By JB57

Sarah Forbes drove through the Arizona desert, her Mustang roaring along at a steady pace. The Mustang was a black and yellow muscle car, designed to attract attention, very much like Sarah herself. Sarah was a beautiful young woman and she dressed and acted in ways that showed off her impressive endowments and her aggressive personality. She was wearing a thin white cotton blouse that she had rolled up and tied into a tight knot under her breasts, leaving her tanned midriff bare and stretching the shirt tight across her braless boobs. The buttons of the blouse were all undone, allowing her amazing breasts to almost pop out of the improvised halter top. The impressive cleavage of her bulging tits was an attraction that was impossible to ignore. The shadows of her large brown areola were clearly visible through the thin white cloth. She was wearing a very brief blue jean skirt and, beneath that, a tiny pink thong. The straps of the thong were visible, curving up over her wide, swelling hips. She was wearing white, flat-heeled running shoes. Usually, with this kind of outfit, she would wear high-heeled sandals, but the shoes were her concession to the practicalities of driving.

Sarah was on a cross-country journey as part of a two-month vacation. She had decided to take the semester off from her university and use the time to explore the parts of the continental US she had not yet seen. She planned to zig-zag across the central and southern parts of the country. She had left southern California just a couple of days ago, and she was taking things slowly. She had a lot of time and she had resolved to see as much as she could. So far, she had made a point of stopping off in some of the small towns along the way to see local sights and, of course, be seen in turn. Sarah was the kind of woman who greatly enjoyed attracting attention, especially the attention of men. She also enjoyed giving the local yokels a bit of a thrill.

Around 6 PM she stopped. She had spent the day at the Grand Canyon and she was tired. She was not far from the border with Utah and she decided to cross over into the Mormon state the next day. She saw a sign for a small border town of about 6000 people which promised overnight services. She pulled off of the main highway and then on to a secondary road that led to the main street of the dusty old community. The street was fairly busy. She saw that the town’s bar seemed to be hopping. She would drop by later. For now, she wanted to find a motel to spend the night then a place to have a good dinner. She drove down to the far end of the street and found a local motel just on the edge of the main strip. Judging from the parking lot, the place was not doing a lot of business. There was only one car parked in front of a unit. But it was the off-season and the middle of the week, so maybe the place did better business at other times.

Sarah drove up to the motel office and parked. There was a small, beaten-up car behind the office building, probably belonging to the motel receptionist. Sarah stepped out of her Mustang and stretched luxuriously. Sarah’s long, powerful legs tensed deliciously, her sun-kissed body stretched as tight as a drum. She stood on her tiptoes and reached for the sky with her bare arms. Her breasts pulled up and strained against the white cloth of her blouse, her taut abdomen tucked and tightened, her tanned legs ridged with finely sculpted muscle. Her long blonde hair rippled in the desert wind. She put on a straw cowboy hat and pulled the knot of her blouse beneath her breasts a little lower, to expose more cleavage and even more of her meaty jugs, and walked into the motel office.

Sarah came to an abrupt halt the moment she walked in the office door. She was face to face with something she had never expected to encounter. The receptionist at the desk was a young woman –a very, very beautiful and voluptuous young woman. Like Sarah, this woman was blonde. She was leaning over the desk, reading a magazine. Sarah found herself staring down into a deep crevasse of cleavage that rivaled her own. The young woman was wearing a blue top with a plunging neckline. As a result, her massive, perfect tits were almost fully exposed. As the receptionist straightened up, Sarah could see that the blouse was a half shirt. The lower part of the girl’s muscular belly was revealed, from her deep, thin slit of a navel to low on her pubes. The blonde clerk was wearing hip-hugging jeans and the straps of her blue thong were visible as they looped over her wide, womanly hips.

The clerk looked up as Sarah walked in and she, too, froze in sudden surprise. The two women locked eyes and, for one long, intense moment, nobody else existed in the world for either woman. Sarah’s blue eyes locked with the clerk’s sea-green orbs. A primal feeling of intense animal jealousy and hate and a pure, burning lust, passed between the two voluptuous vixens. Sarah realized, at a deep, instinctive level, that she was face to face with the Alpha Bitch of this little town. She felt this truth with certainty in the pit of her stomach, she felt the challenge posed by this woman in the deepest core of her being. Sarah could feel her nipples tightening, hardening, growing. Her loins began to tense and heat, her vulva suddenly surged with lubrication. Electricity flowed through her pussy. Her gaze washed over every inch of the blonde clerk’s body that she could see; she could feel the girl’s eyes exploring her body with equal intensity. Then the spell broke and the women returned from their primitive encounter to the mundane world.

“I’d like a room for the night,” Sarah purred, moving up to the desk, her dense tits bouncing. She smiled brightly at the young woman. Sarah realized that the woman facing her looked to be around her age. The clerk returned the smile, but both women continued to measure the other with their eyes. It was not easy for two Alpha bitches to share the same space without determining which of them was dominant.

“Please sign here, ma’am,” the clerk said, indicating the guest register. “And I’ll need a credit card; rooms have to be paid in advance.”

Sarah handed the young woman her credit card, then signed the guest register. As she did so, the blonde clerk ran Sarah’s card and handed her the card reading machine. Sarah punched in her PIN and returned it to the beautiful young woman. The clerk handed Sarah the receipt, then turned around and pulled a key from the board behind her. Sarah took the opportunity to examine the clerk’s powerful, rounded ass, her deeply curving, sensual spine. The slight curve of the girl’s ass was visible beneath the tight cut-off jeans she was wearing, before tapering into her strong, bare legs.

“This is room 106,” the clerk said. “It’s at the far end of the compound, so it’s very private. But it’s pretty quiet tonight; we only have one other guest so far.”

The clerk handed Sarah the key. As Sarah reached for it, she very deliberately ran her fingers over the clerk’s wrist, stroking gently, then up the young woman’s palm and fingers, before resting her own fingers on the key. Erotic electricity flowed between the women, a living flow of sexual power. It was an obvious challenge, but neither woman jerked away. Instead, their eyes locked again and, for one long moment, they stood that way, their hands touching intimately, the key held between them, a sexual current running through their ripe young bodies. Then the clerk released the key as Sarah closed her hand around the plastic chain. The women remained gazing at each other, sizing each other up, both knowing what was happening between them.

“I’ll need some food. Can you recommend a place to eat?” Sarah asked the blonde girl after another moment. Her voice was huskier than usual.

“Reggie’s is nice,” the clerk responded. “The Treehouse is further down Main Street. It’s a little more expensive, but it has a variety of dishes. You can also eat at the local bar. It’s called “Murphy’s”. You can’t miss that, it’s in the center of town.”

Sarah thanked the clerk. The women exchanged one final, intimate glance. Sarah could see the clerk’s hardened nipples tenting the crisp, blue cloth of her half-shirt. Sarah left the office, climbed into her car, and drove the short distance to her room. She pulled her bag out of the Mustang, turned the key in the lock to Room 106, and entered. It was a large, neat space, with a double-bed and a TV tucked in the corner, and a clean, bright bath. It was a typical motel room, though a bit neater and cleaner than most.

Sarah threw her bag on the floor, kicked off her shoes, and then threw herself on the bed. She stared up at the ceiling for a few moments, then took another moment to inventory herself. Her body was burning up with heat. Her nipples were hard and her thong was sporting a growing wet spot as her cunt juices started to flow. She could feel her heart beating with excitement, she could feel her loins tighten and heat with desire. Maybe her time in this little town would prove to be more interesting than she could have imagined.

She slipped her hand down her taut bare belly and beneath her skirt. She nudged aside her damp thong and inserted her index finger deep into her wet cunt. She squeezed her finger tightly with her cunt muscles, and moaned with pleasure. Images of the clerk’s body, her fantastic tits, flashed in Sarah’s mind. She imagined what it would feel like to crush those tits against her own, to feel the other girl’s hard nipples digging into her throbbing titflesh. She imagined sucking on those gorgeous melons, feeling the clerk’s nipples on her tongue, caught between her teeth. She imagined ravaging and dominating the clerk’s beautiful body, having her way with the other woman for as long as she wanted, making the other girl do whatever she demanded, matching tit to tit and clit to clit, fucking that beautiful blonde bitch, riding the cow’s cunt until she came screaming in pleasure, until her pussy gushed like a fountain…

Sarah smiled lazily as she felt her thick clit rise and harden. She stroked her sexhorn smoothly, slowly, and gasped uncontrollably as the intense sensations reverberated through her body. She masturbated slow and hard but, at the last moment, decided not to bring herself to orgasm. She wanted to feed her lust, to help build her desire, so that when she finally did get the clerk where she wanted her, she would be boiling over with lust and hunger. She was certain she would have her way with the other woman. They had sent each other all the right signs. The other girl must want an encounter with Sarah just as much as Sarah wanted an encounter with her.

Sarah cleaned up, then walked down the street to Reggie’s and had a light meal. She enjoyed the usual attention that her revealing outfit and beautiful body attracted, but she was distracted. She had lost all interest in visiting the local bar, but she decided to put in an appearance and kill a bit of time. She was there for a couple of hours, almost all the time spent fending off rough advances from horny men. On another night, Sarah may have taken some of them up on their offers. Tonight, however, she had her sights set on a different kind of prey.

She left the bar around 9:30. On the way back to the motel, she stopped at a corner store and bought two chocolate bars, then sauntered back down the street to her lodging. It was starting to get chilly as the desert gave up its heat to the night.

She stopped in at the motel office on her way back to her room. The clerk looked up from her magazine.

Sarah handed the other blonde her extra chocolate bar. “I thought you might like this,” Sarah said, with a smile.

“Oh, thanks, that’s really nice of you,” the young woman replied, taking the bar.

“My name is Sarah,” Sarah smiled. “What’s yours?”

“ I’m Abby,” the girl replied.

“Abby, I was wondering: what time do you close up the office?”

“Oh, usually about 10 PM,” Abby replied. It was 9:40 now.

“And what time do you open in the morning?”

“At 6.”

Sarah asked a few more questions about room service and check-out times. Sarah had hoped that the girl would use this opportunity to send Sarah some further message. Instead, Abby seemed to have retreated from their initial communication. Sarah was sure that Abby had picked up exactly the same signals and signs as she had. But the girl was now acting as though nothing had passed between them, as though an impending confrontation between their beautiful bodies was not inevitable and desirable.

“OK, that’s great.” Sarah smiled again as Abby answered her questions. She tried to keep the frustration out of her voice. “Well, have a good night. Maybe I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Have a good night,” Abby smiled back. Then she returned to reading her magazine, breaking eye contact with Sarah in an annoyingly nonchalant way.

Sarah walked out of the office and down the compound, let herself into her room, and contemplated her next move. She tried not to let her frustration get the better of her. Had the other girl simply been too intimidated and decided to back down without a fight? Had she conceded that Sarah was the Alpha Bitch? That was certainly possible, but very disappointing and unsatisfying. If Abby had given up so easily, then she was never an Alpha to begin with. Still, Sarah wanted the other girl’s body. She would enjoy a good, hard, competitive sexfight with Abby more than anything, but simply getting the girl into bed and fucking her spectacular body would be a welcome second choice.

Getting Abby to her room would be no problem; she would just have to ask for something from room service. But what then? She knew that she could become aggressive with the girl, but if Abby refused to play along, the situation could become ugly very fast. Sarah considered forcing herself on Abby. She realized that she was horny and hungry enough to do just that. The more she thought about it, the more and more she wanted, needed, to sexually dominate and enjoy the other woman’s body.

She kicked off her shoes and wiggled out of her jean skirt. She was just about to untie her blouse when there was a knock at the door. Sarah’s heart leaped with joy and anticipation.

“Yes?” Sarah called out.

“Ms. Forbes,” Abby’s voice came through the door. “I’m just dropping off some extra towels, in case you need them.”

Sarah walked to the door, her excitement building. She opened it a crack and looked around the corner.

Abby was standing there in all of her voluptuous glory, holding a couple of stacked towels. The blonde girl looked calm and collected, but Sarah thought she detected a glow of excitement in the girl’s eye. For the first time, she saw Abby’s whole body. The girl had on cut-off jeans and was wearing sandals. Her legs were gorgeous, a perfect match for the rest of her spectacularly voluptuous body. Sarah felt her loins tighten even harder, her cunt become moist.

“I’m just on my way home, and I thought I’d make sure you did not need anything before I left,” Abby explained.

“Why, thank you, Abby,” Sarah said, her voice too cheerful, too sincere. “I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. Why don’t you come in for a moment?”

The gauntlet had been thrown down. The women’s eyes locked and a burst of pure sexual heat passed between them. Sarah felt her excitement rising, her heart beating faster. She felt a little dizzy with the intense lust burning in her cunt. This was just what she wanted. She could see Abby hesitating and she wondered if the other woman had struggled with herself to get this far, to take the risk of dropping off the unnecessary towels. Sarah decided to take a gamble, one that could scare the other girl off or could seal the deal and lure her into the motel room.

Sarah threw her door wide and stood framed in the doorway, wearing only her halter-top blouse and her pink thong. Her beautiful legs and taut, shapely midriff were nude, all the way up to her bulging tits. Abby’s eyes raked over Sarah’s body. Sarah could see the flash of staggering heat, the surge of pure lust that her physical beauty triggered in the receptionist. She knew that she had Abby now.

“Um, OK,” Abby said. “But just for a minute.” Sarah stood aside. The blonde beauty crossed the threshold, into Sarah’s room. Sarah closed and locked the door immediately. She did not know if Abby’s bashful demeanor was real or affected. But whether or not Abby posed a challenge for her no longer mattered. She had the girl in her room and she was not going to let Abby go until she had fucked the blonde bitch to within an inch of her life.

Sarah took the towels from Abby and put them on the dresser. She gestured to a chair in the corner. “Please sit down. Tell me a bit about yourself and the town. What’s it like living here? ”

Abby slipped off her sandals and pulled her shapely legs up under her as she made herself comfortable in the chair. The light from the bedstand and the corner lamp cast enticing shadows on the woman’s incredible body, emphasizing the deep canyon between her perfect, massive tits, the ridged beauty of her legs, the taut muscularity of her bare midriff. Sarah was aware that the girl sitting across from her, with her bare legs curled beneath her, was a vision of voluptuous, exposed flesh. Sarah felt her nipples grow even harder. She sat on the bed, and crossed her naked legs, well aware that her tiny thong provided little in the way of protection and nothing in the way of modesty. She leaned forward a bit, making sure that she gave Abby an alluring view of her cleavage.

“Well,” Abby began, “ it’s not as bad as you might think. It’s a beautiful area and it’s always fun to go out hiking or partying on the mesas. And we can always get out to Phoenix or one of the bigger cities when we want to.”

“How about boys?” Sarah asked.

“The boys are fine,” Abby went on. “I’m a student at the U of Arizona, so I have more boys to choose from than just the ones here. I’m on a leave this semester, but I’m going back to school next year.”

Sarah smiled. She was a UCLA student herself. She was about to share this information when Abby’s next words took her breath away.

“Besides,” Abby said, raising her eyes to lock her gaze with Sarah’s. “Boys are fine, but there a lot of things that I like doing with girls.”

The two women regarded each other closely, small smiles playing on both women’s beautiful faces. Sarah felt the air in the room tremble with sudden tension, with sexual power and anticipation. Her heart began to beat faster.

“So, are you a lesbian?” Sarah asked, the smile on her face still bright and curious.

“Well, kind of, but not exactly,” Abby replied, shifting a little in her chair, her tits wobbling with the movement. “Actually, some of us girls in town have a little club. We compete with each other in a…sexual way.” She smiled again, but the smile had become much less innocent and much more predatory. Sarah smiled back in exactly the same way. “It’s called sexfighting. I was the champion here. I got involved with a similar club when I was in Phoenix, at the university. I became the champion there, too.”

“Really,” Sarah said, her voice almost a whisper, her eyes bright and intent.

“Oh, yes,” Abby replied, her voice growing hoarse. “I’m really good at it. I have all the right…assets.”

Abby slipped her bare feet down to the ground and leaned forward, her massive tits weighing heavily in her blouse, her nipples clearly visible against the tight cloth, and growing longer and thicker with every moment.

“My tits get really hard and strong when I’m horny. My nipples crush other women’s nipples into mush. My pussy is really, really strong and my clit…,” Abby paused, licking her lips, her voice coming in a harsh whisper, “well, let’s just say that my clit has a lot to do with why I’m so successful at fucking other women into the ground.”

“How do you think you’d do against me?” Sarah asked. She could not wait any longer. Her body was burning with heat, her nipples were aching with tension, her thong felt drenched with pussy juice.

Abby smiled, her transformation into a sexual predator complete.

“I’d absolutely love to find out,” Abby whispered.

Sarah stood slowly and reached for the knot of her blouse. Her blue eyes locked to Abby’s green, she slowly undid the knot. She grasped both wings of the shirt and pulled them taut, allowing her hard nipples to friction against the cloth. She enjoyed the pulse of pleasure that rippled through her. Then, slowly, she pulled the blouse back, away from her spectacular chest, over her perfect shoulders. She let the garment drop to the floor. She threw back her shoulders, allowing her massive tits to jiggle enticingly on her chest. She looked down at her boobs and was amazed at how long and thick her throbbing brown nipples had become. She could not remember the last time she was so aroused.

Abby’s eyes fixed on Sarah’s fantastic tits. She seemed almost mesmerized by the majestic mammaries confronting her, almost hesitant to reveal her own beautiful rack. But Sarah had already figured out that this faux reluctance was part of Abby’s strategy, her way of keeping her opponents off-balance.

Abby rose from the chair. She reached down and undid the front button on her jeans. She pulled the cutoffs down her hips and down her muscular thighs, letting them drop at her feet. She reached down the front of her blue half-top and quickly undid the buttons below the deep, v-neck collar. She slowly, carefully revealed her incredible tits, easing the shirt back from her chest, rolling back her perfect shoulders, forcing Sarah to wait for long, tortuous moments as her breasts were finally unveiled in all of their sexual glory. They were the most beautiful tits Sarah had ever seen, outside of a mirror. Abby threw her shirt on the chair behind her and thrust her chest out, her massive jugs wobbling with the movement. Her dark brown nipples pointed like knives, thick and hard and unspeakably beautiful. Abby’s blue thong was showing a large and growing wet spot around the crotch.

For a long moment, the two gorgeous women simply stood and regarded each other, their shining eyes roaming hungrily over every inch of the other woman’s fantastic body, looking for any flaw, for any weakness. They were both naked, except for their thongs. Their long blonde hair cascaded down their backs and shoulders. Their perfect, powerful bodies stood almost as mirror images of each other. The sexual tension and desire scorched the air of the motel room.

What they both wanted was finally going to happen.

To be continued