by A. Penman

Before I could get my jockey shorts up, Gia and Carla lunged at each other, now fully intent on fighting. I could barely get my breath from the prurient excitement I felt. What an amazing development this was! I couldn’t have scripted this any better. And I’m A. Penman!

Initially huffing and grunting, they went for each other’s hair, intent on ripping and tearing each other’s blonde and black tresses from their roots. But both women quickly decided this wasn’t a good idea. I imagine that neither one wanted to walk around with bald spots. Instead, they clasped their hands slightly above shoulder level, interlocked their fingers and began body slamming each other. Needless to say, this action quickly evolved into a full on battle of breasts. Thank you Buddha for what you have given me!

This situation continued to develop and things between the two amazing beauties intensified. No longer concerned that there was a patient in the room, the two hot doctors seemed determined to physically engage each other.

I knew this shouldn’t be happening. I knew that, despite the fantasies of my depraved mind, somehow this wasn’t right. I knew I had to intervene. I just could not allow two such beautiful female physicians to destroy each other. Still, there was no denying the intense eroticism of this encounter, and that there was something in the long ago history of these two women that could no longer be suppressed - something that needed to be once and for all resolved. But this?

“Doctors…ladies…please cease and desist!” I got their attention. They stopped for a second, then Dr. Ferrari responded.
“This is an old score that needs to be settled. So stay the fuck out of this, Mr. Penman!”
Carla took exception to this. She slammed into Gia, bashing her E sized tits into the brunette’s equally impressive chest. Neither one shied away from this tit to tit confrontation. Was this the dust up that should have taken place in private many years ago?

“Don’t talk to my patient that way, bitch!!!”
“Who you calling a bitch? You bleach blonde bimbo!”

Gia had no choice but to respond. Once again they slammed body into body in a wild dance around examination room number eleven. I knew it was only a matter of time before they went crashing into something and I didn’t want to see either woman get hurt. I felt I was justifiably concerned about crashes into any of the hard objects in the room. I didn’t want to witness a concussion or broken ribs with the accompanying pneumothorax. I couldn’t take it anymore. As much as it pained me to do so, I stepped in and used my manly A.Penman arms to physically separate the two prodigiously endowed physicians. They were both huffing and puffing and sneering at each other. I was mesmerized at the sheer size of their heaving bosoms. Carla then spoke in softened tones.

“Well, as much as I hate to admit it, I agree with Dr. Ferrari. This is indeed an old score that we both knew would need to be settled some day. It’s just unfortunate that you had to be present to see Gianna and myself, two large breasted, extremely hot female doctors act in such an unprofessional manner.”
“Well, ladies, it’s just that I have so much admiration for the two of you and…”
Completely ignoring me, Dr. Ferrari addressed Dr. Johnstone.

“Excuse me…Carla, did you just imply that you think I’m hot?” she asked in disbelief.
“Well…DUUUUH!!!” Carla said as she shook her head in disbelief.
Beautiful Gianna seemed genuinely surprised by this revelation.
“But…but…I had no idea…”
“Oh for goodness sake, Gia. That face! That body! Those incredible tits! How could anyone not…”
“Oh Carla!!! I’ve always thought that you were…” Gia’s voice trailed off.

And then, almost on cue, the sky opened up and I was struck with a satori.

“Excuse me Doctors, but it just now occurs to me that there is a very rational and sensual way to resolve this long standing rancor between you two.”

Carla looked at me and tilted her head. There was a look on her face that indicated she knew what I was thinking. And then came a devious smirk.

“Well now, Mr. Penman. If you’re proposing what I think you’re proposing, I like it. I like it a lot!”
Dr.Ferrari seemed bewildered. Carla continued.
“Why don’t you have a seat, sir. That is, if you’d like to stick around for this.”

Oh hell yes! She didn’t have to ask twice. My heart was racing. My cock was stirring. Already a new storyline was constructing itself in my mind. Carla locked eyes with Gianna.

“What in the hell is going on here? What are you two talking about?” a bewildered Dr. Ferrari asked.
“What do you think, Gia?” Carla asked, as her fingers began to slowly pop the buttons of her white frock. “You wanna do this the right way? The hot way? The real woman way?”
Button after anxious button on Carla’s lab coat slowly came undone.
“Shall we finally resolve this heat between us that we’ve stifled all these years? Once and for all, Gianna? You and me, doctor to doctor.”

Carla wasn’t so much asking as she was taunting and throwing down the gauntlet. And with each slow and deliberate unbutton, Gianna’s breathing became more animated.
I was at a bad angle, but I knew the long white frock was now completely opened in front. Gia took a moment to drink in the beauty of her long time rival’s lush body. Without a word, she accepted the challenge that she could not possibly decline. She needed to know. Both women needed to know.

“You bet your hot ass I do, bitch…I mean Carla.”
“So then, get naked, bitch…I mean Gianna.”

Now my Internal Medicine specialist watched with impassioned interest as the buxom Cardiologist’s frock was quickly unbuttoned and slipped off her lovely shoulders to the floor. Hot damn, she was beautiful! Carla’s frock was then peeled and tossed in delicious response. What a wise choice I made when I asked her to be my personal physician! Both women rotated slightly, for my benefit. Oh my fucking word! What bodies these two medical professionals had! No wonder they needed to lock up! It took a long moment of astonishment for me to realize that, all along, they had both been completely naked underneath those long lab coats. How did I not sense this?

I needed to get closer and I knew they wouldn’t mind. I moved to them and unceremoniously appointed myself referee. I placed a hand on each woman’s shoulder, thrilling at the softness of their skin. Then, I began the traditional pre fight speech.

“OK ladies. Protect yourself at all times. I want a good clean fight…”
“Fuck you!” they said in unison.
So much for the Marquess of Queensberry.
“OK then. Well, you two ladies do what you gotta do, as long as it involves maximum contact between those amazing nude bodies.”

As I took a long, lingering look at Carla’s nakedness, I realized that my imaginary visions of her nude body had been pretty accurate. She was perfectly proportioned with large, full breasts that were a picture of perfection. But the amazing Gianna’s naked body was a mirror image of hers. Gianna’s colossal breasts stood proudly on her thorax. They were also superb. What a match they would be for Carla’s tits! Her taught, toned abs would match up well against Carla’s abs. I could not wait for this body on body confrontation. I knew I was in for a special treat, as were they. How could they have possibly put this off for so long?

The two naked goddesses nodded, then moved close to each other in a classic pre-battle stare down. Their half inch long turgid nipples came together to taunt and tease and fence. Both women reacted to the tingling nipple play. Gia’s hands went up in the air just above her head. Carla matched her hands to them and they interlocked fingers. Now, with their hands tightly clasped, they each took a small step back. And then it was my distinct pleasure to hear in real time, that luscious splat of nude bodies colliding skin to skin that I had so often described in my stories. I never dreamed that in real life that this wonderful splat could be such sweet music to my depraved ears. The women grunted and strained against each other, so incredibly eager to match corresponding body parts in the most intimate way. I could not believe what I was witnessing. The realization of my most prurient fantasies was unfolding right before my eyes in examination room eleven.

Hands then separated and arms wrapped each other up in a full chested bear hug. Their spectacular breasts were fully matched. The four fabulous tits were so full and firm that there was only minimal mushrooming. I was enthralled by the sight of my amazing Doctor enthusiastically locking breasts with her gorgeous rival. I could only imagine the sensations that Carla and Gianna were feeling as they rhythmically rolled their massive, perfectly suited for each other tits together. But it wasn’t just their breasts. The way that their naked bodies were so heatedly locked into each other made me realize that I was witnessing the manifestation of years of unrequited sexual lust. This was a fervent engagement of two beautiful and evenly matched bodies that had long craved the full measure of each other - the now utterly uninhibited consummation of two elegant women who had long wanted to fuck.

Now forehead to forehead and nose to nose, the two naked physicians worked their bodies into a full contact, copulating dance of slowly intensifying, blood boiling lust. Each of them had worked a leg into the other’s crotch. You could see them gently riding each other’s thighs. No doubt in my mind that with these synchronous pelvic undulations they were telling each other just exactly how good they were going to fuck each other.

But I have to take a second here to point out the absolutely fascinating interplay that was going on between their mouths. I believe I’ve touched on this before, but I have to reiterate how mesmerized I am (as I expect many of you are too) with the girl/girl kiss. First of all, women’s lips are gorgeous. And these two hot ladies were no exception. Earlier I mentioned Gianna’s sexy, full lips. But Carla’s lips, though not quite as full, were beautifully shaped and (I always thought) very inviting. And now, as two lush bodies flowed into each other, the two women teased with their soft lips, lightly touching and brushing against each other in what seemed to be a prelude to the clandestine kiss of their mutual fantasies. It was quite special to see. What potent sexual hunger these two had for each other!

Then, when my hot doctor couldn’t take it any longer, she sealed her ravenous mouth to Gianna’s and the two launched the most incendiary kiss I had ever witnessed. They engaged in one of those amazing “chewy” mouth kisses that only two women do so well. It was like they were eating each other’s mouths. It wasn’t long before their famished tongues began to wrestle in each other’s mouths and their chins became drenched in each other’s juices. It was perverse. It was damn near disgusting. And it was oh so fucking HOT!!! The next thing I saw was truly wonderful. Amazing Carla lifted her legs completely off the floor and wrapped them around Gianna’s lower body in a come fuck me statement that Gianna recognized instantly. In a flash, she moved to the examination table, lowered Carla down and mounted her, without breaking body contact.

Then, in a flash of inspiration, I set up the leg stirrups at the foot of the exam table - those metal supports that are used in gynecological exams. I then assisted Carla and placed her legs in them, thereby giving Gianna easy access to her luscious female genitalia. Dr. Ferrari then commenced a full on, pudenda to pudenda, labia locked examination. I was able to clearly see their thick pussy lips lovingly stroke each other in a slow, insistent motion. I watched enthralled as the two perfect cunts juiced each other, causing their thick, engorged labia to merge fully and massage each other in love’s most exquisite kiss. They were now, at long last, doctor to doctor and woman to woman. No words were spoken between the two. They simply were content in this erotic fuck.

Now, with both women so oblivious to my presence and so thoroughly into each other, I took the liberty of observing this sensual, woman to woman body lockup from several different angles. Carla’s arms were tightly wrapped around Gianna as they fucked. Gianna had slipped her left hand under the small of Carla’s back and was using her free right hand to stroke anything within reach. The hand eventually ended up just below the sweet curve of Carla’s ass and she began to squeeze the back of Carla’s gorgeous thigh. When Carla moaned and grunted, I figured that a finger had split her butt cheeks and found a bunghole.

A long side view from head to toe allowed me to see how fully these two long standing, lust filled rivals had merged their perfectly matched, sex starved bodies. It was a one in a million shot that I, A. Penman, scribe of numerous lesbian erotica stories, would get to witness this wondrous encounter unfold before my very lascivious eyes. This was da bomb- the bee’s knees- the cat’s pajamas! It was like watching a Mozart symphony unfold visually. How blessed I was to be where I was when I was!

Flat on her back, Carla’s amazing E breasts fully and proudly took on Gianna’s magnificent breasts. It would not have been a stretch to conclude that this was a long awaited duel. In full contact they rolled and mashed, nipples glancing and fencing, then sinking deep into tit flesh.

I was fascinated as, without loosing contact, their bellies and hips rhythmically thrust into each other. The lighting in the exam room must have been warmer than I thought. I could see lovely Gianna’s body starting to glisten. I could also see a sparkle of sweat forming on Carla’s bountiful bosoms as they remained in inosculate battle with Gianna’s spectacular breasts. I went from one side of the exam table to the other, just so I could see these four wondrous female mounds do battle. Two overheated women, driving body into body. I noticed an interesting lack of verbal jousting. They were, however in a forehead to forehead eye locked stare down. Occasionally their tongues would emerge and meet in furtive jousts. But it was now becoming apparent that Gianna and Carla were content to let their bodies - their sweaty, undulating bodies - do the talking. Other than the slapping together of belly flesh and gentle squish of two locked pussies, the only sounds emanating from them were grunts and groans.

This intense fuck-fest was just about at the fifteen minute mark when, using all the strength in her legs and aided by leverage provided by the stirrups, Carla thrust her pelvis a good six inches off the table, upward and into Gianna in a bucking dance of orgasm. I moved to the foot in order to see the two locked pussies grinding, fascinated by the visual of Carla’s lush womanhood as it sputtered waves of cum at regular intervals. In a matter of seconds, I could see the climactic response of Gianna’s downward stroking pussy. Cum from the two conjoined pussies mixed and mingled as the intensity gradually tapered. They were spent. At least for a few writhing, post orgasmic moments anyway. But, as I would soon find out, they were a long way from being done…

End of part two