Barbara was twenty eight, blonde, and at 5 ft. 7 in., she was beautiful and built like the proverbial brick shithouse, with curves and muscle tone in all the right places. She was what you might call over-sexed, and while very well adjusted otherwise, she was nearly always thinking of sex. She was a bit spoiled and wasn’t interested in a man unless he was very well hung. But what she really liked was laying beautiful women. Especially aggressive brunettes. She loved to bait them into thinking she was theirs for the taking, and then, when they made their move, nailing their ass to the floor and giving them a cunt fucking they’d never forget. The more aggressive they were, the better she liked it.

Today was Saturday and her day off from her job on Wall Street. She was at her home in the suburbs and had just finished dressing in a sexy outfit that was certain to get the attention of everyone she met. Her intent was to go into New York and visit a few high-class bars looking for someone to satisfy her needs. She’d been busy at work lately and hadn’t had time for sex, and she was feeling exceptionally horny.

She was wearing a short black leather skirt and a lacy yellow blouse that showcased her prominent bust , and her legs were to die for in sheer yellow nylons. She still wore her nylons with a lacy garter belt, because many people, including her, regarded a beautiful woman in sheer nylons and garters to be one of the sexiest sights on the planet. Just as she did a final check of herself in the mirror, noticing how stiff her nipples were poking at the fabric of her blouse, she heard her doorbell ring.

(It seemed fate was knocking on her door.)

Michelle was twenty eight, brunette, and at 5 ft. 7 in. she was beautiful and built like the proverbial brick shithouse, with curves and muscle tone in all the right places. Michelle liked a big dick now and then, but what she liked best was pussy. Especially blonde pussy. Blondes and brunettes were, it seemed, like dogs and cats. Or like matter and anti-matter. When a brunette pussy and a blonde pussy got near each other, given the opportunity, there was going to be a showdown. When she was pussy fighting with a blonde, she was in seventh heaven. Blondes thought their shit didn’t stink, but she knew better.

Michelle was trolling for prey. On weekends she would pose as a lingerie salesman and knock on doors until she found someone receptive to her nearly irresistible body. Today she was wearing a short white leather skirt with a violet lacy blouse that showed off her prominent bust, and she wore sheer violet colored nylons with lacy garter belt that really set off her exceptional legs. With any luck, soon she’d find some attractive blonde receptive to her advances, and if she did, the pussy fur would fly! As she rang the doorbell, she noticed how stiff her nipples were just thinking of what might await her behind this door.

When the door opened, both Barbara and Michelle found herself eyeball to eyeball with the woman of her dreams. For about five seconds there was silence as they each let her eyes roam over the other’s assets, sizing each other up. It was evident to each that they were near equals in breast size. It was also evident that the other possessed a breathtaking set of legs and a shapely, firm ass. And they couldn’t help but notice how breathtaking and similarly dressed they were. Each felt slightly weak in the knees realizing the threat posed by the other to her own sexual supremacy, and wondering how wicked a weapon the other had between her legs. Each of them already determined that she would, by hook or by crook, get into the panties of the other and sexually ravish her natural enemy.

Pleasantries were exchanged and Barbara calculated just the right amount of distance as she stepped aside to allow Michelle entrance, ensuring their nipples would brush together as she slipped past in the doorway, drawing a little gasp from each. Each of them drinking in the scent of the other. Neither of them realized it then, but like a moth to a flame, they were both playing with fire.

Women are such good actors. Each all smiles and honey, but in reality, they were queen bees preparing for battle. It was just a matter of time before the panties would come off and the fuck would begin, and wouldn’t stop until one of them was conquered. Unlike men, women can go at it for hours if need be, usually enjoying it right up until the mortal blow is delivered, and one pussy is totally conquered by the other. And it is always a lovely sight, looking at the victorious or the vanquished pussy.

Barbara showed Michelle to a blue velvet chair in her living room, next to the fireplace, and took a seat in the matching chair on the opposite side, facing Michelle. Two of the best looking women imaginable, one blonde and one brunette, both in incredibly sexy outfits with nylons and high heels accentuating their perfect legs. Then, with a breathtaking swish of nylon, the brunette crossed her sexy legs, being sure to give the blonde an eyeful, and staking out a claim to being the dominate one.

Barbara stared straight up Michelle’s skirt to the top of her nylons, the sight making her heart pound as she felt her nipples stiffen as well as her clit began to stir. Then her green eyes looked straight up into Michelle’s blue ones, as she too crossed her legs with a swish of nylon, giving the brunette an eyeful, and in effect making it clear that dominance wasn’t established yet. The blonde knew she had a large ravenous twat that few women could match, and certainly not some black haired cunt, and that gave her a cool confidence. It was taking all of her willpower to keep from attacking Michelle and fucking her then and there.

Michelle’s eyes immediately went straight between Barbara’s legs to the top of her stockings and beyond, her nipples stiffening and her clit starting to stir. She wondered what Barbara’s pussy looked like. She was confident that it couldn’t match her own. Almost certainly not some blonde haired cunt. Her black haired pussy was dying to latch onto the blonde’s pussy, but she had to take it slow so she didn’t scare Barbara off. But when she tore her eyes away to look into the blonde’s green eyes again, she knew there was no chance of that. It was just a matter of time before they would be clit to clit and tit to tit, fucking the shit out of each other.

Continued in Part 2