by A. Penman

Dear readers:
This is a sequel that has been in the works for a number of years. I hope that you all enjoy it. There are some excerpts from the original story included.
A. Penman

THE PARTICIPANTS: Jasmine Greene and Cierra Brooks

Jasmine’s chest heaved deeply as she drifted in and out from a dream like trance to awareness of the present tense. When she opened her eyes, the room was spinning. But it was not a spin of drunken discomfort or hallucination caused by a substance of any kind. It was the intoxicating spin of pure wanton sex, of the rapt pleasure of flesh melded to flesh in fully requited lust. Waves of almost unendurable satisfaction and excruciating sensations such as she had never before known were pulsating from her loins. The warm visual haze cleared every so often and her eyes focused on the soundproof ceiling tiles of the hotel room. She was flat on her back - flat on her back and connected in the most intimate way to another woman as they engaged in the singular act of lotus-eating that could only be shared by two women. She had never before surrendered her pussy to another pussy. Indeed, neither had the beautiful woman with whom she was now sealed in cunt to cunt ecstasy. To Jasmine, this felt dreamlike. Yet the naked, luscious cunt that was pounding into hers kept returning her to the exquisite reality of the moment. This mind-blowing flesh connection was as gratifying as they both thought it would be. Yet, somehow, it was far more profound and coalescing than they ever dreamed it would be. This was the pure essence of woman to woman, and it made both of them feel like they were suspended in time and drifting through space.

As the ceiling tiles stared back at her, she noted the involuntary rotations of her pelvis. Her hands were clasped tightly with Cierra’s hands. Their fingers were intertwined. Jasmine was locked in. They were both locked in to this coveted meeting and mating of their cunts. Every thrust, every rotation, every subtle nuance and stroke of Cierra’s exquisite thickness into her own moist flesh was met and matched by her. Both women thrilled deeply with each full lipped wrestle and sucking together of their swollen labial folds and trembled to their cores with each pulse pounding skirmish between their clitorises. They both were giving as good as they got. But this was no surprise to either of them. They both sensed from the beginning that they would be evenly matched, and that this merging of their most exclusive female flesh would be so intense that it would keep them fused together, relentlessly fucking and pumping orgasm after orgasm into each other deep into the night.


But why was this matchup so eagerly anticipated - so completely necessary? How could it be that two stunning women so grounded in their heterosexuality could be so drawn to each other? And were they both so deeply rooted in traditions that they were completely unaware of “alternative” sexual practices? Not hardly. Both women had friends who were “into” other women - who had experimented with and even boasted about their girl on girl liaisons. To be sure, both Jasmine and Cierra were often aware of the eyes of other women longingly undressing them. And while the idea of a body to body encounter did have a certain forbidden, prurient appeal, they both had remained “pure” despite the increasingly casual acceptance of such trysts that was all around them.

Yet despite their traditional mores, both women had become aware of the subtle tension that had existed between them from the day they first noticed each other. And with each subsequent encounter, no matter where it occurred, a familiar tingling sensation in their breasts and an ache in their loins manifested itself. Beneath the surface and below the waist, a smoldering restlessness existed between them. Try as they might, these sensations could not be subjugated. With each chance encounter at some cocktail party, or with each casual smile and nod to each other at some local art or charitable event, their erotic attraction to each other rose to the surface. It had come to a point where it could no longer be casually dismissed. And it was only gaining in intensity.

Jasmine and Cierra, two strikingly beautiful women who were entangled in the same highbrow social circles, who had never been formally introduced…so drawn together…so perplexed by their longings…so in need of physicality…so hungry for body contact. An explosive encounter seemed imminent.

Protagonist number one-

Jasmine Greene: A physically fit and strikingly beautiful twenty-eight year old blond with long straight hair down to her proudly curvaceous ass. She stood five foot six inches tall and had mesmerizing ice blue eyes with full lips and complexion so smooth and clear as to require almost no makeup. Jasmine was quite proud of her devastating figure that boasted flat, tight abs, a perfect pear-shaped ass and long, smooth and perfectly proportioned legs. Indeed, the only part of her body that seemed out of proportion were her massive E sized breasts. Yet every time that she stood naked in front of a mirror and filled her hands with her two delicious beauties, she smiled at herself and resolved to do the best she could to live in harmony with this wondrous bounty of soft feminine flesh.

Jasmine was a smart go-getter who had worked her way up the corporate ladder without having to “sleep her way to the top,” as she was fond of saying. With her casual wit and charm, she managed to fend off almost daily sexual overtures from horny men and what she herself considered very hot looking, and horny women. There was an especially gorgeous account manager named Silvia with looks, style and a body to die for who was especially eager to get between the sheets with her and fuck. Silvia was a no nonsense woman. Her sales pitch was directness. She really wanted to bed down the well endowed blond. And while she was not quite obnoxious about it, Silvia took any available opportunity to point out to Jasmine how incredibly hot it was when two busty women matched tits and pussies as they rolled around in a fervid body on body encounter. Jasmine would always let Silvia know how flattered she was to be desired by such a beautiful woman. But then she would very politely tell her “No thanks, hon. I mean, you’re gorgeous and all, but I’m a traditional gal.”

Still, every so often, especially when Silvia would lean in to offer a close up view of her astounding cleavage, Jasmine did indeed find herself musing over how her tits might match up against Silvia’s gorgeous rack and questioning what was normal.

Protagonist number two-

Cierra Brooks: An equally firm and fit twenty-seven year old beauty who stood five feet seven inches tall. She had jet black hair that stopped just above her pronounced butt curve and dark soulful eyes that were in stark contrast to Jasmine’s. With a body that was curvaceous and toned from regular workouts, she also found herself standing naked in front of her mirror caressing her lush, full breasts and feeling thankful for her womanly abundance. That gorgeous body in the mirror before her drew the daily woos of men around the office and everyplace else. But what Cierra found even more intriguing was the regular sexual overtures she received from other busty, beautiful women. So far, she had resisted all come-ons. But there were times when she stood naked and in awe of her own reflection and she could not help thinking “Look at you! No wonder so many women want to match bodies with you!” She wondered if she could ever cross that line. What would it be like?

Cierra’s personality was a bit more laid back, but she had also worked her way up from an entry level position at one of the city’s most prestigious real estate agencies. Using an almost lethal combination of looks, brains and charm, she had become a rising star on her way to eclipsing all sales records for an individual agent. Thanks to her skill and enthusiasm, business was booming at Morton-Williams Realtors. Cierra could close a deal. It also didn’t hurt that her large, attention demanding breasts could melt the heart and open the wallet of any potential buyer, whether male or female.

She was not a narcissist, but whenever she attended a party or a fund raising event, she could not help enjoying the looks of men and stares of women that her body regularly elicited every time she walked into a gathering.

Although recently, at a few of these events, it became obvious that she was not the only woman who was turning heads and getting the kind of attention that she was used to getting. An astonishing blond had begun to draw eyes of admiration. Was she stealing Cierra’s thunder? Was the beautiful brunette jealous? Probably not…Perhaps a bit. But Cierra simply could not deny that there were certain conflicting feelings stirring within that were new to her - feelings and sensations that sprung from her soul and from her deepest, darkest desires.

Then one day at an afternoon fundraising event, while casually chatting with one of the event hosts, she noticed the enigmatic blond across the room - the same stunning blond she had noticed many times before. They made eye contact - deep soulful eye contact. Cierra felt her insides churning. She could no longer contain her curiosity. Only half paying attention to what the host was saying because she was distracted, she interrupted him in mid sentence.

“Excuse me, Harold. Who is that attractive blond woman?”
“Where?” he asked.
“Don’t be obvious. As casually as you can, look across the room.”
The host accommodated her. Then he turned back and smiled at her.
“That very attractive woman…I believe her name is Jasmine Greene. She’s a rising star at the Coleman-Devereau ad agency.”
“She’s lovely!” Cierra observed without reservation. It was a casual understatement of her true feelings.
“Would you like an introduction, Cierra?”
“No. That’s not necessary now. I’m sure that we’ll meet eventually.”

What the striking brunette didn’t know, and the host refrained from telling her, was that Jasmine had asked about her once or twice before.

“I’m sure that you will.” the host said, with an undertone of sarcasm.
Harold chuckled to himself and thought “I’d like to be a fly on the wall when you two finally do meet.”

Cierra knew exactly what he was thinking.
“You’re a pervert, Harold. Fuck off!”

The well endowed brunette then turned to walk away. Her gait was such that it caused her fulsome breasts to vigorously ripple and bounce above the plunging neckline of her dress. This wondrous vision of breasts moving rhythmically in stride was not lost to a pair of ice blue eyes across the room…Jasmine’s eyes.

About fifteen minutes later Cierra found herself on a lovely patio facing a meticulously landscaped yard. There were several types of budding, soon to be blooming flower bushes. It was a perfect setting in which to gather her thoughts on a warm, early June afternoon. A few of the other guests were casually meandering from inside the house to the lovely yard. Cierra stood, absorbed in a lovely warm breeze, admiring the beauty of this place and convincing herself that it was only a matter of time before she would own a house such as this. Then she herself would be able to indulge in the pleasures of gardening and landscaping. And for the briefest of moments, other pressing thoughts had slipped away. For the briefest of moments…

“In a few weeks, these flower gardens should be quite lovely, don’t you think?”

The voice came from directly behind her. It was a soft, lilting voice that she had never heard before. But there was no doubt in her mind to whom it belonged. Her chest heaved slightly as she turned to face the devastating blond woman. She was holding two glasses of white wine, and offering her one.

“The bartender said that you were drinking Chablis.” The blond smiled and nodded.
“I am indeed. Thank you so much!”
The two women clinked glasses and sipped, with their eyes fully engaged.

“I’m Jasmine Greene.”
A soft hand of introduction was offered and accepted.
“I’m Cierra Brooks.”
They clasped hands and shook firmly, with a slight hint of aggression. Both women thought how fitting this was - and how stimulating.
“Lovely to finally meet you, Cierra.”
“And you, Jasmine.”

Their smiles were warm and inviting. But the language of their bodies spoke openly of seduction and confrontation. Without any uneasiness, both women assessed each other from head to toe. As each woman now understood her fate, so too did each woman now sense the complete loss of prior inhibitions. Their eyes met again as they sipped wine.

“You’re quite beautiful, Cierra.”
“As are you, Jasmine.”

This acquiescence to each other was a symbolic offering by both women. They now knew. They took a few more seconds to allow their gazes to openly linger on the lavish swell of each other’s cleavage that was now quite noticeably rising and falling over their low cut gowns. A quick look around revealed that, except for a few meandering stragglers off in the garden, they were pretty much alone. Jasmine broke the silence.

“Harold mentioned that you had asked about me.”
“Harold is a meddling fool.” Cierra responded, slightly annoyed.
“Why do you say that?” Jasmine was puzzled by this. Then it hit her.
“Oh. I get it. Now you feel you’re at a disadvantage because I know you asked about me.”
“At the very least, a bit vulnerable.” the busty brunette responded sheepishly.
“Well, you needn’t feel like that Cierra.”
“Apparently Harold didn’t tell you that I’ve been asking about you, too.”

Cierra could feel a bit of light headedness. She noticed that her nipples were hardening and between her thighs she sensed moisture. Jasmine then took the first step that would take the two women past the point of no return .

“I’m a little unsure of myself here, but I’ve been told this is what I’m supposed to do.”

She held out the first two fingers of her right hand in a “V” and offered them to Cierra. The blond then watched with lascivious pleasure as the brunette’s breasts began to surge over the top of her dress.

“Do you know about this, Cierra? Do you know what it means?”
“I do indeed. It’s something that I always found kind of intriguing, but never seriously considered. That is…” Cierra paused, took in a deep breath and continued. “…until I saw you.”

It was the universal signal between two women that a challenge to meet and lock thighs was being issued. An invitation from one woman to another to meet privately and engage in an ancient ritual that’s exclusive to women - the meeting of cunts.*

“I’ve been informed of it’s meaning a number of times.”
“Let me guess. You have a woman in your office who wants to sleep with you.”
Cierra smiled with a hint of sarcasm.
“At least one.”
“Yeah, me too, Cierra.”

Jasmine could barely control her excitement as Cierra slid two fingers into hers. The soft flesh at the base of their fingers met and they rubbed softly but assertively. Both women felt their clitorises harden in a thrilling response.

“I’ve also been told that no earthly pleasure can compare to this.”
“Well then, sweet Jasmine, this is where it begins for us.”
“Challenge issued.” Jasmine stated.
“Challenge accepted.” Cierra smiled as she worked her fingers deep into Jasmine’s and locked them tightly.


And so, within thirty minutes the two women excused themselves from the gathering and found themselves driving to the closest hotel. This is how they came to be stretched out on a king sized bed in room 416 at a luxury hotel, deep into each other’s scissored, silken thighs and engaged in a profound, shameless, inexorable cunt fuck.

Flat on her back, naked as the day she was born, Jasmine’s womanly body writhed as she matched her pelvic rotations to Cierra’s. Stroke for stroke, two overheated women were avidly laying into each other with total, reckless abandon as their vaginal lips now finally sealed together in the ultimate resolution of their mutual fuck fantasies. Jasmine and Cierra, two powerhouse women, grinding their opulent pudenda into each other in a sexual meeting that had become so necessary for both women.

As her womanhood folded into Cierra’s, and the juicy sounds of fucking could be heard, Jasmine could feel her massive breasts rocking on her chest. She smiled as she recalled the delicious events that took place almost immediately after they checked into the room.


Cierra locked the door behind them and made sure to flip the “do not disturb” button. Jasmine looked beautiful and amazingly alluring as she leaned in to check the firmness of the mattress, her massive tits almost pouring out of the top of her gown. On her way to meet Jasmine, an extremely aroused Cierra unbuttoned herself and slipped out of her gown. It was tossed aside when the blond turned to face her. Jasmine was awe struck by the sight of Cierra standing and facing her in only her g-string and bra. Her body responded. No more polite pretense. No more private suppressed yearning. This was it!

As soon as Jasmine peeled off her dress, Cierra was on her and the two came down onto the mattress with a thump and a splat. They locked in a passionate kiss as they rolled over and over, matching their hungry bodies heatedly to each other. The two overheated cats wrestled and tongued each other deeply. Saliva oozed from the corners of their sealed mouths. Bras and g-strings were then worked off with expertise. Finally the two could feel the full measure of each other’s naked body pressed against theirs. Jasmine and Cierra, now locked in woman to woman concupiscence.

“Oh FUCK!!!” Cierra cried out in ecstasy, amazed by the thrill of their bodies at long last fusing skin on skin. All of those hot women who wanted to bump and grind with her…they were right!

“Give me those tits, bitch.” Jasmine demanded.
“With pleasure, slut.”

Cierra then moved her eager breasts into perfect alignment with Jasmine’s. Matching nipples to nipples, Cierra then crushed her generous tits into the blond’s full rack. Jasmine cried out in pure ecstasy as she felt her hard nipples match up with Cierra’s. The four projectiles seemed eager to tease and fight each other. But it was the full measure of the brunette’s amazing tit flesh squashing tightly to her own full breasts that made her cry out in uninhibited bliss. How long they had secretly craved this meeting of breasts and bodies!

But what Jasmine could not understand was how she was able to fend off the advances of so many other highly attractive women with ease. Yet somehow only Cierra held the key that would unlock her fearful, deeply hidden desires. Not to mention that what she was doing right this second flew in the face of outdated beliefs and all that she had been taught by sanctimonious clergymen who had admonished her for “impure thoughts” while they themselves could not avert their eyes from her young, developing body. Fuck those hypocrites! Jasmine was where she needed to be -where she wanted to be. She was going to mingle spit and sweat and juices and fuck this hot bitch, tits to tits and pussy to pussy for all she was worth.

Their arms wrapped around each other in a crushing embrace. Jasmine felt waves of electrifying pleasure wash over every square inch of her supple flesh. Nothing she had ever before experienced felt like this. She rolled Cierra onto her back, wanting to show aggression. Thrilled by this, Cierra spread her legs and tilted her pelvis upward in a brazen challenge.
“Come get what you want, Jasmine. My pussy’s ready.”
“I’m gonna fuck that cunt of yours raw, you slut!”
“Quit trash talking and bring it, whore!!!” Cierra taunted.

Jasmine’s ice blues locked with Cierra’s deep browns. And then she brought it. She dispatched a downward thrust that deposited her thick, wet cunt and her hard clit into the folds of Cierra’s engorged cunt. At first hard and furious, like two savages finally coming together to lock in battle, the kissing was fierce and the writhing of their naked bodies against each other was tumultuous. But after the first few orgasms, they both mellowed out and relaxed into a groove as they continued to fuck with their entire bodies. And for the next hour, they rolled and fucked and wrestled and fucked and moaned and groaned and sucked each other’s tongues and fucked as profuse amounts of sweat caused their bodies to slip and slap.


Now in full surrender mode, Cierra also understood that this moment in time was where she desperately longed to be. The inevitability of this body to body slam session with Jasmine had occupied her most private thoughts for months. But could she eventually balance her contradictory feelings of jealousy and lust for this blond bitch? Could she come to accept no longer being the most lusted after woman in their circle of friends and acquaintances? Would tonight be the end of this? Would they meet like this again? How many more of these extraordinary woman to woman body locks would be necessary and sweet fucking jesus, how was it possible for such earthly pleasure to exist? This was other worldly!!!

Jasmine provided some clarity with each forceful thrust of cunt into cunt and each mash and roll of tits into tits and with each tangle of clit with clit. Cierra decided that with such intense physical and emotional shock waves enveloping every square inch of her, there were no definitive answers…only this moment in time was worthy of consideration. The only thing that mattered was, after months of wet dreams, beautiful Jasmine was stretched out on top of her and they were fucking for all they were worth.

“Jasmine! You fucking whore!” Cierra screamed in pure bliss at the top of her lungs.
She rolled Jasmine onto her back, then pulled away and spread the blond’s legs wide apart.
“I’m taking your smug blond ass down!”
Jasmine propped up on her elbows and smiled at Cierra, knowing full well what was coming. She then taunted the big busted brunette.
“I’ve been fucking you really good body to body, haven’t I? Admit it, you skank bitch!”
“Perhaps. But now we’re going to finish this. Cunt to cunt. You up for it, sweet Jasmine?”
“Of course I am. This is where we’ve been headed all along, darling Cierra.”
The two beauties thrilled as they felt their silken thighs slide in tight. Instinctively, they knew what to do.

Both women knew that, for better or for worse, they needed to meet in this full on pussy tryst in order to be at peace with themselves and satisfy their aching need for the sexual release that could only come from the merging of their succulent cunts. All that truly mattered was that their cunts were finally going to meet and lock up in this fleshy duel. The first full on kiss of their swollen pussies caused both women to moan and throw their heads back in astonishment. Cierra rolled, spreading her thick labia then pushed tightly to Jasmine. In response, Jasmine sunk her girl cock deep into Cierra’s splayed cunt. The brunette then countered by mating her clit with the blond’s. Shrieks of ecstasy escaped from both women, and it was on.
Jasmine Greene and Cierra Brooks sealed together and fucked, cunt to cunt and clit to clit, deep into the night.


Two luscious cunts that had, for several months, been on a collision course. Tonight, they would clash. Tonight, these two well endowed pussies would finally square off in the flesh. Two beautiful women would resolve personal matters between them. Two sets of thick labia would interlock and they would fuck and fight, and fight and fuck to a heated, excruciating finish.*

a. penman

from original story