By NylonNY

Marsha was a hard working lawyer by day, a curvy blonde about 6feet tall. By night she was a super powered crime fighter known as Purity. Purity stood for justice and all things good and pure, and unknown to her tonight might prove to be her toughest battle ever.

Marsha got home after a long day at work, and after opening a secret panel in her bedroom where she kept her alter-ego costume, she quickly changed into Purity. She pulled on a pair of shiny tights over which she pulled on a tight form fitting white leotard which accentuated her round ass and large breasts. Next she pulled on a micro skirt which just barely covered her ass. She cinched a blue belt around her waist with a purple P for a buckle. She put on a purple mask around her eyes and pulled on a pair of purple knee length high heel boots. A quick look at herself in the mirror and she leapt out the window and flew off into the warm summer evening sky.

Downtown in the basement of the largest bank in the city, trouble was brewing. Midnight, an evil super-villain was about to break into the bank vault. Midnight was a tall woman, dressed in a skintight black latex catsuit that showed off her well toned and trim physique. She had long black hair that cascaded down her back and dark brown eyes. She wore a pair of spike heeled black stilettos and looked every bit of a seductress. The vault was a high-tech design which seemed a bit over the top for a civilian bank vault. It didn't matter. Midnight was prepared for the task at hand, as she pulled out a device and placed it on the door of the vault. The device began to vibrate and pulse at a high frequency, this seemed to disable the electronic locks of the vault which sizzled and popped as the giant door unlocked. Midnight stepped inside the vault to find her prize.

Meanwhile above the city, Purity's super hearing picked up on the noise coming from the break in, and she flew down to investigate.

Midnight was inside the vault and seemed to know exactly what she wanted as she passed the stacked up cash on shelves all around her. She went to a large locked cabinet and used a lock pick to open it. Inside was a large space age looking rifle which she grabbed quickly and turned to leave.

Standing at the entrance to the vault blocking her escape was Purity, hands on her curvy hips, legs spread in a power stance.

Midnight's eyes followed the heroine's shapely nylon clad legs from her boots to her thighs and up her curvacious body. She couldn't help but lick her lips at the sexy heroine.

"Stop right there Midnight!" demanded Purity. "Whatever that is doesn't belong to you!"

"You may be right, honey, but it sure doesn't belong in a bank vault either!" replied the villain. "You see, this is an experimental weapon created by A.X.E. Industries. They hide their weapons at various off-site locations to prevent them from being compromised." said Midnight smiling. "However, I had a source which told me it was here, so I decided to pay it a visit." she laughed.

"Well, now that you have had your visit, put the weapon down and come with me!" said Purity.

"I don't think so." smirked Midnight. "This weapon will help me rule this city, and eventually the world!"

"Great story, Midnight, but its the same tired old speech many a villain has made before they are defeated and taken to prison." said Purity as she stepped towards the villain.

"You asked for it!" said Midnight calmly as she raised the weapon towards the advancing superhero.

"ZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPP!" The weapon shot a dark beam of energy into Purity. The superheroine halted for a moment and stumbled a bit teetering in her high heeled boots. Purity felt weak, her super strength seemed to be gone, that beam had done something to her. Purity had a scared look on her face.

"Something wrong honey?" laughed Midnight as she fired the weapon again at the stunned beauty.

"ZZZZZZZaaaaaappPPPPPP!" The beam hit Purity as she tried to turn away square in the back. "Unghhhhhhhhh!" she moaned as she pitched forward and hit the floor. "So weak...can't get up...." she groaned. Purity tried to get up but her legs had no strength as she tried to get to her feet and failed.

"This weapon was designed to disable superheroines if they ever got out of control." stated Midnight as she came near the struggling heroine. "I thought I could put it to better use myself!" she smiled.

Purity struggled into a sitting position backing away from Midnight hoping her powers would return. "When this wears off I am going to defeat you." stammered Purity, trying to sound defiant.

"By that time it will be too late." chuckled Midnight. "You see, I like to keep up on all my possible opponents. I research them, find their strengths and weaknesses. You, my dear, are extremely strong and powerful and by myself I must admit you would have easily beaten me in a fair fight. But of course, I hate fair fights." said the villain as she came closer to our heroine propped up against the side of the vault still struggling to get up. "I know how to defeat you, and take you out of my way. Now that your powers are disabled temporarily I need to work quickly to shut you down for good!" Midnight laughed as she knelt on the floor next to Purity.

Midnight got on the floor with the weakened heroine and sat behind her. "I'm sure you will enjoy this!" said Midnight as she wrapped her arms around the heroine's body and began to slowly caress Purity's large breasts through her leotard, slowly rubbing her tits and pinching at her rapidly hardening nipples through the tight white fabric.

"Stop that you evil witch!" cried Purity, but she was helpless without her super powers.

"MMMMM what a delicious body you have." whispered Midnight in the heroine's ear. She began to kiss the neck of the struggling heroine...she felt Purity's nipples straining against her costume.

"I can't let her do this to me, I will lose my powers forever if she makes me cum." thought Purity as she began to panic.

Midnight began to stroke the inner thighs of her foe, feeling her silky pantyhose covered thighs quiver as she struggled.

"Mmmmphhh,no..." moaned Purity as she tried to squeeze her thighs together to stop the villain.

Midnight intensified her fondling of her foe. She noticed Purity beginning to breathe harder and sweat started to form on her chest as she continued stroking her. "Soon you will cum and all your powers will be gone for good." whispered Midnight.

"No!! You can't!" gasped Purity as she squirmed in the villain's grasp. "Oh I can, and I will...!" laughed Midnight.

Purity was so turned on, her tits were on fire, she felt her pussy dripping...she hoped Midnight continued to avoid that area because she was not going to be able to resist if she....."UghhhhnnNNGHHHH!!!...Noooo...Stop!, Don't you dare!" struggled Purity as Midnights' hand found the crotch of her leotard.

"I saw your crotch get a little wet and thought it might need some attention...just trying to help!" giggled Midnight. Midnight rubbed slowly against the wet spot on the crotch of Purity's white Leotard.

Purity couldn't take much more, she felt her crotch burning, her mind was reeling...she felt herself getting even more turned on as she was getting closer to cumming. She was amazed as she began to feel her strength returning. If she could only hang in there another minute or two she could get free and fly off to regroup.

Midnight, unaware, continued to fondle the curvy blonde. Sensing victory was near she laughed, "Give it up doll, your mine! Once you cum you will be my sex plaything forever!" she laughed!

"POWWWW!" Purity unleashed a punch that sent Midnight flying to the other side of the vault..crashing shocked and stunned on the floor. "Got...to...fly....away..." stammered Purity as she struggled to her feet...her pantyhose clad legs still shaky and weak.

Midnight stirred on the floor as the heroine rose and struggled to the vault entrance. Purity stepped outside the vault, and leapt weakly into the air and headed for exit.

"ZZZZZAPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!" Purity felt the blast hit her in the back and she began to fall from the air as her powers shut down again. "Noooooo!, must get out!" She yelled as she struggled to stay airborne....It was no use, she landed on the bank floor barely able to move.

Midnight walked toward her prone body with the weapon and Purity felt another blast hit her weakened body. "That was just a bit of insurance!" laughed Midnight. "Can't have my prize get away that easy!"

Purity felt Midnight resume her fondling of her body, Midnight straddled her hips and began to grind her pussy against Purity's wet crotch. "Stop! Pleaseee!" cried Purity as she knew the end was near.

"Once you cum, I'll be happy to!" smiled Midnight as she picked up the pace.

Purity struggled to get free, her legs strained, her chest heaved, she was breathing hard and sweat soaked her costume as she tried to fight her building climax. "Can't hold on..." she thought.

Suddenly she felt Midnight kiss her lips. Her senses reeled, she was so hot she opened herself to the kiss, twisting her tongue with the villainess.

Midnight kissed Purity deeply. She felt her foe's pussy soak her pantyhose in orgasm as she rode her wildly bucking superheroine.

"Can't stop it.....my...pussy...oh god....I'm cumming...." thought Purity as she felt her crotch get soaked with her own juices exploding from her orgasm. She also felt her super powers leave her completely. She was a mere woman now.

"Well now, I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did!" said Midnight. "Now what do I do with you?" she asked.

Purity was terrified. She couldn't escape. She was powerless.

"I'll take you back to my HQ and see what to do with you." Midnight laughed as she helped Purity to her feet and led her out of the bank.

Back at the villains HQ, Purity was shown to a sparsely furnished room.

"Why don't you get out of those wet clothes and take a shower, then put on the clothes I have for you on the dresser?" said Midnight.

Purity peeled off her soaked leotard and pantyhose and cleaned up in the shower. When she came out there were clothes on the dresser for her. She was surprised to see it was something like a latex maid's outfit, very tight fitting black rubber. She struggled to get her curvy body into it. A pair of fishnet stockings and latex panties with lace ruffles across the back completed her new outfit. The dress could barely contain her large tits which were straining out of their confinement, and it didn't do much to cover her ruffle covered ass either. She stepped into a pair of high heeled black patent pumps left with the outfit, and left the room.

"There you are!" smiled Midnight "Feel better?" she smirked.

"Hardly" stated Purity.

"You will address me as Mistress from now on!" demanded Midnight.

Purity was broken, she had no powers and no way to resist her demands. "Yes Mistress" she replied.

"Your new life will be as my servant. You will clean, cook, and do whatever I want. If you don't I will punish you, do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress" whispered Purity.

"And your name is no longer Purity. We will call you Marsha, a normal name for a normal slave."

She was shocked Midnight knew her name, but it no longer mattered.

"Yes Mistress" she replied.

"Now come here slave!" demanded Midnight.

Marsha walked over to her mistress. Midnight pulled her over her knee and lifted the short skirt up exposing Marsha's lace covered panties.

"This is for causing your mistress so much trouble today!"

"Owwwww!" yelled Marsha as Midnight began to spank her ass hard.

The News Channels all were reporting that crime rates were rising across the city and they all wondered what had happened to their once proud superheroine...Purity.