VIIth Masturbation World Championships, Second Semi-Final

By Valis

Tokyo, April 2004. Second semi-final squares up the defending champion, ‘Frozen’ Franzine, versus the new sex wrestling idol, gorgeous Dutch Nicole ‘dairy cow’ Holderleen.

The arrogant, cold-blooded Filipino eliminates her rivals with an elegant self-confidence, scoring cum after cum at a pace no one can pursuit. The chain-cummer seems from another league. The intense, solid climaxes produced by her lower belly instantly get three green lights from the judges. While she squirts like a pissing buffalo her boney cheeks and full lips don’t even wince. After each successful explosion cutie FF seeks the assistance from her corner-girl to fix her facial make up and pump her lioness mane. When her rival eventually breaks, bows down and stands for a hand shake, she makes her wait, calmly wipes her fingers in a velvet handkerchief and, with an intense glare of superiority, bumps the discouraged and exhausted poor girl off her unstoppable track, like a big cat shooing annoying flies away.

So when she got matched with the Dutch bimbo with the volcanic crotch the crowd gave a never ending standing ovation that echoed the great rock concerts of the 1970s at the very same place.

Milkmaid Nicole was just a minor celebrity known by a small bunch of sex-fight addicts from her handicap match broadcasted by Dutch cable teevee where she outlasted at self-rubbing half a dozen plump ladies on the trot. That was until this morning session, when the uprising superstar wrecked the seemingly unbeatable 250 lb Chinese monster loathed by each and every one of the 10,000 souls in the stadium.

Ice nerved, masterful Asian against cute toughie western newbie, a clash nobody wanted to miss. Frozen Franzine starts scoring with her natural ease. Her lower body spits savagely with a violence not fitting the rest of her invulnerable anatomy.

The Holderleen cow in contrast gasps like a fish and writhes like a snake, bawling out each orgasm with such loudness that makes the sound engineer work his dials madly to avoid high pitched feedback.

The amazons show also contrasting rubbing styles. The Asian powerhouse works her nails as precision tweezers, while the blonde titan squeezes her mammaries and stabs herself up to the wrist, pouting and grimacing like a woman in labour.

Two hours into the match the Asian doll’s tactics remain clear. Since she manages to spit quicker than the Dutch cow, she keeps the score one orgasm ahead and takes a breather after each climax, forcing the sweat-drenched, suffocated blonde to a unsustainable non-stop inferno.

Nicole lies on the mat dripping by every gland of her womanhood. Two medical refs crotched between her limp thighs monitor her late dubious climaxes that get weaker and weaker. When the blonde seems nearly done, FF pushes the docs away, her porcelain naked feet stomp at each side of Nicole’s head and using her ultra-precise nail tweezers she scores an especially abundant cum that splashes all over Nicole’s face. The Holderleen cow taps out in total defeat.

Her gang jumps into the ring and sportively acknowledges Franzine’s superiority. Franzine ignores them and seeks her corner girl for make-up adjustments for the photographers.

The world final will match up US vs Philippines for second year in a row.