By Rexxx

Standing, naked, in the center of the room, hands clenched in each otherís hair, legs intertwined, bodies grinding together, the two women pound their cunts with wild abandon, their shaved pussies slurping and sucking, teeth clenched, the look of wild eyed hatred on both their faces! Using their bodies as tools to crush the sexual life out of the other! Their breasts, bellies and thighs welded together, sliding back and forth, the sweat lubricating their movements! Both pussies flowing with what would normally be considered love juices! But this was not the case in this duel of bitter rivals!! As if with one mind, they release their hair holds, grab their beautiful, full ass cheeks and grind their wet cunts side to side, pussy lips pulling against each other, each woman attempting to stimulate the other to orgasm! The blond shoves her right hand under the redheadís chin, attempting to push her away! The redhead quickly wraps her arms around the blondís waist, squeezing hard! The blond does likewise and they grind and fuck each other frantically, breasts forced together in a battle of their own! Falling to the floor, the women maintain their bear hug while still grinding their soaked snatches! Overwhelmed by the brutal sexual assault, the women scream out their orgasms, pumping into the each otherís pussy feverishly, their minds oblivious to anything but their own pleasure!! The redhead, realizing what has just occurred, pulls herself from the blond and rolls away, coming to a crouch several feet apart, breasts heaving, heart pounding in her chest! The blond, sweat dripping from her head, bolts to a crouching position also, not taking her eyes off her opponent!

Lindsey, a voluptuous big breasted blond in her late twenties, hated the red headed Gina, an equally endowed woman in her early thirties. They both had their eyes set on a certain man whom was not interested in either woman. That fact mattered not to the egotistical women who thought, because of their exquisite beauty, the man should be one of theirs. A sexfight was agreed upon to determine which woman was to further pursue the gent. The two women were confirmed heterosexuals with no bi-sexual feelings toward women whatsoever. The perfect solution would, of course, be a sexual confrontation with no holds barred! Only one rule would apply, forced orgasms, no time limit until one or the other submits! They would meet at Lindsey's ranch, an out of the way setting for this private affair.

Standing again, the two women charge each other, coming together with a slapping of their bodies, grappling with arms and legs, and finally falling in a heap to the carpeted floor. Reaching for each otherís breasts the women began tugging and pulling at their nipples while wrapping their legs around each other, again, forcing their cunts together in a frenzied fucking motion, bucking wildly! Both women grab their tits in a crushing, dual breast claw, pushing and gouging their nails into the tit flesh while still mashing their soaked pussies, the sweat pouring from their bodies and faces! Pulling their bodies around so their faces are opposite their huge mammaries, Gina and Lindsey begin ferociously licking and sucking their adversary's breasts, stretching and nibbling the nipples to maximum length, spitting on and lapping and swirling the tip of their tongues around the areolas then sucking as much of their breasts into their mouths as they can, heads moving from one breast to the other, tongues licking back and forth between the nipples, both women becoming more and more aroused, their movements more frantic, hips gyrating, fucking the floor! Lindsey, moaning with pleasure, pulls herself up and over Gina's waiting and wet cunt and plunges her tongue deep inside; Gina spreads Lindsey's cunt lips and madly laps at her hole! Both women wildly fuck each otherís faces, fuck each otherís assholes with their fingers, sucking and nibbling their clits! The two women explode in simultaneous orgasms, bucking and screaming into their pussies, pushing their fingers as deep into their assholes as they will go!! Rolling over and over, each trying to control and dominate the other!! Finally rolling away from one another, they stand and run, coming together in a crushing dual bear hug, squishing their huge double d's, the tit flesh oozing from the sides, foreheads pressed together, legs wrap around legs, cunts humping each otherís thighs!

In the center of the room both women grunt and strain against each other, their body's look as if they are tied in a knot as they vibrate their torsos together, trying to bring the other off again! Suddenly, Gina hip throws Lindsey, causing her to roll across the floor to the corner of the room! Standing over her, positioning her cunt over Lindsey's and grabbing her legs, Gina quickly lowers herself and begins fucking her, their wet cunts slipping and grinding with an increasing pressure!! Lindsey, her head forced into the corner of the wall, unable to counter attack, gushes her orgasm with a squeal!! Clenching Gina's ass, Lindsey grinds back forcing Gina to cum again with a howl!! Both women cum into each other one orgasm after another, their cunts trying to swallow the otherís whole! Their sex drive at its peak, both equally matched against the other, they continue to mash their sex organs into each other! Pushing Gina back, the two women scissor lock on the floor, hands grab hair, and, once again brutally hammer their wet twats together, ass cheeks jiggling to the fast paced rhythm, actually bouncing on the floor!! Again, both women cum and cum into their pussies, frantically kissing and licking their faces!! Pushing back, one hand in each otherís hair, they take turns slapping each other in the face and breasts while STILL fuck fighting!! Both grunting like pigs after each well timed slap! Their eyes stare with nothing but pure hatred for the other!! Hands again, madly pull and yank at their hair, tearing clumps out, fiercely shaking each otherís head, but still they crash into each otherís pussy!! Both women again explode into each otherís twat, their juices puddling on the floor, again grabbing each otherís ass cheeks, fucking and grinding, shaking and trembling!! And then Gina punches and splits Lindsey's lip, sending her back to the floor!

Gina pounces and straddles her missionary style and begins choking and fucking her again! Clit against clit, rubbing and grinding in a circular manner and at the same time, cutting off the oxygen supply! Lindsey's hands find Gina's neck and the sexfight is on again!! With their hands choking, the two women cum one after another, fucking each other like wild animals, grinding and pumping and choking, gasping for air, yet still humping with an instinctive rhythm! Pushing their pubic bones hard into each other, the skin around the area rubbed raw! In desperation, Gina releases her neck hold on Lindsey and grabs her wrists, wrenching her hands from her neck. They start rolling back and forth on the floor, still fucking, but not as hard, both growing tired but still determined to go on till one of them cannot go on any longer! Their legs wrestling, fighting to control the other, arms wrapped around each other, mashing and squishing their breasts, bodies drenched in sweat, twisted in a knot on the floor, slowly grinding, their vaginal lips slurping and sucking, their arousal at the highest level yet, cumming together again, but this time in a more controlled, focused manner. Just like when two fighters tire and then clinch, trying to rest. But in this case the two women continue to slowly sexfight, stimulating each other till the next orgasm. Deep kissing, probing with tongues, sucking and licking their lips, vibrating their hips, legs and cunts as if of one body! Once again, the two women release their love juices into each otherís eager pussy, pumping and shuddering, their bodies shaking and convulsing! Cheek to cheek, they keep grinding their twats in a consternated effort to ring the last orgasm out of their rival! Neither woman wanting to give up!! But still, orgasm after orgasm after orgasm continues to be rung out of them! A stalemate!! Rolling away, Gina stops, staring at this insolent cunt that would dare to fight her! "Had enough you fucking cow?" She scowls!

Lindsey, not believing the audacity of this whore of a bitch says, "Not even close you old dyke!! I'll out fuck you and leave you for dead!!"

Gina, red-faced screams, "Come and get it you fucking skank!!"

ďBring your fists!!!Ē Screams Lindsey!

With that, both women stand, walk within two feet of each other and start slugging it out!! Back and forth they punch and slap, hitting faces, breasts and arms! Blood oozes from mouths, temples, and noses! Breasts, cheeks, and bellies sweaty and bruised from the onslaught!! Arms grapple with each otherís arms, fumbling and slipping, slapping each otherís hands away in an attempt to get the upper hand until forcing their arms around their heads in a dual head lock, bearing down with all their might, their faces beet red, continuing their face and body shots with their free hands, using the flat of their palms to smash their lips and teeth, while moving around the floor in an attempt to throw the other to the ground! Falling once again, the women fight for control of the other until Lindsey straddles Gina, pinning her arms to her sides with her legs, and slaps and punches her face and breasts with a renewed vigor!! Bucking her lower body upward, Gina throws Lindsey off and climbs on top and uses her fists like a hammer and slams her in the face and breasts! Lindsey wraps her long legs around Gina's waist and squeezes, stopping the punching attack!! Grabbing Gina by the neck again, she sinks her thumbs in, cutting off the air supply!! Gina grabs both of Lindsey's breasts and with all her might crushes her mammaries together! Lindsey releases her chokehold and mashes Gina's breasts together! They continue to squeeze and flatten their huge tits, their eyes clenched, tears welling up from the pain, stretching and pulling the tit flesh in an attempt to rip off their hated enemies globes!! Releasing their breasts, the two women scissor lock and grind their holes into each other! Clit on clit, stimulating both blood engorged cunts! Both women grab each otherís ass cheeks and grind even harder into their rivalís snatch, the two women once again explode into each other, vibrating and grinding in ecstasy as the multiple orgasms hit them!! Neither wanting to stop! The moment of truth has arrived! Which one of them will survive the onslaught of ramming pussies? Both women continue to fuck and grind and slap their sexfighting cunts into each other!!! Legs still scissored, the women clench in bear hugs and slide their breasts back and forth against each other while biting and sucking their necks, faces and lips! Gyrating and grinding their swollen pussies and clits! More orgasms from both women again and again! Their mouths spewing forth words of insult and hatred!! "You'll, umm, never beat me you fucking, oooh, germ infested CUNT!!" Moans Lindsey!

Gina, eyes closed, concentrating on NOT cumming again, purrs, "I'm afraid youíre already defeated,'re done!!" And with that, Gina bears into Lindsey's cunt with her cunt with an almost loving, tender caress, vibrating her sex with a firm and decisive objective to win this sex war! "You're not worthy of all this effort you spoiled whore!! You will cum, emmm, CUM you FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!!!

Lindsey closes her eyes and shakes and convulses into an earth shattering orgasm, her legs kicking and straining, as she falls back, shoulders to the floor! Gina immediately takes advantage, gains the top position, scissors her and pounds and fucks and grinds harder and harder, making Lindsey cum again and again!! In tears, her cunt dried up, the pain too great, Lindsey pleads, "Stop! Stop!! You win!!!!"

But Gina continues to pound away at her hated adversary, not wanting to stop until SHE wants to!! Suddenly, Gina yells, "You will step aside and move on you fucking cunt!!" She snarls!!

"Yes, YES!!" Says Lindsey, trying desperately to push herself away! And to punctuate her win AND dominance, Gina moves up, straddling Lindsey's face, and fucks and rubs her pussy on Lindsey's mouth, relishing the feeling of defeating the bitch and bringing herself to one final, victory orgasm! Squirting her cunt juices all over Lindsey's face then moving down to rub it in with her tits, the ultimate insult to a now completely demoralized opponent. Both women, bloodied, bruised, and battered, rug burns all over their bodies, their cunts throbbing from pain and pleasure, exhausted both physically and mentally, lie on the carpet. Gina, pulling herself off her rival, takes one last look at her defeated enemy, gathers up her clothes, dresses herself, and slowly walks from the room, body completely spent. Climbing into her Mercedes she thinks, "So this is what Sexfighting is all about, I do like it!"

THE END, for now.