, man or woman alike, that she must be one hell of a woman, because with legs like that, you just know that she's got to have a hot, sexy pussy to match.

One could hardly expect that Jason, being a red-blooded American male, could endure the daily temptation that he was being subjected to without finally succumbing to it ... and it wasn't very long before he began an affair with the sexiest and most beautiful of all of his secretaries. She was a woman with kind of eye-popping, jaw-dropping, traffic-stopping beauty that you would expect to find on a fashion runway, or at a photo-shoot at the beach, and not in the dreary confines of an office building. She was a 23 year old single woman by the name of Rachel.

Rachel was a party girl, and she always dressed for work with the same nasty look that she used when she was out hitting the clubs. She was a brash, rambunctious, saucy young woman with long, thick honey-brown hair and sparkling emerald-green eyes who was proud of her Irish heritage, and who swore that she could drink any man under the table. The way she was built, you wouldn't doubt it. She was a big, strong, healthy girl ... and I mean that in a totally feminine way ... tall and lean and incredibly shapely ...with big, healthy boobs, and a flat, hard stomach, and tight, full, rounded hips.

And half of her 5'9" frame was all legs ... strong, muscular, shapely legs stretching out for miles and miles from underneath the tight, ultra-short skirts that she always wore. Thick, luscious, juicy legs with plump, smooth, oily skin which was tanned to a deep, rich, glowing bronze perfection.

Starting at the deep ridges which ran from her plump, sexy toes up to the high arched mounds at the top of her feet; to the prominent, rounded knobs and luscious dips on either side of her wide, chunky ankles; to the smooth, long, heavy, glossy shinbones; to the thick, curving, bulging calves which had deep indentations running up the outsides where the muscle attaches to the bone; to the perfectly rectangular kneecaps surrounded on all four sides by sexy little dips; to the sexy sunken hollows, ridges and lines behind the knees; all the way up through the thighs, which were absolutely stupendous bulging cylinders of solid, creamy flesh; they were the best damned legs that Jason had ever seen in his life, and they made her absolutely irresistible to him. Even the other secretaries had to agree that she was, hands down, the one with the best legs in the entire office.

Jason had a huge desk in his office with a clear glass top which was totally transparent, and through which he could see the legs of whoever was sitting across from him. At least once a day, he would call a meeting at his desk during which all of his secretaries would come together and sit in front him to go over the status of the business. Of course, he would always use the occasion to get an eyeful of all of the sexy legs which were on display out in front of him.

Whenever Rachel was in a particularly naughty and mischievous mood, she knew exactly how to get Jason hot and bothered. Just before the meeting, she would run to the ladies room and rub her legs down with lotion, so that they would look especially glossy and smooth. Then she would position herself right in front of him at his desk so that he would have a clear, unobstructed view, and put on a show for him with her legs; sensuously slipping and sliding them across one another, seductively crossing and uncrossing them so that he could get a peek of her hot, moist panties, and teasingly pushing the hem of her skirt further and further up her legs by stroking her long, sexy fingernails over the tops of her bulging, creamy thighs.

Every secretary in the place could predict exactly what was going to happen next. Just as sure as night follows day, as soon as the meeting was over, Jason always buzzed Rachel, and all they needed to see was the nasty, triumphant look on her face to know that he had just canceled whatever plans he had for that evening with his wife, and he was going to fuck her brains out.

As fate would have it, one of Jason's sexy secretaries had to go out on maternity leave, and this gave him the perfect opportunity to look for a new, even sexier, replacement. All he had to do was to take one look at Katrina, a 22 year old knockout with reddish-brown hair who was coming straight out of college, to know that she was the one.

Katrina was a tall, strapping, buxom hunk of a girl who was living proof of the fact that a woman doesn't have to be delicate and fragile in order to be thoroughly feminine and totally sexy. Although she was known as a "female jock" in college, there wasn't a woman around who could fill out a dress better... and knock all of the guys on their asses faster ... than she could. She walked with the swagger of an athlete ... powerful hips swinging wildly up and down ... big, heavy, spherical tits bobbing like a teeter-totter over her tight, narrow waist ... sturdy, muscular legs driving sharp spike heels against the floor with loud, solid claps. She was a woman with an air of physical confidence about her which comes from knowing that you just happen to be bigger, and stronger, and much better looking ... than anyone else around.

Katrina was a sorority girl, and after having indulged in 4 carefree years consisting of spring breaks, beer-busts, wild parties, and the usual college lifestyle of uninterrupted drinking and carousing, the sudden transition to the serious business world came as something of a shock to her. For women who have the looks, sleeping with the boss is a tried and true way of getting by without having too much pressure put on them. Since Jason was a pretty decent looking guy, and Katrina certainly had the looks, she immediately decided that that was the best way for her to take control of the situation. It was an open secret that Rachel was his lover, and Katrina hadn't even been there for a couple of hours before she discovered exactly who her competion was.

Although none of the other secretaries were particularly happy to see a woman as good looking as Katrina joining them, no one was more displeased than Rachel. From the very first moment that Jason introduced the two of them, you could feel the tension between them. They just stood there, right in front of each other, for what seemed like an eternity ... staring straight right into each other's eyes ... like they were engaging in some kind of test of wills or something.

From the moment that she started working there, just about everything that Katrina did seemed purposely designed to get on Rachel's nerves. Even though, at 5'9", Katrina was just as tall as her rival, she always wore wicked platform shoes with 5 inch spiked heels, so that she would tower over Rachel whenever she stood by her. Before you knew it, Rachel had added a whole new set of shoes to her collection, matching Katrina inch for inch.

Joining in on the usual office chitchat, Katrina was fond of telling stories about her wild escapades in Palm Springs, Daytona Beach, and other famous spring-break venues. Nothing would annoy Rachel more than to hear Katrina bragging about her sexual exploits and her drinking prowess. She seemed to be constantly boasting about how she would totally wear the guys out in bed, and how she could always keep up, drink for drink, with even the biggest football players; a talent which she attributed to the fact that she came from hearty Russian stock. At one point, the girls in the office almost succeeded in goading the two women into sitting face to face across a table and engaging in a drinking contest; slamming down tequilas until one of them passed out.

But above all else, the thing that annoyed Rachel the most about Katrina were her legs. In college, Katrina had been the star of the women's soccer team, and she never tired of explaining how nothing could possibly be better than soccer for the development of the leg muscles, and how her strong, shapely, sexy legs were the result of years and years of playing soccer. Even Rachel couldn't deny that the bitch had a great pair of legs; long, muscular, curvaceous legs that dipped in and came out and dipped in and came out again at amazingly steep angles ... and which were tanned to an incredibly dark, rich, moist copper-brown. Yeah ... the bitch had a great pair of legs all right ... but as far as Rachel was concerned ... no way were they as good as hers.

Even with the annoying distraction of the new girl in the office, as far as Rachel's affair with the boss was concerned ... things were going along pretty much as normal ... until one day ... something happened which shook Rachel's confidence to its foundation.

Jason called one of his daily meetings, and all of the secretaries, Rachel and Katrina included, assembled in front of his desk. Feeling particularly frisky that day, Rachel put on one of her sexy little "leg shows" for her boss, and then sat at her desk afterwards, waiting for the inevitable buzz to come. Nothing happened.

Confounded and concerned, Rachel tried it again a couple of days later, only this time she went out of her way to make it hotter and sexier than ever. She smiled at Jason, and he smiled knowingly back at her. This time, she was absolutely sure that it would work. But once again, nothing happened.

Rachel was absolutely crushed. She began to seriously doubt herself. Clearly, she was losing her power over Jason, but she didn't know why. She knew that it couldn't possibly have been his wife who was the cause of it. Did he find someone else? She suspected that it was more than just a coincidence that this happened only a couple of weeks after Katrina had started there, but she couldn't really say for sure that it was her.

One day, Rachel was in a stall in the ladies room when Katrina and another secretary walked in and chattered loudly as they touched up their make up in the mirror. Katrina seemed on top of the world, and she could barely contain the enthusiasm in her voice.

"I can't believe what a stupid, pathetic bitch that Rachel is ... " she laughed, " ... running to the bathroom and oiling her legs ... what a joke!! You know what I do?" she said, leaning over to her co-worker as if sharing an intimate secret with her, but still speaking loudly enough so that Rachel could hear her. "Even though I know that I have much better legs than she does, I'm not the kind of woman who leaves anything to chance. Right before the meeting, as soon as I see her running to the bathroom, I quickly slip my panties off and put them in a drawer. Then I lick my fingers and rub my clit a couple of times. It doesn't take more than a couple of strokes before it swells up and pops right out over the skin, and my pussy gets all hot and wet. Then I sit down right next to her at the meeting. While she's rubbing her pathetic legs together like a cricket, I'm spreading mine and showing him what I got between 'em. When he sees my exposed clit, his eyes get as wide as saucers. But what really makes him go nuts is how I can make my lips open and close all by themselves. The stupid bitch is sitting there thinking that he's looking at her, and all the while, I'm giving him the show of his life."

Rachel was shocked. It was all she could do to restrain herself from charging out of her stall and ripping Katrina's hair out right then and there. Then ... she heard the worst part of all.

"I just love to watch the look on her face while she's sitting there like an idiot, waiting and waiting to get buzzed. She's so stupid that she never even figured out that, after the shows that I had been putting on for him, he started buzzing me instead. And you know what he told me ... " Katrina said, with enormous pride in her voice, " ... he told me that my pussy squeezes his dick much harder that hers ever could, and that he cums better with me than with any other woman that he's ever been with."

Those last words hit Rachel like a punch in the gut. Every man that she had ever been with had made it a point to tell her that she had the hottest, tightest, strongest pussy that they had ever felt, and that no woman had ever made them cum harder. If there was one thing in the world that she was totally proud of, it was how strong her pussy was; how hard she could squeeze a man's dick with it; how good she could make him cum. Jason himself constantly told her how amazed he was at the strength of her womanhood, and how he had never felt anything like it. And now ... he was telling those very same things to this other bitch. Rachel was devastated.

Jason had been out of town for the last couple of days, but the memo on Katrina's desk instructed her to meet him in his office at 6:00 P.M. This was just perfect, she thought to herself. He must be just getting back to town ... and he just can't wait to see her. All of the other secretaries would have already left for the day, and it would be just the two of them, all alone. To her it meant that she had totally conquered him as her lover, and that he had chosen her over Rachel ... just as she always knew that he would.

As luck would have it, Katrina was wearing his favorite outfit; a tight, sexy, ultra-short miniskirt, a satin shirt tied into a knot right under her bulging boobs, hard, rippled, bare midriff, and bare, tanned, shapely copper colored legs running all the way down to her sexy 5 inch stiletto heels. Just for the fun of it, Katrina took off her panties and rubbed her clit with her wet fingers a couple of times so that it would swell up and pop out, and then she seated herself in front of Jason's desk, waiting impatiently for him to arrive.

The door open behind Katrina and slammed shut again, and she heard the sound of the handle being locked. "This is really hot ... " she thought to herself. He's so turned on that he can't even wait to get me to his apartment, and he's gonna fuck me right here on the desk!"

Imagine Katrina's surprise when, before she could even turn around to look behind her, a pair of long, bronze, sexy bare legs suddenly appeared beside her own, and out of the corner of her eye, she saw the super short skirt, bare midriff, stretchy tube-top, and nasty 5 inch platform heels which could only belong to Rachel, plop right down in the secretarial chair right next to hers.

"Did you rub your clit to make it grow before you came in here, bitch?" Rachel sneered, looking her straight in the eyes. "Well guess what ... this time ... I'm not wearing any panties either ... and I don't have to play with my clit to make it get big for me. Here ... take a look ... " she said, as she swiveled her chair so as to face Katrina, and opened her legs wide.

You could see Katrina's eyes widening in shock as she gazed at Rachel's big, engorged, purple-red clit throbbing out in her direction. "Check this out... " she said, as she lewdly opened and closed her soaking wet lips using the strength of her pussy alone.

While Katrina was momentarily stunned by the sight of her rival's powerful pussy, Rachel reached out with her left leg and gently swiveled Katrina's secretarial chair around so that they were now facing each other. Pushing off with her back leg, she quickly rolled her chair forward, bumping the fronts of the two chairs together.

Before Katrina knew what was happening, Rachel suddenly raised her right leg over Katrina's left, while at the same time slipping her left leg under her right. "Now let me show you who's pussy can squeeze harder, you fucking cunt!!" she growled, as she tilted her pelvis upward and gripped the backrest of Katrina's chair with her long, muscular legs, forcefully pulling herself inward toward Katrina.

Sliding forward on her plump, round ass, Rachel's ultra-short skirt bunched up under her, and slid all the way up over her hips, unveiling the full glory of her hot, luscious pussy as it closed in rapidly on Katrina's crotch. It was an absolutely awesome sight. The entire length of her juicy pussy lips protruded at least an inch in front of the full, tightly coiled, dark brown mat of her pubic hair, which was glimmering with brilliant droplets of her thick, pungent female syrup. Rachel's swollen, marble-sized, purple-red clit pushed its way out through the folds and you could see it jutting and throbbing powerfully straight out over the opening of her womanhood. In between the folds, you could catch a quick glimpse of the tender, slippery, pink peeled skin of the muscular insides of her lips, as she quickly opened them up and prepared to lock them against the pussy lips of another woman.

Wrapping her sexy calves firmly around the backrest of Katrina's chair, Rachel's bulging, creamy thighs pressed tightly against Katrina's, and her forward motion caused Katrina's skirt to ride high up around her luscious hips, exposing her wet, steamy pussy to full view as Rachel's womanhood was rapidly converging on it. Even the incredibly thick, shaggy thatch of reddish-brown hair which covered Katrina's pussy was not enough to conceal her brawny, dark-brown labia and her fully engorged, ruby-red clit bulging out beyond them. In the instant before they met, Rachel quickly looked down at her intended target, and she could immediately see that Katrina's lips looked impressively thick and sinewy, while the clit which she was even at that moment aiming at with her very own was every bit as large, and fully erect, as her own.

Coiled, dark-brown pubic hair crunched into and intertwined with thick, reddish brown pubic hair and a loud, wet, squishy sound echoed through the empty room as the moist, blazing, slippery flesh of Rachel's pussy slapped directly into the damp, slick, torrid flesh of Katrina's pussy. Both women moaned in pain as they could immediately feel the scorching heat of the other's pussy burning the tender flesh of their own, even as their pungent pussy juices intermingled and scalded each other's pussies like acid.

Even though she was caught completely off guard, Katrina could feel her powerful clitoris spontaneously reacting to the direct contact with the clitoris of an enemy female ... feeling its way along Rachel's clit completely on its own, and immediately adjusting itself so that it was pressed completely flush against the enemy clit which was assaulting it. The tough, fibrous meat of their labia pushed tightly into each other, front to front, and you could actually see the flesh itself contracting against each other as they struggled to mash each other into pulp.

While Katrina's entire body shuddered from shock and pain, Rachel, using the strength of her womanhood alone, quickly opened her labia, and you could see Katrina's sticky pussy lips separating as Rachel wedged her right lip deeply in between them, causing Katrina's left lip to settle into the opening between Rachel's lips. As the raw, peeled flesh of the inside of Rachel's right pussy lip plastered itself flush against the pink, tender tissue of the inside of Katrina's left lip, each women felt a powerful burning sensation which traveled straight up the soft, moist, mucous walls of the insides of her pussy, all the way up into her uterus.

Before Katrina had the chance to regain her senses and react, Rachel immediately clamped down as hard as she could on Katrina's left lip, trapping it between her two lips and biting deeply into it. Katrina's head snapped violently backward, and you could hear her high-pitched screams of pain all the way down on the street in front of the building, as she made the terrifying realization that Rachel had taken her by completely surprise, and had been able to catch her unprepared pussy lip in a powerful lip-lock between her own.

"Here, bitch ... " Rachel sneered as she pressed her lips together with all of her might, painfully pinching Katrina's helpless lip between them. " ... now tell me how you can squeeze Jason's dick harder than I can."

You could hear Katrina's low, sexy, muffled moans, and see the incredible agony contorting her gorgeous face, as she looked down with pained eyes through the thicket of interlocking, contrasting enemy pubic hair to observe the two juicy, muscular, inherently hostile female sexual organs locked in tight, deadly, intimate combat. Her sexy hazel eyes widened in disbelief at the sight which greeted her within the hot, narrow confines between their luscious thighs. Rachel's tightly clenched pussy lips had completely surrounded her left lip, flattening it out and causing the flesh to spread out at the top and bottom like strawberry jam.

Katrina instinctively concentrated all of her strength into her muscular pussy in order to free herself, and you could see her lower abdomen and the top of her pubic mound sucking in and puffing back out again as she strained to dislodge her left lip from between Rachel's powerful labia. She quickly discovered that her lip was compressed so tightly that it was paralyzed, and she could barely cause it to move at all. You could see Katrina's thick right lip bunching up and straining against the outside of Rachel's left as she desperately pushed against it in a futile effort to weaken the hold. It was immediately clear to Katrina that it was no use. With her left lip completely immobilized, she couldn't possibly exert enough pressure with her right lip alone to break the vice-like grip which Rachel had on her.

"Go ahead, slut ... push all you want ... " Rachel sneered as she tightened her grip and violently yanked Katrina's helpless lip to one side, " ... no one has ever been able to get out of one of my lip-locks. I'm not letting go until I ground this putrid, smelly piece of meat of yours into hamburger." You could see Rachel's sexy, jutting hipbones swiveling ever so slightly up and down as she began pulling and stretching Katrina's helpless lip back and forth as if she intended to rip it right off of her pussy.

Even as she squealed in pain, Katrina understood the urgency of the situation in which she suddenly found herself. For the first time in her life, her powerful pussy was completely helpless. Her entire body shuddered with fright at the realization that another woman's pussy was even then viciously biting her own, and she was absolutely powerless to bite it back. The pinching, crushing pain was more intense than anything which she had ever experienced in her entire life, and she could feel the muscles of her left lip stretching out and tearing as Rachel pulled against it. After weeks of secretly checking Rachel out and wondering whether the lame-ass bitch even had the slightest clue of how to fight with her pussy, Katrina was getting her answer in the worst way possible. It was far and away the strongest pussy bite that she had ever felt.

Katrina read the savage look in Rachel's eyes, and immediately recognized her deadly intentions. The bitch was trying to quickly put her pussy out of commission by inflicting so much damage to her left lip that she wouldn't be able to bite with it any more. And then ... she intended to chew her defenseless womanhood into mincemeat. She realized that if she allowed the punishment which she was enduring to go on for much longer, the bitch was going to succeed. Katrina's ass muscles tightened sensuously, and you could see her luscious hips swiveling in unison with Rachel's as she followed her movements, so as to lessen the strain of the ripping, tearing motion being applied to her hamstrung pussy lip. She was overcome with the urge to pull back, but she quickly realized that that would be the worst possible thing that she could do. With the firm grip which Rachel had on her lip, pulling back would only result in stretching and tearing her flesh even further.

Rachel smiled maliciously when she saw the look of panic in Katrina's face. "You should be afraid, bitch ... " Rachel spat, " ... because I'm going to pull your lip so far out of shape that it's going to be flapping down around your fucking knees ... and then my pussy cat is going to eat yours for lunch."

Katrina's heart began pounding violently in her chest, and she felt the potent mixture of hot blood and adrenalin rushing into her pussy and pumping up her already erect, engorged clitoris. As her clit throbbed wildly outwards, she suddenly became aware of the firm, hard resistance of Rachel's erect clit pressing tightly against it. In a flash, Katrina knew exactly what she had to do.

Letting her pussy-lips go completely limp, Katrina focused all of the strength in her body into the tiny bundle of muscles around her clit. In one violent motion, she surged her clit powerfully outward, straight against the enemy clit which was pressing against it, while at the same time sliding forward in her seat and jamming her crotch as tightly as possible into Rachel's.

Rachel's honey-brown locks tumbled all around her beautiful face and she doubled over as if she had been punched in the gut. Moaning deeply from a combination of shock and pain, you could see the sexy triangle of her dark brown pubic hair visibly bulging upward, and the muscles of her shapely legs spasmodically jerking back and forth, as Rachel felt her clit being violently driven all the way back up into her body. Even through the gut-wrenching, excruciating pain, Rachel could not the escape the overwhelming sense of shame that welled up inside of her. There is no greater humiliation that a woman can suffer ... than to have her clit pushed inside of her by the clit of another woman.

Katrina's eyes were beaming in triumph as she looked at Rachel. "What a weak ... ouuufff ... woman you are. You should be ashamed of yourself. Just look at what my ... ugh ... clit did to yours."

Rachel had been taken completely by surprise. Her jaw dropped slightly and her eyes widened as she looked straight into the beautiful face of her enemy. No woman had ever been able to do that to her clit before. She immediately realized that she had been concentrating so single-mindedly on grinding Katrina's helpless pussy lip to a pulp, that she had left her clit completely unprotected. If nothing else, the unbearable pain which radiated up through her womb and into the pit of her stomach was a warning to Rachel that she had locked up with a really nasty bitch ... who knew how to fight with every part of her pussy.

To her enormous relief, Katrina could feel Rachel's pussy lips trembling violently as she shoved her clit up into her body, and the hold which she had on her slackened just enough to allow her to quickly pull her sore, aching left pussy lip out of harm's way. As she looked at the face of the woman who had just inflicted such grievous, excruciating pain to the most sensitive and intimate parts of her womanhood, a flash of violent anger suddenly came over Katrina's beautiful face.

As Rachel sat there frozen in shock and pain, Katrina reached out and grabbed her by her sexy, bare shoulders. You could see Katrina's powerful ass muscles bulging sensuously, and both women's plump butts rising and falling several inches in their seats, as Katrina forcefully jerked her pelvis up and down, and up and down, over and over again, while simultaneously pushing down on Rachel's shoulders ... wedging their luscious pussies ever more tightly against each other, and jamming Rachel's imprisoned clit deeper and deeper into body.

"You ... ugh ... fucking ... ugh ... whore ... " she grunted, punctuating each word with a vicious thrust of her pelvis, " ... I'm going to push your puny clit so far into your guts that its gonna squirt out of your belly-button."

You could hear Rachel's deep, involuntary, rhythmic grunts coming straight from the pit of her stomach; ... ugh ... ugh ... ugh ... as her luscious ass bounced up and down in her seat, and her swollen clit was jolted further and further into her womb. Her clit was so tightly compressed inside of her that it felt like it was going to burst, and all of her insides quaked with squeezing, cramping agony. Racked with mind numbing pain, Rachel began to lose her balance, and she blindly reached out and held herself up with handfuls of Katrina's long, reddish-brown hair. Her entire body shuddered so violently that the two interlocked women tumbled sideways out of their chairs and onto the floor, disengaging their warring pussies from one another.

Lying on her side momentarily stunned, Rachel suddenly felt Katrina's ankles clamping down tightly around her own ... and before she even knew what hit her ... she was forcibly rolled her over onto her back ... as Katrina swung her long, shapely, copper-brown legs straight up into the air over her pelvis ... dragging Rachel's muscular golden-bronze limbs right up there along with them.

In a flash ... the two gorgeous women were lying flat on their backs directly opposite each other ... with their nasty 5 inch spike heeled shoes sticking straight up in the air between them ... and the entire length of the backs of their smooth, shapely, glossy bare legs ... from the sexy little creases just above their heels ... all the way down to the incredibly deep channels at the plump bottoms of their ass cheeks ... completely exposed to one another ... and resting flush against each other.

It was every leg-man's wet dream ... two pairs of the hottest, sexiest, shapeliest legs that you could ever imagine ... one pair a deep, dark copper brown ... the other pair a rich, creamy golden bronze ... both equally thick and curvy and meaty ... sticking straight up in the air right alongside each other ... and perfectly lined up with each other ... back to back ... so that you could see all of their incredible dips and curves and bulges ... from the deep arches behind their thick, chunky ankles ... to their swollen, jutting calves ... to the sexy hollows and creases at the backs of their knees ... all the way up through their big, solid, beefy thighs ... coming together ... and then running away from each other ... and then curving back into each other again ... at all of the same places ... like they were being held up to a mirror. Even this way ... even lined up right next each other ... even resting right on top of each other back to back ... it was impossible to tell which pair of legs were stronger, and shapelier, and sexier.

That ... was the question that Katrina was determined to settle once and for all ... and you could tell from the look of dread on Rachel's face that she was fully aware of the vulnerable position that her opponent had put her in. The tender and sensitive backs of her legs were completely open and exposed ... and it was too late for her to do anything about it but grit her teeth ... and brace herself for what was coming.

Katrina's powerful leg muscles bulged sensuously as she immediately pressed her shapely, glossy calves straight into the very same part of Rachel's legs ... and started viciously stroking them up and down and up and down ... over and over again. "I've just been dying for the chance to get hold of your skinny little legs with mine ... " she spat as smooth, creamy, naked flesh glided sensuously over smooth, creamy, naked flesh, " ... my legs are gonna peel the skin right off of yours!"

As Katrina mashed her thick, meaty calves directly against her opponent's equally brawny and curvaceous limbs, sexy female part assaulted sexy female part ... and you could see Rachel's calves visibly quivering from the contact ... and streaks of red appearing everywhere that Katrina's skin touched her's ... as if it had been scraped by sandpaper. In nature ... every sexy part of a woman's body is organically hostile and naturally toxic to it's sexy counterpart in the body of another woman ... and once coming into direct physical contact with it ... will immediately set out to annihilate it.

"Owwww ... you fucking cunt ... " Rachel groaned as she instinctively rubbed and scraped her aching calves right back against the limbs which were attacking them. "You don't know how long I've been waiting for this ... I'm going to sand your fucking legs flat with mine!" You could see Katrina's face contorting in pain as she felt her adversary's dark, moist, golden bronze flesh sticking to her own like hot wax ... stinging it and burning it ... and leaving long red stripes running all the way up and down her sexy copper-brown skin ... as evidence of the contact which had occurred between them.

With their long, darkly tanned, incredibly proportioned legs stretching high up into the air between them, Rachel and Katrina dueled with their calves, violently mashing and stroking and scraping them up and down and back and forth across each other over and over and over again ... rubbing them together to see who's were sexier. Slick, oily golden-bronze flesh slipped and slid and glided over smooth, creamy copper-brown flesh ... and you could actually see their hot, moist skin visibly assaulting each other ... plastering themselves against each other and burning and stinging each other ... even as you could see each woman's flesh visibly recoiling and quivering from the painful contact.

You could tell from the look of urgency and desperation in both women's beautiful eyes ... as well as from the utter malice with which they pressed their calves into each other ... that they were engaged in something far more serious than simple leg wrestling ... something which went way beyond mere flesh and bone and muscle ... something where there was a lot more at stake than maybe some soreness and a few bumps and bruises. These two gorgeous women were locked in an absolutely deadly, high stakes struggle of sexy female part versus sexy female part ... a mystical, feminine struggle in which each woman fully intended to utterly destroy the beauty of the other woman's legs ... by directly exposing them to the beauty of her own ... a struggle in which each woman fully intended to shrink down and flatten the other woman's calves ... by rubbing her own against them.

"You ... uggg .... just make me ... uhhhh ... want to puke ... " Rachel puffed with venom while energetically stroking her legs up and down, " ... prancing around the office showing off your pathetic legs like they're just soooooo fucking hot and sexy. Well look at your sexy legs now, bitch ... all covered with red marks ... they don't look so sexy anymore ... with mine pressing against them."

"Ha! ... look who's talking ... " Katrina spat back, " ... check out those big... uggh ... ugly welts I'm leaving on your legs. Just keep watching ... bitch ... and you'll see what happens. I've shrunk down much better legs than yours ... uggghhh ... with these babies."

Rachel's emerald green eyes blazed with rage. "You really think so, slut? ... well then come on, Miss Hot Legs ... " she challenged, trapping Katrina's calves in a vicious leg lock and violently jerking her calf muscles straight into the muscles of her rival, " ... lets just see how strong and sexy your legs really are. I'm gonna snap your fucking legs in two."

Katrina's thick, heavy flesh quaked in pain ... and you could see her powerful calves flattening out and caving in as she desperately wrapped them around Rachel's and answered her by repeatedly contracting her own muscles head on into the surging muscles of her rival. " Ohhhh ... you fucking whore ... " Katrina moaned, squeezing and pumping with all of her might, " ... I'm gonna make you pay for that! ... you're going to be walking around on bony little pegs by the time I get through with you!!" You could see Katrina's dark, meaty calves visibly inflating with each powerful contraction of her muscles ... and regaining their sexy, curved appearance even as they flattened the enemy limbs which were pressing against them.

With their incredibly proportioned legs entwined high up in the air between them ... you could see the two sexy women lining up the muscles of their calves so that they were laying right on top of each other ... and then struggling to crush each other's muscles directly with their own ... violently pumping and jerking and tightening them straight into each other ... over and over and over again. You could see thick, juicy bronze flesh and moist, meaty copper flesh trembling and writhing and straining against each other, alternately bulging out and sinking in ... flattening the other and then being flattened ... pushing the other back and then being pushed back in turn.

As their long, shapely legs snaked in and out and in and out between each other ... furiously wrapping and squeezing and unwrapping ... only to wrap and squeeze unwrap again ... each woman catching and trapping and squeezing the other's legs harder and faster and tighter ... you could see the them gradually pulling each other closer and closer together ... and involving more and more of the length of their legs ... until the moist, tender insides of their thighs finally made hot, sticky contact for the very first time ... causing both women to shudder in pain ... and sending a long, nasty red streak running down the insides of each of their thighs ... all the way to their knees.

Their plump, luscious asses bumped right up against each other ... and you could see their tight, rounded cheeks sensuously brushing back and forth across each other ... both butts visibly quivering and reddening from the contact. Rachel could feel the full, thick tuft of Katrina's reddish-brown pubic hair tickling the insides of her thighs, and she immediately latched onto it with her powerful pussy lips. "How does this feel, bitch? ... " she growled, painfully yanking Katrina's pubies from side to side, " ... your pussy's gonna be completely bald by the time I get through with it."

"Owww, you fucking slut ... " Katrina cried as she lifted her beautiful head and looked across at Rachel, " ... you're just soooo fucking pathetic ... pulling my hairs with your pussy. That's how little girls fight." Reaching over with both hands, she grabbed her miniskirt, which by now was bundled up all the way around her waist. "Come on, bitch!!! ... " she challenged, as she ripped her skirt from her body, leaving her completely nude from the tops of her shoes all the way up to the bottom of her bulging boobs. " ... lets fight like real women ... lets bite meat again ... if you have the guts!!!"

Rachel immediately reached down with one hand ... and tore the sheer material of her skirt away from her body, so that now both sexy women were nude from the middle of their rib cages all the way down to their sexy, high heeled shoes.

Tilting their beautiful heads to one side so that they could look each other in the eyes, the two beautiful women slowly unwrapped their legs from one another ... and spread them wide open above them in the shape of a "V". As their legs spread open, you could see Rachel's purple-red clit and Katrina's ruby-red clit popping high up over their luscious pussies ... throbbing and pulsing from naked female confrontation ... and looking bigger, and fuller, and firmer than ever before.

Without exchanging a word between them, each woman allowed the other to rest her right heel on the top of her left foot. After all that these two gorgeous women had been through together, if there was one thing that they knew about each other, it was that their opponent didn't need any instructions on how to position her legs ... in order to bring their pussies together to fight.

Looking at each other challengingly in the eyes, they let go simultaneously, letting their interlocking legs slide across each other all the way down to the floor in such a way that each woman had her right leg on top of the other woman's left. As their smooth, shiny legs glided over one another, you could see both women tightening their sexy stomachs in anticipation of the agonizing moment when moist, hot, muscular womanhood meets moist, hot, muscular womanhood.

In the instant before their full pussies came together, you could catch a fleeting glimpse of Rachel's gummy, marble-sized, purple-red clit pasting itself against Katrina's plump, sticky, ruby-red clit ... their thin, mucous walls adhering to each other like the backs of postage stamps. When their heels crashed to the floor, the room was filled with their deep, incredibly erotic groans of female sexual anguish ... as both women felt their swollen clits painfully compressing each other within the limited confines of their bulging thighs ... jammed together in a space ... which wasn't nearly big enough ... to hold the both of them.

Lying flat on their backs, with their sexy shoes up around each other's shoulders, and with their shapely limbs interlocked so that each woman had her right leg over her opponent's left, the two women's succulent pussies were exactly level with each other, and the entire length of their womanhood met each other face to face, so that every inch of Rachel's pussy was fully exposed to, and accessible to, every inch of Katrina's pussy.

You could see their muscular ass-cheeks bulging and tightening and their sexy hips swiveling back and forth as the two gorgeous women shimmied into each other along the thick, white shag carpeting, pressing their burning crotches as close to each other as possible, mashing their clits even more tightly together, and then locking them in place with their powerful thighs.

As they felt the muscular thighs of their adversary clamping down tightly on their own, each woman suddenly realized that the most tender and sensitive part of her womanhood was now irreversibly trapped right up against the powerful womanhood of a vicious enemy female, and that the two warring pussies were inextricably locked together in mortal combat within the hot, tight space between their thighs. A chill ran down each woman's spine as she realized that it was now utterly impossible for her to free her pussy from the clutches the other. Neither woman intended to let the other pull her pussy away from her own, until she had thoroughly and completely ripped it to shreds.

"Ooooohhhhh ... " Rachel groaned, as she felt Katrina's powerful pussy-lips biting deeply into her own. "What's the matter, bitch ... " Katrina sneered, tilting her head to one side to look at Rachel, " ... you don't like it when the pussy that you're biting can bite yours back, do you? You caught me by surprise before, and now I'm gonna make you pay for it by chewing your pussy to pieces."

Tilting her head to look Katrina in the eyes, Rachel watched her beautiful face contort in pain as she clamped down on the labia which was wedged between her own. "That's OK cunt ... " she spat, " ... go ahead and bite me, because every time you do, you have to give my pussy something to chew on too. Now you'll find out that my meat is a lot tougher than yours, and that I can bite a lot harder, too."

"Ooowwww ... " Katrina moaned, as she constricted her labia as tightly as she could around the lip that was between them. " ... I'll show you whose meat is tougher ... when I'm through with you, your pussy will look like hamburger."

You could see the strain in both women's faces, and all of the sexy muscles of their thighs and asses flexing and bulging, as each woman bore down with everything that she had on the pussy lip which was trapped between her own. The tiny muscles of their thick, juicy labia contracted directly against each other and struggled to crush each other, even as the moist, steamy, insides of their lips scalded each other from the contact alone.

Both women looked down through the dense bush of interlocking pubic hair to see what was happening between the two sexy pairs of warring pussy lips. With the muscles of their lips fully clenched and biting into each other equally, neither woman was able to crush and flatten the labia which was between her own, and inflict the kind of pain and damage that Rachel had succeeded in doing during her surprise attack. As they watched their full, thick lips bulging and straining against each other, each woman realized that she was now locked in a war of attrition, and that she would first have to wear down her rival's labia ... gradually weakening them by repeatedly biting and squeezing and grinding them between her own ... before she could finally crush them ... once and for all.

Maintaining her grip on Rachel's labia, Katrina tightened the muscles of her swollen, erect clitoris. "How does this feel, whore ... " she grunted, as she forcefully thrust it outward against the throbbing clit which was tightly compressed on top of it. "I know that you got a weak clit, because I had it pushed all the way up into your ovaries before you jumped out of your chair to get away. Now that I got you down here on the floor, there's no place for you to run. My clit needs room to breath, which means your clit has to go."

"Oh no you don't, slut ... " Rachel yelled as she quickly stiffened her clit and pushed it back against Katrina's, " ... you just got lucky the last time, but now I'm ready for you. My clit can out-push yours any day."

Buried deep inside the thick, dark, multi-colored tangle of rival pubic hair, Rachel's purple-red clit and Katrina's ruby-red clit trembled and jerked violently as they strained against each other, each struggling to push the other back into the enemy female body from which it came. Even as they kept their muscular pussy lips tightly locked together, the two gorgeous women viciously jabbed their swollen, throbbing clits into each other, and you could see the two luscious clits moving in unison, first in the direction of one woman, and then the other, before coming to a standstill an equal distance between them.

Rachel saw the look of frustration in Katrina's eyes, and smiled at her mockingly. Enraged, you could see Katrina's hard, flat, sexy stomach sucking in and puffing out furiously as she viciously pumped her clit right into Rachel's over and over again with all of her might, resolutely striving to drive it up into her body as she had done before. With their luscious loins fused together as one, Rachel could feel Katrina's ass muscles bulging, and her thighs tightening around her own, in the instant before each of her clit surges, signaling her that it was coming. With each signal, Rachel surged her own powerful clit directly into Katrina's, timing it so that they swelled outward and mashed into each other simultaneously. Thin, sticky ruby-red flesh bulged sensuously against moist, tender purple-red flesh with equal force, so that neither clit was able to push the other back.

"Go ahead, cunt ... " Rachel taunted, contracting the muscles of her clit and surging it against Katrina's in order to mock her, " ... go ahead and show me how you're a better woman than I am ... try and push me in now."

Rachel suddenly noticed that Katrina had lifted both of her arms off of the thick, white carpeting, and she raised her head up to see what she was up to. She watched in bewilderment as Katrina quickly undid the knot in the front of her shirt. "Don't be so proud of yourself yet ... " Katrina said as the material of her shirt fell loosely to her sides, and her big, round, naked breasts and long, thick, reddish-brown nipples jutted straight up in the air above her, " ... I'm still going to show you that I am much more of a woman than you are, and my clit is still going to push yours all the way in." Rachel was immediately impressed by the fact that, even lying flat on her back, Katrina's tits didn't fall down into her armpits like most women's do, but barely drooped at all as they stood high up on her chest.

Katrina quickly licked the fingers of both hands and began sensuously stroking both of her nipples simultaneously with her long, red nails and her wet, slippery fingertips. While Rachel watched in awe, Katrina's nipples immediately responded to the stimulation, throbbing and hardening and growing out right before her eyes.

"Ooohhh, yeah ... " Katrina moaned erotically, " ... that feels so fucking good! You see how hot and sexy my nipples are? ... you see them getting bigger and bigger? ... well guess what, bitch ... it isn't just my nips that are getting excited."

Even as she was speaking, Rachel could feel Katrina's clit heating up and swelling, painfully compressing her own as it expanded against it. "Can you feel that, cunt ... " Katrina groaned with delight as she sensuously ran her fingertips around and around her throbbing nipples, " ... can you feel my clit filling up and getting bigger, growing right against yours?" A bolt of fear raced through Rachel's pounding heart as she realized that the enemy clit which was even then locked tightly against her own had suddenly become bigger and harder than her's was.

Katrina lifted her head and looked at Rachel's panic-stricken face. "Now you're scared to death, aren't you, bitch. Well you should be. And you call yourself a woman. You don't even know the meaning of the word sex. I'll bet you didn't even know that there's a direct pipeline between the nips and the clit. Here ... let me demonstrate." Katrina tweaked her nipples between her fingertips, and watched with delight as Rachel immediately shuddered in pain, as Katrina's powerful clit spontaneously surged outward into Rachel's, mashing into it and pushing it ever so slightly in towards her body.

"Now ... " Katrina said with pure malice in her voice, " ... I'm gonna shove your limp little clit all the way up your fallopian tubes."

Jamming her burning crotch as tightly as possible against Rachel's, Katrina proceeded to tweak her long, sexy reddish-brown nipples while simultaneously pumping the tiny bundle of muscles around her clit, surging it with incredible force straight into the enemy clit which was plastered against it. You could hear a loud bump as the back of Rachel's head slammed into the thick shag carpeting, and she screamed at the top of her lungs. Rachel's entire body convulsed in pain as she felt the base of her clit painfully sinking back into her body, even as she felt the thin membrane which encased it flattening out and bulging at the sides, spreading all around the now bigger, stronger, harder clit of her mortal enemy.

Moaning deeply with sexual pleasure, Katrina was overwhelmed by the erotic sensations which saturated every inch of her swollen, sentient clit. She raised her head up proudly and called out to Rachel. "You see, bitch ... " she gloated, " ... I told you. I'm doing it to you again. How many times does my clit have to push yours in ... before you finally admit that I'm a better woman than you are?"

Pressing her advantage, Katrina rhythmically tweaked her nipples over and over again, sending spurts of sexual energy shooting straight through her sexy body and exploding out through her surging clit. "Ooooohhhh ... it feels soooo fucking good .. " she groaned. " ... you feel my clit out-fucking yours? Here bitch ... how does that feel ... and that ... and that!!! I'm gonna laugh right in your face when your pussy goes completely limp, and my pussy cums all over it." With each surge of her clit, Katrina could feel the painful grip which Rachel had on her labia gradually slackening, allowing the feeling of pleasure to become even more pronounced.

You could see Rachel's luscious thighs bulging and trembling as she squeezed them against Katrina's, bracing her clit with all of her might to prevent it from moving backwards. Despite all of her efforts, Rachel could feel the base of her clit sinking deeper and deeper inside of her with each powerful surge, and she knew that, with a couple of more surges, she would once again be forced to suffer the humiliation of having her clit pushed completely inside of her body ... by the clit of another woman. Rachel's beautiful head rolled back and forth on the thick, white carpeting as she shook it in utter dismay and disbelief. The first time ... she thought to herself ... she had been taken by surprise; but this time ... this time the fucking bitch was doing it right in her face, and laughing at her as she did it! There was just no way that she was going to allow that whore to have the satisfaction of cumming all over her pussy!! There was just no way that she was going to let that whore prove that she knows how to fuck better than she does!!!

You could see Rachel's long, red nails moving through her dense, dark-brown pubic hair as she wet the fingertips of both hands with her thick, syrupy female essence. With a circular motion, she sensuously stroked her lower abdomen, and then ran her slippery fingers through her belly-button and up along the incredibly deep groove in the middle of her stomach, all the way to the bottom of her breasts. Crossing her arms, she pulled her tube-top over her head, and her incredibly firm, full, naked breasts towered majestically in the air above her.

Katrina instinctively lifted her head to check out the naked tits of her enemy, and she was surprised by the fact that they not only looked just as big as her own, but they seemed to be just as firm, sitting up proudly on her chest and hardly sagging to the sides at all. She did, however, notice one important difference, and she immediately seized upon it and threw it right into her rival's face.

"Hah, Hah ... look at how stubby and shriveled your nipples are ... " she crowed as she once again surged her clit into Rachel's, " ... I'll bet you that right about now, your puny little clit looks exactly the same way."

"Uuuuhhhh ... that's OK bitch ... " Rachel groaned, as she quickly began running her moist, slick fingers around and around her areola and then stroking them up along her nipples to their tips, " ... because they're not going to stay that way for very long." "It's way too late for that now, you pathetic slut ... " Katrina sneered, sending yet another powerful surge straight into Rachel's clit, " ... my clit has got yours buried all the way up to the neck, and with one or two more pushes, you can kiss it bye bye."

You could see the concentration in Rachel's beautiful face as she closed her eyes and urgently worked on both nipples at once; rapidly stroking her bunched up fingers up and down and up and down along their entire length, from base to tip, and gently pulling up on them as if milking them. Her thick, red lips puffed out sensuously, and a wide, erotic smile came over her face as she suddenly felt her sexy brown nipples rising to the occasion, and pushing out against her fingertips. In moments, Rachel felt an incredible stream of heat traveling down from her heaving breasts, through the pit of her flat, hard stomach, and flooding her throbbing crotch.

Rachel could feel her sexy, purple-red clit seething and throbbing, and becoming so pumped up with sexual energy that it felt like it was going to explode. She could feel her clit pushing powerfully into Katrina's as it ballooned out against it, and she knew from the pained grimace which came over her adversary's face that it was hurting her as it did so. Within seconds, Rachel's clit was no longer flattening out and bulging at the sides, but was just as big and plump and round as the clit which was mashing against it.

"Oooooooo ... yeah, baby ... " Rachel gushed, trapping her fully erect, throbbing dark brown nipples between her fingers like cigarettes, " ... you think that you're so sexy ... well check out how hot and sexy I am. Just look at how big and hard my nipples are. And I know that you can feel how big and strong my clit is."

"It doesn't matter ... ugh ... how big it is ... " Katrina spat, tweaking her nipples and surging her clit into Rachel's, " ... because I still got it buried half way inside of you. It'll just be a bigger pill for your body to swallow."

This time, Rachel was ready for her, and she squeezed her fingers together into her nipples like scissors, causing her clit to jerk violently outward and meet Katrina's surge head on. "You see that ... uggghhh ... you whore ... " Rachel yelled, " ... you can't push my clit in any more." "And did you see that ... ooowww ... you slut ... " Katrina answered, " ... you can't get your clit back out of your pussy, either."

Rachel simply could not stand the idea that her rival's womanhood was proudly out there, fully extended in front of her pussy, while at the same time keeping her own shamefully buried half way into her body. Aside from the fact that it was totally humiliating, it was hurting her. The muscles of her clit were being painfully stretched backwards, and she knew that if she allowed it to continue for much longer, they would weaken much more rapidly than Katrina's. Katrina also fully understood the ramifications of the advantage that she had, and she was not about to allow Rachel to get her clit out of the hole which she had dug for it.

As if on cue, the two sexy women rested the backs of their heads against the thick, white shag carpet. Staring straight up at the ceiling, they simultaneously started stroking and squeezing and tweaking their nipples, over and over again, while at the same time rhythmically contracting and relaxing their clit muscles, violently pumping their engorged clits directly into each other; one woman viciously striving to drive her rival's half-buried clit all the way inside of her body, the other desperately struggling to free it from its painful confinement.

After several minutes of furious activity, it became clear to both women that, despite all of their efforts, neither one of them was able to move the other's clit backwards even in the least. While Katrina was quite happy with
the status quo, to Rachel, it was absolutely intolerable.

Lifting her head up in utter frustration, Rachel grabbed one of her full, firm, shapely tits with both hands and pulled it towards her mouth. As Katrina watched in shock, Rachel lewdly ran her tongue around and around her nipple and then licked it upward from base to tip like an ice cream cone. As the wet, warm, raspy texture of her tongue caressed the entire length of her own sexy, dark brown nipple, a wave of intense pleasure radiated into her clit, and she could feel it responding to the stimulation by rebelling against the tormentor which was inflicting pain upon it; powerfully heaving and lurching into Katrina's clit as it struggled to liberate itself from the bondage to which it was being subjected.

As she watched Katrina's voluptuous torso snaking and writhing across the carpeting in utter agony, Rachel pulled her other breast up to her mouth, wrapped her luscious red lips around her nipple, and began sensuously sucking on it, briskly stroking her tongue up and down its entire length as she gently tugged upwards on it with her lips, as if to drink her own milk. Out of the corners of her eyes, she could see Katrina's legs violently jerking in and out around the sides of her head, even as she felt her clit exploding with pleasure and rising up out of her body, driving the enemy clit which was restraining it violently backwards. Within seconds, Rachel had achieved complete relief from the enormous pain and pressure which she had been enduring in the base of her clit, and she could feel it proudly jutting and throbbing in all of its glory out in front of her luscious pussy.

Exhausted, her shimmering, sweat-soaked breasts heaving powerfully on top of her with each heavy breath, Rachel let her head fall back down to the carpeting. You could see from the contented look on her beautiful face that she was absolutely overjoyed to once again feel her womanhood facing off against Katrina's on equal terms, proudly standing fully extended and erect as it bravely resisted the pressure being applied to it by its mortal enemy. Although she could still feel Katrina's tight grip on her pussy-lip, which she was reciprocating, she could hear her panting, and could see her swollen tits rising and falling vigorously on her chest, and she knew that she was just as worn-out as she was. She took a deep breath, and immediately started collecting her strength for what was to come.

The last little sliver of sun had just disappeared behind the mountains in the distance and you could see all of these different colored lights coming on all throughout the jumbled clump of high rises that made up the Downtown Business District, lighting up all of the buildings that were towering all around you like a bunch of gigantic Christmas trees.

It was "get-away time" and you could see lines of people streaming down out of their sky scrapers and darkening the sidewalks like ants ... and rivers and rivers of bright red brake lights stretching out for miles and miles in every direction. The air was filled with the sound of elevator chimes and doors sliding open and herds of footsteps tramping down hallways and the chaotic murmur of people chatting and shrill horns blaring in the snarled traffic down below.

No one knew the incredible drama that was unfolding in the corner office high up on the 51st floor. No one knew that just down the hall from them or just behind those big, wide open, curtain less glass windows that were high up over their heads a desperate, life and death struggle was taking place between two incredibly beautiful young women.

There wasn't a guy in the building that didn't know who Rachel and Katrina were at least from a distance. They were both the kind of girls who could actually make a guy look forward to going to his dull, dreary office job every day because there was always the chance that he might see one of them walking down the hallway in their skimpy, sexy little outfits or getting on the elevator with him and filling up that little space with their sexy perfume ... or sitting in the outside cafe down on the ground floor ... with their long, shapely, glossy legs crossed and sticking straight out in front of them.

Everybody knew Rachel and Katrina ... they were two of the hottest, sexiest girls in the whole entire building ... the kind of girls who could make a guy's heart stop from a mile away, the kind of girls who could give a guy the biggest thrill of his life just by getting up close to him, the kind of girls that all of those guys would take home with them at night in their minds and picture while they were jacking off.

Just imagine what all of those guys would have thought if they could have seen what was happening in that corner office high up on the 51st floor... if they could have seen the two hottest, sexiest girls in the whole, entire building getting together ... all by themselves ... and taking all of their clothes off, right in front of each other ... just the two of them ... all alone ... so that they were both completely naked together ... in the very same room ... at the very same time.

Just imagine what all of those guys would have thought if they could have seen what those two girls ... those two hottest, sexiest girls ... in the whole, entire building ... were doing to each other's bodies while they were both completely naked and all alone together.

It had been building up for weeks and weeks and weeks ... and now ... finally ... it had happened ... now ... finally ... Rachel and Katrina had each other exactly where they wanted ... right between their legs ... right down there ... on the floor.

It was a scene that would have made any one of those guys cum right in his pants just from looking at it. The two hottest, sexiest girls in the whole entire building lying flat on their backs, completely in the nude, trapped between each other's legs in a state of mutual exhaustion ... and struggling to catch their breaths ... their long, thick, lustrous honey-brown and reddish-brown hair strewn across the pure white carpet at opposite ends of each other...their big, round, heavy breasts rising high up on their chests like two giant mountain peaks, so that you could see their bulging, milky white undersides, and that deep, dark, sexy crease that they have at the very bottom ... facing each other ... separated from each other by nothing more than the length of their own bodies ... their long, thick, rigid nipples ... pointing straight up at the ceiling together ... their powerful rib cages jutting high up into the air ... and stretched all the way out so that you could see all of these tiny little speed bumps running all the way down ... all along the sides of their stomachs...their tight, narrow waists ... tapering right into each other ... so that you could see those incredibly deep grooves ... that each of them had in the middle of their flat, hard, rippled stomachs ... running straight down towards each other ... and lining right up against each other ... and their sexy little belly buttons ... rising and falling and rising and falling together with every breath ... only inches apart ... their hard, muscular, cylindrical thighs ... those hot, dark, moist, thighs that all of the guys would always watch ... disappearing right up under their sexy little mini-skirts ... without their insides so much as brushing up against each other ... wrapped right around each other ... one over ... and one under ... the other ... and locked tightly around each other's big, shapely hips ... their long, tanned, shapely legs ... those hot, sexy legs that all of the guys were always staring at ... stretching straight out towards each other's heads ... with their sexy feet ... and their sexy painted toenails ... and their sexy high heeled shoes ... resting right up around each other's shoulders.

Their thick, wet, glistening mats of honey-brown and reddish-brown pubic hair ... meeting each other head on ... crunching right into each other and mixing all together ... so that you could see all of these foreign strands of hair ... all inside of each other's bush ... all of these honey-brown and reddish-brown strands ... all intertwined right in between each other.

Buried deep inside of all that hair ... was the sexiest sight of all ... and if you looked really, really hard ... you could see it ... you could see it ... with your own two eyes.

You could see Rachel's big, round, marble-sized purple-red clit and Katrina's tight, plump, equally large ruby-red clit popping all the way out from their little protective hoods ... all sticky and throbbing and swollen up with blood ... jutting straight out towards each other ... and bulging all the way up against each other ... the thin, sensitive purple-red and ruby-red tissue that covered them ... pressing right against each other ... and spreading out together in all directions ... running all up and down right alongside of each other ... and melting into each other ... like hot wax.

Just below that ... you could see Rachel's long, thick, muscular, dark-pink inner pussy-lips ... and Katrina's equally large, equally brawny, brownish-pink inner lips ... both dripping with their thick, slippery female honey ... reaching all the way out beyond their outer lips ... and going right in between each other ... wrapping right around each other ... so that the raw, peeled, scorching hot flesh ... on the insides of their pussy-lips ... were plastered flush up against each other ... all up and down the entire length of their pussies ... from the bottom of their clits ... all the way down ... to the joint at the very base.

Can you just imagine ... what that feels like? Can you imagine what it would feel like ... to be a woman ... and to have another woman ... a woman who is your enemy ... a woman who wants to hurt you ... touching you ... in the most sensitive and delicate parts of your body ... the parts of your body ... that were designed by nature ... to give pleasure to a man ... to have her touching you there ... not with her hands ... but with those very same parts ... of her own body ... with the most sensitive and delicate parts of her body ... the parts of her body ... that were designed to give pleasure to a man?

Can you imagine what it would feel like ... to be a woman ... and to have the most private and special parts of you ... the parts of you ... that mean the most to you ... the very parts of you ... that make you a woman ... to have those parts of you ... open and exposed and vulnerable ... to a rival female ... to those very same special parts ... of that rival female?

Can you imagine what it feels like ... to have your hot, wet, tender, slippery lips ... feeling the hot, wet, tender, slippery lips ... of another woman ... to have your lips ... feeling her lips ... and to have her lips ... feeling your lips ... at the very same time? Can you imagine what it feels like ... to have your big, round swollen clit ... feeling the big, round swollen clit of another woman ... to have your clit ... feeling her clit ... and to have her clit ... feeling your clit ... at the very same time?

Do you know what those things ... that were designed to give pleasure to a man ... do to each other ... when they come together? Do you have any idea ... how much they hurt each other?

You could see how incredibly turned on Rachel and Katrina were ... just by looking at them ... the two of them lying there ... huffing and puffing and panting between each other's legs ... their hair all wild and messy ... their faces all flushed with color ... their voluptuous nude bodies glistening with sweat ... all aroused and excited and engorged from touching each other's special, private parts ... with their very own special, private parts ... you could see how incredibly turned on they were ... but you wouldn't have mistaken them ... for a couple of lesbians who were in the act ... not even for a second.

You could see how much they were hurting each other ... you could see how much they were hurting each other's special, private parts ... you could see how tense ... and stiff ... and rigid ... their bodies were ... you could see all of their lean, hard, sexy muscles ... straining and popping right out under their smooth, creamy skin ... you could see all of the incredible stress ... and tension ... and pressure they were under.

You could see how much they were hurting each other ... you could see how much they were hurting each other's special, private parts ... from the looks on their beautiful faces ... you could see the incredible look of alarm ... and urgency ... and desperation ... and pain ... in those two ... absolutely gorgeous faces ... and it was the sexiest thing ... that you have ever seen ... in your entire life.

The two hottest, sexiest girls ... in the whole entire, building ... stripped down to their natural condition ... and locked together in savage combat ... like two ferocious jungle animals ... fighting each other ... with their most sensitive and delicate parts ... their incredibly hard, shapely, voluptuous nude bodies ... trapped in each other's deadly embrace ... their big, beautiful emerald-green and hazel eyes ... all wide and round and moist from pain ... blazing with all of this incredible rage and fury and hatred ... their cute little nostrils on their cute little turned up noses ... flaring outward in anger ... their thick, luscious red lips ... curled into the nastiest, most ferocious sneers ... that you had ever seen ... in your entire life.

You could see the evil looks in both of their eyes ... as they clutched each other's hips tightly between their thighs ... and held each other firmly in place ... while the rested ... and caught their breath ... and regained their strength ... and you could tell how deadly serious it really was. You could see that the two hottest, sexiest girls ... in the whole entire building ... had become locked in a struggle ... which was really, really vicious ... and really, really personal ... and really, really bitter ... and that neither one of them... was going to let the other one go ... until one of those hot, sexy girls ... had ripped the other hot, sexy girl's ... most sensitive and delicate parts ... completely to shreds ... directly with her own ... most sensitive and delicate parts.

As you watched the big, gleaming beads of sweat ... forming all around Rachel's moist, dark brown areola ... and trickling all the way down the insides of her breasts ... into the deep, dark, glistening chasm between them ... you could see the look of shock in her emerald-green eyes ... and you knew ... that she was feeling more pain ... than she had ever felt ... in her entire life.

"Owwwwwwwwfuuuucccckkkk ... " she moaned ... in her own head, where only she could hear it, " ... I can't ... fucking ... believe it." She just couldn't believe ... how big and hot her clit had gotten.

She could feel it ... pumped up between her legs like some kind of big rubber ball ... bigger and hotter ... than she can ever remember it being ... bigger and hotter ... than any guy had ever been able to make it ... even those guys ... who really knew how to use their tongues ... who knew how to stick the very ... very ... tip ... of their tongue ... all the way down into that tiny little crease at the very base of her clit ... and then run it around and around and around in quick little circles ... bigger and hotter even ... than she had ever been able to make it ... herself ... and nobody knew how to do her ... as good as she knew how to do herself.

It was so big and hot ... that it was frightening ... she could feel it ... swelling up and painfully stretching the raw, thin, sensitive, purple-red flesh that surrounded it ... to the point where she was afraid that it was going to split right open ... and she could actually feel the heat ... radiating against the insides of her thighs. It was so big ... and so hot ... that it would have been hurting her ... even if she didn't have that bitch's big, hot, nasty clit ... mashing right up against it.

But then ... that was why Rachel was so special ... that was the thing that made her ... the big, strong girl that she was ... her clit ... always knew when to come to her rescue. Whatever she was doing ... whatever happened to be going on inside of her at any particular moment ... she could always feel her clit ... getting right into it ... right along with her ... heating up and growing ... whenever she got angry or excited or turned on ... and then sort of shrinking back down ... and cooling off ... whenever she was relaxed.

The bigger the emergency ... the bigger her clit always got ... and THIS ... just had to be ... the biggest fucking emergency ... of her whole entire life.

She could feel the bitch's big, hot, sticky clit ... bulging right up against her own ... she could feel how big and hard and hot it was ... I mean ... her own clit had gotten so incredibly big and full ... that it would have just squashed the clits of 99 percent of the women out there ... but not that sucker ... it was every bit as big ... and as hard ... and as hot ... if not even a little bit bigger and harder and hotter ... than hers was. And she just couldn't get over ... how much it was hurting her clit ... to have that big, hot, sticky thing ... touching it ... I mean ... it was like the fucking thing was radioactive or something.

Rachel knew ... that no matter how big and hard a woman's clit looked ... and no matter how thick and full her lips were ... there was really only one way to know for sure ... just how strong the girl really was ... and that was by seeing how badly the girl could hurt her ... when she touched them ... against her own ... and at the very same time ... seeing much pain she could give the girl ... when she touched them back. Rachel knew ... just from the way that Katrina was hurting her ... that she just had to be ... the strongest woman ... that she had ever met.

You could see ... just the tiniest little hint of a smile forming on Rachel's thick, red lips ... when she thought about the jam that she had gotten herself into ... she was just ... too ... too ... cocky for her own good ... just a little bit too sure of herself ... and this time ... that little temper of hers ... had finally gotten her ... into some real trouble.

It wasn't supposed to be this way at all ... it was all going to be so quick and easy ... she was just going to teach some stupid little bitch ... a quick little lesson ... about what it meant to mess around with her man. I mean ... it's not like she hadn't done it before ... get a good, hard grip on her pussy lip ... yank it back and forth a couple of times ... and in no time flat ... she would have her screaming and crying and begging for mercy ... and so scared out of her mind ... that she would never even dream ... of looking at a man of hers again.

Now look where she was ... lying on the floor in the boss' office ... butt naked ... and locked in the fight of her life ... with the meanest, nastiest, most powerful bitch ... that she had ever seen.

She always knew that sooner or later ... something like this was bound to happen ... sooner or later ... she was going to run into some really, really nasty bitch ... who had what it took down there ... to really give her a run for her money ... and then she would really find out ... exactly what she was made of. Well ... it was finally happening ... and THIS ... was the bitch.

And just like always ... there was her clit ... coming right to her rescue ... pumped up bigger and harder and hotter ... than she had ever even imagined that it could possibly get ... and squaring off against the hottest, nastiest clit ... that she had ever seen. She was just so incredibly proud of her clit ... it had never let her down ... not even one single time ... and there it was again ... doing things that she didn't even know that it could do ... I mean ... it was like ... even after all of these years ... she still really didn't know ... how strong her body truly was.

Still ... you could see the look of concern in her beautiful face ... and you knew that she was really, really worried. Yeah ... her clit had gotten up there ... but she wasn't all that sure ... that she could keep it up there for very long ... not with all of the incredible pain that that bitch was inflicting on it ... just by touching it with her own. And if there was one thing in the whole wide world ... that she was absolutely sure of ... it was that if her clit started to shrink ... even just one tiny little bit ... she was dead meat.

You could see her ... closing her eyes and focusing her mind ... all inside of her clit ... trying to keep it from shrinking ... despite all of the pain ... trying to convince it to stay up ... encouraging it ... talking to it in her head ... like it was her little pet ... the way that she does sometimes ... when she's making love to herself ... " ... that's it ... my big, strong, sexy little girl ... don't you let that big, fat, ugly bully push you around ... you just stay right up there ... ‘cause you know that you're hurting her ... much, much more ... than she's hurting you ... and that she's not gonna be able to take it ... for very much longer ... so you just hang in there ... and before you even know it ... you're gonna feel her ... starting to shrink down ... and then you can squash her ... and shove her right back into her stinking body ... right where she belongs."

Rachel could feel her heart ... jumping right up into her throat ... when she suddenly felt Katrina ... lifting herself up onto her elbows. "Ohhh FUCK ... here she comes ... " she blurted out in her own head. She was sure that she was getting ready to attack her ... and you could see her entire body stiffening up as she braced herself for it ... and this momentary look of panic coming over her face ... because she didn't know whether it was her clit ... or her lips ... that she was going after first.

You could see the incredible relief in Rachel's beautiful face ... when instead of attacking her ... she saw Katrina lifting her eyes up over those big, round cooper-brown tits of hers ... and peering down at her body ... just kinda checking her out ... from head to toe.

"Like what you see? ... " Rachel puffed.

"Oh ... it's OK ... but I've seen a lot better ... " Katrina puffed back.

In fact ... she way lying ... she had never seen anything ... quite like that before.

She thought that she had sized-up Rachel pretty good ... I mean ... she must have secretly checked her out a million times when they were around the office together ... but even with everything that she saw ... she had never expected her ... to have what it takes ... to put up this kind of fight.

She thought that she was nothing more ... than just a little party girl ... she had heard all of the stories about drinking and smoking and carousing until three and four in the morning ... practically every single night of the week. She knew that that she was built really well ... that Mother Nature ... had been really kind to her ... she knew it ... from all the parts of her that she was always showing off ... she knew that she had good, strong legs ... and a flat, hard stomach ... and that she didn't have an ounce of flab on her ... but she never ... ever ... expected her ... to be in this kind of shape.

You could see where Katrina's eyes were focusing ... she was looking at the parts of her ... that were always covered up ... the secret little parts of her ... that she had never had the chance to see before ... that little section of her body ... between her belly-button ... and the tops of her thighs ... and you could tell from the look in her eyes ... that she was really, really impressed.

She was absolutely amazed at how tight and hard and chiseled she was down there ... how she could see all of these incredible little dimples and humps and craters and mounds ... all of these well defined little muscles ... muscles that most girls ... don't even know that they have.

She could see all of those special little muscles ... that a woman can learn to use ... to make her pussy really move for her ... she could see those two big, round, hard lumps that she had on the insides of her thighs ... all the way up at the joint where her legs meet her torso ... and those two incredibly deep cavities ... right above and below it ... she could see those two long, rounded muscles ... which were tightly wrapped around each of her pelvic bones ... and traveled at an angle from opposite directions straight down into the sides of her pussy ... looking like two half-buried pipes ... and she could see all of those tiny little ridges and ripples ... that started up around her belly button ... and spread all the way down into her pubic hair.

Katrina was a girl ... who knew a thing or two about what it meant for a woman to be in shape. A lot of her time in college ... had been spent in the lady's gym ... and if you've never been inside of a woman's gym before ... then you have absolutely no idea ... what a scary and dangerous place that can be for a girl.

I mean ... there you are ... all by yourself in this closed, steamy, humid locker room ... getting naked in front of all of these other girls ... and not just any old girls ... but athletes ... big, strong, healthy girls ... all of them checking you out ... looking at you ... down there ... to see what kind of woman you are ... to see how strong you are ... down there ... and then kinda snickering at you ... and acting all superior ... if they see that you're kinda soft and flabby. It can be a really, really humiliating experience.

But Katrina had never been humiliated ... not even one single time. You see ... in addition to the usual exercises that all of the girls did ... in order to keep their bodies in top condition ... she had her very own secret little exercise routine ... for all of those sexy little muscles that she had down there ... and she did them ... every chance that she got ... when she was driving ... whenever she had to stop for a red light ... sitting in class ... listening to all of these really boring professors going on and on and on ... when she was all alone ... soaping herself down in the shower.

When Katrina was in the locker room ... and she pulled her panties down ... you could just see how incredibly proud of herself she was ... the way that she never stood facing her locker ... but always turned her body outward ... so that anybody who wanted to ... could see it ... the way that she never rushed ... but just stood there ... naked ... for the longest time ... the way that she proudly walked to the shower ... with her towel draped over her shoulder ... instead of covering up her body ... the way that she always turned her back to the showerhead ... with her body facing outward towards all of the other girls who were there ... as the water ran through her long, thick, reddish brown hair ... and cascaded down her back and over her tight, bulbous ass.

But you know how girls are ... they're never satisfied ... if you're soft and flabby down there ... they snicker at you ‘cause you're weak ... but if you're strong and developed down there ... then they get really pissed at you ... ‘cause they think that you're showing off ... and trying to show them up.

A girl can't go around ... just brazenly showing off all of those muscles in front of a bunch of other girls ... without expecting to get challenged ... not in a woman's locker room at a major university ... not in a woman's locker room ... full of all of these strong, healthy female athletes.

More than once ... Katrina has had to sit there in the locker room ... and test the strength ... of all of those sexy little muscles of hers ... directly against the very same muscles ... of another girl ... while all of the other girls ... stood around in a circle and watched. It's a "female jock" thing ... kinda like a female version of arm wrestling ... where the two naked girls would sit face to face ... straddling that narrow little bench that runs down the middle of the row of lockers ... spread their legs apart in front of each other ... latch on to each other's pussy lips ... and then squeeze with all of their might ... until one girl ... makes the other one give.

You should have seen the look of shock ... in those girls faces ... when they saw how incredibly hard ... Katrina could squeeze her lips ... and not just any old girls ... but those big, strong track girls ... the ones that ran the 100 yard dash ... the ones with those huge, gigantic, intimidating rock solid thighs and those big, tight, basketball sized asses ... girls that you've probably seen in track meets on TV. It never took her very long ... to force those girls to cry uncle ... and after she had beaten one or two of the strongest ones ... the rest of them ... just kinda left her alone. They were all just so amazed ... that a girl with such a cute, pretty little face ... could be so incredibly strong down there. They shouldn't have been. It's always the girls with the prettiest faces ... who have the strongest pussies. Why would Mother Nature give a girl such an incredibly gorgeous face ... without the big, strong pussy ... to go with it?

And now she could see that Rachel ... was every bit as well developed down there as she was ... and she could hardly believe it. It's no wonder ... she thought to herself ... that the little bitch was able to get such a hellacious bite on her ... I mean ... her pussy lip was still sore from the way that she bit her. And she probably fucks ... just like a wild animal too.

"So that explains it ... " she thought to herself ... her beautiful hazel eyes burning with jealousy ... that explained why that asshole Jason ... did the one thing ... that no other guy of hers ... had ever done before ... he actually went back to his ex-girlfriend ... and made love to her ... after she had already stolen him away from her. Now ... she was just burning with curiosity ... now ... she just had to find out for herself ... exactly what this little bitch ... was really made of.

Rachel suddenly felt Katrina's lips ... slowly slipping down ... even more deeply between her own ... than ever before ... and she immediately jumped up to her elbows ... and started sliding her own lips ... right back down against them. "Thaaaat's it baby girl ... " she moaned in a deep, sexy voice, " ... come all the way inside of me ... I'm all hot and wet and ready for you ... so you just go ahead ... and give me all of you ... ‘cause I want you ... to feel all of me too."

You could see their big, hard, bulging hips ... rocking together in tight, tiny little circular movements ... as they slowly stroked their hot, slippery pussy lips ... up and down ... and in and out ... across each other.

"Uuuuuggggghhhhh ... hurts ... doesn't it, bitch? ... " Katrina groaned,

" ... it's not anything like having a nice, big, friendly dick inside of you ... is it? By the way ... how was Jason the other night?"

"How ... the fuck ... do you ... oooooouuuuu ... know about that?"

"Are ... you ... kidding ... I could smell you ... ooooofffff ... all over him. I didn't say anything ... ‘cause I figured that you must have ... ugh ... been begging and begging him ... and he finally ... ooowww ... just broke down."

"Don't make me laugh ... " Rachel shot back, " ... you're the one ... who's going to have to ... ugh ... start begging ... did you really think ... ugh ... that a girl like you ... could take a man ... away from me? ... you were nothing but a quick little fling ... a one night stand ... oooouuuu ... he already got tired of you ... and he came back to where he knows ... uggghhh ... that he can always get it ... really, really good."

"Oh ... you really think so? ... uggghhh ... you wanna see? ... you want me to show you ... oooofffff ... how I took your man away from you? ... you want me to show you ... how I ... fuck YOUR man?"

You could hear their deep, sexy moans and groans ... getting louder and more anguished ... even as you could see their big, luscious hips moving harder and faster and harder and faster ... and the look of pain in their sexy faces ... getting deeper and more intense.

Deep inside of their dense, soaking wet, multicolored tangle of pubic hair ... you could see the hot, slippery, pink-peeled flesh on the insides of their pussy lips ... slipping and sliding and scraping all up and down and in and out across each other ... over and over and over again ... harder and faster and harder and faster ... burning and stinging each other more and more and more ... going all the way down inside of each other ... and then all the way back out again ... deeper and deeper and deeper ... so that they could each feel the very front of the other's lips ... mashing right into the small, tight opening to their vaginal canals ... again and again and again ... harder and harder and harder.

With their hips locked tightly together ... you could see their movements getting more and more forceful and violent ... heaving and lurching and jerking against one another ... their tight, plump butts rising up off of the pure, white carpeting in one piece ... bouncing up and down and up and down together ... moaning and groaning deeper and louder as puddles of sweat ... formed in the hollows above their collarbones ... and in those sexy little dips that they had right underneath their big, sweaty breasts ... and then emptied into long glistening streams ... that poured all the way down their hard, flat stomachs ... and collected inside of their belly-buttons.

They both had these incredibly sexy looks on their faces ... the way that women's faces always look ... when they're making love ... with their thick, juicy red lips ... puckered up and puffing out ever so slightly ... as if they were lightly blowing air out of their lungs ... and those big, round, wide-open eyes of theirs ... looking so incredibly wild and unfocused and deranged. But mixed in with all of the lust, and the heat, and the excitement, and the passion ... you could see all of the incredible rage ... and fury ... and hatred ... and jealousy.

They could feel each other ... they could feel ... all of each other ... all the way up ... inside of each other ... right through the raw, slippery, peeled flesh ... on the insides of their lips ... and the thin, porous tissue that encased their hot, swollen clits ... they could reach all the way up ... into each other's bodies ... they could feel ... all the way up ... into the walls of each other's pussies ... and all the way up ... into each other's wombs ... and all the way up ... into each other's guts ... and all the way up ... into each other's tits ... and all the way out ... into each other's nipples.

They were touching each other's bodies ... in the places where they could feel everything ... a millions times more ... than in any other place that they had ... they were touching each other there ... with the places in their very own bodies ... where they could feel everything ... a million times more ... than in any other place that they had ... and they could both feel ... every last little thing ... that each of them had ... inside of them.

Each woman could feel ... each and every last little inch of the other ... just as much as she feels ... each and every last little inch of a dick ... when she has it inside of her.

Each woman could feel ... every single little thing ... that a man would feel ... when he put it inside ... of the other woman.

They had both been fucking ... the same man ... neither one of them ... could stop thinking about it ... and it was driving them both ... absolutely crazy ... they had both fucked ... the very same man. You could see the incredible look of jealousy in their eyes ... and you just knew ... exactly what was going on in each of their minds ... this fucking little bitch ... that she had right there between her legs ... had actually fucked her man ... right under her very nose ... probably as recently as yesterday ... probably only a few short hours after she had fucked him herself. Shit ... they both probably still had remnants ... of the guy's cum inside of them ... right at that very moment. Those big, fat, ugly lips that she was feeling ... right at that very moment ... stinging and burning squeezing her own ... had actually been wrapped ... around the very same dick ... that hers had been wrapped around ... had gripped and stroked and squeezed the very same dick ... that hers had ... had gotten the very same cum all over them ... that hers had.

For weeks and weeks on end ... they've had to sit there and listen each other ... bragging around the office about how incredibly hot and sexy they were ... how good they were in bed ... how they really knew how to blow a guys mind ... and now ... they were actually feeling it for herself ... they were feeling it ... right in their own bodies ... they were feeling everything that a man would feel ... when he put it inside of her ... only to a woman ... it was exactly the opposite ... to a woman ... it was the most unbearable kind of pain imaginable.

Both women knew ... exactly what it all meant between them ... both women knew ... exactly what the other bitch was trying to do to her ... the more the bitch could hurt her ... the better she could make a man feel ... the more pain the bitch could give her ... the more pleasure she could give a man ... it was like they were each showing the other ... how good they had fucked ... the other's man ... it was like they were each proving to the other ... right to their faces ... right on their pussies ... that they could fuck him ... better than the other woman could. Neither one of them couldn't deny it ... no matter how much they wanted to ... they could both feel it ... for their very selves ... they both ... had really, really good pussies on them ... and they both really, really knew ... how to use them.

The more that they hurt each other ... the angrier they got ... and you could see their beautiful eyes ... blazing with fire as they violently jerked their hips back and forth against each other ... forcibly sliding each other's butts from side to side across the carpet ... lifting each other up ... and then bouncing each other right back down on their butts again ... punctuating each violent movement ... with a loud grunt ... or a hiss ... or a sneer.

You could see their voluptuous sweat-shiny bodies ... getting more and more aroused ... their big, round, heavy tits ... pumped up on their chests like two big rubber balls ... their big, fat, moist nipples ... getting all swollen and puffy and sticky ... and throbbing straight up into the air together. You could see their clits ... getting bigger and hotter and angrier ... mashing into each other and then pulling away ... over and over and over again ... their thin, sensitive flesh ... sticking to each other like scotch tape ... and then violently ripping away from each other ... sending waves and waves of unbearable pinching, cramping pain ... straight up into their guts.

All the while ... they were feeling each other's clits with their own ... they were feeling them ... for any sign that would tell them ... that they were winning ... for any sign that would tell them ... that the other woman just couldn't take it any more ... for any sign that all of the incredible sexual pain that they were inflicting on each other ... was finally making the other woman ... lose her arousal ... was finally making the other woman's clit ... shrink down ... and get soft ... and cool off ... so that she could finally mash it completely flat ... with her own.

Suddenly ... Rachel's entire body just froze ... and you could see that Katrina had unexpectedly latched on to her left pussy lip ... and had trapped it in place ... stopping her body ... with a sharp jolt. Without missing a beat ...Rachel immediately clamped down with equal force on her right pussy lip ... and looked her straight in the eyes ... waiting ... to see what she was going to do next.

You could see Rachel's eyes widening ... when she saw Katrina's glistening, reddish-brown pubic hair ... suddenly sinking down below her own ... and all of the sexy muscles around her big, thick bush ... popping right out over her skin. She could feel the insides of Katrina's right lip ... sort of opening up ... and spreading out all up and down against the insides of her left lip like some kind of suction cup ... painfully plastering their moist, tender, scorching flesh ... even more closely together ... than they had ever been before. Their lips were pressed so tightly together ... that for the very first time ... she could actually feel this amazing ... intricate little web of long, thin, tiny little muscles ... that criss-crossed the insides of Katrina's labia ... spreading all across the inside of her own lip ... like a little net.

You could see the anxiety in Rachel's face ... as she watched Katrina sort of arrogantly tilt her head back and over to one side ... and look her challengingly in the eyes ... daring her ... just daring her ... to open her own lip ... up to hers ... like she had just done. As unsure about the whole thing as she may have been ... Rachel was not the kind of girl to back down from a challenge ... and you could see her soaking wet, honey-brown bush sinking down to meet Katrina's ... and all of her own sexy little pubic muscles bulging out right along with her rivals ... as she immediately opened up the insides of her own lip ... and spread her own little intricate web of long, thin, tiny little muscles ... right up against Katrina's ... all the while ... wondering ... exactly what it was ... that she was preparing to do.

Rachel hadn't even finished ... spreading her lip all the way out ... when suddenly ... her entire body was gripped ... by the most intense pain ... that's he had ever felt ... in her entire life. Her head snapped violently forward ... and you could see her long, silky, honey-brown hair flying all around her ... and falling down all around her beautiful face ... as her high-pitched screams of pain ... filled the room.

She could feel the inside of Katrina's pussy lip ... undulating powerfully against the inside of her own ... staying in one place ... but moving in and out and in and out in huge, powerful waves ... rolling up and down and up and down over her helpless lip ... like some kind of giant rolling pin ... starting all the way up at the base of her clit ... and traveling all the way down ... to that sexy little joint at the bottom of their lips ... and then rolling right back up again ... mashing and kneading the inside Rachel's lip ... over and over and over again ... like it was a piece of dough.

Katrina could see Rachel's emerald-green eyes ... rolling all the way into the back of her head ... and she could hear her deep, anguished groans ... coming all the way from the pit of her stomach ... and she knew that she had her ... she knew ... that she finally had her.

"How do you ... ugh ... like ... ugh ... this little trick ... ugh ... bitch ... " she grunted, between powerful surges of her pussy lips, " ... THIS ... is the way that I fuck ... ugh ... YOUR boyfriend ... how do YOU like it ... bitch?"

You could see her ... really getting into it ... all of the sexy muscles around her reddish-brown bush ... popping up and falling down over and over and over again ... undulating her pussy lip harder and faster and harder and faster ... egged on by each little involuntary groan of pain ... that was coming out of Rachel's mouth. "What's wrong ... you little sissy ... " she mocked, with this absolutely triumphant look on her face, "... it doesn't feel very good ... when I do it to you ... does it? ... but you should just see the way ... ugh ... that your boyfriend goes absolutely crazy ... uugghh ... when I do it to him ... he likes me to do this to him ... right when he's at the very peak ... right when he's cumming ... uugghh ... all inside of me ... and you should hear the way that he ... ugh ... screams out loud ... like he's never cum ... uugghh ... for any other woman ... in his whole, entire life."

You could see Rachel's sexy bare shoulders jerking uncontrollably up and down ... and her long, thick honey brown hair ... brushing across her sexy bare back ... as her head hung limply behind her ... and all of these deep little involuntary moans ... escaped from her luscious red lips ... keeping perfect rhythm with Katrina's vicious grunts ... ugh ... ugh ... ugh ... ugh.

The pain was absolutely unbearable ... she felt as though someone was flattening her lip out ... with a hot iron ... spreading it out so thin ... that she was totally incapable ... of doing anything to stop it. She was starting to lose it ... deep ... deep inside of her ... she could feel her clit ... starting to lose some of it's power ... and she knew that in another few seconds ... Katrina ... was going to feel it too..