Slowly, almost tenderly, the two teens moved toward contact. The long, sensuous pieces of flesh between their legs twitched and bobbed as they closed the distance. Then, the tips of the two 4Ē clits brushed against each other. An electric fire raced up the nerves of the two girls, causing them to jerk backward and away from contact.

Trisha was outraged--that her most hated rival would not only know her greatest secret, but was touching her in the most intimate fashion. There was also fear; because for all her pretensions, Trisha was a virgin, having been delayed in reaching womanhood by the rigorous sports training from childhood and not exposed to men by almost fanatical family protection. This contact, this sexual awakening was something new and unexpected and caused Trisha confusion; and she also had experienced a new feeling, one she had a word for but no practical knowledge of-lust. It might have surprised her to know Leslie was experiencing the exact same emotions; but perhaps not.

Once again the two seventeen year olds closed, this time with hands out to grapple. Gripping each other at the elbow, they pushed against each other, legs braced and hips back, the two huge, swollen clits far apart. Leslie looked into her enemyís eyes and with a sneer of confidence she didnít truly feel, thrust her hips forward again, bring her clits within inches of Trishaís. For a brief second it seemed that Trisha would not respond, would give up the battle before it was joined. But she quickly matched Leslieís sneer and drove her own hips forward.

The two pieces of sensual pleasure rubbed across each other. Both girls gasped at the sensations generated and began to move hips up and down, right and left, causing the clits to bump and rub, much like a swordfight. Tears came to Lesliesí eyes and her breathing became deep and quick; this reaction was matched by Trisha. Then for a brief moment the two monstrous clitoris were in full contact along their entire 4Ē length. The emotions welling up in the two were more than they could stand, and both pushed away in fear of what they felt building inside them. At a distance of five feet they drank in deep breaths as the tingling sensation of a near orgasm went away, but the overpowering lust remained.

Leslie knew they had gone too far; she was scared of these new feelings, scared of what they might do to her, what power they would give to her rival if she were victorious. And yet the desire to take it all the way, win or lose, was overpowering. she could smell the stink of her sweat; tastes her blood, but the pleasure signals from her loins that spread all over her body was a powerful argument that couldnít be denied. The genie had been let loose from the bottle; the only thing left to do was finish it. But first there was a little job to do, a lasting gift to give to her foe before they met in sexual combat to a finish.

As Trisha began to slowly move towards her, hands up to grapple once again, Leslie put her head down and charged into her, taking them both to the mat with Leslie on her knees at the side of a fallen Trisha. Taking two fingers with her right hand, she stabbed, not at Trishaís breasts or face, but directly at the vagina and the hymen that covered the mouth of the vagina. The skin that was meant to be broken by a manís loving touch was shredded by a she-cats probing finger. Trisha screamed, louder than she believed possible, and her wildly bucking legs caught Leslie on the side of her head, knocking her to her back and momentarily stunned. Anger and hatred overrode pain for Trisha and sitting up her left hand reached out and performed a similarly brutal deflowering of her rival. Leslie screamed and kicked and both girls rolled away from the other, lying on the mat, crying and moaning as they explored the damage they had done to each other. Slights flecks of blood and woman-juices were on their fingers; their vaginas showed a small seepage of blood from where their marks of virginity had been so cruelly ripped. As they sat up, facing one another, the looks on the two faces were of total hatred and desire; the desire to destroy her opponent once and for all.

Trisha made the first move; opening her legs wide, she humped forward on her buttocks, the challenge unmistakable. Leslie moved forward too and the two young women, bloody and weary and with no inhibitions left, slowly moved toward each other. As their legs met they spread apart even farther, until they were nearly straight out from the body; then each crossed there right ankle over the otherís left and locked legs. Trisha leaned back till her back was only a foot off the floor, showing the dexterity and litheness of the world-class gymnast she was. Leslie copied her and now the area between anus and vagina were directly opposite, less than 3Ē apart, the now swollen clits standing upright as two duelists waiting to engage. Almost as if motivated by a single thought, Leslie and Trisha closed the final inches between them.

The skin between anus and vagina is sensitive and full of nerve endings; both hissed lightly as they came together. slowly sitting up and moving more of their public regions into contact, the two vaginas began to meld together, fleshy folds overlapping and entangling in sweat and blood and feminine juices. Now nearly sitting erect, the two young women looked once more into their enemyís eyes and saw only what was in their own; and making the final move, brought their long, sensitive clits into full and uninhibited contact once again. Grasping each other, they locked their hands around their rivalís neck to prevent escape. with feral snarls they began the grinding and slapping of vaginas, the wrestling and rubbing of clits, in a sexfight to the finish.

It didnít take long for both girls to begin panting and moaning as passion began to override hatred. Both were experiencing the same feelings they had felt earlier that night but there was no pulling away this time. Leslie and
Trisha mercilessly humped each other, sobbing, moaning, the tension in their legs and thighs betraying the effort each was putting forth. The slurp and squish of the two teen twats mixed with the pungent aroma of woman-scent as the two continued to grind into each other.

It was Trisha who came first, screaming and jerking as a powerful surge like she had never felt before took hold of her body. The bucking and surging was enough to send Leslie into her own orgasm, as the tingling she had felt earlier became an overwhelming sense of pleasure and lust. Still in full and intimate contact, the two teenagers slowly came down from the heights and Trisha, realizing that Leslie had made her come first, angrily humped into her hard, trying to push Leslie into another orgasmic climax. Leslie quickly pumped back, but Trisha had the jump on her and within minutes Leslie was again consumed by the power and thrill of her orgasm. This time it was her bucking that shot Trisha over the line, and both girls came from that high point to find themselves still looking into the otherís eyes. Those eyes were still determined, but hatred had faded. Both were now determined to test the other to their sexual limit, to cause the other to admit the other was her better. Once again vaginas overlapped and clits dueled. Once again both young ladies were overcome by all of the wonderful and exhausting pleasures that their bodies were capable of.

How long it went and how many orgasms each had were never known. Trisha only remembered seeing Leslie blur and fade out as her body, having given so much, rebelled and shut down. What she didnít see was Leslieís eyes roll and her own unconscious form hit the mat at the same time. For 20 minutes they lay there, for all appearances dead except for the shallow up and down motion of their chests. As they awoke the two slowly moved apart, regaining their senses and realizing what they had done. Slowly, painfully, they put the long-discarded bodysuits back on, studiously ignoring the other and hobbled slowly out opposite doors, never saying a word. Yet as they reached the doors, both looked back into the otherís eyes; neither was sure of what they saw there, but it was no longer hate. They might meet again, these two, both at gymnastics meets, but no longer as enemies. They had shared a secret and a emotion, and neither would be quiet the same again. As they turned away to go, both had smiles on their faces, their first smiles in a long, long time.