by A. Penman

“Deep breath.” she instructed, as she placed her ice cold stethoscope on my back. I took a deep breath in then exhaled, suppressing the urge to cough.
“Deep breath.” she said once more, after moving the scope to another section of my back. I obliged her.
“Wow! You sound pretty rough in there.”
“Ya think?” I responded with sarcasm.

This process continued over three more sections of my back. Out of boredom, I took the opportunity to scan the examination room. To the near right were a couple typical office chairs. Just above them were coat hooks. Further back on the right wall was a stainless steel sink. Above the sink was a couple of storage cabinets that contained some ominous looking supplies. To the right of the sink was a dispenser of anti-bacterial soap and paper towels, while on the sink counter was a dispenser of hand sanitizer, as if the other three wall mounted hand sanitizer dispensers in the room weren’t enough. Immediately to the left of the sink was a wall mounted rack of examination gloves in small, medium and large sizes, all latex free of course. A few feet to the left of the gloves on the far wall were the obligatory male and female anatomical diagrams that displayed, in the most clinical way possible, both external and internal organs of the human body. And despite the number of times I had closely studied these while waiting for a doctor to show up, I still couldn’t remember what was what. Guess I get an F in internal anatomy. I’m OK with external anatomy, however. But despite the purely utilitarian presentation of the chart, my favorite view was still the up close diagram of the female genitalia, with notation lines pointing to the all important terrain “landmarks” such as labia majora, labia minora, urethral opening, vagina and of course, clitoris.

She came around front to examine my heart, then noted the trajectory of my eyes.
“Studying the female anatomy chart again, Mr. Penman?”
“Damn! Busted again! How do you always know?” I joked.
“Maybe it’s because you’re so obvious about it.” She joked back.

I lowered my loosely tied gown just as she leaned in and placed that fucking freezing stethoscope on my left chest.
“Breathe normally.” she requested.
I wasn’t certain how I was going to do that because, as she leaned in to listen to my heart sounds, I was offered a full view of her stunning cleavage. Indeed, far more cleavage was on display than what I would consider appropriate for a professional office visit. It was almost as if she was saying “You want to check out female anatomy? Check these babies out!”
The fact that her eyes were closed so that she could listen for the appropriate opening and closing of valves allowed me to open my eyes wide in astonishment. My god! Were those freckles? I love tits with freckles! I tried to recall if any of the characters from my stories were given freckled tits. I could not recall any, and made a mental note to make this happen in some future tome. My doctor had an amazing rack which, as far as I’m concerned, is a paramount consideration when choosing a personal physician.

As she removed her stethoscope from her ears and draped it around her lovely neck, Dr. Carla Johnstone shook out her thick mane of streaked blond hair, then sighed. I took a split second to close my eyes and immerse my nostrils in the warm waft of minted breath that she had unknowingly sent in my direction. What a lovely sensation. Even her breath was sexy! She gently bit her lower lip. I loved it whenever she did that. Then she stroked her lovely chin.

“You present an interesting dilemma, Mr. Penman.” she said. “I’m stumped.”
“What is it, doctor?” I asked, a bit nervously.
“Well, I’m not sure.”
She picked up my chart once again and skimmed through it.
“Your white blood cell count is elevated, which makes sense as you’re probably fighting an infection.”
“Then what’s the problem?” I asked, feeling a bit apprehensive.
“Well,your body’s responding to the infection properly, but I don’t know why your heart rate is elevated.” she puzzled.
“How high is it?”
“116. Not only that. Your blood pressure is a bit high too.”
“Damn!” I exclaimed. I kept myself from expressing the possibility that the recent close proximity to her bountiful, freckled tits might have been the reason for my high heart rate.
“Well…you’ll figure it out. I have confidence in your diagnostic skills, Dr. J.” I said, sincerely.
Through her tasteful red lipstick, she flashed me one of her beautiful smiles.

“Internal medicine is a challenging and rewarding career, Mr. Penman. And, while I’m truly flattered by your confidence in me, I think the time has come for me to seek advice from a specialist. Are you OK with that?”
“Of course I am. And by the way, that’s another reason I wanted you as my personal physician. You’re not afraid to ask for advice when you’re uncertain of a problem. You rock, lady!”
“Thank you.” She blushed and responded with a girlish titter.

It might have been my imagination working overtime, but I swear that because her lab jacket was unbuttoned, I caught a brief glimpse of her nipples straining against her mauve colored blouse. Nah…couldn’t have been. Then she spotted the line of my eyes once again, straight to her chest. Once again I was embarrassed. But not as embarrassed as she was when she realized too many buttons were undone.

“Oh my goodness! I didn’t realize I was so exposed.” she feigned embarrassment as she quickly buttoned the third and second buttons of her blouse. Our eyes met for a few tantalizing seconds. I could almost feel my blood pressure increase. But I digress.

Carla was not only smart, but she was humble. In my eyes, she was amazing! Ivy league educated, she had done her internship and residency at a couple of prestigious teaching hospitals where, I heard through the grapevine, she was a star among the many budding, star quality residency candidates. It wasn’t just her good looks and incredible body that catapulted her to the head of the class. The woman was brilliant. Although, I’m guessing that it didn’t hurt that she sported a pair of E sized jugs. Not that I had a snowball’s chance in hell of ever seeing those gorgeous hooters in the flesh, but it was a nice fantasy that made going to the doctor an insanely exciting experience ~ one that I often had to “work out” in private after I got home from each office visit, if you catch my meaning. In so many ways, Dr. Carla Johnstone was one hot bitch! Anyway, once she got past her coquettish embarrassment, she revealed her plan.

“I’m going to give Dr. Gianna Ferrari a call and ask her to come by to see you in consultation.”
“And she is…?” The puzzled look on my face gave me away.
“Are you kidding? She’s the best cardiologist in town-probably the best in the Northeast.”
“I gotta confess, I’m not familiar with her.”
“I can’t believe that you don’t know her! She’s with the Cardiology Group at the Penman Professional Building!” Carla said, flummoxed by my ignorance.
“My building?”
“Yes, Mr. Penman. Your building.”
“Well I’m sorry I don’t know of her. I’ve just been rather busy with my writing.”
“I guess that’s excusable.” she said, deigning to forgive me.
I had to pause for a moment to wonder why Dr. Johnstone’s office was here, in this clearly inferior office building, instead of my far more attractive professional office building that was just up the street, maybe fifteen minutes from here. So I asked.
“I tried to get a suite there, but nothing was available at the time. So when this place became available, I took it.” She replied.
This seemed odd to me, as there were always openings at my building. I resolved to look into it.

“Well, anyway, if you like this Dr. Ferrari, I’ll agree to see her. I mean, who am I to argue?”
“No arguments will be accepted. I fully intend to seek her advice on this most perplexing case and…” she paused, thoughtfully. I sensed that something was off.
“…and just between you, me and these four walls, Mr. Penman…I said that she was good. I never said that I liked her.” she quickly clammed up.
“What’s the deal, doc?” My curiosity was peaked.
“Long ago, long story.” Her voice trailed off. No more information was forthcoming.

I didn’t press the issue, but couldn’t help pondering this private revelation. I could not keep my brain from speculating if there was some long standing tension between her and this other female doctor. If so, what was the reason for it’s existence? I sidestepped the issue with another question.
“Are you sure that she’ll be willing to see me so late in the day, and on such short notice?” I was perplexed by this whole situation.
“Yes, it’s late in the day. However, I’m sure that she’ll be willing to do me this favor, doctor to doctor.” There were ominous tones in her voice.
“Humm…” I pondered, as I wondered what that “long story” was.
“What?” she asked.
“Doctor to doctor. I kind of like the sound of that.”
“Of course you would, Mr.Penman.”
Then I foolishly overstepped the boundaries of propriety.
“Is she as hot as you are?” I could almost see the words come out of my foolish mouth. Damn! I shouldn’t have said that. But, give an idiot enough rope and he’ll eventually hang himself. The words hung in the air like a bad fart. Carla grimaced at me then just shook her head.
The words “typical male asshole” came to mind as I blushed and withheld any further comments.
Then, of all things, Doctor J. gave me an unexpected wink as she picked up the examination room phone.

“Sherrie. Do me a favor would you dear? I know that you’re anxious to get out of here and get started on your no doubt fabulous weekend, but would you give Dr. Ferrari a call? When she calls back, put her through to examination room eleven. Then you’re free to go after that. I promise, I’ll make it worth your while.” Dr. Johnstone cooed.

My word! What the hell was going on in this medical practice? I had seen and evaluated the gorgeous, full breasted Sherrie on the way in. She was Dr. J’s spectacular new office nurse. Her rack was easily a match in size and fullness for Carla’s magnificent set of tits. And no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t suppress the mental imagery of Carla and Sherrie locked breast to breast. It got even more vivid when I heard Sherrie’s sexy voice cheerfully agree to this one final task just before she hung up.
“I’m gonna hold you to that, Carla.” They both hung up.
I watched a slightly flushed Dr. Carla Johnstone fidget unnecessarily with my chart. I tried to brush these small, yet suspicious things aside. The beautiful Dr. Carla Johnstone could not have been into the kind of activities that I suspected she might be into-the kind of activities that take place in a trashy A. Penman tome. Not possible! Not MY doctor!!! I tried to expunge these thoughts from my mind. I couldn’t.

I’m A. Penman, dammit! It is my duty to myself and my thousands of loyal readers to allow these prurient fantasies to fester in my warped brain in order to craft a story about them at some future date. Could it be remotely possible that the hot Dr. Carla was into the same kind of heated female to female encounters as Melissa, Sydney, Donna and Dr. Sammie T. from the medical offices at the Penman building? And what about this cardiologist? Apparently her office was in my building. Was she also into those sweltering, private female skirmishes in which they matched their overheated nude bodies against each other? Jesus Penman…get a grip!

Within five minutes, the phone rang. Dr. Carla answered cheerfully.
“Dr. Ferrari. Thank you for returning my call. Listen Gia, I know it’s late and it’s Friday, but would you be willing to come by for an after hours patient consultation? I won’t give any details over the phone, but I’d appreciate it if you could drop by to see this patient. Wonderful! See you in a bit. Oh…and Gia…wear your long white frock, OK?” There was an ominous silent pause on the other end. Something was said, but I couldn’t hear what.
“Just do it, OK?” There was a second awkward silence.
“Fine. See you when you get here.” a seemingly irritated Dr. J. hung up.
“Long white frock? What’s that all about?” My question was greeted with a quick, solemn glare. I didn’t pursue the matter. Mine is not to question why.
“I didn’t know doctors did after hours consultations.” I stated, somewhat confused.
“She’ll do it for me.” Dr. J said, smugly.
I nodded, not fully understanding.
“Now, would you excuse me for a couple minutes, Mr. Penman? I need to go freshen up.”
“Fine by me.” I responded placidly.
Carla set my chart down and quickly left the room. I felt a weird sensation.
Ten minutes after my doctor left, there was a polite knock on the examination room the door.
“Enter.” I said.

The door opened and in walked this drop dead gorgeous woman. My jaw was agape.
“Good afternoon. You must be Mr. Penman.” Her soft voice lilted through a cordial smile.
“I am indeed. And who might you be?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

The brunette was a stunner, a head turner, a sexy, sultry wench if ever I saw one. And despite the fact that she was wearing that silly full length white lab coat, it was easy for experienced eyes like mine to detect the stunning body that lie beneath. Right here, before my appreciative eyes was the awe inspiring Dr. Gianna Ferrari. My eyes were drawn to the massive swell of breasts that were at least as large as Doctor Carla’s tits. Then it occurred to me that, if she and my gorgeous doctor went through med school together, or did their residencies together, there might have been some rivalry between them. Perhaps there had even been a few heated arguments or, better yet, a few standing up nose to nose, nostrils flaring, boob to boob face offs. One could only hope, I thought to myself as I tried, inconspicuously, to assess her body.

“I’m Dr. Gianna Ferrari. Can I ask you a question?”
“Of course, Doctor.”
“Do you like what you see, Mr. Penman?
Oops! Busted again!
“Dr. Johnstone asked me to come by to assess you. But it appears you’re the one doing the assessing.”
“I’m sorry Dr. Ferrari. But you are rather stunning.” I said, hoping that she would be forgiving.
She glared at me. Then, she flashed a quick smile and a wink. I tried my best to maintain eye contact.

Gorgeous brunette was a serious understatement. This woman stood about five feet six inches tall-just about Carla’s height. Her Italian facial features included shoulder length jet black hair, brown eyes that I swear had a tinge of green in them, a narrow nose and full, sensuous lips. Her body was one for the ages. I thought my doctor was hot. This knock out was easily a match for her in all aspects of comparative anatomy.

“And by the way, Dr. Johnstone called from this room. So I know why you’re here.”
“Oh. And where would Dr. Johnstone be right now?” the gorgeous brunette asked.
“She excused herself about fifteen minutes ago. She said she wanted to freshen up.”

And then, almost on cue, the door to the examination room opened and Carla entered. She was now adorned in a long white lab coat. Earlier, she wore a short lab jacket and a skirt. What the fuck is going on here? The two female physicians nodded to each other. There was a definite chill in the room.

“Dr. Ferrari.”
“Dr. Johnstone.”
“Thank you for coming to see my patient, Gia. I know that it was short notice.”
“My pleasure, Carla.”
The two women attempted to exchange professional pleasantries, but their efforts were so obviously strained. As Dr. Ferrari returned her attention to me, Dr. Johnstone took a step back to observe, but remained vigilant. She went through the whole routine, once again, of listening to my lungs and my heart.

“How long have you had these symptoms, Mr. Penman?”
“Well, it started in my head two days ago. But when it traveled to my chest, I figured it was time to come see Dr. Johnstone.”
“Wise decision. Well your symptoms, as I’m sure you already know, Mr. Penman, are typical head and chest cold…probably bronchitis and upper respiratory tract infection. But as for your mild to moderate tachycardia…” She turned to Carla.
“Carla, did you perform a twelve lead cardiogram on this handsome man?”
“Yes I did.” Carla’s eyes narrowed as she handed Gia my chart. She seemed quite upset.
“It’s on top of the chart.”
“I can see that!” Dr. Ferrari snapped.

Carla stood straight up, hands on hips and glared at her. Oh jesus! This was getting tense! But then, Gia quickly diffused the situation. She quickly looked at me then back at Carla.
“I’m so sorry. That was uncalled for. It’s just been a horrible day at the office. Please forgive me.” The sexy cardiologist looked at me, then at my doctor, who nodded politely. Despite the apology, I could tell that there was still a cool uneasiness between them.

Dr. Ferrari then took a few seconds to utilize her cardiology knowledge as she gave my EKG the once over.

“Nothing remarkable here, except for the elevated heart rate.” She said, placing the tracing back on the chart. She then looked at the lab results.
“Elevated white blood cell count. Your immune system is working. Other than that, unremarkable.” She then turned to Dr. Johnstone.
“And the chest X-Ray?” Gia asked, pleasantly.
“A little congestion, but no sign of pneumonia.” Carla responded earnestly. And for the moment, it seemed there was a cordial, professional rapport between the two large breasted doctors. But it wouldn’t last long.
“So then, why the tachycardia?” Dr. Ferrari pondered. And then she had a thought.
“Let me ask you, Mr. Penman…are you self medicating?”
“Are you taking any over the counter cold medications?”
“Well, of course I am. Doesn’t everybody?”
“And do you consume a lot of coffee?”
“Not much. Ten, sometimes twelve cups a day.”
“Are you serious?” she asked, incredulously.
“What’s the problem?”
“Are you feeling nervous? Do you have the jitters?”
“Yes to both. Once again, what’s the problem?”
“The problem is that over the counter cold meds are full of cardiac stimulants. Add that to your excessive coffee consumption and you’re a set up for tachycardia.”
“I am?”
“Hold up your right hand. Hold it up straight and flat.”
I did as she requested.
“Do you see that? Your hand is shaking…”
Dr. Ferrari was spot on. It wasn’t an excessive shake, but I could definitely see tremors.
“So that and the fast heart rate are from the combination of coffee consumption and the cold meds? No kidding”
“Yes, Mr. Penman. Now let’s get you off that worthless over the counter crap and on some real medicine. OK?” Dr. Ferrari said, assertively.
“That’s OK with me, doc.” I chirped as I looked at her gorgeous face and found myself mesmerized by her amazing eyes. Goddamn, she was a sexy woman!!!
“Thank you for figuring that out.”
“Oh, you’re welcome…” she paused. “actually, I’m surprised that your doctor didn’t pick up on this.”

And there it was! Open wound, insert salt and rub vigorously! Looking over Gia’s shoulder, I could see Carla’s beautiful face grow dark with burgeoning anger. Her breathing became animated. Her eyes met mine for a fleeting second, but she said nothing and did nothing. I suppose it was because I was in the room and she didn’t want things to get ugly in front of a patient-indeed, one of her favorite patients, as she was fond of telling me. Gia noticed our connection but ignored it and proceeded with her examination.

“OK Mr. Penman. Now if you’ll hop off the examination table for me please.”
I slid off the table. My stockinged feet hit the cold floor. She then dropped down to crotch level.
“Lift your gown up for me please.”
I complied, not knowing why. In a flash, the good doctor slipped my Michael Jordon Haines jockeys down to my knees and my nuts were in her soft hand. She gave them a gentle squeeze. My dick stirred in response.
“Turn your head to the left and cough for me, please.”
I gave her a phlegmy, congested cough.
“Now turn to the right and cough.”
Once again I complied, feeling another gentle squeeze on my scrotum.
Carla had now had just about enough.
“Excuse me, Dr. Ferrari. But what in the hell are you doing?”
Gia kept her focus on me as she spoke to Carla, still holding my nut sack in her hand.
“I’m examining YOUR patient, Dr. Johnstone. And may I add, at YOUR request.”
“Doctor Ferrari. May I remind you that I asked you for a consultation for tachycardia. Why are you checking him for an inguinal hernia?”
Gia turned her head partially to address Carla.
“And may I remind YOU Doctor, that I am the one conducting this examination. And I will conduct this exam as I see fit.” She then, just out of spite it seemed, gave my nuts another gentle squeeze. Responding to her touch and the erotic tension in the room, my cock stiffened right before her eyes.
“Oh my!!!” Dr. Ferrari said, noticing my rod.
But Carla wasn’t about to put up with this. She reached down and filled her right hand with Gianna’s thick black mane of hair and yanked hard.
“EEEEyaaaaa!!!!” Dr. Ferrari let out an anguished yelp.
“You get your filthy, slutty cardiologist hands off of A. Penman’s balls!!!” Carla screamed at her.
Gia rose up quickly and whirled around, landing a backhand slap to Carla’s right cheek, which had the intended effect. Carla released her hair and brought her hand quickly up to soothe the sting in her cheek. Gia seemed pleased with herself. But she hadn’t anticipated the upward swing of Carla’s left arm as it landed an equally painful backhanded slap on her left cheek. She now had to attend to the sharp stinging sensation.

The two doctors looked at each other, long and hard. No words were necessary as they both stepped forward. I was mesmerized by the sight of two seriously hot female physicians, apparently no longer concerned that I was in the room, getting ready to tangle in examination room number eleven…

End of part one