Still on their knees, the two girls approached each other. Once in range, both began flailing with their fists in a furious windmill that found the hands sometime balled, sometimes shaped like claws, and sometimes open-handed. While often missing or landing on the other’s arms, enough got through so that both teenagers cheeks became red and both soon showed blood from the side of their mouths where a punch had driven flesh into teeth.

More from luck than skill, Trisha landed a punch to Leslie’s right eye; Leslie wailed at this and brought her hands up to her face, which allowed Trisha to land several unanswered blows to her chest and stomach. In pain and anger, Leslie’s arms flew out and happened to grab the material of Trisha’s golden bodysuit. Yanking hard, the material slipped from her shoulders and down her arms nearly to the elbow, trapping Trisha’s arms and exposing her breasts. They were small, conical breasts but with noticeably large nipples that were now swelling due to the physical activity and contact of the fight. Not wasting any time, Leslie went for her rival’s tits; her right hand trying to crush Trisha’s left boob, her left thumb and forefinger cruelly pinching the right nipple.

Trisha screamed and tried to wrench away, but her arms were still entangled. At first she tried to get the suit back on her shoulders, but abandoned that attempt within seconds and shifted her arms so the straps fell away and her suit hung loose about her waist. With a snarl of hatred, Trisha balled her left hand and punched Leslie as hard as she could right in the nose. Leslie yelped and let go of Trisha’s tits, hands going to a nose that was now beginning to bleed slightly. Still enraged, Trisha grabbed the shoulders of Leslie’s bodysuit and within seconds was repaying her rival for the breast damage--in full.

Leslie groaned and writhed, also freeing her arms from the material by slipping out of it. Her punch landed just below Trisha’s right eye, but hard enough to jolt her backward and break the tit holds. Leaning back on their knees, breathing hard, both girls were aware of the aching in their chests, of the hand marks gouged by the others fingers and the incredible pain emanating from their mauled nipple. But in both pairs of eyes was a determination to finish this fight, to utterly defeat and crush this hated rival once and for all. Almost as if by signal the two athletes lunged at one another, once again going for the other’s hair.

Four small but well-formed and muscular breasts smacked together; both girls could feel their rivals erect and firm nipples digging into their breast flesh. Slipping her right hand out of her enemy’s hair, Leslie went after Trisha’s left breast, this time using the palm and heel of her hand to try to smash her foes’ assets right into her backbone. Trisha cried and set both of her hands to work, encircling Leslies’ breasts and squeezing with the power used to do her gymnastics routines. Leslie quickly retaliated and both girls knelt, tears streaming from faces and curses hissed between panting breaths, mauling and crushing the others’ breasts. For nearly two minutes it went on like this; the Leslie, unable to take anymore, let go with her right hand and clawed desperately at Trisha’s face. The nails bit hard into the cheek, and Trisha, not able to go any farther herself, let go of Leslies’ breasts and fell backward as Leslie sat back on her haunches, both too sore and exhausted to continue for the moment.

Leslie recovered first and sees Trisha still on her back, leapt at her. But Leslie had learned from her first experience with Trisha’s scissors and landed next to her enemy. Her hands went for the material of her opponent’s bodysuit; grabbing hold she began to yank it down towards her feet, to strip her rival naked. Trisha immediately crossed her legs to prevent this and sat up so she was facing Leslie. Her hands went to the material now hanging around Leslie’s waist and also began yanking down, uncovering the other’s buttocks in a flash. Quickly Leslie also assumed a sitting position, crossing her legs to prevent removal of her garment. Both were able to strip the suits down to the knees, but no farther. And both were surprised to find the other wearing bikini panties, instead of being bare. Both had their own reasons for wearing this extra covering; both wondered what the other girl’s reason was.

Trisha made a grab for Leslie’s panties; Leslie quickly moved to get out Of the way, trying to crawl on her buttocks to keep whatever was below those blue briefs private. In doing so she unlocked her legs and in seconds Trisha finished pulling off her rival’s bodysuit. Leslie, enraged, took Trisha’s momentary distraction with the suit to scratch the soles of her feet, nails digging in to sensitive flesh. Trisha screamed and as her legs relaxed, Leslie finished pulling off her bodysuit, leaving her rival in only her golden bikini panties. Slowly rising to their feet, the two girls, faces still a mask of mutual hatred, slowly moved toward the other.

For a few moments they feinted and lunged, both trying to gab the others’ last remaining article of clothing and both dodging away from this final violation of privacy. Finally Leslie managed to secure a headlock and took Trisha down, both young girls scrabbling for a hold and ending with both grabbing the others’ wrists as their legs entangled and began squeezing. Up to then, the legs had been little used; but now thigh and lower leg muscles developed over years of training came into play as both girls squeezed, legs entangled from waist to foot. Both gasped and moaned from the strain as they slowly rolled over the mat, first Trisha then Leslie on top, but neither could take control. The blue and gold panties remained in place but now began to disappear into the cracks of the rivals shapely and buffed buttocks.

Freeing her right hand, Leslie, while on the bottom, raised it high and with her open palm landed a loud SLAP on Trisha’s’ ass cheek. Trisha gasped, allowed Leslie to roll on top, and returned the favor, digger her fingernails deep into her rivals flesh. Leslie rolled again and clawed at her foes buttocks and soon four hands were locked onto four butt cheeks and bloody streaks were soon seen. And still the incredible leg duel went on.

Both Leslie and Trisha were aware that pressed together like this their pubic areas were tightly pressed together; and while neither would admit it, both could feel the warmth growing under the panties, the moistening of the vaginal walls, the growing arousal that neither wanted but couldn’t deny. The sexual itching began to distract from the savage fighting, although neither girl released their grips. Leslie decided it was time to get this bitch naked, once and for all; while on top she suddenly let go of both legs and butt and pushed herself away. As Trisha momentarily let herself relax, Leslie Mounted her facing her legs and grabbed the panty material. Trisha screamed and instinctively grabbed Leslie’s blue panties while raising her legs to catch Leslies head and pull her down. Now head to toe, the rivals panties slid off with no trouble and the two separated and stood, holding the other’s briefs like a prize of war.

Both stared at the others pussy patch. As expected, the public area was completely shaven and depilated; smooth as a baby’s bottom, you would say. The Vulva was red and swollen and both girls noted that the wetness they felt was duplicated in the other. But these were noted only in passing; what both teenagers were staring at was what had emerged from the folds of skin directly above the vagina.

The average erect clitoris is about 1” long; for some women it approaches 1 1/2”. The fleshy appendages that were growing from their hiding places on the two girls bodies were at least 3 1/2” long and perhaps nearer 4”. Not as rigid or as thick as the male penis, they still appeared gross and out of place on such tiny women as these two. The reason for the private locker rooms and showers was now out. Women they were in every way, but the luck of the genes had given them, along with their physical builds an extra added bonus, one they had desperately hid from the world all these years. And now they stood exposed to the one person they hated more than anyone else.

For long seconds the two stood there regarding each other, as hate and fear and something else ran across their faces. Then Trisha, hands on hips, took a step forward and thrush out her hips, the dangling clit a challenge. Leslie took a step forward and responded the hate and arrogance in her eyes now matched by Trisha. Slowly the two teens approached each other, until their clits were only inches apart. Both looked into each others’ eyes (and truth be told, into their own) to see if the other was ready to go through with this; the answer both saw was yes.

To Be Continued