by A. Penman

I helped an exhausted Carla remove her legs from the gynecological stirrups. I figured that those long and shapely beauties might have been sore from being in an elevated position for such a long time. So, I took a few minutes to lovingly massage each of them from the kneecap down in order to promote good peripheral circulation. My hands lingered on her silken calf muscles as my mature, manly fingers kneaded them gently, like a master chef molding pizza dough to a pan. I thought I heard her moan softly with this digital stimulation. And of course, I was not at all surprised when I noted that Carla’s feet were so pretty. They were perfectly proportioned - not too big, not too small. And her toes were exquisite! Filling my hands with each foot one at a time, and working my thumbs firmly into the pads and soles elicited a ticklish giggle from her. It was here that I became emboldened and did something that, as recently as thirty minutes ago, I would not have thought about doing. Well, maybe I would have thought about it. Anyway, I decided to give each individual toe the personal attention of my mouth and tongue. And with each digit that I sucked into my mouth, there was an audible gasp from sweet Dr. Johnstone. When I finished, I heard her whisper her gratitude.
“Oh that felt so good! Thank you.”
“Hey! What’s going on down there?” Dr. Ferrari stirred.
“You mind your business, Gianna.”

A sex weary Gianna was still lying recumbent on top of Carla. Their voluptuous anatomy still merged in a slow, synchronous, but barely perceptible dance. It was a sight to behold as the two women’s bodies were still moving in concert, well past the climactic event.

I sat down on the wheeled stool that was nearby the exam table, then rolled myself close to the physically drained women who were still in each other’s naked embrace. I watched with utter fascination as their synchronous respirations kept their tits locked to each other. I’ve seen my fair share of breasts over the years. But in my life experience, none could compare to these four. I wished for a moment that I could shrink down and burry myself deep into fused tit meat. What a way that would be to spend my golden years! Of course, I’d most certainly have to have a full supply of high end French and Italian wines.

I sighed, drifting into my mind in order to savor the events of the last hour until beautiful Carla broke into my reverie with a question I had hoped would not be asked.

“Were you able to discern a winner, Arturo?”

Oh damn! I didn’t want to be put into that position. I really didn’t want to designate a winner. Truthfully, I didn’t care and I felt that it didn’t really matter. Having been treated to this unexpected and truly amazing turn of events, as far as I was concerned, if there was a winner in the room, it was me. Really. How many sentient human beings ever get to witness something like this? So, I tried to divert.

“Uhh…I didn’t know this was about winning or loosing.” I stammered.
“What do you mean? OF COURSE it was!!!” said Gianna, incredulously.
“No no no. With all due respect Doctor Ferrari, both you and Carla said from the beginning that this was about you two finally settling an old score - indeed, finally bringing your bodies together in a way that you’ve both secretly wanted to since med school and beyond. And it looks to me like that has been taken care of in grand fashion.”
“Well, I guess you’re right. Still…clearly I brought Carla to an orgasm first.” the drop dead gorgeous heart specialist insisted.
“Once again, Doctor Ferrari, I respectfully disagree.”
“What?!” she emphatically questioned. So I explained.

“You must remember, doctors, that I had a clear view of the erotic sexual entanglement that took place between those luscious thighs of yours and…”
“Doesn’t he have a great way with words?” Carla interjected.
“Now that you mention it, Carla, he is rather eloquent.”
“Now you know why I was so excited when he asked if I would be his personal physician.”
“He is an impressive man. I’ll give you that, Carla. But he does need to see an optometrist because there’s something wrong with his vision. Clearly I made you climax first.” Gianna insisted.
“You did not!”

Gianna may have been right. She may indeed have brought Carla to a climax a couple of seconds ahead of her. But once again, so what? The truly significant thing was that, after years of latent sexual desire, these two women finally fucked. And so, as a self appointed referee who wielded no real authority, and as Carla’s patient, I felt that it was my job to rule in favor of the home team. In other words, I called it a draw.

“Like I said ladies, I had a full view. And like I stated, it was obvious to me that ejaculate was being spewed by both of you pretty much simultaneously.”
“Oh that’s just nonsense!” Gianna was unconvinced.
“Well that's my decision Gianna. And what does it matter anyway? Listen…you are two of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. The only thing that really matters is that you finally did this. It was pretty apparent that both of you have been wanting to match bodies since med school. You should both be glad that you finally got it out of your systems. And may I say the only winner in the room was me because I got to witness something truly wonderful. By the way, I want to say thanks for letting me stay.”
“I suppose you could be right, Mr. Penman.”
“Maybe he’s right Gia. Maybe it was a draw. We were both a little out of our minds.”
“Out of your minds? Like the kids say today, you two ladies were in the zip code!”
“In the zone!” they both corrected.
“Whatever! Anyway doctors, I must be going. Once again, thank you both for letting me be a part of this momentous event.”
I reached for my jeans and slipped them over my legs. I zipped the fly and buttoned them, then adjusted my belt. But something was off. They were both looking at me with the expressions of two disappointed little girls.
“What? Is something wrong?”
“Well…” Gianna hesitated. “…well…it’s just that…”
“What Gianna? Get to the point!”
“I think what Dr. Ferrari is trying to say is that we’re not finished yet.” Carla offered.
“Not finished?” I asked, tentatively. Oh please, oh please, oh please!!! My heart was racing. My cock was stirring.

“No, Mr. A. Penman, we’re not. Carla and I haven’t scissored yet.”

Yesssss!!!!! My innards were in a state of euphoric upheaval. Next came the words that I will take with me to the grave…well, maybe just to the next short story.

“And we were hoping you could stay for the main event.” Carla cooed softly.

I removed my jeans so fast that I almost went back in time. Then, with the most amazing smoothness and agility I had ever seen, Dr. Johnstone and Dr. Ferrari moved into position, with their legs in the classic over/under placement. I moved swiftly to take down the stirrups, in order to make things easier for lovely Gianna. She gave me a wink, then gestured for me to come close. And by close, she meant really close. When I did, she reached around and pulled me to her. Before I knew it, she threw caution to the wind and locked me into a full mouth open Italian tongue kiss. The unexpected lip lock only lasted a few seconds. But oh my, how those seconds stretched languorously in my brain. Those lips were even more exquisite than I had imagined. What a phenomenal kisser! What an extraordinary woman! But she wasn’t done. As I started to pull away, Gianna redirected my face towards her chest and I became buried in mountains of tit flesh. I took the opportunity to kiss and suck whatever I could kiss and suck. Eventually I worked my way out to her nipples where I devoted several seconds of attentive sucking to each turgid appendage. But it was only a matter of seconds before I needed to catch my breath.
“Wow!” Gianna groaned. “You can suck my titties anytime!”

When I re-entered earth’s atmosphere, I noticed the look on Carla’s beautiful face as she stared at me in disbelief. It was almost like I’d been caught cheating. Then she turned her attention to Gianna.

“Hey, bitch! What the hell do you think you’re doing? That’s MY patient!”
“Well, maybe if you were more attentive to his needs, bitch!” Gianna snapped back.
“Listen, you slut of a cardiologist. I take care of MY patients. So you keep your damn brazen hussy tongue and tits out of A.Penman’s mouth!”
“Well then, you peroxide slut, maybe you need to re-assess your patient care plan. Because from my perspective, what you’re doing obviously isn’t working.”

Gianna turned her head in the direction of my raging hard-on. Carla then hurled every filthy insult she could think of at Gianna, which only made the brunette laugh at her derisively. Her attention then turned to me.
“Arturo! Get over here, STAT!!!” she hollered.

WOW! No one has ever used that amazing hospital term on me before. STAT!!! Holy shit! This was really urgent. I had to get to Carla as fast as I could. Time was of the essence. Every second was critical!

Not to be outdone by her cardiology rival, when I got to her, Carla pulled me into the full mouthed tongue kiss that I had privately fantasized about since my first office visit. My doctor’s lips were incredibly soft, and fuller that I thought. Her tongue and the saliva that coated it had a luxurious texture. But I pulled away and issued a cautionary word.

“You’re risking catching my cold, Carla.”
“Then shut up and suck my tits!” Dr. Johnstone ordered.
“Well, you’re my doctor. And I always follow my doctor’s orders.” I said as I dove face first into Carla’s gigantic bosoms.

Oh my fucking word, what wondrous flesh! The blood flow to my cock was now so copious as to be painful. She must have diagnosed my acute condition. As I said before, she’s a great doctor. I felt the need, once again to get my wind but her left hand held me between her tits. She wanted me to keep going, as if I needed to learn that her tits were better than Gianna’s tits. Fine by me. I do whatever is necessary for a story.

Next, I felt my jockey shorts being expertly yanked down past my knees and before I knew it, my cock was in Carla’s soft, skilled hand. With true medical mastery, Carla matched the rate of her stroke to the rate of my heartbeat. By my quick mental calculations that was a perfectly aerobic one hundred and forty beats per minute. I worried, however, that if it got to beating any faster I could have easily slipped into a super ventricular tachycardia. This would have necessitated immediate treatment from the best cardiologist in the Northeast. OK. So, maybe I didn’t need to be so worried, because the best cardiologist in the Northeast was in the room with me in all of her naked glory.

Carla’s self centered tits continued to demand my attention. As her virtuosic hand pumped my member ever closer to the edge, my balls felt Gianna’s familiar caress. Oh FUCK! She manipulated my scrotum while Carla pumped my member at an ever increasing rate. Finally I had to break away from Carla’s exquisite Es in order to gulp in the increased oxygen my body so desperately needed. My lungs were aching. My head tilted back and my eyes rolled. I was forced to grab onto each woman’s nearest bicep and hold on for dear life. I was outside of my body. The pleasure was so excruciating! But my mind was aware enough to know that, seconds later, cum was spurting from my cock and landing in places in the room where ejaculate did not normally reside. I thought I saw a small amount in the palm of Carla’s hand.
I could feel my knees start to buckle. They both sensed this and simultaneously released my manhood. I came down on the stool, which I had set to maximum height earlier. This turned out to be a fortuitous decision. I felt the need for a brief respite and leaned forward to lower my head and shoulders. My arms came to rest on each of their tummies. In a couple of seconds, when my brain cleared, I realized that I had landed face deep in opposing pussies. They didn’t seem to mind.

“Are you OK?” Gianna asked.
Both women giggled as I whispered my response into their luscious pussies.
“Never been better.”
I gave each of their pussies a soft, appreciative kiss.
They groaned. My mind had cleared up enough to realize that before my eyes was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I had to go for it.

“Doctors. I know that you’re both eager to continue. And I am certainly just as anxious for this thrilling action to resume. But before you do, can I have a little taste? Would that be OK?”
“Oh my! Please help yourself!” Carla responded.
“Vieni al tavolo e mangiare, Arturo!” said Gianna.

Having grown up in a neighborhood in which almost every surname ended in a vowel, I recognized the warm Italian summons to sit down at a bountiful table and…eat! And in this case, the lovely Dr. Ferrari made me wish that I had a sprinkle of parmesan. Nonetheless, I dove in anyway.

For the next ten minutes or so, my lips and tongue explored the succulent folds of each pussy. I allowed my nose and tongue to savor the subtle nuances of fragrance and flavors of the pussy buffet before me. I noted the size of each clitoris as equally large and the textured labial folds that were plump and as smooth as silk. I knew that when vulva met vulva, it would be a monumental encounter. What lovely, womanly fragrances and flavors these pussies possessed! But, in deference to the tasty antipasto between Gianna’s thighs, if I had to pair these two with a wine, it would definitely be a high end French Chardonnay. That would be like matching elegance with elegance.

Anyway, both women were fully enjoying the sucking of my eager lips and the probing of my tongue. However the time had come for them to engage in the ultimate sensual duel. I removed my face from this banquet of female genitalia and then licked my lips, savoring a final taste of their juices. Yummm!

“What a luscious appetizer that was! But now it’s time for you ladies to get to the main course.”
I waved my hand in a smooth gesture a few inches above the two pussies.
“Doctors…if you would.”


With the skill of two women who had done this before, the two phenomenal physicians crab walked into each other’s thighs until the two naked gladiators, now lubricated with my saliva, were less than an inch apart. I found myself wondering if they actually had done this before. Hummm. I moved in really close. They were both fine with this. Indeed, as eager as both of these amazing women were to engage each other, they seemed just as eager to meet for my enjoyment. As odd as that felt, I could not bring myself to complain. Actually, I was kind of flattered.

Heads nodded and pelvises thrusted. And with a smack and a squish, it was on. My half mast cock began to stir and stiffen once again. Carla grunted from deep in her chest. As the connection deepened, I could see Gianna’s body tremble. They had leaned back onto their elbows, and due to the narrow restrictions of the exam table, their legs draped over the sides from the knees down. I could feel their feet rubbing against my legs. This made me feel like I was a part of the action. I moved in close, in order to thrill at the sight of their wet, shaved pussies as they folded into an intimate lockup. Neither of the two lovely women were at all shy about me being so close to the action. Despite my close proximity, they were very much into each other and seemingly pleased that I was so into them being so into each other, if that makes any sense.

Unable to use their legs for leverage, this thick and luscious duel was being waged with nothing but the strength of their hips and their pelvises. On the narrow exam table, their arms could only be used for basic support. This meant that this battle could only be waged with lower body strength. And as far as I could tell, these women were evenly matched. I was fascinated by the flex and strain of belly muscles and how they came into play in this most womanly encounter. A very close look at the opposing genitals revealed full, rounded labia that were sliding into and out of each other in exquisite friction. There was no shortage of female juices either. Then, with a good amount of levator muscle contraction, I was able to observe the two pussies exert a tight grip on each other. My beautiful doctor and her sexy rival were now fully conjoined. Outwardly, both Carla and Gianna seemed somewhat low keyed about this. But I could tell that beneath the surface, both women were seething. There was an explosive orgasm barreling non stop down the tracks. Now their beautiful faces were contorted in pre climax expressions. Now their bodies began to writhe, damn near uncontrollably. Pelvises rocked and rolled. Carla’s grunts became more regular. Gianna’s chest looked like it was about to explode. Countdown! Holy fuck! This was amazing!!! Impulsively (and ingeniously I might add) I reached across and grabbed the otoscope and set it on maximum diopters so that I could get a close, deep look into the junction of the two warring pussies. I took a few mental notes, fully intending to report the results of my impromptu research to the appropriate agencies of the medical establishment. Then, I relaxed back on the stool and continued to watch, with my cock now fully erect and in my hand.

“Sit up!!!” I yelled out to them. I knew they were close, and so was I. I wanted to hold off, but I couldn’t. I fired my volleys randomly around the room.

Gianna and Carla bolted upright. Tits slammed into tits. Mouths locked in a furious kiss. Bellies slapped as their feminine crotches locked in a savage battle. They bear hugged each other as they bucked and fucked and fucked and bucked. Until finally…Carla and Gianna broke off the kiss in order to release loud, shrieking screams into the room. No more dignified ladies. Just two naked wildcats howling and shooting cum into each other’s cunts.

The tremendous exertion left them drained and unsteady. I was pretty depleted too. But I had to get up and wrap my arms around them in order to keep them from teetering over the edge. As wobbly as they were, I knew that they didn’t want to separate their bodies. In a perverse sort of way, I felt like a proud, comforting dad. My two girls had done their best for me…

About five minutes passed and they began to wake up. They no longer needed my support, so I sat back down and watched two very beautiful and sexually satisfied women as they engaged in some sensual post coital kissing. My word, these women were so hot! Eventually, they got around to soft cheek to cheek rubbing as they faced me, nodded and smiled, quite lovingly.

“Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! That was extraordinary! Just amazing! Even mind boggling!” I lauded them.
“So I take it that you liked what you saw?” Gianna asked.
“Well yes! I just said that you two were amazing. And, may I add that it appeared that you ladies have done this before?”
I wasn’t sure about this dialogue.
“Do we have the official A. Penman seal of approval?” Carla asked.
“Uh…I beg your pardon?” I was confused. Something felt really strange.

The two physicians looked at each other like two women with a shared, kinky secret. Gianna addressed Carla.

“Should we tell him?”
“Actually, yes. I think we should, hon.” Lovely Carla replied.
“Well then Carla, since he’s your patient, you should be the one to tell him.”
“Tell me what?” I asked, feeling like someone who’d been left out of the loop.
“Come here, Arturo. Sit with us.”
“Well now. I can do that.”
I leapt onto the examination table with alacrity. They had separated so that I could sit between them. The girls then moved in close in order to snuggle tightly and warmly with me. Each of them wrapped an arm around my back and hugged. Carla’s face leaned onto my right shoulder as Gianna’s face came to rest upon my left. How on earth did it come to pass that a routine office visit to my internist ended up with me on an examination table sandwiched between two of the most beautiful and very naked women doctors I’d ever seen? I could feel a breast on each bicep. Oh my word, those tits. They were so full and firm! They had the texture of silk. I wanted to reach around and grab handfuls of luscious tit flesh, but I didn’t want to cross any doctor/patient barriers. Then it occurred to me that when I sunk my tongue into each of their pussies, the proprieties of the doctor/patient relationship went out the window. So I threw caution to the wind, reached around and had myself a heapin’ helpin’ of tits. Talk about contentment. They both seemed delighted at my slow manipulation of their breasts. My manhood was stirring, but my curiosity ruled.

“Talk to me, Carla. What’s going on?”
Carla sighed as she snuggled.
“Well, Arturo…do you remember I said how excited I was when you asked me if I would be your personal physician?”
“Yes. And as I’m sure you recall Dr. Johnstone, I was quite flattered when you agreed.”

Then something came to mind. I was the only one with reason to be excited about this new doctor/patient relationship. She didn’t know me.

After my long time doctor was brought up on charges, I was forced to find another one. So I did an internet search for highly rated internists in the area. I carefully read her credentials, background, education and such (as in whether or not she was involved in any pending lawsuits) and from that standpoint, she seemed absolutely perfect for me. And then, I took a closer look at her photo. Holy crap! What a knockout! Even in this rather plain, professional picture, with a conservative looking haircut, minimal makeup and thick rimmed glasses that effectively conveyed that matronly look, there could be no mistaking the swell of her massive tits. In a quiet, dignified way, those babies just demanded your attention! Even in this benign photograph, those wondrous Es would not be ignored. The highbrow education and experience was all well and good. But as I mentioned earlier, I needed for my doctor to have a great set of tits. Carla was the physician for me - the physician of my wet dreams. It was kind of like love at first leer.

It should be noted here that I heard through the grapevine that there was a considerable waiting list of humans who wanted to become patients of the beautiful and talented Dr. Carla Johnstone. So you can imagine my surprise when I received a callback within twenty-four hours informing me that the very much in demand Dr. Johnstone had gladly accepted me as a patient. Why did I get preferential treatment ? Logically, she only knew of me from the time she applied for an office suite in my building. Other than that, we were complete strangers to each other. Or so I believed…

“Let me tell you a little story, dear Mr. Penman. Unless I’ve misread you completely, and judging from your reactions to the events here today, I don’t believe that I have. So this is a story I’m sure you’re going to like.”
“Actually Carla, what wholesome, red blooded, god fearing American male wouldn’t have reacted the same way that I did upon seeing what I just saw?”
“Ah. But you are not just any average American male, Mr. Penman. And I seriously doubt that there’s any wholesomeness to your character.” Dr. Ferrari interjected.
“Are you suggesting that I’m some kind of sleaze bag, Dr. Ferrari?”
“Indeed. You’re my kind of sleaze bag, Mr. Penman.”
Beautiful Gianna giggled and gave me a soft kiss on my cheek.
“Tell him what happened that night, Carla - and why it happened.”
“I’ll bite. What happened? And why?”
“Well, this happened a couple of months before you became my patient.”
“Do tell.” I said, wondering where this was going.
“Gianna and I have dinner together quite often. And why not? We’re both unattached, successful professional women and the best of friends.”
“B…B..best of friends? I thought that…” I stammered. Gianna shushed me. They both nodded and Carla continued.
“Anyway, on this particular night, we were sitting around enjoying an after dinner cognac and a cigar.”
“A cigar? I like it.”
“And, as is sometimes the case, Mr. Penman, our after dinner chat came around to…sex.” Gianna bashfully revealed.
“So? There’s nothing unusual about that.” I offered.
She then drew me deeper into the erotic arena of women that, until today, had only existed in my mind.
“True. But on this particular night, the chat got around to what we’d done and hadn’t done and, indeed, what we fantasized about doing.”
“So then, I had an intriguing thought.”
“Oh? By all means Carla, intrigue me.”
“So I retrieved my laptop, went online and pulled up a short story that I was anxious for Gia to read. A story by…”
Carla lifted her head off my shoulder and looked directly at me with fawning eyes. Her facial expression was a combination of accusation and admiration.
“OH NO!” I felt queasiness in my gut.
“Oh yes!” they both chimed in.
My jaw dropped. I felt a flush of embarrassment - like a teenager caught masturbating by his mom.
“You’ve got to be shitting me!” I was astonished.
“No, Mr. Penman. We’re not.” Gianna confirmed this.
“OK. What happened next?”
“Well, then we took turns reading to each other, alternating pages while sipping on cognac and puffing on our cigars.” Gianna revealed.
“And the more we read, the more sexually aroused we became.” said Carla.
“With each deep tongue kiss, with each mashing of tits and scraping of nipples, with each belly slap and pussy grind we became less and less able to control our excitement.” Gianna said.
“Article after article of clothing came off.” Carla said with mounting tension.
“Until we were down to nothing but our bras and g-strings.”
“Then the next thing we knew, we were in my bed, completely naked and rolling around body to body, just like the women in the story.” Carla breathed.
“And we spent the rest of the night fucking like two wildcats in heat!” Gianna summarized.
“All thanks to the perverse machinations of the mind of A.Penman.”
“I don’t know what to say. I guess I’m flattered, despite being a bit embarrassed over being ‘outed.’”

But when I gave it some thought, here’s what truths rose to the surface. I was sitting on an examination table between two stark naked, drop dead gorgeous female physicians who had just allowed me to watch them engage in an intense sexual assignation. It was the stuff of dreams. It was the fabric of fiction-my fiction. I was an incredibly lucky sleaze bag.

But there were a few things I needed to know.


“OK dear ladies. It’s time for some not so frequently asked questions.”
They both nodded in agreement. My hands moved away from their tits and I gently rubbed their soft backs. They both sighed their approval.

“First of all, Carla.”
“The request for the cardiac consultation…was that really indicated?”
“Oh no. That was to let Dr. Ferrari know that you were here.”
“You don’t seriously think the brilliant Dr. Johnstone would have missed a simple diagnosis like stimulant induced tachycardia, do you?” Gianna asked in disbelief.
“You’re right. But what about the instruction to wear the long white frock?”
“Oh come on, Arturo. Think about it. Carla was telling me we were good and the plan was on.” Gianna explained.
“It was a signal, you dummy! A hidden communication.” Carla verified.
“I don’t understand. What plan?”
“The plan to fake a fight so that we could strip naked and ‘settle things’ in front of you.”
“And the ‘old score?’”
“A fabrication. Gianna and I have been best friends since college.” Carla revealed.
“And, thanks to you Arturo, now we get together occasionally for hot woman to woman sex.”

My mind was now officially boggled.
“Let me get this straight. You two hot babes did this for me, in order to say thanks for getting you together?” I was astonished.
“Yes!” They said in harmony.
“You bitches be stone crazy! But I’m honored.”
“Well truthfully, Mr. Penman, that wasn’t the only reason.” Carla said, gingerly.
I shook my head and waited for the other shoe to fall.
“OK. What?”
“Well, there’s no delicate way to say this…” Gianna continued, hesitantly.
“Oh for fuck sake, just say it!”
“Well, we both love you…we really do. But we both follow your writing and we both think it’s getting a little stale.”
“No offense, Arturo. Just some loving, constructive criticism.” Carla said, as she reached under my gown and gently stroked my cock. I sighed and nodded, knowing they were right. I had been feeling a little lack of direction and spark in my writing lately. I was in a rut.
“So, what should I do? What does the doctor prescribe?”
“Well isn’t it obvious? Carla and I just gave you two hot new characters, and a slammin’ story to write.”
“Well, that’s true. I suppose I could craft a story out of today’s events.” I teased.
“Besides. We’re sick of reading about those bitches over at the Penman Professional Building.”
“Hey! Watch it! I’m one of those bitches. That’s where my office is.” Gianna objected.
Carla apologized to Gia, then continued.
“We fuck just as good as they do, maybe better! You should definitely write about us, Arturo.”

I pondered their words and the events of today for a few tense seconds. Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning.

“OK, dear Carla and Gianna. I promise that this will be my next erotic opus. But I have a condition.”
“Name it.”
“OK. We have to get you, dear Dr. Johnstone, out of this dump and into a luxurious office suite at the Penman Professional Building.”
“Oh, hell yes!!!” Dr. Ferrari could not control her enthusiasm over this idea.
“Wait just a second, Mr. A. Penman!”
“What?” I was surprised to note Carla’s hesitance.
“You expect me, a highly respected professional physician…”
“Don’t forget extremely hot with great big tits.” Gianna added.
“OK. You expect me, a highly respected and extremely hot physician with amazing E size breasts to relocate to the Penman Professional Building - a building in which many beautiful, busty women regularly meet in hot, sweltering naked lesbian trysts? Is that the condition? Is that what you expect?”
“Well…umm…yeah.” I said.
“OK! I can do that.” the sexy Dr. Carla Johnstone chirped her agreement. “When do we get started with the moving process?”
Without missing a beat, I looked longingly into Carla’s pretty blue eyes.
“I think that we should not delay. Every second is critical! We need to get started on this…STAT!”