By Raptor666

The rain was coming down in in sheets as Beverly pulled under the entrance to the motel. She and her daughter had been driving for hours, nightfall and the weather having conspired to make driving tedious at best. “I’ll be right back honey, as soon as I check in and get our room key.”

Beverly was a beautiful blonde, forty eight years old, but didn’t look it. She had marvelous legs and ass and a nice set of 40DD’s, and garnered nearly as many lustful looks as her daughter, who was twenty years younger. Her daughter laughed as the doorman gave her mother the eye of approval and then some, as he held the door open for her.

At the check-in desk she was told there had been a mix up and the reservation they’d made earlier had got lost in the confusion, and while the desk clerk was being very apologetic, she was explaining that they were booked to capacity. Beverly was none too happy and understandably so.

Just then a beautiful brunette who had been setting with her beautiful legs crossed and who had caught Beverly’s eye when she’d entered the lobby, came over and introduced herself as Maurine. She said she couldn’t help but overhear the conversation and insisted that since she and her daughter were there in separate but adjoining rooms, Beverly must take one of theirs. Beverly then told her that she too was traveling with her daughter, and that if Maurine was certain it wouldn’t be too much inconvenience, she’d take her up on the offer.

Beverly and Maurine moved over to the lobby and chatted and checked each other out. They found that they were both the same age, 48, and each had a daughter that was twenty years younger, both of them were heading back home to New York, and it was apparent to each beautiful woman that they were attracted to each other. If it weren’t for having their daughters along, the night could have turned out very interesting indeed. They exchanged phone numbers and promised to get together when they got back home. They hugged, pressing their large breasts into each other a bit longer than necessary, each inhaling for maximum effect, and exchanged a kiss on the cheek. Then they each went to get their daughters.

A few minutes later with daughter in tow, they met Maurine in the lobby, and sat there talking, waiting on Maurine’s daughter who was moving her things into her mother’s room. Just then there was a surprised squeal as Maurine’s
daughter said “BARBARA,” as she leaned over to hug Beverley’s daughter, laying her two big tits right on top of Barbara’s, and a surprised Barbara said, “MICHELLE!” Both mothers, incredulous, saying at the same time, “You two know each other?” And Michelle said, “Intimately,” as she winked at Barbara.

So there they sat, two beautiful blondes and two beautiful brunettes, nylon legs crossed and shooting beavers at each other, like two armies facing off before battle, each trying to intimidate the other, the scout’s eyes roaming over each other’s ample cleavage and staring up beautiful nylon covered legs, taking notes. It was looking like the night would get interesting after all.

Maurine said, “Well Beverly, if it’s OK with everyone, since our daughters already know each other, they can share one room and you and I can share the other. They can pick up where they left off, and you and I can get to know each other a lot better. It’s been a long time since I’ve shared a bed with a beautiful blonde.” Then she winked as she leaned over showing her deep cleavage as she pretended to adjust the heel of her stiletto, showing off her cannons to the blonde she’d soon be challenging in bed. With that, all four clits began to stir.

After a light supper together and a couple of glasses of wine, first the blondes, Beverly and Barbara went to the powder room to freshen up. When the powder room door closed , Beverly said, “I hope I didn’t get us into anything we can’t handle.” Barbara said, “If Maurine is anything like Michelle, you may have your hands full, and your pussy full too, if you know what I mean.”

Beverly said, “Well we do love a good sex fight, and they both are stunning looking brunettes. We deserve some hot sex every now and then, and besides, it’s our duty as blondes to take them on.” “By the way, did you and Michelle…?” “Yes,” Barbara said. “And?,” Beverly ask.” “She won,” Barbara admitted, “but just by a cunt hair,” not mentioning that she’d been cunt fucked so thoroughly that she’d passed out.

When Beverly and Barbra returned to the table, Maurine and Michelle excused themselves to go to the powder room. When the door closed, Michelle said, “How in the world did you manage to arrange this?” And Maurine said, “When I saw Beverly walk through that lobby door, I knew I had to get in her panties, pussy to pussy, but how was I to know that you and Barbara had already got together?” Michelle said, “Well if Beverly is anything like Barbara, you’re taking on a lot of woman.” Maurine then said, “When you and Barbara went at it, who won?” Michelle said, “I did, but just by a cunt hair.” Maurine then said, “Well then it will be brunette twat to blonde twat…ready or not, duty calls!”

They all left the table together and walked back to their rooms entering the daughter’s room first, and after saying goodnight with a peck on the cheeks, Maurine and Beverly used the adjoining room door to enter their room, leaving the door between their rooms unlocked.

As soon as the door was closed, Maurine and Beverly kicked off their high heels and came together in an open mouthed kiss, each groping the breasts of the other as they rubbed their 40DD’s together. It was a hot kiss, beautiful full-bodied blonde and full-bodied brunette swapping tongues and groping tits and ass as their nylon covered feet were fighting and feeling their way up nylon covered legs. Maurine broke her lips free and said, “We’re going to fuck until you beg for mercy!” Beverly said, “We’re going to fuck alright, but it’s you who’ll be begging for mercy.”

Both women were sexually aroused by the beauty of the other, and with hands full of her rivals large tits and their nylons rubbing sensually together, both of their pussies were swelling and juicing up. Suddenly Maurine grabbed Beverly’s blouse on either side of the top button and with a quick yank, ripped the blouse right off of the blonde. The blonde, somewhat taken aback by the sudden attack, said, “Oh, you like it rough!” and likewise, ripped the brunette’s blouse off.

They both looked each other in the eye for just a second before slamming their massive bra covered breasts together as they each threw their arms around the other going straight for the bra clasps, and in seconds their firm tits were nude and slammed together swollen nipple to swollen nipple.

They each started rubbing their breasts together, their swollen nipples dragging over each other and painfully flicking each other as they passed. Harder and harder they rubbed until it felt like their nipples would be torn as they passed over each other. They each cupped their breasts and aimed the big nipples directly into each other, neither of them giving ground to the other.

Then they stepped back and took off their skirts, now standing in just their sopped panties and nylons, the brunette‘s panty and nylons were light blue and the blonde‘s light pink. Now they came together breast to breast and mouth to mouth while gripping each other by the ass, thrusting their panty covered pussies together and working their way to the king size bed where they fell sideways, then immediately started wrestling for top position in a tangle of arms and legs, big tits slapping together, until finally the brunette muscled the blonde onto her back and was able to mount her, slapping her large breasts onto the blonde's equally big rack and pressing her blue panty covered snatch over the blonde's pink panty covered snatch and started grinding into her.

The blonde wrapped her legs around the brunette as she was being humped and grabbed the brunette by the ass and started slamming her cunt up at the brunette’s, finally managing to roll the brunette over on her side. Then the blonde said, “Lets take these panties off so we can really fuck.” Maurine said, “You ask for it honey.”

Now facing each other, large breasts heaving, Maurine peeled off her blue panties revealing her thick forested black haired cunt, her long thick lipped crack wet and swollen and a prominent clit sticking out over half an inch. Just to rub it in, she flexed her thick fuck lips, showing the blonde she had good muscle control of her cunt. The kind that could milk a dick or milk a pussy.

Beverly was impressed and knew her daughter was right when she suggested she’d be taking on a big one. Well she liked a good fight, and it looked like she’d get one. Beverly then peeled her pink panties off, revealing a heavy mat of brownish-gold fuck fur, bisected by an equally long and thick lipped snatch with a prominent clitoris which was also exposed about half an inch. She too flexed her fuck lips making it plain that she also had excellent muscle control where it counted in a fuck fight.

They each put their hands behind them, resting them on the bed, thrust their big tits and swollen nipples skyward and stretched out their sexy blue and pink nylon covered legs and started moving their two drooling pussies toward one another, each leaving a wet trail of pussy juice as they advanced on the other.

With a mighty shove they plastered their two big twats together, big lipped snatch to big lipped snatch. Their splayed cracks were joined and their big clits engaged each other in combat, squelching noises coming from the wet cunts as they fought. Both the blonde’s and the brunette’s big tits jiggling each time their powerful ass muscles clenched and slammed their thick lipped fuck holes together. They wiggled their hips each time their cunts came together, each trying to take a bigger bite out of the other.

Both blonde and brunette looked over their large bouncing breasts as they watched their big hairy snatches thrust into each other, pubic bone to pubic bone and clit to clit, first the brunette driving the blonde’s ass back across the bed a foot or so, only to have the blonde’s cunt drive the brunette’s back. Back and forth they went, clits slashing, toes curling, and loud farting sounds as the two juicy twats compressed, forcing the air out as the two snatches took turns devouring each other, a little territory at a time.

They reached out to each other, pulling their upper torsos together, breasts squished together, stiff nipples crossed, blonde and brunette hair cascading together, each of them getting so hot they felt like fuck machines, which is what they were at the moment. Each of them determined to fuck the other into total submission, they slammed their pussies together even harder, their big clits now nearly two inches long slashing at each other.

Maurine reached down and grabbed Beverly’s shapely ass cheeks and pulled her towards her, causing Beverly to go over backward with Maurine’s big snatch still clamped onto the blonde’s big snatch, Maurine now in the upper position, she spun around, quickly breaking contact with the blonde’s pussy for a split second before throwing herself on top of the blonde and powering her crack onto the blonde’s, and in a heartbeat she was clit to clit and tit to tit with the voluptuous blonde.

Fuck lips were sliding over fuck lips, and with a muscular hunch from the brunette’s shapely ass, the brunette drove her big clit through the blonde’s sex-slick fuck trough. Again and again and again. The blonde grabbed the brunette by the ass and started slamming her big pussy up every time the brunette slammed her’s down. The blonde finally succeeded in rolling the brunette off her and managed to get in the top position and started slapping her pussy into the brunette's.

The blonde and the brunette were engaged in an open mouth kiss, hands gripping one another’s ass as they slammed their fuck holes together. The blonde pinned the brunette's clit with her own and mashed her big tits into the brunette’s and chewed on the brunette’s ear lobe, then started slapping their big hairy gashes together, with the brunette fucking back as hard as she was being fucked, and with a powerful thrust, managed to unseat the blonde and retake the top position.

Now the brunette started slamming her big sopping pussy into the blonde’s. Splat. Splat. Splat. She was clamping her big fuck lips on the blonde’s and wiggling her ass back and fourth spreading the blonde's gash even more and then powering her big clit against the blonde’s, the blonde’s legs now flailing as she attempted to escape from the long clitting she was now receiving from the hot cunted brunette.

Too late it seemed, as with the next mighty pussy splitting hunch, the brunette sent the blonde into a violent orgasm, and, grabbing each other’s ass tightly, they continued to slap their big cunts together until the brunette also had a humongous orgasm, each cunt shooting copious amounts of pussy juice into the other until finally satiated, the brunette collapsed atop the moaning blonde and then rolled off her.

Within a couple of minutes the blonde rolled over and planted a big open mouthed kiss on the brunette and mounted her. She said, “We aren’t done yet sweet cheeks.” “One orgasm never satisfies me.” She then rubbed her big tits all over the brunette’s as she rubbed her pink nylon covered knee into the brunette’s snatch, feeling the brunette's rubbery clit, starting to respond. “You sex fiend,” said the brunette, “You didn’t tell me you were a nymphomaniac!” “You didn’t ask,” responded the blonde.

Beverly then spread Maurine’s legs and started rubbing her big hairy snatch over the brunette's while she chewed on the brunette's nipples, which were now getting stiffer along with her clit. But the blonde’s snatch was now fully recovered from the pounding she’d just received from the brunette’s and it was now pay back time.

“You black haired bitch, I’m gonna fuck you blind for the fucking you gave me. I’ll teach you not to match cunts with a blonde.” Beverly then reached between their legs and aligned her big clit with the brunette’s. She then started dragging her three inch clit through the brunette's sopping fuck trough, and each time she reached the top of the brunette’s splayed gash she power fucked her big clit into the brunette’s. Again and again and again, on and on it went, the brunette's powerful clit surprisingly rising to the occasion and fighting back.

Blonde on brunette, pussies slamming together, fuck lips snapping and squelching, assholes puckering, toes curling, breasts squished together, nipples stabbing, each beautiful woman grunting and moaning and digging their nails into each others ass as they slammed their big fuck holes together. Splat. Splat. Splat.

“You mother fucking cunt,” shouted the brunette. “What’s the matter honey, am I too much woman for you?” The brunette desperately slammed her cunt into the blonde’s cunt every time the blond drove her’s down at the brunette’s wounded gash. The brunette’s legs in the pretty blue stockings wrapped around the blonde’s ass, the blonde’s legs in their pretty pink stockings flying back each time her beautiful ass drove her big juicy cunt into the brunette's splayed twat. Splat. Splat. Splat.

Then the blonde hoisted the brunette’s legs wider apart and began long clitting the brunette with brutal pounding fuck hunches, the brunette’s toes curling as she begged the blonde to stop. Splat. Splat. Splat. Splat. Pussy lips snapping, asses compressing, clits slashing and titties jiggling, swollen nipples dueling with every pile driving splat of their fuck holes.

The blonde then covered the brunette's mouth with her own, thrusting her tongue nearly to the brunette's tonsils, the brunette being fucked so hard she could hardly breathe wrenched her mouth free, gasping for air and then biting into the blonde’s neck, desperately sucking a hicky on the blonde’s neck to try to take her mind off the sensation she was getting between her legs as the blonde’s big cunt ravaged her own splayed twat.

The blonde’s nipples were now winning the breast duel, her clit was dominating down below, her big blonde pussy was conquering the brunette’s big pussy that had nearly consumed hers just twenty minutes ago. Two beautiful women, each capable of making any man weak in the knees, were now engaged in an all out fuck war and the beautiful blonde was taking no prisoners as she laid waste to the beautiful brunette, the big black haired snatch being eaten by the golden haired one, the brunette’s big tits being flattened by the blonde's big tits. The brunette’s beautiful legs in blue nylons splayed by the blonde’s beautiful legs in pink nylons.

With gristly squelching noises as the two wet cunts pounded, fuck lips grappling and inner meat sucking, the brunette spread her legs as far as she could in a desperate attempt to outflank the blonde’s ravenous twat, but the blonde sensing victory clinched her shapely meaty ass and delivered a nearly cunt splitting hunch that spliced the brunette’s annihilated womanhood with her own, causing the brunette’s pussy to convulse in the most violent orgasm it ever experienced as both blonde and brunette continued to dig their nails deeper into each others ass as they pulled their cunts into each other, pussy juice from each spasming cunt being shot into the other, toes curling, the brunette’s legs now kicking and her hands and nails disengaged from the blonde’s shapely ass and digging into the bed as the blonde continued to pull the brunette toward her each time she thrust her conquering twat in for another decisive blow.

Finally, the blonde delivered the coup de grace with a brutal thrust of her cunt, pubic bone to pubic bone and clit to clit with the beautiful brunette’s, as the blonde‘s turgid fuck lips gripped the brunette’s, causing the brunette to let out an agonized moan as her big tits flopped and her asshole puckered in unconditional surrender as she lost consciousness and went limp.

The blonde disengaged her triumphant twat with a slurping sound from the brunette’s wrung out pussy, thinking it was always the same, when she milked a cock it always went limp, and when she milked a brunette pussy, it too went limp. She’d have to sew another notch on her garter belt, representing another brunette pussy conquered.

Michelle and Barbara had turned out the lights in their room and had been watching their mothers go at it through the cracked open door. Both were so hot they practically came as each of them watched for the first time one big cunt eating and conquering another mature cunt. Michelle’s mother’s twat had won the first round, the first battle, but it was devastatingly clear that Barbara’s mother’s cunt had unquestionably won the war. Michelle couldn’t get the sight of her mother’s big black haired pussy (her birth place) being eaten by Beverly’s big blonde haired pussy (her rival’s birth place). It was a little like watching the neighbor’s dog disembowel your dog while you watched and did nothing.

To be continued?