By JB57

Abby stepped closer, until her massive tits were perfectly aligned to Sarah’s equally imposing rack, hard brown nipple to hard brown nipple. Their tits were only inches apart. The women raised their eyes from their opponent’s tits and locked onto each other. Their bodies trembled with need. They smiled at each other, beautiful faces lit with raw, unquenchable desire and animal hatred.

Slowly, Abby raised her hands and carefully, gently filled her palms with Sarah’s incredible mammaries. Sarah groaned, a cry coming from the very core of her womanhood, as her throbbing tits were handled by the bitch challenging her power. Abby gasped with excitement. She loved the feel of Sarah’s tits, she could not believe how thick and firm and heavy they were. She squeezed them, her fingers sinking into the taut flesh. She ran her index finger and thumb around Sarah’s nipples. The other woman threw back her head and cried out again, her legs growing weak from the intense pleasure.

Sarah raised her hands to cup and fondle Abby’s magnificent orbs. She squeezed and kneaded and rubbed at the fantastic mammary glands, marveling at their strength and heaviness. Even as Sarah threw back her head to gasp with the pleasure caused by Abby’s ministrations, she forced a cry of pure joy from Abby, causing the other blonde to toss back her head in ecstasy too.

For some time, the two young beauties squeezed and kneaded and massaged the other woman’s tits, working the nipples between their fingers, teasing the pulsing areola, stimulating each other until their tits were throbbing with sensitivity, electric with tension, and as hard as they could possibly be.

“You think these bags are a match for my beautiful tits?” Sarah moaned, pushing Abby’s swelling tits together.

Abby groaned, her eyes closed in pleasure, biting her lower lip. “My babies are going to squash yours flat, you cunt.”

“Let’s find out, whore. Tit to tit with me, right now,” Sarah demanded, her breath coming in hot, desperate pants.

Both women released each other’s boobs and wrapped their powerful arms around the other’s naked back. For a moment, they glared into each other’s eyes, sharing a look of pure, unadulterated lust and need, finely balanced by mutual loathing and the hate that one Alpha bitch always feels for another. Then they squeezed each other tight, as tight as they could.

Their massive tits pancaked into each other, and exploded with raw, sexual bliss as they crushed and mated and merged. Hard nipples speared each other and crushed each other back and fused, bumpy areola grated together in a spasm of pleasure. An explosion of heat and raw sexual electricity rippled through their trembling bodies as their straining tits melted and squashed into one mass of pleasure.

“Oh god, oh FUCK!!,” Abby cried out.

“Mmmnnn, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck,” Sarah groaned.

“Yes,” Abby moaned into Sarah’s ear, as the women pressed check to cheek, as their long, naked legs twined together, as their almost nude, perfect bodies slapped and rubbed against each other, hot flesh to flesh. “I’m going to ride you all night, cuntlicker. I’m going to do things to you that you’ll never forget, I’m going to fuck your cunt off…”

The women’s beautiful faces came together nose to nose. They glared hatefully, lustfully into each other’s eyes, each woman determined to humiliate and break and fuck the other into absolute submission. Their hot breath panted and mixed, their questing tongues reached out and lapped at each other and teased, but did not lock together just yet. They crushed each other as tight as they could, their taut boobs straining to resist the compression. Then, they began to rub their tits around and around each other, each woman thrusting with her back muscles, rotating her straining tits in the opposite direction from her opponent, struggling to drill into the other’s titflesh with sharp nipples, struggling to grind each other down. Their thick flesh strained and burned with incredible pleasure. Their sharp nipples dug into each other, pulsing with sensation. Abby and Sarah fought with all their strength, and began to stagger around the room, each woman trying to throw the other to the ground, their long, powerful, bare legs twining and straining, muscles clenching and trembling, trying to trip each other or push each other back.

Finally, overwhelmed with passion and hate, glaring into each other’s beautiful eyes as they fought, the women needed to take the battle to the next level. Their hungry mouths locked together, their hot tongues tangled into a delicious knot, and they kissed furiously, passionately. Each woman fought to overpower the other’s mouth and tongue, to suck the air and the spirit out of her opponent, to overwhelm the other woman with her superior sexuality. They groaned and moaned, swallowing the other’s cries, as they continued to squeeze and rotate their torsos against each other. Hot bellies slapped and rubbed, to the mutual delight of the overheated women. Legs fought for position. Crushed tits kept grinding and pulsing against each other, thick nipples stabbing and digging into tender, sex-swollen tits. Their thongs soaked through with pussy juice, which now trickled down their inner thighs towards their calves. Their bare feet danced on the worn motel room rug.

Sarah and Abby broke their passionate kiss and buried their faces in the other woman’s hair. Cheek to cheek, they gasped and panted, even as they squeezed harder, trying to crush each other’s tits, trying to force the breath out of the other.

“You fucking cow,” Sarah groaned at her foe. She bit and sucked at Abby’s delectable neck, she nibbled at the other beauty’s ear. “I’m going to smash those soft udders flat.”

“You cuntlicking sow,” Abby gasped in reply. She bit back, sucking viciously at Sarah’s neck, then thrust her tongue into Sarah’s ear. Their faces slid cheek to cheek until their hungry mouths found each other again and they plunged back into their vicious kiss, their tongues working powerfully within their locked maws, stroking and twining together furiously. The women’s groans and growls of rage and lust reverberated inside of each other.

Abby let herself drop and pulled Sarah to her knees. On their knees, arms wrapped around each other, both women reached up the other’ s back for her hair. Securing a firm grip, Sarah pulled viciously on Abby’s thick golden hair. Her attack arched the other woman back, bending her over. Sarah bent Abby far enough back that she found her face in the other woman’s majestic tits. She immediately wrapped her lips around Abby’s left nipple and sucked hard, biting and chewing at the delicious tit. Abby moaned, incredible sensations radiating through her body as Sarah assaulted her nipple. But she fought back. Abby yanked hard at Sarah’s hair and, pushing hard with the power of her abdomen and upper body, succeeded in bending Sarah back, pulling her head almost to the floor. Abby now found her face in Sarah’s magnificent tits and did not waste any time in feasting on her blonde enemy’s gorgeous boobs. She bit into Sarah’s right nipple, sucking as hard as she could at the engorged teat. Sarah cried out and pulled Abby back. Now, still on their knees, their tits pressed together, both young women held each other in a clinch, panting with heat and anger. Abby suddenly pushed Sarah hard, sending the blonde stranger falling to the carpet. Before Abby could press her advantage, Sarah kicked out with her right leg. Her bare foot caught Abby in the left tit and sent the motel clerk sprawling.

Panting, eyes locked in rage, the two beautiful young vixens rose to their feet, facing each other. Their tits rocked with their pants, they bent down to face each other. Sarah rushed at Abby, who received her with open arms. In a moment, they had locked together again, tit to tit, squeezing each other in a mutual bearhugs. Struggling to control each other, they staggered around the room. Sarah forced her lips onto Abby’s panting mouth and the women locked together in another savage kiss.

Abby felt her body burning up with heat and sexual tension. In desperation, she suddenly bore down, squeezing Sarah as hard as she could, delighting in the deep pulse of pleasure as their throbbing tits squashed each other even harder. As Sarah replied, tightening her grip on Abby’s back, Abby braced her feet and pushed with all her strength, catching Sarah off guard. Abby succeeded in pushing Sarah back hard, until they hit the bed and fell on the old mattress in a tangle of long, muscled legs. The women broke their kiss to scream in pleasure and pain as their mammaries flattened. They thrashed on the bed for a moment, until Sarah was able to roll their struggling bodies and take the top position. She gripped Abby’s back and tried to drive her burning tits into Abby’s matching pair with all of her strength. Abby bucked up to meet her. For a long moment, the women writhed desperately against each other, rubbing their chests into each other with wild abandon, slopping their massive tits back and forth and up and down, each beautiful bitch struggling for domination. Abby clawed at Sarah’s bare ass. Sarah grabbed Abby’s hands and, interlocking their fingers, forced Abby’s hands out to their sides. Sarah raised herself up and slammed her tits down on Abby’s. Abby arched her back up and met Sarah’s attack. For long minutes, the two women ground and rubbed their tits, the sound of their meaty racks slapping together echoed in the room, along with their gasps and snarls of rage and passion as their bodies twisted and writhed and did everything that they could to rub and match every inch of flesh to every inch of flesh. The hot sweat began to drip from their overheated bodies as they struggled and Sarah found herself unable to hold Abby’s sweaty hands and unable to keep her top position. She slid off to the side, but she fought hard to keep Abby from mounting her. Abby still managed to take the top position, but Sarah rolled her off. Abby freed her hands from Sarah’s and wrapped her arms and legs around Sarah’s fantastic body. Sarah returned the grip and, cheek to cheek, whispering hateful obscenities at each other, the two sex-enraged beauties rolled back and forth on the bed. Their bodies rubbed and writhed, their hot flesh undulated against each other, their breasts fought to dominate each other, two meaty mountains of pleasure, mating and fusing as the women rolled and thrashed, their powerful legs twisted and tangled and wrapped around each other, their muscles quivering as they struggled to control each other.

Sarah and Abby rolled from one end of the bed to the other, their tanned bodies tangled, a raging ball of voluptuous flesh. Their skin blended together, so that anyone watching could not have told where one beautiful woman ended and the other began. Finally, they rolled off the edge of the rocking bed. They hit the ground hard and, gasping with pain and rage, they finally released each other and pulled apart. Sarah pushed her back up against the end of the bed and sat, panting, her body burning with sexual heat, her thong soaked and sticking like a second skin to her hungry cunt. Her tits heaved with her angry pants, sweat trickled down her flushed, beautiful face and trickled down between her breasts, and dripped off the tips of her throbbing, elongated nipples. Abby had pushed herself so that her back was to the chair. The receptionist’s magnificent tits jiggled in concert with her furious breathing, her eyes glowed with heat and rage and unbelievable lust. Sarah’s eyes fixed on Abby’s wet thong, and the thick, juicy pussy outlined by the soaked cloth. She thought she might even be able to make out the tiny bulge of Abby’s clit. She looked up to see Abby staring lustfully at her cunt. Abby’s eyes met hers and the two women smiled, two bitches in raging heat.

Sarah stood up and, never letting her eyes leave Abby’s eyes, she pulled her drenched thong down her wide hips, down her powerful thighs and calves, then picked it up with a toe and kicked it into the corner of the room. She stood before Abby, her hands on her hips, her legs slightly spread. Abby stared up into Sarah’s gorgeous cunt. Sarah’s pussy was shaved absolutely clean. A thin, dense landing strip arrowed up from the top of her pussy. Her thick pussy lips, her wet labia, filled Abby’s vision. Juice dripped from Sarah’s swollen cunt to the carpet. Sarah backed onto the bed and pushed herself up the mattress until she pushed aside the pillows and sat with her back to the wall. Her legs were spread wide, her pink, hot labia flexing with need, her thick pink clit already starting to swell up out of her cunt.

Abby stood up and slowly, lasciviously, slid off her blue thong. Naked, her tanned body glistened in the lamplight. She sashayed to the bed. Her round, hard tits rocked gently as she moved. Abby slowly climbed onto the bed like a cat, then sat so she was facing Sarah. Slowly, teasingly, the receptionist spread her thighs wide. Like Sarah, her cunt was shaved clean. Her thick pussy lips pulled apart, wet and hot, glistening with juice, red with arousal. Abby closed and opened her twat, demonstrating her control over her powerful womanhood. A thick, well-groomed strip of pubic hair rose from the top of her pussy, pointing toward her deep, narrow navel.

Sarah stared into the incredible twat facing her own and shuddered with unbearable lust. In moments, her burning womanhood would be mated and fused to the hungry maw facing it, its feminine counterpart. Soon, she would be fucking Abby, fucking the blonde whore with all her strength, being fucked back in return, until one of them was overwhelmed with sheer ecstasy, until one of them surrendered to the sexual power of the other. She had fought many sexfights before, but she could tell that this one was going to be very special. Sarah did not know if she could win, but she would give everything she had in the effort to find out.

Abby felt her body trembling with excitement and anticipation as she stared into Sarah’s fantastic pussy. Her heart pounded with excitement, the tension in her groin was unbearable. From the moment Sarah had walked into the office just a few hours ago, Abby had thought of nothing except getting to this moment.

Abby absolutely loved sexfighting. Nothing excited her more than pitting the incredible powers of her unbelievable body against the sexual treasures of another woman and fucking and titfighting ferociously until one of them submitted. So far, she had been defeated only a few times in her life and only when she was still a novice sexfighter. It had been years since another woman had been able to fuck her into submission, though a few times it had been very close.

When she had started working at the motel, Abby had not thought about the possibilities that the position presented. After a few weeks as the receptionist, however, she had learned that a surprising number of beautiful, single women passed through the town and a number of them were eager to meet her in sexual combat. Indeed, most of the sexfighting women she encountered took one look at Abby and were dying to take her on in bed. For her part, Abby found the job enormously rewarding. She had long since proven her dominance over every other hot young woman in the town. She had continued her dominance among the girls on the campus of her university. Her motel job gave her the opportunity to test herself against random women from all over the country. The few times she had come close to losing a sexfight in the past few years had all been here, in the motel, against some magnificent out of town bitch. But none of the women she had faced at this motel were quite as formidable as the blonde whore she was about to meet cunt to cunt and clit to clit.

Abby reached between her legs and spread her swollen pussy lips and her drenched labia, freeing her glistening clit. The thick, pink organ unfurled from within her cunt. It was long and hard and dense, almost two inches long and still swelling with blood and power. It was unbelievably hard and incredibly sensitive. Abby gasped, her eyes closing in ecstasy, her face lit with a shuddering smile, as she stroked her engorged sexhorn, her body trembling. Her pussy was hot and hungry and she began finger-fucking herself, ramming her middle and index fingers deep into her sodden twat. Pussy juice sprayed as her fingers pumped.

Sarah followed Abby’s lead. She spread her cuntlips, freeing her clit, feeling the swelling organ push its way out of her throbbing twat. Sarah’s clit unfurled in all its majesty, jutting a full two inches, hard as marble, and continuing to grow. It was just as fat and hard as Abby’s clit and Sarah was sure she would triumph over the other woman in a direct clit to clit confrontation. She began to lewdly fingerfuck herself, pushing her scalding cunt to ever higher levels of pleasure and arousal. Sarah and Abby locked eyes, even as the room filled with the wet sounds of sucking cunts, of eager fingers pumping wet pussies and the alluring odor of aroused womanhood. Pussy juices flowed from both women’s hungry twats in almost torrential downpours.

“God, I’m going to enjoy this,” Sarah breathed, her voice a husky whisper. She could barely contain herself. “I’m going to fuck you raw, slut.”

Abby smiled. “I can go all night, bitch,” she breathed.

Abby raised her wet fingers from her drenched pussy and licked at her own juices. Then, her predatory smile broadening, she spread her legs even wider and began pushing herself up the bed, prepared to meet Sarah at the center of the mattress. With a growl of lust, Sarah pushed herself down the bed to meet Abby, hungry cunt to hungry cunt. The women locked eyes, both watching the other’s approaching body with ever-growing excitement.

Their gazes returned to the hot flesh between their legs, as their cunts moved closer and closer. The bare flesh of their smooth pussies glistened with moisture. Both women were trickling juices, leaving a trail of wet as they moved toward each other, burning with arousal, their inner thighs soaked with their secretions.

They slid their long, smooth legs over each other, shuddering with pleasure as their hot flesh caressed. They pushed closer, their magnificent tits heaving as their breath came in hot pants of desire. Their juicy pussies edged closer and closer, the heat from their enraged cunts pouring out of their fuckholes, warming their thighs. Sarah and Abby paused when they were just centimeters apart. Their eyes locked and their pants grew faster and harder as they tantalized each other.

Sarah smiled at her rival. “Give me a kiss, baby,” she murmured.

Abby pushed forward just far enough to close the gap. The women’s thick cunt lips kissed wetly. A shock of pure pleasure rippled gently through their mating bodies. Their slick cunt lips slid electrically against each other, sharing heat and sending pulses of pure pleasure all the way up their vaginal canals. Sarah and Abby threw back their heads and groaned with joy, shuddering with the incredible sensations. The women did not push hard, they just rested their twats tight to each other. Sarah gasped as a heavy load of lubrication moistened her cunt, making the intersection of the women’s bodies even slicker and smoother. Abby’s cunt gushed in reply a moment later. Sarah and Abby groaned in unison as the v’s of their perfectly matched cunts fit snugly together, then slowly sucked, the soft sensitive flesh of their labia melting and merging. They rubbed their pussies together gently, tantalizingly. They moved slowly, up and down and back and forth, smearing the hot lubrication around and around their smooth flesh, feeling every inch each other’s hard, strong mounds as they caressed each other. They closed their eyes, feeling every delicious sensation. Their hearts pounded, they panted furiously, their tits quivering as they stroked cunt to cunt.

“Oh God, you dirty slut,” Sarah gasped. She threw back her head, her blonde mane thrashing wildly.

“Shut up and fuck me, you whore,” Abby groaned, her face a mask of sexual agony. She could not hold back any longer.

Bracing herself, Abby pulled her pussy back from Sarah’s cunt. Sarah pulled back too. Their slick flesh remained linked by thin strands of viscous cunt juice. Then, crying out in unison, the two women drove their hips forward, slapping their hot, wet cunts together with all of their strength. An explosion of sheer pleasure boiled out of their driving pussies. They screamed as one, their overwhelming lust finally engaged, their hot bodies finally joined in the sexual combat that they both craved so desperately.

Sarah and Abby worked their hips eagerly, grinding their soft, yielding flesh together, rejoicing in the feel of their steaming cunts sucking at each other, throbbing with incredible sensations, melting together in a fury of heat and wet. They pulled apart in a spray of cunt juice, pulled back, then slammed their wet cunts together, over and over and over again, shouting in absolute ecstasy as they fucked. For some time, the beautiful blondes pounded pussies, smashing together and then grinding at each other, spreading their legs as wide as they could in an effort to devour each other’s twat, to bisect the other womans’ body. Their animal grunts and growls and screams of pleasure and hatred mixed and harmonized. Sarah and Abby locked eyes and watched each other intently as they fucked mercilessly, each Alpha bitch looking for some sign of weakness from her rival.

After a while, they stopped pounding cunts and just kept them crushed together. They kept grinding, working their hips and asses hard, struggling to spread the other woman’s cunt lips, fighting to get at the other’s throbbing clit, desperate to violate each other in the most intimate ways possible. Pushing hard, their bodies drilling into each other one millimeter at a time, their hot fuckmeat slowly sucked and sealed into one steaming mass of pleasure. Their wet pussies, streaming with juices, formed an unbreakable fleshy seal. The women’s clits were locked together in a sopping wet, fleshy prison. Their hard sexrods invaded the other woman’s hot snatch, teasing at drenched labia, before licking head to head within the women’s merged cunts.

Abby and Sarah shrieked in unbearable agony as their clits stabbed at each other with devastating force. A pulse of pure, incredible erotic pleasure roared through both women, filling their pussies with heat and boiling up into their abdomens, sending electricity through their swollen tits and sensitive nipples, suffusing every muscle with heat and tension.

“Oh FUCK, Oh GOD, Oh Yes, Yes, YEEESSS!!!,” Sarah cried, her head thrown back, her beautiful face wearing a rictus of sexual bliss. Her body trembled with pleasure and tension and she considered, for a brief moment, retreating from the excruciatingly delicious clit to clit contact. Instead, she thrust forward as hard as she could, howling like a banshee as her ultra-sensitive clit sawed into Abby’s rock-hard sex.

“You CUNT, OH God, YOU FILTHY FUCKING CUNT!!!,” Abby shrieked, her hips working hard as she rammed her clit against Sarah’s sexhorn with all of her strength. Her experience as a sexfighter had taught her to endure incredible pleasure and to be very aggressive. Even so, she could hardly believe the unbearable sensations that threatened to overwhelm her shuddering body with pleasure. She screamed in an agony of erotic bliss as she drove herself at Sarah’s sex.

Sarah gave back just as good as she was getting. Lining up their clits, squeezing at each other’s cunts with all of the power of their muscular pussies, the two battling women brought themselves under control. Arms bracing their battling bodies, they moved their hips up and down, their muscled abdomens rippling with effort as their clits fenced and feinted, sawed and rubbed. The women could feel each other’s hard butts, pressed tight at the intersection of their grinding cunts, flexing and rippling with effort. The sound of wet pussies sucking and wrestling, of wild women panting and groaning, filled the room. The intoxicating scent of hot sweat and steaming sex fed the women’s lust.

Eyes locked, breath coming in panting gasps, blonde hair wild and tossed, tits bouncing furiously, Abby and Sarah fucked each other viciously. They squeezed with their cunts, trying to devour each other even as they struggled to stimulate the other woman into a submissive orgasm. They ground their clits and cunts together slow and hard, working their hips and asses around and around. Sarah began to sob quietly as the sheer intensity of the fucking she was receiving grew almost unendurable. Her body quivered with tension. Still, she kept working her hard clit into Abby’s equally stiff sexrod, sliding her thick pink shaft up and down and side to side against Abby’s pulsing clit. Abby groaned and, bracing her body with her arms, pushed hard, driving Sarah back a few inches on the bed. Abby could barely withstand the pleasure and lust raging in her sex-filled body, but she was sure that Sarah had to be close to breaking and she was sure that she could physically overpower Sarah and take the dominant position. With a cry, Sarah halted Abby’s advance. Sarah dug her fingers into the mattress and pushed back with her hips and ass with all her strength. Her clit crushed hard with Abby’s throbbing clit and the woman howled together as their bodies convulsed with the shock of ecstasy. Sarah forced Abby back the few inches she had gained.

Sarah retaliated. Using her right arm to support her, she quickly reached out with her left hand and filled her palm with Abby’s massive right tit. Sarah squeezed the thick meat, sinking her fingers into the dense, beautiful gland. She ran her palm over Abby’s steel-hard nipple, rubbing and crushing the brown nub into Abby’s burning areolae. Abby cried out with the shock of pleasure, then reached and seized Sarah’s right tit in her left hand. She kneaded the firm flesh for a moment, enjoying the delicious weight of Sarah’s massive boob. Then she gently squeezed her rival’s nipple between her thumb and index finger, eliciting a cry of joy from Sarah.

The two women continued to maul each other’s lush tits as their hips and asses pumped. They fucked relentlessly, their cries of pleasure growing more intense and desperate with each hard thrust. Sarah dropped onto her back, reached up to the top of the bed and braced her hands against the wall. Fully anchored, she thrust her cunt into Abby’s welcoming twat with greater power than ever before. Abby gasped, and dropped onto her back. She sank her fingers into the mattress, seeking some hold from which to buck back, as Sarah’s cunt violated and spread her raging pussy. Abby found herself being driven further back, almost to the edge of the bed. Shifting her strategy, she seized Sarah’s powerful right thigh began grinding her cunt furiously into Sarah’s pussy. Sarah cried out, then reached out and grabbed Abby’s thigh. Using each other’s legs as anchors, the blonde beauties continued to fuck furiously, driving their clits together with wild abandon, screaming and moaning and crying out in sexual joy as their bodies fought on. Their round tits bobbed and rocked on their chests, their backs arched as they thrust as hard and deeply as they could.

With each thrust, the women grunted in concert. “Uh, uh, uh,” they chanted, their grunts and cries growing ever more desperate and angry. As they fucked each other up the pleasure curve, Abby released Sarah’s thigh and lay back on the bed. She grabbed Sarah’s hand, which was still gripping her thigh, and interlocked their fingers. Sarah fell flat on her back on the bed and reached down with her free hand. Abby quickly seized it. Now, lying flat, their bodies joined at the cunt, their clits twisted and fused into an unbreakable knot of ecstasy, their legs interlocked like scissors, holding tight to each other’s powerful hands, the women rammed together with all of their strength, each woman desperate to ride her enemy into submission. Their cries turned to full throated screams and growls. Their long, voluptuous forms writhed and undulated, their powerful bodies soaked in sweat, the intersection of their groins glistening with sexual secretions, their tits quivering, bouncing vigorously as their bodies shuddered. Abby and Sarah arched their backs, lifting their asses high off the bed, driving as hard and deep into each other’s cunts as they could. They held each other in a quivering bridge for a few moments, the undersides of their powerful round asses pressed tight, their massive tits falling back onto their faces, their fingers still intertwined, helping them use each other to brace as they ground together. Abby squeezed Sarah’s cunt with all the strength in her pussy; she immediately felt the answering pressure from her blonde enemy. Their locked clits burned with unbearable pleasure. Finally, their asses fell back to the bed, and the women gasped and panted in rage and frustrated effort. They squeezed each other, cunt to cunt, then arched again and again, crushing their clits into one throbbing mass, each beautiful bitch striving to drive her foe over the edge of ecstasy.

Finally, they stopped, their bodies trembling with suppressed orgasmic power. Sarah tightened her grip on Abby’s hands; Abby squeezed back and the two women pulled each other up, into a sitting position, their arms spread wide. Abby and Sarah’s fevered eyes locked, their swollen tits rocked. They freed their hands and wrapped their arms around each other’s naked backs, pulling each other into a mutual bearhug. Their massive, engorged tits crushed tight, rock-hard nipples stabbing each other, pebbled areola fitting together and sending a spasm of raw, delicious sensation through their swollen orbs. They wrapped their powerful legs around each other, holding each other in place. Sarah and Abby seized each other’s round, hard ass, gripping the tight muscle with their powerful hands, their fingers indenting the taut flesh. They pumped at each other, asses clenching and thrusting, torsos rubbing and writhing. They pressed their faces together, nose to nose, forehead to forehead, panting hot breath into each other’s face, moaning and grunting, cursing each other as the fuckfight raged on.

Abby felt a deep, unbelievably powerful orgasm quivering deep, deep in her enraged cunt. She fought to keep it back and succeeding in pushing it further into her throbbing body. But the pleasure was growing to unendurable levels. She could not believe how good this felt, how deliciously Sarah was fucking her, how hard she was fucking the blonde back in return. She knew that she could not last much longer. Turning her head, she slipped her nose past Sarah’s nose and locked the other woman into a probing kiss. She shoved her tongue deep into Sarah’s mouth, scouring the inside of the blonde beauty’s cheeks. Sarah instantly responded, twisting her tongue around Abby’s. The women drove each other crazy with lust, their cries and groans of pleasure swallowed by their locked mouths. Tears ran down their faces as the pleasure kept building and building towards a devastating release.

Abby released her hold on Sarah’s pumping ass and seized Sarah’s long blonde hair instead. She tugged viciously at the blonde beauty’s locks. Sarah screamed and reached up with one hand to return the hairpull. The women tore viciously at each other heads for a minute, yanking each other side to side, the intense pain somehow increasing and adding flavor to the intense pleasure throbbing between their legs. Abby suddenly released Sarah’s head with her right hand and lashed out, backhanding her beautiful enemy. Sarah cried out in surprise and pain and fell back on the bed, momentarily stunned. Before Sarah’s head could clear, Abby twined her fingers through Sarah’s fingers and pinned Sarah’s hands and arms to the bed on either side of her head. Abby’s massive tits crushed down onto Sarah’s matching pair; her bare belly flattened onto Sarah’s stomach. Abby twined her powerful naked legs through Sarah’s long limbs and pulled her enemy’s thighs apart. Abby smashed her wet, hot cunt down onto Sarah’s equally hot twat, lining up their pussies slit to slit. Abby pushed down, mashing her cunt into Sarah’s, then worked her pussy around Sarah’s hot, wet cunt in a circle, spreading Sarah’s cunt lips. Sarah groaned with pleasure; Abby chuckled.

“You’re mine now, you filthy cuntlicker,” Abby breathed into Sarah’s beautiful face.

“Fuck you, cow,” Sarah snapped back, but her retort was cut off as Abby’s mouth covered hers, as Abby’s tongue probed and licked deep into Sarah’s mouth. At the same time, Abby began working her ass, driving her pussy down onto Sarah’s welcoming twat, seeking to spread her enemy’s cunt lips further, to violate Sarah as deeply as she could. Her long clit slid deliciously up Sarah’s fuck trough, penetrating Sarah’s sex, ending with a hard lick against Sarah’s burning clit. The women groaned together at the delicious contact. Sarah fought back with her tongue and matched Abby’s pelvic thrusts with her own. Her powerful clit stabbed and wrestled tightly against Abby’s invading sexhorn. The women shuddered with ecstasy as their clit to clit fuckfight gathered steam, as sexual electricity exploded through their most sensitive erogenous zones. Soon, the dimly lit room echoed with the sound of taut flesh on flesh as the women’s bellies and twats slapped together in a hard rhythm.

Over and over again, the two sexual warriors bashed their cunts together. They angled their hips, seeking the best positions from which to fuck at each other. Abby’s hips pumped hard at first, but she soon slackened her pace and settled down into a slow, steady grind into Sarah’s welcoming fuckhole. Sarah’s hot cunt grew wet, lubricating with sex fluids. The women’s wet, slick pussy lips slid and slipped against each other, sending spasms of pure sensual delight radiating through their bodies. After a while the women’s rapid breathing forced them to break their passionate kiss. Abby settled cheek to cheek with Sarah and both women concentrated on the raging sexfight going on between their fully aroused cunts.

Their cunt lips slicked and slid, caressing and rubbing wetly against each other, lubricated by the hot juices flowing from both women’s raging cunts. Sarah struggled to hold onto her self-control. She felt an intensely powerful orgasm building in her core. Abby’s hot, sweaty body writhed and wriggled against her own, radiating heat like a blast furnace, filling her with pleasure, driving Sarah crazy with lust. She writhed back, rubbing herself into Abby passionately, seeking to evoke the same overwhelming erotic sensations in her foe. The women’s hot cunts wrestled expertly, sucking and sliding, grinding and lubricating, clits jousting and thrusting. Sarah and Abby’s erotic moaning grew louder and louder, harmonizing as they fucked each other mercilessly. Together, they climbed the pleasure curve, their battling, writhing bodies inflicting greater and greater ecstasy on each other. Their heavy tits rolled and crushed into one, dense flesh burning with overheated sensations, thick nipples as hard as bullets.

As the sweat poured from their struggling bodies, Sarah managed to slip her hands free of Abby’s grip. She gripped Abby’s gyrating, pumping ass tightly and fucked back against Abby’s grinding thrusts with all of her strength, ramming her clit as deep and hard into her foe as she could, trying to bend Abby’s clit back with her own. She felt a tidal wave of hot pleasure burning up from her crotch, threatening to overwhelm her. Abby grabbed Sarah’s head on either side of her face and continued pounding cunt to cunt, clit to clit. But her eyes closed and her face crumpled in a grimace. She groaned in sexual agony, fighting back an incredible orgasm. With a gasp, Abby suddenly stopped fucking Sarah and paused, paralyzed, as a wave of intense pleasure threatened to sweep through her.

Sarah collapsed to the bed, Abby on top of her. The women panted furiously, their hearts pounding furiously through their massive, mashed tits, their bodies twined, wet with sweat and sexual secretions, their hot flesh burning with lust. The women glared at each other through half-closed eyes. Sarah looked at Abby’s expression of agony. She could tell that the blonde clerk had been close to orgasm, though Abby seemed under control now. But Sarah knew that this was her chance to regain control of the battle. With a groan, Sarah wrapped her arms around Abby’s naked, sexy body and rolled to one side, trying to gain the dominant position. With a grunt, Abby stopped her. The two nude women locked in a feverish embrace, caught on their sides, rocking back and forth as each woman fought to roll the other over onto her back. Sarah slammed her body against Abby’s voluptuous form, banging together from hips to tits. Once, twice, three times, she slapped herself against Abby, each impact forcing groans of pleasure and pain from both women. But Abby refused to give. Gathering herself, Sarah unleashed a headbutt, slamming her forehead into Abby’s. Abby groaned in pain and dropped over onto her back.

Sarah mounted Abby, lifting herself up and slamming her massive golden boobs down onto Abby’s equally magnificent fleshy orbs. Sarah slid her hot, wet, slick cunt into place against Abby’s smooth, slick pussy. The beautiful blondes shuddered in mutual pleasure and anticipation as their hungry twats met again. Both women felt the other woman’s thick clit probing at her labia. Wordlessly, glaring hatefully at each other, eye to eye and forehead to forehead, Sarah and Abby wriggled until they worked their rock-hard sex rods into position for a final, desperate battle.

Their sizzling clits came together in a shock of sexual electricity. Sarah and Abby screamed in concert, then lost themselves in the erotic duel. Up and down, back and forth, working their clits in circles, the two beautiful vixens battled. They both grew dizzy with the incredible sensations rippling through their bodies, filling their muscles with sexual tension, arcing sexual bliss through every cell in their bodies. Sarah struggled with all of her will to maintain control, to not lose herself to the incomparable ecstasy of the clitfucking they were inflicting on each other. Abby and Sarah whimpered and trembled in concert, both women on the verge of devastating orgasms, both fighting to keep from exploding in sexual bliss.

As their wet, hard clits sawed against each other, side to side and trapped together within the women’s squeezing cunts, Sarah felt the heat of an unbearable orgasm burning up through her belly. She groaned in desperation and, gathering all her will, managed to force the climax back down.

Sarah opened her eyes to glare down into Abby’s beautiful face. She was shocked and delighted to see her blonde nemesis’ eyes glaze over, her mouth open in a gasp of pure pleasure. Abby howled in erotic delight. She bucked hard, ramming her clit into Sarah’s waiting sexhorn, fucking wildly. Abby’s body convulsed in ecstasy and Sarah felt the delicious gush of Abby’s hot cum soaking the intersection of their locked bodies, spilling onto their wet thighs, trickling down to soak the bed, injecting up into Sarah’s eager twat. Sarah shoved her hips down, driving her clit back against Abby’s clit, forcing the other woman’s sex rod to bend, just slightly. Abby whooped and bucked in ecstasy, her piercing scream of joy ending in a long, pulsating moan of delight.

Gasping, moaning with pleasure and need, Sarah spread herself on Abby, determined to conquer the other bitch completely. She drove her tongue down Abby’s throat, she forced her tits and stomach and hips onto the other woman’s matching parts, grinding her nude body into Abby’s naked flesh with all of her strength. She squirmed with delight, reveling in the feel of Abby’s defeated, voluptuous flesh crushing and melting to her own.

Panting, Sarah slowed her thrusting pussy. Abby opened her eyes, full of disbelief and shame and a growing, desperate anger. Sarah basked in the sensation of victory. She smiled in a savage triumph, delighting in Abby’s look of incredulity. Then, she began to pump again, ramming her throbbing clit into Abby’s still hungry twat, grinding her glistening sexhorn into Abby’s pulsing clit. With each hard thrust, Abby groaned. Sarah continued thrusting and pumping, fucking Abby up towards another climax, riding the blonde’s cunt with all of her strength. Her sexual triumph had given her a second wind, and Sarah intended to use it to establish her victory over Abby’s beaten cunt. Abby thrashed her head from side to side, moaning and gasping, unable to resist the delicious fucking that Sarah was now administering to her. The women’s burning clits wrapped together and both women cried out in pleasure as their most intimate, sensitive organs knotted together into one pulsating mass of ecstasy. Sarah kept thrusting, riding Abby relentlessly until, finally, she could take no more. The terrible orgasm building in her core finally exploded in a rush of unbearable pleasure. Heat and an incredible release of tension jolted her perfect body. Sarah threw back her head and roared with ecstasy. Her cunt convulsed and shot a long, hard gush of pure cum deep into Abby’s spread, waiting fuckhole. An instant later, Abby spread her legs wide in complete surrender as her twat spasmed in an answering orgasm. The women’s hot cum mixed and mingled, flowing between them like water, coating their thighs and lower bellies, jetting into their locked vaginal canals as they bucked and heaved and screamed together in pleasure. Both women gripped each other’s pumping asses and pulled each other in as deep as they could.

Finally, their chained orgasms subsided. For some time, Sarah lay sprawled on top of Abby, drifting in and out of a blissful sleep. Their throbbing clits remained knotted together, pulsing into each other. Their massive tits were mated, flattened into one mass of thick, meaty flesh. Their bellies were pressed tight and their legs were twined. Their faces rested cheek to cheek, on the other woman’s shoulder. Their wet, golden hair intermingled.

After awhile, Sarah stirred. She raised her head to look down at Abby. The other blonde glared up at her, still defiant.

Sarah smiled. “You’re mine, baby. I just fucked your cunt off.”

Abby said nothing, but finally turned her head away in anger and shame. “Bitch,” she murmured.

Sarah shifted herself, peeling her wet, hot body off of Abby’s equally soaked form. She lay beside Abby, propped her head on her left hand, and ran her right hand down Abby’s voluptuous, delectable body. Abby shuddered as Sarah dipped a finger into her vaginal cleft, scooped out some of the thick cum, and then raised her finger to her mouth and licked it clean. Abby trembled again, but with growing desire. Sarah lowered her mouth to Abby’s and locked the other woman in a brief, deep kiss. Abby could taste her own cum on Sarah’s tongue. Then, Sarah broke the kiss, pulled Abby’s left tit to her mouth, and began teasing the hardening nipple with her tongue. As Abby moaned and began to wriggle in distress, Sarah wrapped her lips and teeth around Abby’s thick nipple and sucked hard. Abby groaned with joy. Sarah smiled in pleasure. She remembered wondering what it would feel like to suck on this tit and she was delighted to find that the reality was every bit as delicious as her imagination.

After a few moments of hard suckling, Sarah released her enemy’s engorged tit, and locked eyes with Abby.

“Oh baby,” Sarah smiled. “I’m going to fuck you so hard, I’m going to fuck every inch of you. I’m going to do things to you and make you do things that you can’t imagine. When I’m done with you, you won’t be able to walk for weeks.”

“Bring it on, you cunt,” Abby snarled back, defiantly. But her nipples grew as hard as rocks in anticipation of what was to come.

Sarah smiled and set about using her sex slave to give her one of the most memorable nights of her life..

To be continued