By JB57

Diana Lenardo put the finishing touches on the chalk symbol she was drawing onto the wooden floor, then leaned back on her haunches to examine her work. She was sitting inside a large concentric circle, almost 10 feet in diameter. The inner ring was about 6 feet in diameter. In accordance with the picture in the book that was open in front of her, she had inscribed the inside of the outer circle with ancient arcane symbols. She still was not sure what all of them meant, but she was quite sure that when she had finished drawing the last one, she had felt the air in her old loft suddenly thicken and charge with electricity. Something was happening. At least, she hoped something was happening. Maybe there was just a rainstorm coming on.

Diana sighed. She had begun practicing “the Craft” almost two years ago. She had definitely seen progress in her abilities. Learning how to levitate feathers and small objects had given an enormous boost to her confidence and had been enough to encourage her to keep going. She was becoming much better at reading signs, using tarot cards, and sensing thoughts and emotions. But such parlor tricks were a long way from where she wanted to be.

Diana had first started taking witchcraft seriously when she had inherited her grandmother’s old grimoire and other spell books. Her mother had died when she was young and she had lived with her grandmother as a child, until she had left home at an early age. Even as a young child, she had seen her grandmother perform feats of magic, some of them quite remarkable. But, being only a child, she had not fully appreciated what she had witnessed. Even so, she had always felt a strange affinity to magic and the supernatural. She had spent much of her life ignoring these predilections, until she had gone home to help her grandmother during the old woman’s final days fighting a long, wasting illness. Her grandmother had convinced Diana that she had a gift for magic and that she needed to learn how to use it. But it was proving to be tough going. Diana sometimes saw glimmerings of hope that her magical skills were on the verge of breaking through to the next level, but that had not yet happened. Still, she kept trying. She was a strong-willed young woman and she did not give up easily.

Diana stood up inside the circle she had drawn and began to strip. She was wearing only a tight tank top, an abbreviated pair of shorts and a black thong. She peeled the tank top over her head and threw it in the direction of her bed on the other side of the large room. She wiggled out of the shorts and threw them after the top and then started to remove the thong before changing her mind. It was typical to perform magic in the nude, but her grandmother had told her it was not really necessary. Besides, Diana liked the feel of the lace thong on her smooth-shaven pubic mound.

Diana put her hands on her hips and stared at her image in the large, floor to ceiling mirror that covered most of the far wall of the room. She liked what she saw. She had a beautiful face, with dark blue eyes and a strong, sensual mouth. Her strawberry blonde hair cascaded from her head in long waves. But it was her body that was her true glory. Her tanned arms were smooth and exquisitely toned. Her midriff was taut and firm, her strong abdominals well-defined, her navel a deep, tight slit. Her hips curved out from her narrow waist, giving her a classic hourglass figure, before tapering down into long, well-muscled legs. Her breasts attracted the most attention, however. Her breasts were magnificent, firm and round, topped with perfect brown areola and long, tight nipples. Her tits were massive, at least DDs, and perfectly, if extravagantly, proportioned to her voluptuous frame. Diana had spent some time as a stripper in her misspent younger days and she had always been enormously popular among the patrons of the clubs she worked. Her body was perfection itself, a delightful mix of voluptuous curves and strong, toned muscle. And somehow, in some way, Diana knew that her incredible body was linked to her quest for mystical power and knowledge. She just did not know how.

Diana thrust her tits out at herself in the mirror, challenging her reflection, and smiled at herself. She was not a vain woman, but she was well-aware of the power and advantages (as well as the occasional disadvantages) of her endowments, and she was appreciative of them.

Diana sat down cross-legged in the centre of the circle. The spell she was going to try was a relatively simple effort to create mystical fire; the outer circle was designed to contain the flames; the inner circle was designed to protect her. She had memorized the spell earlier, but she reviewed it one more time. She closed her eyes and cleared her mind. Then, she began reciting the spell aloud.

Almost immediately, a wind sprang up and rustled the papers in the room. It blew her discarded clothing into the wall. Safe within the protective markings, Diana felt nothing, but the strong breeze was clearly circling the outer perimeter of the mystical barrier. She had not expected this, but she continued to recite the incantation. Suddenly, blue fire leapt up from the floor, filling the outer concentric circle. Diana smiled excitedly, even as she tried to maintain her concentration. Then, something completely unexpected happened: the blue flame turned a dark red and the wind that had been howling on the boundary of the circle was suddenly inside the confines of the mystical barrier. Diana still did not feel the wind or the heat. The protective shield of the inner circle was working well. But she did not understand how the wind had penetrated the outer circle; indeed, she did not know why there was even a wind. Something was going on here that she did not comprehend and she was starting to get worried.

The wind picked up speed, turning from a strong breeze into a full-on hurricane in the blink of an eye. It whipped the bruised red flames into a churning frenzy. In a moment, the raging fire had formed a swirling cone over Diana’s head. The inner circle of the mystic barrier still protected her, but she wondered how long it could hold out. Everything was happening so fast that she barely had time to feel threatened or afraid. She was seized by a sudden sense of vertigo. She curled herself into a ball and crouched down, getting as close to the floor as she could, protecting her spell book under her body. The howling of the wind and the roaring of the fire grew to a sudden, shocking torrent of noise. Diana’s stomach lurched; it felt as though the floor she was kneeling on had been shot into the sky at a shattering speed, then sent plummeting back to earth just as fast.

The noise stopped abruptly. The flames vanished. Diana slowly raised her head. She was still crouched inside the six-foot circle marked on the floor of her loft. But the floor was no longer in her home. Instead, the wooden circle was now sitting on cool black stone tiles. With a pang of anxiety and distress, she realized that her grandmother’s spell book was gone. Diana raised her eyes to look up at a vast room.

Obsidian walls rose at least 30 feet into the air. Sun streamed in the open windows high on the walls and the deep blue of a clear sky was visible through the openings. The busy sound of chirping birds and chittering animals came in through the gaps. Plants in urns and ornate stone boxes lined the walls. Rich tapestries depicting mythical beasts hung as wall coverings. A huge wooden table and a variety of chairs and other pieces of furniture were positioned around the room. A thick fur carpet was on the floor directly in front of Diana and beyond that was a large, closed door made of dark wood. Diana realized that her piece of floor was sitting inside a large mystical circle that was painted in white onto the black tiles. Diana took in these surroundings carefully, fighting confusion and fear. She heard a sound behind her and quickly turned her head to look over her shoulder. A beautiful woman was sitting in a carved and cushioned wooden throne directly behind her, just twenty feet away.

The woman had long, shining black hair. Her eyes were a dark green color that seemed to shade to an orange brown in the shifting light. Her face was beautiful – a strong mouth and straight, fine nose, high cheekbones and thick, full lips. Her shoulders were draped in a purple cape, which fell over her torso and cloaked most of her body. The woman was wearing tiny golden sandals on her feet. Her spectacular legs were bare and crossed.

The woman looked just as startled as Diana, then barked something at her in a language she did not understand.

“I’m sorry,” Diana began, pushing herself to her feet and turning to face the woman. “I can’t understand you.”

Diana stood tall, proud and nearly nude in the center of the room. She did not bother trying to cover up. Her past life as a stripper had cured her of any false modesty long ago. The air was warm and humid and did not require clothing as protection. Somehow, Diana realized, she had been transported to a jungle environment. She had to assume that the beautiful woman in front of her was responsible for her predicament.

The other woman looked at Diana sharply, then waved her hand in a complex pattern and spoke a few words in the foreign language. Diana saw a magical mark appear in the air, glow blue, then fade. As it faded, Diana felt a tingling sensation around her head and in her throat. She suddenly realized that she could understand and speak the exotic woman’s language.

“Oh,” Diana said, a bit shocked. She had heard of this kind of spell of comprehension, but she had never seen it done. It was a potent magic that required great skill. She had believed the spell had passed into history many, many centuries before.

“Thank you,” Diana continued. “I am sorry for my sudden appearance. I don’t know how I got here or even where I am. I would be grateful for your help.” She decided it would not be wise to be aggressive and accusatory towards the woman who probably brought her here and might be her only means to get back home.

The beautiful dark-haired woman was looking at Diana with some bemusement. The woman did not hide her interest in Diana’s gorgeous body, which she examined with such intense scrutiny that Diana began to feel a bit annoyed. Diana pulled back her shoulders and thrust out her majestic tits. If this woman wanted to stare at her, she decided, she would give the other woman a show.

The woman on the throne gave her a dazzling smile, her teeth white, her luscious lips ruby-red.

“What is your name, girl?” the woman asked. Her voice was melodic, but her tone was imperious. Diana felt herself bristling, but she fought to remain calm and centered. She knew that she was in the presence of a powerful sorceress and she could be in some danger. But, for some reason, she did not feel apprehensive. Her body did feel a bit odd, though. There was a strange tingling in her nipples and a tension in her lower abdomen. She was not quite sure what was going on with her body, but it probably was an after-effect of her transport here. She pushed it out of her mind.

“My name is Diana. May I ask who you are and why I was brought here?”

The woman continued to stare at Diana intently and took a moment to answer.

“My name is Lorelei. And I am not entirely sure why you are here either. I cast a spell to summon my greatest rival, whoever that person might be, to this place, so that I could confront her. Here, I have no competition, no one capable of challenging me. But it seems clear to me that the genie I summoned to bring you here must have made a mistake. I can see that you have a bit of sorcerous power, but it is clear that you have yet to develop the skills to use what you have. You are no challenge for me. Unless…” Lorelei paused for a moment, thinking.

“Well,” Diana said in response, “I can tell you right now that I am not a challenge for anyone, but especially not you. What you’ve done, bringing me here, is way beyond anything I could dream of doing with magic. I’d be grateful if you just sent me back home.”

Lorelei was looking at Diana with even greater interest than before, however. It was beginning to dawn on her what had happened. “I told the genie to bring my greatest rival here,” she thought to herself, “so that I could test my womanhood against hers. But what I really wanted was a woman of magic who could challenge my body. I assumed that such a woman would be a great sorceress. But what if she is just this, an ordinary girl with a small magical talent but an extraordinary body? Did the genie interpret my wishes more clearly that even I realized?” She decided that she had to test this possibility.

Imperiously, Lorelei rose from her throne-like chair. She threw back her cape as she stepped down the dais, towards Diana. Now it was Diana’s turn to gape. Lorelei was wearing a tiny green jeweled thong. Other than that, her body under the cloak was completely, gloriously nude. And it was an incredible body.

“God, look at the rack on her,” Diana thought, her head spinning a bit. It wasn’t often she encountered breasts as formidable, as perfectly formed, as her own. But that seemed to be the case with the powerful sorceress stalking towards her. Lorelei’s heavy breasts jiggled deliciously as she walked, bouncing on her chest like small, meaty mountains. They were dense and round, the areola perfectly shaped and dark chocolate in color, topped by thick, jutting nipples. As she walked, Lorelei undid the clasp at her neck holding her cape. The cloth flowed away from her body, revealing the rest of her incredibly voluptuous form. Her skin was smooth and bronzed by the sun in an unbroken tan. Her flat belly rippled with gently molded muscle, her torso curved to a narrow waist, then flared out again into voluptuous, womanly hips. Her long, tanned legs were powerful and perfectly formed. Diana had rarely seen such a remarkable body outside of her mirror and she was uncharacteristically intimidated as the other woman drew near. For the first time in as long as she could remember, Diana wondered if her body could equal the beauty and power of that of the woman standing in front of her. Still, Diana pulled herself up, subtly thrusting out her tits as Lorelei pulled close. Diana called up all of her physical confidence, threw back her hair, and looked Lorelei straight in the eye.

Diana was startled by the sudden and powerful sensations that coursed through her erogenous zones. A steady stream of erotic electricity flowed into the tips of her suddenly, gloriously erect nipples. Diana was embarrassed by her obvious arousal. She did not understand where these feelings were coming from. She had never been lesbian before. But she could not hide her body’s response to Lorelei’s body, so she decided to just brazen out the situation. She was strangely thrilled when she saw that Lorelei’s nipples were also hard and erect.

Lorelei stopped, her jutting nipples only inches away from Diana’s matching pair. The two nearly naked women regarded each other silently, their eyes locked, occasionally glancing down to take in the magnificent pair of tits so close to her own. Diana felt the heat grow. She still did not understand what was happening, but she knew that the sexual tension between herself and this strange woman was thickening like a fog in the air. She found herself wondering what it would feel like to drag her tits across Lorelei’s challenging pair. Which of them would give out first? How would it feel to drive their nipples into each other? Whose tits were firmer? Whose nipples were harder and more sensitive? She tried to push these ideas from her head but once the images caught in her mind she could not put them aside. She felt her cunt moistening.

“Where are you from, Diana?” asked the sorceress.

Diana forced herself to focus, to try to ignore the incredible body so close to hers. “I’m from Vancouver,” she replied, “In Canada.”

“I am not familiar with this place,” Lorelei said, with a frown. She prided herself on her knowledge of the great city-states and empires of the world.

Diana was startled. “You don’t know where Vancouver is or where Canada is?”

“Neither,” Lorelei replied.

Diana frowned. “It’s the second largest country in the world? It’s just north of the US?”

“What’s ‘the US’? asked Lorelei.

Diana’s frown deepened. There was no way this woman could be this ignorant of the world. Something else must be happening here. Even as she thought this, a look of understanding passed over Lorelei’s beautiful face. The sorceress closed her eyes and concentrated, then said the words to a spell under her breath. When she opened her eyes again, Diana could see the surprise.

“You have traveled not just across distance, but also through time,” the sorceress explained. “You come from a time about 10,000 years from now.”

Diana looked momentarily stunned. For the first time since Lorelei had started approaching her, her mind genuinely focused on something other than how her body was responding to that of the other beautiful woman. Ten thousand years! That is incredible, she thought, and more than a bit frightening. Being moved across space was one thing, but being shunted through time made her even more of a captive to the whims of the woman who was responsible for bringing her here.

For her part, Lorelei was strangely pleased. The genie had to go a great distance in time and space to find another sorceress (if the term could even apply to this inexperienced young beauty in front of her) to challenge her body. This surely spoke to her own incredible attributes, to her spectacular sexual power and prowess. At the same time, the revelation made her a bit more nervous. To go so far afield to find a challenger – surely this “Diana” must be a formidable foe. Lorelei rarely encountered a woman whose body intimidated her, but she had to admit to herself that the body facing her now was fantastic, one that she was not sure even she could match in its voluptuous glory. But she was determined to find out.

“Have you knowledge of sexual magic, Diana?” Lorelei asked. Her multi-hued eyes seemed to glow with heat.

The question brought Diana back to the intense sexual feelings flowing through her body. “No,” she replied, licking her suddenly dry lips.

Lorelei smiled, then began to circle Diana as she explained, examining every beautiful inch of the other woman’s body.

“When two sorceress’ meet, we often decide to compete sexually. You see, all women have great sexual power, but it is a power that only women with innate magical abilities can really access to its full potential. It is a power that you are born with. You can learn to use it more or less effectively, but you cannot create more of it through study or practice. When two sorceress’ meet as women, we are pitting our deepest gifts, our most fundamental essence as women, against each other.”

Diana nodded. “What happens to the woman who loses?”

Lorelei waved her hand dismissively. “Oh, not too much. Her sexual power is depleted for a time, as part of it has usually been taken by the winner. But she eventually recovers to her full potential. These battles are more recreational, or used as a way to settle personal disputes. They are a way to establish… dominance.”

Lorelei had finished circling her voluptuous prey. She stood, again, solidly in front of Diana, her tits thrust out, her hands on her wide hips. Diana matched her stance. The women locked eyes and a blast of heat sizzled between them. “I have proven to be… particularly adept at this sport,” Lorelei continued. “I have not been strongly challenged by another sorceress in this way for a long time. I asked my genie to find me a suitable challenger, a woman who could really, truly test my body. Test my sex. He brought you to me.”

Diana felt the heat boiling in her loins. She had never felt anything like this before, and she realized (to her amazement) that she was more profoundly sexually aroused than she had ever been before in her life. But she tried to concentrate on what was important.

“I am not an experienced sorceress,” Diana said. “If I agree to fight you in this way – my body against yours – and I win, will you send me back home?”

Lorelei smiled. “If you agree to fight me with all of your strength and ability, then I will send you back to your place and time regardless of whether you win or lose. But if I sense that you are holding back in any way, then I will reconsider my promise. Do you agree to these terms?”

Diana paused only for a moment. Whatever was happening to her body was impossible to ignore. As Lorelei spoke, Diana felt the arousal building and building until she felt like there were burning hot spikes in her nipples, until she knew that she would soon gush and soak her thong. She realized that, at some primal level, her body and her womanhood were absolutely demanding that she meet this beautiful bitch in all-out sexual warfare.

“Yes, I agree,” Diana said clearly. Her heart pounded with anticipation and excitement as the words left her mouth.

“Good,” Lorelei purred. Her eyes were practically glowing with heat and her nipples had grown even longer and harder than when the conversation had started. Her tits looked like they had swelled with tension. As the sorceress drew nearer, Diana detected a distinct feminine musk of arousal.

Lorelei stepped towards Diana; Diana slowly moved to meet her, her bare feet on the cool black flagstone. Their eyes locked and the overwhelming need and hunger that both women were feeling began to boil over. They conveyed to each other their mutual, growing lust. Lorelei reached out and ran her hands along Diana’s sides, starting at her hips and slowly, gently, traced her open palms up Diana’s smooth, bare skin, up her torso to her breasts. Lorelei was careful not to touch Diana’s tits, only to stroke gently at the woman’s sensitive flesh, to tease without yet taking the next step. Diana placed one hand on Lorelei’s right hip and the other on her rival’s firm, muscled belly, feeling her palm suck to the woman’s deep navel. She stroked Lorelei’s body from her hip to her arm, caressing the smooth, soft flesh. Lorelei moved her hands and held Diana’s shoulders. Diana returned the grip, relishing the feel of Lorelei’s hot bare skin under her hands, wondering what would happen next.

“There is another test…,” Lorelei murmured, her eyelids half-closed as intense feelings rippled through her flesh, which was burning where Diana had caressed it.

“What is that?,” whispered Diana. She pulled closer to the other woman, her eyes on Lorelei’s wet, parted lips, her nipples aching with heat, her pussy dripping, the wet spot on her thong growing ever larger.

“It is this,” Lorelei whispered back. She pulled Diana towards her by the shoulders, lined up their taut, long, throbbing nipples, and brought them together, tip to tip.

Lorelei and Diana screamed as one, their howls of sudden shock and pleasure harmonizing. Their nipples seemed to seal together in a surge of electricity and pure erotic power. Their fleshy nubs fastened on each other, their milkholes sucking. A spike of raw sensation, so intense it was almost painful, knifed from their locked nipples. Power and heat and primal knowledge poured into both women from the other magnificent female. The spike of sensation exploded, filling their throbbing tits with heat, hardening both sets of mammaries even more, then flowed down their bellies into their cunts like molten lava. The women shrieked again, in unison, as their powerful cunts contracted, muscles deep inside their vaginal canals convulsing like steel traps, then gushed hot pussy juice.

Diana felt her thong soak through completely in one shocking geyser of pussy juice. The sopping wet scrap of cloth was completely unable to contain the second gusher, which flowed down her thighs to her calves and onto the smooth stone floor. Her legs weakened in the sudden explosion of erotic power. Dimly, through the haze of incredible pleasure and sensations, she was aware that Lorelei had splashed the floor, too. The thick, intoxicating scent of fully aroused womanhood rolled off of their bodies.

Despite the incredible shock of their contact, despite the excruciating sensations roaring through their bodies and minds, Lorelei and Diana continued to hold each other in place, keeping their nipples pressed, exchanging and sharing debilitating shocks of erotic electricity, gasping and crying out with joy. Finally, after sharing their sexual power for almost 60 seconds, both women shrieked and, as if by mutual agreement, pushed each other away.

Lorelei staggered back and put her hand on a heavy chair to steady herself. Diana fell back against a solid wooden table and placed her hands on the table edge to support her weight. Both women stood where they were and regarded each other with wild eyes. Their magnificent tits heaved with their panting breaths, their soaked thongs and wet thighs were testament to their incredible arousal. Diana looked down at her tits and was amazed at how long and thick her nipples were; she stroked her right tit and groaned with the delicious sensation that rippled through the taut, sensitive flesh.

Diana was at a level of sexual arousal that she had never thought possible. Her entire body, every inch of her fantastic flesh, was thrumming with erotic power and electricity. But as stunning as this was, as wonderful the feelings that were pulsing through her body, it was the knowledge she had gained from her contact with Lorelei that was filling her with dread and excitement. Somehow, when her nipples had brushed and locked with Lorelei’s nips, Diana had been filled with the other woman’s power, but she had also gained the primal certainty that she had to meet Lorelei’s body in all-out sexual warfare. She knew at her deepest level that she had to be Lorelei’s ultimate rival; her body needed, in some incomprehensible way, to meet and mate and fuck with Lorelei’s spectacular body. They were meant for each other, meant to meet in sexual combat and challenge each other in the most primitive and fundamental ways. Diana could not begin to explain how she knew this, but she knew it with absolute certainty. Thoughts of leaving, of escaping back to her time, no longer mattered. Right now, all that mattered was that she and Lorelei meet cunt to cunt and tit to tit, body to body and womanhood to womanhood, devouring and consuming each other completely until one of them conquered the other. What was more, she could see in Lorelei’s eyes that the dark-haired sorceress shared the same realizations. The almost uncontrollable heat and lust burning in the sorceress’ green eyes spoke to this truth.

Slowly, Diana pushed herself away from the table. The tension in her body was unbearable, the lust burning in her cunt demanded a satisfaction she could only get by locking up with Lorelei and fucking the other woman senseless. Diana reached down and pushed her black thong down her hips, peeling the soaked garment down her damp legs, letting it drop at her feet, then stepping out of it. Naked, she advanced on Lorelei. Lorelei’s fevered eyes ranged over Diana’s nude body and locked on Diana’s naked, shaven cunt, which was dripping with juices, the pussy lips thick and engorged with blood.

Lorelei smiled. She slipped off her sandals and then wiggled off her soaked green thong, letting it fall at her bare feet. She kicked it aside and stood waiting for Diana. Diana’s eyes fixed on Lorelei’s cunt. She was surprised and delighted to find that Lorelei was shaved bald on her mound as well. Diana did not bother contemplating the oddities of the world that had made it fashionable for women to defoliate their pubic regions at such different points in time. But she was glad. She imagined what it would be like to slide her smooth, slick cunt against and into Lorelei’s equally smooth, slick twat. Diana growled and panted with lust. God, she was going to fuck this woman so very, very hard…

When Diana was just a few feet from Lorelei, the dark-haired woman put up her hand.

“Stop,” Lorelei commanded.

Diana paused. She could see from Lorelei’s feverish eyes and dripping cunt that the sorceress wanted her body just as much as she needed Lorelei’s body. Their mutual desire to fuck each other mercilessly was obvious. Diana stopped. But she knew she could not resist her needs very long.

“These things have a certain amount of ritual,” Lorelei explained, with a tight smile. Her efforts at controlling herself were clearly proving very difficult.

Lorelei gestured for Diana to follow and then walked over the cool floor and a thick fur rug towards her throne. Lorelei stopped at a table beside her throne and removed a small glass vial. She turned back to Diana, brandishing the bottle.

“First, we must anoint ourselves with this holy oil,” the sorceress explained in a hoarse, strained voice. Saying this, she unstoppered the bottle and poured a steady stream of thick, clear oil over her massive, beautiful tits. She rubbed the oil around and around, covering the firm, yielding flesh, rubbing it into her burning nipples, then down her flat stomach all the way to her hairless pubes. Lorelei’s body shone in the sunlight, her smooth flesh slick and wet.

Diana watched hungrily, watching Lorelei’s hands knead and soothe her voluptuous flesh, then run over her irresistible curves, spreading the oil everywhere. Lorelei was panting hard, the feelings coursing through her from her own caresses almost too much to bear. She gestured to Diana, beckoning her rival over to her throne. When Diana was close, Lorelei stopped her with a firm hand on her belly, then poured the oil over Diana’s magnificent rack. Before Diana could react, Lorelei placed the bottle on the chair’s arm and began rubbing the oil into Diana’s meaty boobs.

“God, oh God!” Diana choked out, her tits throbbing with pleasure as Lorelei’s knowing, eager hands explored every inch of her firm, sensitive mounds, as they squeezed and kneaded the taut flesh and crushed back Diana’s engorged nipples with their palms, as her fingers traced and teased Diana’s areola, all the while spreading the hot oil over every inch of titflesh and then down Diana’s belly. Diana’s cunt gushed again, juice splattering Lorelei’s thighs as well as Diana’s.

Diana raised her hands and, with a groan of unbearable lust, did what she had been longing to do – she sank her fingers into Lorelei’s magnificent tits, filling her hands with the delicious flesh, delighting in the warmth and heaviness of Lorelei’s jugs, amazed at how much they felt like her own. Diana squeezed and then rubbed around and around the contours of Lorelei’s bulging tits, stroking the sorceress’ throbbing nipples, her hands slipping in the shining oil.

“Fuck, fuck…,” Lorelei groaned, her eyes shut tight, her body trembling. She squeezed Diana’s nipples between her thumb and forefinger, eliciting another scream of pleasure from the blonde. Lorelei’s pussy gushed in arousal, splattering Diana’s bare legs in turn.
“MMMmmmm, fuck!” Lorelei sobbed again.

Diana and Lorelei leaned into each other, both women filling their hands with the other’s tits and squeezing, squeezing hard. They fondled and weighed, kneaded and crushed together the other woman’s fantastic tits. They pushed their faces close, forehead to forehead, eyes half-open, noses touching, hot, sweet breath blasting into the other. Diana was sure they were about to kiss and she readied her hot tongue to lick at Lorelei’s tantalizing lips. But then the dark-haired beauty suddenly pulled back and disengaged from Diana, pushing Diana back a step.

Gasping, Lorelei picked up the vial from the chair’s arm.

“Turn around,” she ordered Diana, hoarsely. Diana did as she was told, leaning up against the throne, placing one knee up on the seat. The sorceress poured oil over Diana’s back. It streamed down her body, following the deep curve of her spine, running down her hard, round ass into her ass crack and down to the thick pink slit of her pussy. Some of it trickled down her thighs. Lorelei began rubbing the oil in, tracing it around Diana’s voluptuous body, running her hands over Diana’s bulging round ass, slipping her hand down to cup and rub the oil into the slick, smooth flesh of Diana’s fat, throbbing cunt. Diana gasped in pleasure as her enemy caressed and stroked her burning skin. Everywhere Lorelei touched, electricity flowed into Diana’s pores, stoking the frenzy of sexual need in her aching body.

Lorelei reached around to Diana’s chest and began stroking and kneading Diana’s tits once again. Diana acted quickly, grabbing the other woman’s hands and removing them from her boobs. She turned around to face Lorelei.

“Now I’ll do you,” Diana demanded, her voice trembling with passion.

Lorelei gave Diana the bottle and switched places with her, bracing herself on the seat of the chair. Diana poured the remaining oil over Lorelei’s back and down onto her swelling ass. Then, putting the bottle on the nearby table, Diana began massaging the oil into Lorelei’s perfect body, caressing, stroking, running her hands down the dark beauty’s curving spine, tracing the luscious hips and round hard ass. She reached down and rubbed a dollop of oil smartly into Lorelei’s genitals, slicking the oil onto Lorelei’s swollen pussy lips, pressing a single questing finger inside Lorelei’s soft, yielding cunt. The sorceress groaned with desire and Diana felt another gush of juice from the woman’s pussy dampen her hand and the cushions of the seat chair.

When she had lathed the oil over Lorelei as much as she could, Diana turned around and rubbed her oil-slick ass around and around on Lorelei’s ass, using her buttocks to spread the oil. Lorelei pushed and rubbed back. Both women began groaning and moaning, gasping with pleasure as they rotated their tight, round asses into each other. Their hard, muscular butts flexed and clenched and their senses burned hotter. The thick, firm pads of their powerful asses pushed and tensed against each other. Lorelei braced herself on the chair and pushed back. Diana did not have anything to brace on, so she could not shove back as hard, but she bent at the waist and placed her hands on the floor. From this position, she was able to match Lorelei ass to ass. For long moments the women rubbed and flexed against each other, working their asses around and around. Diana changed tactics, however, disengaging from Lorelei, but quickly turning around and mounting the other woman from behind. She pushed her pubic mound against Lorelei’s ass, and worked her hips around, smearing her thick-lipped cunt against the taut flesh and adding her pussy juice to the slick oil moistening Lorelei’s ass. Diana reached around Lorelei’s body and seized the sorceress’ tits. She rubbed and kneaded the massive mammaries even as she ran her hands all over Lorelei’s belly, rubbing the oil down her torso. Lorelei leaned back into Diana and reached around to pull Diana’s head in to her face with one hand while her other hand seized Diana’s thigh. For a few minutes, the two women stood in front of the throne-like chair, undulating together, letting their bare bodies glide as one, spreading the oil over their naked flesh through their constant movement and caresses. Their sighs and moans grew ever hungrier and more urgent.

Lorelei released Diana and pushed back with her ass, creating a little distance between them. Then she turned around. The naked, beautiful women faced each other, their magnificent bodies glistening and slick in the afternoon sun, their nipples as hard as rocks and as long as spikes, their genitals wet and thick with arousal, their bodies stimulated to the point of absolute need. Smiling, panting with desire, Diana and Lorelei reached for each other. Each woman grabbed the other’s biceps, forming a cage wherein their massive tits were trapped, pushed out between their arms, with their nipples pointed directly at each other. Slowly, they pulled each other together.

Diana and Lorelei glared at each other through half-lidded eyes, their breath coming in excited pants, their bodies trembling with anticipation. Diana was lost in the incredible feelings and sensations burning in the most primitive and sensual parts of her beautiful body. Her breasts and nipples had always been sensitive and a source of great pleasure to her in her lovemaking, but nothing like what she was experiencing now. The building heat and tension in her loins were sending unbearable pulses of lust radiating through her body. She desperately needed to satisfy these urges, and all of her inhibitions were stripped away. Diana lined her nipples up with Lorelei’s burning nips and, signaling with their eyes, the women pushed them together, tip to tip.

Diana sobbed hard for a few moments, but kept from screaming; Lorelei’s head jerked up, her eyes closed, and her face became a mask of agony as the incredible pleasure surged through their bodies. As before, erotic electricity raced through both women, pumping up their clits, feeding their lust, torturing them with pleasure and delicious sexual sensations.

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuuuuccckkk!!,” Diana moaned; Lorelei cursed viciously in her own language.

The women locked eyes and struggled to bring their raging bodies under control. Growling lustfully at each other, they held their nipples together, hoping to see the other woman’s nipples shrivel up and surrender to the greater power of the other, to show them both who was the more powerful woman. Their nipples grew harder and stronger, they fused and pulsed together, but neither pair retreated from the other. Staring deep into each other, the women prepared themselves for battle, then pushed together hard. Their swollen nipples held tip to tip only for a moment, then slid past each other to bury themselves in the other woman’s bumpy areola. Slowly, and with excruciating pleasure tinged with pain, the women pushed their tits together, dense titflesh meeting for the first time. Diana and Lorelei pushed harder and harder, their firm tits both yielding and resisting, bulging up under the pressure but still remaining taut and strong. Waves of coruscating pleasure filled their tits and radiated through their bodies, feeding the power in all of their erogenous zones, making their clits harder, their pussies wetter. The women whimpered and moaned as they struggled, panting hard into each other’s face. They pushed nose to nose and forehead to forehead.

Their nipples were buried deep within their combined titflesh, each set of nipples boring into the other woman’s boobs. Diana moved her tits around and around, rotating them on Lorelei’s equally oil-slick melons, trying to twist and tangle her hard nipples with Lorelei’s matching pair. Lorelei began rotating her tits the other way, grinding back, trying to drill down into Diana’s orbs. Their tits pressed tight, compressed as hard as they could get, their dense titflesh trembling with effort and straining to crush each other even as the women worked their boobs around and around. Wave after wave of burning pleasure filled their straining mammaries, driving the struggling women crazy with lust.

After several minutes of battling this way, neither able to wear down the other, Lorelei and Diana both eased back slightly and began to slop their oiled-up tits back and forth, up and down against each other, their tits sliding in and out and around each other. Their tits slithered and slid, hard nipples stabbing and tangling, twisting together then springing apart. Pain and pleasure combined to feed the desire burning through the veins of both enraged women. They pressed their bodies harder together, keeping their eyes locked and their faces pushed close. Their hot, slick bellies crushed and rubbed, deep navels sucking and then popping apart as they shifted. The women’s firm, warm thighs pushed and struggled against each other, occasionally slipping between the other woman’s legs, encouraging hot pussies to rub and suck against the smooth, taut flesh, prompting both woman to raise their thighs into their enemy’s wet cunt, encouraging the other to ride her enemy’s leg. Diana and Lorelei’s pussies continued to leak, a constant trickle of pussy juice keeping their inner legs damp, sliding off the oil, dripping down to the floor. They now began to share their pussy juice as their cunts leaked over the other woman’s thighs. Their grunts and groans and cries of effort became harder and sharper as the fight wore on. Their beautiful, battling bodies began to bead with sweat.

As the struggle raged on, the women’s mutual lust and need for deeper sexual contact grew ever greater. The constant delicious grinding of their tits fed the furnace between their legs. Their naked, wet pussies rubbed into each other’s thighs, their thick pussy lips sucked to the smooth flesh, sending waves of lightning heat flowing up through their bellies and back into their tits, creating a circuit of pleasure from their tits to their twats and back.

Diana ran her hands up and down Lorelei’s body, grabbing the sorceress’ waist, pulling her in by the small of her back. Diana spread her hands on the sorceress’ magnificent tight ass and pulled her in even closer. Lorelei released Diana’s arms and grabbed Diana’s rounded ass in return. As the struggle between their perfect, voluptuous bodies intensified, as the heat between their legs grew hotter and more insistent, the women began to exchange sharp pelvic thrusts, drawing back their hips then snapping forward, slapping their bellies together, grunting with passion with each blow. The need to bring their boiling hot cunts into direct contact grew to a mutual fever.

Diana was almost delirious with lust and need. She could not believe how her body felt, the indescribable urges and passion raging through her burning flesh. She sensed that the power of the sexual forces flowing inside of her were mystical in nature. If this was part of what it meant to be a witch, she would never stop trying. But her raw lust for Lorelei’s body was now all that mattered. She had to devour the sorceress’ cunt, she had to break and consume the other woman’s body. She knew that if she lost this fuckwar she would end up the one broken and devoured, but that possibility hardly registered. She was driven by her lust.

The women continued to exchange pelvic thrusts, their lower bellies and pubes slapping together, but they both desperately needed direct cunt-to-cunt contact. Lorelei leaned back and spread her legs as much as she could, while tightening her grip on Diana’s ass, grabbing a good hold of the blonde woman’s tight butt cheeks. Diana reciprocated the hold, sinking her claws into Lorelei’s perfect round ass. The women compressed their tits between their upper arms so that their boobs could continue to rub and grind, their sharp nipples fencing as they leaned their upper bodies away from each other. They cocked their pelvises forward and thrust hard at each other. Their hungry cunts came together with a wet splat, and the struggling women released long moaning cries of joy and desire.

Diana thought she would die from the pleasure as she felt her hot, thick, wet pussy lips crush into Lorelei’s matching pair. The feel of her slick, oil-slimed, naked pussy sliding along the slick, well-lubricated flesh of Lorelei’s twat sent spasms of ecstasy through her body. She worked her hips harder, driving her cunt to Lorelei’s cunt, struggling to spread the woman’s thick pussy lips, desperate to bring their throbbing clits into direct contact. She yearned for the clit to clit ecstasy that she had to have; she knew that she was so close to the ultimate pleasure. Lorelei thrust back, her hips rotating her cunt like a drill, equally desperate to spread Diana’s cunt lips and get at the treasure within. The women slapped and splatted their wet cunts together, grunting and groaning like animals with each thrust, working at violating each other, enjoying the delicious wet friction of cunt against cunt, before pulling back to thrust again.

“Yes, oh Fuck, Fuck, YEESSSS!!,” Lorelei groaned, her body shuddering with sheer, blinding lust. She had fought many sexfights in her life, but she had never felt this enraged, this aroused, before. She could not believe the feelings that Diana’s gorgeous body brought out in her and she knew that her genie had served her well. She could not wait to get Diana down, to lock cunts and clits, and fuck mindlessly for as long as they could stand it. Nothing else mattered.

“Yes, Yes, YESSSS!!,” Diana echoed her enemy. She was almost delirious with pleasure and the incredible feelings of lust that were burning in her veins like acid. She could feel her tight slit opening and spreading beneath the grinding, delectable pleasure of Lorelei’s thrusting twat; she could feel her pussy lips slowly prying apart and flattening down Lorelei’s welcoming sex. It would not be long before their nerve-saturated clits came together, stroking and fencing, rubbing and grinding, transporting both women to absolute pleasure.

Their incredible bodies continued to slide and grind against each other, their bellies and thighs slapped, their tits wrestled, nipples stabbing and fusing. The women sank their fingers into their enemy’s beautiful, pumping ass and kept thrusting, determined to ride each other to the ultimate conclusion. They grunted and gasped in unison with each hard thrust, their animal cries harmonizing as they fucked. Diana and Lorelei threw back their heads, their long hair wild and thrashing with their frantic movements, and groaned in sheer erotic joy. Diana felt her thick clit unfurling, lifting out of her vulva; she could feel Lorelei’s equally huge sexhorn beginning to tease at her pussy lips. Soon, soon, she thought as she jerked her hips harder.

Lorelei suddenly raised her right hand from Diana’s left ass cheek, took a firm grip of Diana’s thick blonde hair, and pulled hard. Diana gasped; the jerk hurt and threw her off balance. She recovered her footing and immediately raised both her hands to Lorelei’s head, buried them in the sorceress’ thick black locks, and pulled viciously. By this time, both of Lorelei’s hands were sank deep in Diana’s hair and were pulling just as hard. The battle shifted. The women groaned and snarled as they yanked viciously at each other’s thick mane. To their mutual distress, the women had to disengage their battling cunts. Now, arms looped behind the other’s back and their massive tits were compressed into one, forming two sets of straining bubbles of erotic flesh on the women’s chest. Their nipples penetrated each other, adding another element of delicious sensual pleasure.

The women struggled, pulling each other’s heads back so that they were chin to chin, their faces pointing up to the ceiling and contorted in expressions of pain and lust. Their moans and growls and pants of desire and exertion grew stronger as they fought each other for control and domination.

“Down, get down girl, so I can fuck your little cunt off,” Lorelei panted, as she struggled to wrangle Diana to the ground. Diana realized the sorceress was hoping to mount her and master her.

“Mmmn, filthy whore, I’ll lay you down and grind your fat clit off,” Diana panted back in response.

Never letting go of the other’s hair, the women slowly fell to their knees together on the thick fur rug at their feet, their bodies still crushed tight, their powerful muscles straining against each other, tits squashed and almost fused together. When they were both on their knees, Lorelei pulled down hard on Diana’s hair, jerking the blonde’s body back, curving her spine, almost forcing Diana onto her back. Diana’s magnificent tits pointed straight up at the ceiling as she strained to fight back. Diana cried out in rage and pain as she felt Lorelei’s voluptuous body pressing against hers. Diana fought back, using all the power of her back and abdomen to push herself back up to a kneeling position, pulling on Lorelei’s dark locks with all of her strength at the same time. Once they were back face to face, gasping and panting with their mutual efforts to dominate each other, Diana pulled hard on Lorelei’s long black hair and repaid the sorceress, forcing the woman’s head almost all the way back, bowing her body almost to the floor, pressing forward with her own body to push the woman down. Their screams and growls grew more frantic. Diana was almost face to tit with Lorelei’s breasts; before she could act, however, Lorelei forced herself back up and recovered her position. They were once more tit to tit and face to face as the struggle continued.

They took turns curving each other over during the next several minutes, each woman trying to overpower and force her rival to the floor. The second time, Diana wrapped her lips around Lorelei’s thick left nipple and areola and sucked as hard as she could, biting gently at the delicious gland. Lorelei howled like a banshee, writhing and wriggling under the sensual attack. Lorelei managed to right herself, freeing her tit. As Diana expected, Lorelei avenged herself when she next succeeded in bending Diana back. Diana moaned in pleasure as Lorelei licked and bit lovingly, seductively, at her left nipple, then sucked in Diana’s nub like a vacuum hose, sucking so hard that Diana thought she might give milk.

The hairpulling battle seesawed back and forth, the women feasting on each other’s tits with every opportunity, but it soon became apparent that they were too equal in their physical power. Their bodies were burning up with need, their flawless skin was shining with oil and dripping with sweat. They could go on like this until one woman or the other finally succeeded in forcing the other onto her back and mounting her, but this seemed unlikely to happen anytime soon.

“Enough,” Lorelei finally gasped, when they were once again nose to nose, forehead to forehead, panting, sharing hot sweat and hot breath as they continued to pull tightly at the other’s hair. “I want to feel your power, feel your cunt, feel your clit. Meet me woman to woman.”

Lorelei released Diana and pushed herself back along the thick fur rug. She dropped onto her ass and, bracing her voluptuous body with her powerful arms behind her back, spread wide her wet, muscular thighs. Her naked cunt glistened in the light, dripping with arousal, its pink slit radiating heat, pussy lips fat with desire. Her long, thick, marble-sized clit protruded enticingly from the top of her swollen vulva.

Diana had never seen anything so beautiful. Her body almost exploded with the shock of pure desire that ripped through her as she gazed into Lorelei’s fuckpie.

Diana sat back on her round, powerful ass and spread her legs. She reached down between her thighs and used her right index and middle fingers to spread her sopping wet pussy lips, coaxing her clit out. Her clit emerged, bigger and more sensitive than Diana could ever remember it being, throbbing with heat and electricity. She stroked it lightly with her finger, and jerked with shock at the jolt that raced through her body, pooling in her erogenous zones. Her clit seemed to her to be every bit as big, as formidable as Lorelei’s sexhorn. Lorelei was staring down between Diana’s legs with a look of rapture, almost hypnotized by what she saw there. The beautiful sorceress licked her ruby-red lips, her eyes glazed with lust.“Are you ready to fuck, Lorelei?”

Diana asked in a whisper. “Are you ready to put your little clit up against my beauty?”

“Gods, yes,” Lorelei replied, her voice a low, throaty growl. She reached between her legs and used her fingers to spread her cunt a little wider. “Let me feel your womanhood, girl. And you can feel mine. And we’ll see who is the better woman.”

Diana and Lorelei slid along the fur rug towards each other, legs spread wide, a constant trickle of pussy juice running down from their fully-aroused twats. Their powerful bare legs slid against each other and smooth skin caressed as the women assumed a scissors-position, right legs over lefts, as they pushed up close and prepared to mate, to fight cunt to cunt to the finish, to finally consume each other. Diana and Lorelei trembled with need, their hearts pounded with excitement and desire. When their ravenously hungry cunts were only an inch or so apart, the women stopped and savored the moment. Diana groaned, almost in an agony of desire, and her powerful cunt contracted. A small gush of pussy juice shot from her twat and splashed into Lorelei’s gaping fuckhole. Lorelei smiled ferociously; a moment later, Diana felt an answering splash of juice and her mind almost exploded with the erotic anticipation of the moment. She was only moments away from ecstasy, of locking clit to clit with this beautiful bitch. This time, there would be no interruptions. They would fuck each other until one submitted, until they both exploded with unbelievable pleasure. Diana’s entire body was brimming over with sexual power and hunger. Diana knew that the bond she and Lorelei had, the link they were about to create through cunt to cunt battle, was mystical and primal. She felt like there was a wild animal between her legs, a beast that was drooling with its desire to lock in mortal combat with its counterpart between Lorelei’s legs and devour it or be devoured in turn. She was overwhelmed by a powerful instinct that wanted to suck and eat Lorelei out from the inside.

Lorelei and Diana faced each other, their faces wild with joy and anticipation. Their massive tits heaved in unison with their excited pants, they whipped their hair back from their beautiful faces with a toss of their heads. Their arms supported their powerful bodies as they prepared to begin the fuckfight.

“I’m going to fuck your brains out, Lorelei,” Diana whispered, her eyes burning with desire.

“You brazen little whore,” Lorelei panted back. “My cunt will suck yours dry. You will meet the same end as all the others who have spread their legs with me.”

“Let’s find out,” Diana murmured.

The women braced their bodies with their powerful arms, pulled back their hips, then thrust their gaping twats directly into each other with a hard, wet splat of moist, thick fuck lips. Their massive, marble-sized clits squashed tight and sent an explosion of erotic heat and electricity roaring through both women, filling their cunts, flowing from their bellies up into their engorged tits, filling their incredible bodies with raw ecstasy. Their voracious cunts sucked tight to each other, their gaping fuckholes sealed and locked like hungry mouths. Diana threw back her head and screamed in an absolute agony of sexual bliss.

“YES, YES, Oh my FUCKING GOD, YES!!!,” she shrieked. Her whole body exploded with unbearable pleasure. Her lust, her desire and need for more grew exponentially.

“Oh, Mitra, YOU FUCKING CUNT!!!,” Lorelei screamed, her body overwhelmed with pleasure unlike anything she had felt before. The genie had been right, she realized through the haze of incredible sensation, this woman was her perfect rival, her greatest challenger. She had to break Diana’s cunt with her own.

Tears streaming down their beautiful faces from the excruciating pleasure they were inflicting on each other, Diana and Lorelei began bucking and grinding, moving their hips and their asses to work their bodies together harder and harder. At first, they pulled their juicy cunts apart in a spray of pussy juice, then pounded and rammed their twats together again, grinding furiously into each other, then pulling apart only to drive together and repeat the process. They slammed their burning, ravenous cunts together again and again. For a time, the vast room reverberated with the sound of taut, wet flesh slapping in a brutal rhythm, and the accompanying gasps, groans and grunts of two ravishingly beautiful women joined in an all-out fuckwar. But soon they stopped separating and, instead, left their fuckmeat sucked together, their labia merged into one, as they rubbed and bucked their hips, driving, grinding into each other, seeking to violate each other in the deepest ways possible. Locked together, they rotated their hips powerfully, mating, fucking with all their strength. Diana slid her marble-sized clit against Lorelei’s equally large, exquisitely sensitive sex organ.

Diana whimpered, her body shuddering with pre-orgasmic bliss, as she and Lorelei exchanged powerful pelvic thrusts. The nova-heat between her legs was unimaginable, the sexual sensations radiating up through her body were driving her crazy with lust and need. She already felt on the verge of the greatest orgasm of her life and yet she and Lorelei had barely started fucking. But she knew that she had to hold on. Holding on was the only way to win, the only way to master the beautiful bitch she was wrestling cunt to cunt, the only way to attain the full measure of ecstasy that her body craved so desperately. She moaned, a sound of pure, sexual joy. She had never felt so alive in her life, her body had never before been so saturated with raw sexuality. She was aware of the powerful forces moving within her, the mystical hunger that demanded she and Lorelei form one straining, sex-saturated body, that demanded that they join the cores of their womanhood into one and conquer each other. She kept thrusting, determined to join her body with Lorelei’s in the most intimate ways possible, determined to answer the call of her own unimaginable lust.

The women’s cunts slowly worked into each other, juicy, engorged pussy lips spreading and flattening against each other with their slow, powerful thrusts. Their pussies pressed tighter and tighter, opening to each other, forming a thickly muscled, oval arena in which their powerful clits could battle. Diana and Lorelei leaned back, watching in joy as their cunts sealed. Hot pussy juice squeezed out from their interlocked cunt lips with each powerful thrust. They began stroking, thrusting, grinding their nerve-rich, swollen clits together in earnest. Wave after wave of excruciating erotic power roared through their bodies with each hard shove of pussy to pussy.

“Yes, yes, oh Fuck, yes!,” Diana sobbed as the battle continued. She pumped at Lorelei’s cunt powerfully but with a slow, delicious control. She knew she had to wear down the other woman’s self-control, but she also wanted to prolong this cuntfucking battle for as long as she could. She was enjoying it far too much to want it to stop.

“Fuck, fuck, you dirty little bitch!,” Lorelei groaned, her hips matching the slow, hard rhythm of Diana’s thrusts, the sexual power in her body slowly building to the point of explosion.

As they battled, as their cunts sank more deeply into each other and sealed even tighter, Diana began to feel an intense pressure on her pussy and realized that Lorelei was using her vaginal muscles to squeeze and eat Diana’s throbbing twat. Diana was taken aback; she did not know how to match this incredible feat. Diana’s fear lasted only a moment; her own pussy responded almost immediately to Lorelei’s challenge, drawing on a strength and talents that Diana had no idea she possessed. Diana’s cunt squeezed back ferociously, eating at Lorelei’s twat with a ravenous hunger, struggling to consume Lorelei’s pussy. Lorelei started, then smiled when she felt the answering pressure. Yes, she thought, this woman was perfect for her, every bit the rival that she had hoped to find.

As their cunts locked into a trembling stalemate, Diana was stunned to feel Lorelei’s powerful clit suddenly swell up like a balloon. The engorged nub grew bigger, longer and harder, as though a sexual dam had suddenly been released, allowing power to flow into the sorceress’ sexual weaponry. The dark-haired beauty threw back her head and laughed, smiling with joy. She rejoiced in the feeling of Diana’s clit being driven back beneath her own. She was certain that she had this upstart woman from the future just where she wanted her.

Diana barely had time to register this change, however, when the intense heat in her twat and breasts suddenly seemed to increase tenfold then flow, like molten lava, directly into her clit. She realized that, once again, her body was responding directly to the challenge from Lorelei. With a shriek of pleasure, Diana felt her clit swell up to match Lorelei’s sexhorn in size and power. Caught within the tight confines of the women’s warring cunts, the swelling clits flattened and trembled against each other, almost fusing into an erotic knot of ecstasy. Diana and Lorelei whooped together, panting and gasping as they struggled to bring their bodies under control. Tears streaming down their faces, eyes locked in rage and lust, they resumed their grinding fuck, but the erotic electricity from their struggling, sliding clits was even greater than before. In concert, the women squeezed their interlocked clits as hard as they could with their powerful cunts. Shudders of ecstasy rippled through their perfect bodies, but they held on and resumed their fuckwar.

The women fucked with their arms supporting them, their bodies angled into each other, fused into one at the crotch, their legs overlapped. For some time, they struggled together face to face, legs spread, asses and hips rising as they drove into each other, clits fencing and sliding side to side and exquisitely sensitive head to head. After several minutes of fighting in this position, Lorelei reached out and grabbed Diana’s right thigh, shifting her body so that she and Diana fit together like two interlocked clothespins. Diana grasped Lorelei’s right thigh and answered the sorceress’ thrusts with her own. Hips and asses rocked into a swaying, pumping motion as they rubbed clits vigorously, settling into a hard, delicious, grinding rhythm.

The women groaned and gasped with every powerful thrust, their bodies writhing and shuddering with pleasure and effort. They cried out in agony and desire, two bitches in the deepest and most intense sexual heat, riding each other relentlessly towards a peak of ecstasy.

“Whore, fucking whore…!!,” Diana cried, her head thrown back in joy and lust as her body experienced sensations she never thought possible. Her tits rocked furiously, bouncing in concert with her driving hips.

“You little cunt, I will break you, you will be my bitch…!!,” Lorelei gasped as her body moved in time with Diana’s, as their cunts wrestled and struggled like two wild beasts savaging each other.

The women fell onto their backs and began to writhe hard, reaching down to grab each other’s thrashing legs for leverage, then pumping and grinding even more deeply into each other. Their hips and asses bucked in the air as they drove deep, as they sought to overwhelm each other with sensations. They thrust high, holding each other in quivering pleasure at the top of their arc, their hips locked, before dropping back to the ground and resuming the slow, hard grinding of their cunts into one. The women writhed, their long, incredibly voluptuous bodies undulating and wriggling like powerful snakes, their skin shining with oil, sweat and their feminine secretions as their powerful muscles strained and danced, their massive tits bouncing and rocking with each delicious thrust, their rounded hips jerking and swaying as they fought to make their bodies one steaming mass of ecstasy. Diana reached down her body and found Lorelei’s hands grasping her thighs. She locked fingers with Lorelei and soon their hands were sealed together, palm to palm, fingers interlaced, providing the leverage with which they could fuck each other relentlessly.

Legs spread wide to each other, cunts sealed tight and fused from top to bottom, sucking and eating at each like hungry mouths joined in a deep, probing kiss, hands interlocked and holding each other in place, hips and asses moving in a hard, constant rhythm, the women battled. Diana and Lorelei fucked and fucked, hot pussy juice trickling out from between their kissing cunts, soaking their lower bodies and gradually working down to the rug on which they fought. Their groans and cries of bliss and need grew ever louder and more urgent, but they both managed to hold back the incredible orgasms in their cores, each woman struggling to outlast her opponent, to ride her foe into submission.

Diana soldiered on, but she knew she could not take much more. She did not know how long she and Lorelei had been cuntfucking each other, but it seemed like an eternity of pleasure and her body was beginning to reach its limits. She was on the verge of a mind-blowing orgasm and part of her simply wanted to give in and enjoy the most intense sexual climax of her life. But her natural determination kept her going, holding back just enough to keep the battle raging on. More than this, something else was happening to her. She could feel her witch power, the mystic potential that she had always suspected she had, boiling up and energizing under the challenge of the raging sexfight. Bringing her primal womanhood into direct combat with Lorelei’s womanhood and sorcerous strength was awakening her own, giving her access to power she had always had but had not been able to use.

Lorelei bucked and groaned and strained, struggling to hold on back her orgasmic explosion. She had wanted a challenge and now she had one like no other she had ever faced. Every muscle in her body was singing with pleasure, her cunt was boiling with heat she had never felt before, her clit was bigger, harder and more sensitive than it had ever been, and was now locked in a grinding, unbearably pleasurable battle to the finish with the throbbing clit of her enemy. She could not bear much more erotic stimulation. Her body was shuddering with pre-orgasmic tremors and she knew she was only moments away from exploding. Part of her just wanted to relax and enjoy it, but a stronger part needed to win.

Lorelei tightened her grip on Diana’s hands and began to pull herself back into a sitting position. Diana did likewise. The women were so intimately connected that they could feel, could sense what they wanted of each other. Their beautiful eyes locked, and the women pulled each other together. Their massive tits, wet with sweat and hard with sexual tension, came together to crush and roll, their iron-hard nipples twisting and knotting together deliciously. Diana and Lorelei moaned in unison as their over-stimulated tits mated. They pulled each other closer, wrapping their long legs around each other’s hips and asses, pulling each other in tight. They pressed their foreheads tight and then slid their tongues together, licking and lapping at each other, gasping and growling with passion, until they locked their mouths together and twisted their tongues around and around, sharing spit and hot breath. The oversexed women closed their eyes and concentrated on squeezing and crushing each other tighter and tighter, on squeezing each other’s cunts as hard as they could, on crushing their clits into one fused, throbbing mass of ecstasy, on becoming one delicious body. Diana felt that she was melting into Lorelei, that their beautiful flesh was becoming one; she could feel the same sensations overwhelming Lorelei. As their twats wrestled and struggled to the end, their clits swelled up even more, the erotic power roaring through their bodies reached a fever pitch. Each jerk of their hips, each delicious grind of their clits, each eager lap and twist of their tongues, felt like small orgasms radiating in their bodies. Both women opened their legs even wider, pulled each other in even deeper, then exploded in the absolute ecstasy of their first shared orgasm.

Diana and Lorelei shrieked uncontrollably into each other’s locked mouths, swallowing their mutual screams, as raw ecstasy roared from their clits to every fiber in their bodies. They stiffened as every muscle contracted, their cunts crushing each other’s fused clits even harder, then screamed as their bodies released, sending waves of pleasure and relief rippling through them. The sheer pleasure almost blew their heads off, almost caused both women to pass out. Diana and Lorelei both tightened their mutual grips on the other’s ass and pulled her enemy in even harder and deeper, their bodies continuing to war even as they inflicted wave after wave of mutual orgasms on each other. Their cunts squeezed and wrestled even as they exchanged delicious gushers of hot cum; their tongues twisted and struggled even harder even as their throats vibrated with screams and animal cries of pleasure. They kept exchanging pelvic thrusts and even rotated their tits together, twisting their steel-hard nipples around each other, as both women fought to the bitter, orgasmic end. Neither would stop. Their absolute hunger for each other consumed them.

Their need for air finally forced them to break their vicious kiss. Their mouths separated in a spray of spit and both women pulled painfully at the other’s hair. They yanked their heads back, chin to chin, as they both howled their orgasms to the room. They glared at each other down their noses, through half-closed eyes, dazed with the sensations coursing through their bodies.

“You fuck, you filthy fuck…,” Lorelei groaned at this impossible enemy.

“Whore, fucking whore…,” Diana sobbed in reply. The women loosened their grips on their enemy’s hair, allowing them to shift nose to nose, lip to lip, exchanging hot breath, eager to share tongues once more. Then they both pulled viciously on their enemy’s hair at the same time, both hands buried in the other’s thick locks, yanking until they pulled their bodies far enough back that gravity took over. The momentarily exhausted women fell away from each, flat onto their backs. Small orgasms continued to ripple through them and they both kept crushing each other’s cunt. They panted furiously, their massive tits rocking and quivering. Their flat stomachs tucked in, sweat and feminine juices pooling in their navels. Their bodies gleamed in the sunlight, soaked in perspiration, slicked with the remnants of the oil they had applied to each other earlier.

Finally, after lying flat on their backs for some time, their bodies recovering from the incredible mutual fucking they had administered to each other, Lorelei stirred. With a groan, she twisted her body away from Diana’s prone form. Both women cried out as their cunts twisted apart, the sucking seal between their thick pussy lips breaking with a loud pop and a splatter of thick juices. The rug on which they were battling was already soaked with their feminine secretions.

After a moment, Lorelei pushed herself to sit up and look down at Diana’s prone body. The beautiful blonde was still sprawled out on the floor, her tits wobbling in time to her gentle breathing.

“So,” said Lorelei, reaching down to stroke Diana’s thigh, “are you prepared to admit I am the stronger woman? That I have the stronger cunt? Or do you need more convincing?”

Diana opened her eyes and pushed herself up on her elbows.

“You haven’t beaten me, you cuntlicker,” she snarled at Lorelei. “No one won that round, but I think I felt you giving out there, at the end. I’m more than ready to take on your fat twat for as long as it takes.”

Lorelei smiled grimly, but excitement shone in her eyes. She got to her feet a bit awkwardly, due to weakness in her legs. But she seemed eager to continue.

Diana also forced herself to stand up. Her legs wobbled a bit, but she quickly regained her balance. Her body had just had the most incredible and exhausting sexual experience of its life, but she was amazed to find that there was still a heat burning in her core, a desire to keep fighting and fucking that she would have thought impossible not long ago. This has to be another manifestation of her sorcerous ability, she decided.

The women closed on each other, falling into each other’s arms. They wrapped powerful arms around their naked backs and smiled and moaned with pleasure as their massive tits squashed each other. Their hot nipples hardened against each other. Diana was amazed to find her body rapidly heating up, its sexual fervor quickly coming back as she rubbed her tits into Lorelei’s equally massive rack. Both women felt their oversensitive clits start to swell back to life. They locked into a deep, tongue sucking kiss. Lorelei began pulling Diana backwards. Diana pushed back and the women began to stagger a bit as their struggle intensified. They moved sideways, towards the large, heavy wooden table along the windowed wall of the room. When they hit the table, Lorelei paused, breaking off her kiss with Diana by pulling on the blonde’s golden hair. With a smile, she pushed Diana away gently, then lifted herself on to the table. She crawled further back from the edge and rested on her right side, her right leg under her body, her left leg extended out. The sorceress relaxed back, her voluptuous left hip curving high from her narrow waist, her massive tits hanging down on her chest, her head resting in the palm of her right hand. She patted the wood in front of her, smiling seductively at Diana.

“Why don’t you climb up here and we can have another go at each other?” she asked Diana, her voice husky with desire.

Diana climbed onto the table without hesitation, her aching pussy already warming and moistening as her body regained its sexual hunger. But no sooner was she kneeling on top of the table that Lorelei’s legs suddenly lashed out and hooked around Diana’s neck. In a flash, Diana found her head caught in a headlock between Lorelei’s thighs, pulled down to the table on her right side. Her legs opened automatically as she fell, but she soon discovered that this was exactly what Lorelei planned. In an instant, Diana felt the pressure around her head relax and she found herself staring directly into Lorelei’s beautiful, naked twat. At the same time, she felt Lorelei pulling her legs apart, she felt Lorelei’s cheek on her left inner thigh and, a moment later, the delicious sensation of the sorceress’ expert tongue entering and lapping at her open cunt. Diana closed her thighs around Lorelei’s head, locking her in place.

With a moan of lust, the women attacked each other’s pussies, intent on devouring each other with their tongues and teeth. They looped their arms around the other’s thighs, seized their enemy’s ass, and began licking out each other’s cunts. Diana rolled herself on top, spreading herself wide so that Lorelei had no difficulty entering her. Lorelei eagerly and ravenously licked and lapped and ate at Diana’s cunt, sucking at her clit, probing and stroking her labia with her questing fingers, shoving two, three fingers all the way up Diana’s twat, rubbing her g-spot, taunting and teasing the sensitive nerves going up her vaginal canal. But, more than anything, she sucked and ate at Diana’s engorged clit, coaxing the exquisitely sensitive organ back to its full size and power. Diana returned the favour, doing her best to match every one of Lorelei’s violations, sucking voraciously at the sorceress’ throbbing clit, ramming all of her fingers as far up the other woman’s pussy as they would go. It did not take long before the women were fisting each other, inserting their full hands far up their tight, strong twats, then clenching their fists and rotating them, or pumping up and down, playing their rival’s sex like a musical instrument. The women stroked their enemy’s naked body, running their hands over muscled backs, occasionally pulling hard at each other’s hair as they hit sensitive spots, as the sexual battle grew more and more unbearable.

Lorelei rolled them onto their sides. Both women were moaning and groaning and growling, their cries and screams of pleasure becoming ever more intense, though muffled in the cunt of the other woman. Lorelei sucked Diana’s clit with particular vehemence, forcing her blonde foe to pull her wet face out of Lorelei’s cunt and scream.

“God, oh god, you fucking whore,” Diana sobbed. She knew that this was part of the battle, that she had to bring Lorelei to orgasm before she exploded. She returned her head to Lorelei’s cunt, burying her face in the soft, wet flesh, wrapping her lips and tongue around Lorelei’s clit and sucking, biting at the supreme organ until, to her satisfaction, Lorelei threw back her head and screamed.

“Cunt, dirty cunt!” the beautiful sorceress sobbed, until she resumed her vicious and ravenous assault on Diana’s clit.

The women had gushed many times by now, their fully lubricated pussies ready for even more intense sexual stimulation. But they were both determined to prove which of them was the better at sucking cunt, they were both determined to devour each other.

Their fingers moved frantically in each other’s twats, their tongues and lips delved deep into each other, their pussies were open like beautiful wet flowers in the other’s face.

“Aaaahhh!” Lorelei screamed. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuckkkkk….” She was so close to coming, so close to exploding.

“MMmmmmn, mmmm, come you fucker, come, come, come…” Diana begged, before she plunged her face back into her rival’s steaming, dripping cunt and sucked at her clit like a nipple, desperate to draw a submissive orgasm out of her foe.

But it was only moments later that Diana felt the terrible sensation of raw, uncontainable erotic power suffuse her belly, build to uncontrollable levels, and flow into her clit.

“AAaahhh!!,” Diana screamed. “Fucking Christ, you CUNT!!”

Diana came hard, her insides convulsing, her pussy exploding in a steady, delicious stream of woman cum. Diana felt Lorelei clamp her mouth to Diana’s cunt, taking as much of the discharge into her hungry mouth as she could, even as her tongue kept lapping at the blonde’s overstimulated clit.

Even through the haze of pleasure, Diana continued her assault on Lorelei’s clit. Moments later she was rewarded. Even as her own cunt kept gushing, she felt Lorelei stiffen, she felt the other woman release her clit and pull her face back from Diana’s cunt. The next gusher of cum from Diana splattered Lorelei’s beautiful face, but the sorceress had pulled back to shriek, her mouth still closed, her face a mask of agony. She was clearly trying not to swallow or release Diana’s discharge. Lorelei convulsed. A blast of cum jetted from her pussy directly into Diana’s face. Diana licked at it, then sealed her mouth over the geyser of sexual juices, swallowing some, but trying to take as much into her mouth as she could, saving it for what she was sure Lorelei wanted to do with hers.

The two women finally rolled apart, but only for a moment. They both rose to their knees and threw themselves at each other, their tits squashing, coming together in a delicious, sloppy, open mouthed kiss. Diana and Lorelei moaned with delight as they shared the cum they had saved from each other. Their hot tongues fought and tangled within their mouths, they each tried to force the other to swallow as much of her own cum as she could. They groaned and moaned, assaulting each other until they had both swallowed back most of what they had in their mouths, driving their mouths as deeply together as they could, clawing and moaning as they sucked at each other’s tongues passionately. Their hands were buried in each other’s hair, and they pushed their faces as hard together as they could. They kissed ravenously, passionately, knowing that this was only the act preceding the all-out fuckwar that was still to come. With a final exchange of mouth-scouring kisses, they broke apart, pulling each other’s head’s back by their hair, gasping with lust and rage.

Diana spat in Lorelei’s face, then moved in and began to lick and lap at the other woman’s beautiful face. Lorelei licked back, then pulled viciously on Diana’s hair, yanking her head back hard, pulling Diana’s face towards the ceiling. Before the blonde beauty could respond, Lorelei reached down, pulled Diana’s massive left tit up, and leaned down to attach her hungry mouth to the blonde beauty’s nipple. Lorelei sucked hard, taking in as much of the meaty tit as she could; Diana screamed with passion, the furious pleasure from Lorelei’s attack on her tit almost more than she could bear. Diana pulled hard at Lorelei’s hair, trying to force the other woman off of her tit, but Lorelei refused to let go. Diana changed tack, lowering her head, pulling Lorelei’s left tit into range, and sinking her teeth into the massive, fleshy orb.

The women eased off each other’s hair and, wrapped around each other, their hands stroking and caressing each other’s backs and thighs, began sucking and feasting voraciously on the other woman’s tit.

Diana moaned into Lorelei’s delicious breast. Tears were running down her face, her cunt was throbbing and pulsing with heat and need, dripping with arousal, and now her tit was being sucked, stimulated in delicious and unbearable ways. She ran her left hand over Lorelei’s free tit, even as her right hand slid down the other woman’s taut, bare belly and cupped Lorelei’s sopping wet cunt. Diana inserted two fingers into the woman’s gaping hole. Lorelei screamed into Diana’s tit, increasing the intensity of her sucking. A moment later, Diana felt Lorelei’s fingers inside her pussy.

Moaning desperately, the women began to masturbate each other, rubbing and flicking at the other’s clit. Sobbing, they broke their lips grip on their rival’s tit. They leaned into each other, letting their sore nipples caress each other, pushing their taut titflesh together, even as their hands moved vigorously, deliciously inside of their hot cunts. They rested cheek to cheek, moaning and murmuring in each other’s ears.

“You fucking whore, you dirty, filthy cuntlicking slut…” Diana moaned at Lorelei. Her body was shaking with sexual pleasure and she knew she needed to lock up with this bitch and fuck and fuck and fuck. She groaned with need, the fire in her body burning like a nova in her core.

“Bitch, bitch, you cuntsucking fucker…,” Lorelei groaned back.

The women’s hands moved harder and faster inside their rival’s wet cunts. They stroked clits and pumped hot pussies, driving each other crazy with lust. The pleasure built and built. Their pussies dripped, then trickled, then leaked juices onto the hard table top, coating the lacquered wooden surface.

Lorelei suddenly released Diana’s cunt and used her wet hand to pull Diana’s hand out of her twat. Gently, she pushed herself back from Diana and sat back on her round, hard ass. She spread her legs, opening her pink slit, her clit throbbing with heat. Lorelei smiled at her foe.

“Come on, little girl,” she breathed. “It’s time to settle this. Do you think you can really match my twat? Then come here and fuck me, whore.”

Diana smiled, but she was almost sick with lust. She would not have thought she could be so aroused after having so recently been fucked out of her mind, but she was ready again to match cunts and clits with this beautiful bitch. God, she could not believe how much pleasure she was getting from this.

Diana sat back and spread her legs, opening her pussy, reaching down to spread her cunt lips, freeing her clit from its confines. Her sexhorn was huge, swollen and hard, throbbing with heat. Lorelei smiled and teased her equally huge, sensitive clit out of her cunt. The women’s eyes locked, heat and rage flowing between them like electricity.

The women moved across the table towards each other, their asses sliding on the wood, slicked with the secretions from their pussies. Their bodies were trembling with desire.

Diana and Lorelei scissored each other then slowly, deliberately, pressed their swollen cunts together. The heat from their aching twats blasted out like furnaces, the slick, superbly sensitive skin of their swollen pussies seemed to melt and fuse. Their bodies shuddered even harder, but they were now so attuned to each other that they both knew exactly what they wanted. They sat that way for a minute, two minutes, letting their cunts heat against each other, letting their lubricants flow out and coat their soft, fat cunt lips, letting the erotic moment of anticipation grow and grow until their throbbing tits were heaving with their desperate pants of need. Diana slid her slick pussy up and down against Lorelei’s cunt; Lorelei rubbed back. Then, groaning with need, signaling with their eyes, the women pulled back, then shoved their juicy pussies together with a wet splat.

“Yes, yes, yesss, oh Fuck, YESSS!!,” Diana screamed, her voice rising to a shriek of delirium as she worked her cunt harder and harder into Lorelei’s delicious twat.

“AAaaaahhhh, Fuck, Mitra, FFFuccckkkk!!!” Lorelei howled as she thrust back with all of her strength.

The women leaned back on their hands and lifted their brawny asses off the table as they ground at each other, their cunts meshing and mating, their hips and asses working to spread and penetrate each other’s thick, juicy twat. The women moaned in unison, their cries of pleasure and need harmonizing, coming with each delicious thrust of their powerful bodies. Their cries rose in volume as the battle continued. Soon, their inner thighs and lower bellies were soaked with their cunt juice and the sweat that beaded their bare skin. They panted and gasped, their tits bouncing vigorously with each hard thrust. They ground into each other ferociously, humping feminine flesh into one mass of pleasure, each desperate to wear her opponent down, to somehow gain the dominant position and fuck her enemy into submission.

The women’s swollen clits stroked and rubbed and started stabbing and grinding together with greater and greater force as their clits grew ever larger and harder under the incredibly ecstatic stimulation. Diana threw back her head and shouted with lust; Lorelei closed her eyes and gritted her teeth and struggled to keep her body from surrendering to the terrible orgasm building in her core.

The women drove at each other full force, cunt to cunt. Their swollen pussy lips flattened and spread out, sealing together with a silent hiss, opening their insides to each other, forming a sexual arena for their warring clits to battle inside. Their labia mashed and melted, releasing endless waves of sexual secretions that bathed their cunts and lubricated their grinding war of clit against clit. Their brawling pussies were soaked, their inner thighs saturated with the delicious fluids produced by their combat. The women closed their eyes and fucked furiously, riding each other up to the peaks of an incredible orgasm. At the same time, they started squeezing each other’s cunts, squeezing with all their strength, seeking to crush each other into sexual surrender.

The struggle continued until, suddenly, Diana felt her supporting left hand slip out from behind her. The combination of the sweat on her hand and the pussy juices that were forming a growing puddle on the table made it too slick for her to keep her balance. She fell over onto her shoulders. Lorelei followed her down, keeping their swollen cunts locked together, pouring on the fuck attack, powering her pulsing clit into Diana’s hated pussy. Lorelei’s tits flattened onto Diana’s rack, her belly slapped onto Diana’s. Diana spread her legs wide, anxious to keep Lorelei fastened to her, cunt to cunt, determined to keep grinding with the other woman. Lorelei settled on top of Diana’s cunt like a juicy, fleshy saddle and worked on using gravity and her superior position to power herself into the soft, sopping wet core of Diana’s twat, determined to ride Diana into sexual surrender. Diana humped up furiously to meet her. The women snapped and snarled at each other.

“I’ve got you now, you bitch,” Lorelei hissed at her foe.

Diana did not reply, she simply kept bucking and grinding, determined to keep fuckfighting this slut until she could not fight anymore. Their cunts continued to squeeze, eating at each other.

The women’s warring cunts sucked snugly together and their battle to see which could devour the other raged on. Both women trembled with pre-orgasmic tension, they fucked mercilessly as the pleasure built inexorably. Their hips jerked in rhythm and Diana and Lorelei locked together in a tongue-twisting, biting kiss as they fought to overwhelm each other. Diana fastened her hands to Lorelei’s big, muscular, pumping ass, pulling the other woman down to her as hard as she could, feeling her twat spreading and flattening and sucking even more tightly to Lorelei’s cunt. Diana began to feel transported. She felt like her cunt and Lorelei’s twat were expanding and sealing and eating at each other all at the same time. She felt like their bodies really were merging, that they were sucking each other inside out. She whimpered with need. Lorelei leaned forward, letting the full weight of her body fall on her tits, which were mashed to Diana’s tits. She filled her hands with Diana’s ass and began pulling back, trying to drag Diana’s cunt as far into her own body as she could. Glaring at each other, groaning and screaming with rage and lust, both women felt like their cunts were ravenous predators, eating each other one delicious inch at a time. Their trembling clits rammed and rubbed together harder and harder, with more and more fury, spasms of unbearable pleasure radiating from their grinding clits to every cell in their sex-saturated bodies. Diana wrapped her legs around her sexual rival and fucked back against her with all her power.

The women fucked harder and harder, their quivering bodies a testament to the fact that they were both on the verge of climax, their whimpers and sobs of desperation indicative of their struggle for control. Their bodies were grinding, writhing, their tits and bellies rubbing furiously, Diana and Lorelei doing all they could, using every last resource to trigger the other woman’s orgasm. They snarled at each other, nose to nose, glaring hatefully, desperately, into each other’s half-lidded eyes.

Lorelei groaned, then moaned, then snarled out a scream of rage. “No, no, no, FUCK, NOOO!!,” she shrieked. Her boiling hot cunt exploded. She convulsed and injected a long, hot stream of cum deep into Diana’s enraged pussy. Diana moaned as she felt her throbbing clit bathed in the hot liquid, as she thrilled to the Lorelei’s secretions jetting deep into her core, violating her in the most intimate and delicious ways. She knew she could not last more than another moment. Tightening her grip on Lorelei’s pumping ass, squeezing even harder with her cunt, she rolled their locked bodies. Lorelei was too distracted by her devastatingly powerful orgasm to resist.

Diana took the top position and began grinding and pounding her clit to Lorelei’s sexhorn with all of her remaining strength. But it was only moments before Diana’s pussy melted into Lorelei’s twat in an excruciating orgasm. She stiffened then released a gush of hot cum into Lorelei’s welcoming cunt.

“Oooohhhh, FUUUCCKKK!!,” Diana screamed.

Lorelei and Diana kept their hands gripped to each other’s humping, rotating, grinding asses. They struggled to pull each other as deep inside as they could, they kept pounding and fucking. Diana felt like her entire lower body had become one huge, enraged genital, sliding and slick, merging and melting with Lorelei’s equally huge, hungry cunt. Their clits were fused, one mass of unbearable pleasure, radiating heat.

“Give, give you whore, you’ve lost, give…” Diana screamed at Lorelei as their bodies consumed each other, as both women kept trying to pull each other tighter and closer. Their bodies really were becoming one as they thrashed, locking their legs, slamming their flesh together, bucking and writhing on the soaking lacquered tabletop.

“Never, never,” Lorelei shrieked, her body locked tight to Diana’s body as they exchanged orgasms and gushers of woman cum, riding each other to the end. The surface of the table grew more and more wet and slick with their feminine juices.

Diana squeezed Lorelei’s cunt with her cunt, harder and harder, feeling the tension and pleasure build to a final, annihilating orgasm. Lorelei squeezed back, her eyes shining with desperation. Their bodies writhed and ground, tits rubbed and crushed, their thrashing limbs locked and strained.

Diana looked deep into Lorelei’s eyes; Lorelei glared back, no sign of surrender. Then an explosion of pleasure too great to be endured rolled up from Diana’s cunt and seemed to blow off the top of her head, overwhelming and wracking her with its intensity. She felt her pussy convulsing, she felt her body emptying its cum into the waiting receptacle of Lorelei’s twat. She felt her pussy squeeze even harder in one final, convulsive jerk. Diana felt her consciousness fading. From a distance, she felt more ecstasy burning out of her core, she felt answering jets of cum inundating her vaginal canal, flowing up from Lorelei’s body. Fading away, she thought she may have heard Lorelei’s final screams of sexual surrender, but the sorceress’ hands on Diana’s ass never lost their grip and her final sensation was to feel Lorelei pull her down even harder.

Diana awoke in her bed in her loft, lying on her stomach. It was early morning; she could tell from the glare of the sun on the wall. She felt absolutely exhausted, but her mind slowly cleared from the fog of the night. She remembered her battle with Lorelei, she remembered everything in excruciating, glorious detail – every last thrust, every delicious exchange of bodily fluids, every terrible orgasm. But it must all have been a dream.

“My God,” Diana said aloud. “That was an incredible dream. It was so vivid…” Indeed, it was too vivid. The unbelievable sexual pleasure she and the imaginary sorceress had inflicted on each other had been simply unbearable, too ecstatic to ever exist in the real world. She was sure that her dream had to be a result of her magical practice; maybe there was some way to recreate the dreamworld and rediscover the experience. If she could not do this, Diana was certain, she would never be able to enjoy real-world sex again. Nothing could compare to the sensual sexual warfare she had fought in her mind.

As she rolled over onto her back, however, pain and soreness assaulted her. She gasped as she felt how tender her breasts were and she moaned as she gently touched her aching pussy. She looked down at her tits and was shocked to see that both were carrying teethmarks. The revelation that she may not have been dreaming slammed into her mind like a wrecking ball and staggered her. She sat bolt upright and began examining herself. Her body showed all the signs of the intense sexual combat she had fought in her dream. She rubbed at her pussy and gasped as she felt how raw it was, inside and out, like it really had been sucked and flattened and crushed by the sexual power of an impossibly beautiful woman.

Diana crawled out of bed to the floor-length mirrored wall of her apartment and examined all the parts of her body she could not see with a self-examination. She turned her back to the mirror. Her back was scratched; the clear sign of handprints marked her tight, round ass. Now that she could see her body more clearly in the light, she also saw signs of dried cum on her thighs and belly and she could smell the sexual musk of another woman on her body.

She walked barefoot out into the center of her loft and looked at the final and most decisive evidence. There was six foot in diameter circle in her floor where the hardwood was missing. The support floor was fully visible beneath. Sitting in the middle of the hole, completely unharmed, was her grandmother’s spellbook. The genie had obviously decided to leave it behind when it transported her to meet Lorelei. The rest of the concentric circle that she had inscribed before her mystical journey was intact.

Diana sat down, cross-legged, in the damaged spot and considered what she now knew. She felt heat and sexual desire building and building in her core and she forced herself to put the sensual nature of the experience out of her mind. That was a problem she would need to face soon, but not just now. She felt different, as though something else had changed inside her. She looked at the discarded tank top and pair of shorts that the mystical wind had blown into her door. She gestured at the two garments and they shot across the room into her hand. She was shocked; her ability to levitate objects had never been so easy to use before. Maybe she needed to try something else. She looked at a bookshelf on the far side of the room. It was a three-shelf affair, nothing too big, but still fairly substantial in weight. She cleared her mind and focused on the shelf. The whole thing came off the floor easily, with little more effort than she had used in retrieving the clothing. Somehow, her sexual battle with Lorelei, the intense stimulation of the fight, the constant matching of womanly power to womanly power, had awakened in Diana her true potential as a witch. She could sense that her power still needed to grow and still needed a great deal of discipline, but her body was now awake to what she could really do.

She smiled. She put her hand in front of her face, thought hard, and smiled as a tight blue flame emerged from the center of her palm. She put it out with a thought.

Diana picked up her grandmother’s grimoire and began leafing through it. Towards the end of the book, in the section on the most difficult spells, she found what she was looking for: the spells on time travel. They were few and it did not seem that her grandmother had done this very much. But it could be done.

Diana smiled. Now that she knew Lorelei was real, now that she knew of the unbelievable sexual ecstasy to be found between the legs of another powerful witch, she knew that it was just a matter of time before she would encounter Lorelei again. She would master the time travel spells and, one day, she would pay her sexual rival a visit. But Diana was quite sure she would not have to wait that long. Her marathon sexual war with Lorelei had given her a deep understanding of the other woman. If Lorelei had lost their last encounter, she would eventually be back to challenge Diana again. More than anything, Diana knew that she had given Lorelei the best fuckfight the sorceress had ever had. She could resist the pleasure of Diana’s body no more than Diana could resist her. They would meet again and Diana was sure that the next time they did, there would be no question as to which of them was the better woman.

The End